Monday, 19 February 2018

History in the stars: Bombing of Dresden

This year it is the 73rd anniversary of the end of the WWII – the bloodiest and most horrible war ever fought in the human history. The Nüremberg and Tokyo Trials were organized as “The Last Battles” for justice as the first ever global trials for the war criminals and mass murderers including and the top-hierarchy statesmen and politicians. However, 73 years after WWII the crucial moral question still needs a satisfactory answer:Have all the WWII war criminals faced justice at the Nüremberg and Tokyo Trials? Or at least those who did not escape from public life after the war.
Here we will present only one of those cases from WWII which has to be characterized as the genocide followed by the personalities directly responsible for it: The 1945 Dresden Massacre. The 1945 Dresden Raid was surely one of the most destructive air-raids during WWII as well as in the history of massive military destructions and the war crimes against humanity too.The main and most destructive air-raid was during the night of February 13th−14th, by the British Bomber Command.

 Most often an eclipse, prior to an important event, contains a clue to the nature of the event. Shown here is the chart for the lunar eclipse of August 4, 1944 drawn for Dresden. Here we notice that the eclipse axis along with the TNPs Zeus-Kronos-Pluto straddles the horizon implying that it is significant for the place. Martha Wescott provides the following delineations:

Pluto-Zeus: Events associated with fires or  weapons.
Kronos-Zeus: military aircraft.

For the stars that conjoin, Sun and Pluto, Diana Rosenberg writes:

Ptolemy associated Praesepe, the Ascelli and Ursa Major with Mars, and this Chinese Hsiu was T’ien-Soung, “Celestial Punisher” governing battlefields and extermination, this was Pluto at a 1945 Solar Eclipse one week before “Trinity”, the first atom bomb test, one month before the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Pluto’s position here in the last months of WWII affirm the idea that the Beehive represents cities, for major cities were being utterly demolished by devastating bombing raids.

Finally, if we now progress the eclipse chart to Feb. 13th, the progressed horizon axis once again triggers the TNPs Zeus-Kronos-Pluto combination setting off the event!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Netanyahu in corruption charge

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hit back after police said he should be charged over alleged bribery cases. Speaking on Israeli television, he branded the allegations "baseless" and pledged to continue as leader. Mr Netanyahu said he was certain that the truth would be revealed. His comments follow a police statement that said there was enough evidence to indict him for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two separate cases. Feb.14

The horoscope of Benjamin Netanyahu as provided by Astro-databank [1] is reproduced here. The table below gives (a) the major progressions of the Sun and (b) major transits. The progressed Sun  opposes Uranus and the Pluto-Kronos midpoint. Triggering this is transit Saturn which will remain over the radix Uranus and Pluto-Kronos midpoint for the whole of 2018. So what does all this mean?

Netanyahu - Natal Chart
 21 Oct 1949, 10:02 am, EEDT -3:00
 Tel Aviv Israel, 32°N04', 034°E46'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: Solar Arc Dirns4

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          Type                   Date          Pos1                     Pos2      

Sun (2)        Opp               Ura (8)         Sa-Na          28 Jul 2016        04°Cp58' D             04°Cn58' R
Sun (2)        Opp               Plu/Kro (8)  Sa-Na          8 Mar 2017      05°Cp35' D               05°Cn35' D

*** END REPORT ***

Martha Wescott provides the following delineation for Pluto-Kronos:

Pluto-Kronos: to be aware that prominent persons (including leaders in government) are under substantial pressure;  to see absuses of power through misuse of office.

If we combine the above with the delineation of the transits, the news becomes perfectly understandable.

Transiting Uranus Opposition Radix Sun
During this time you may find that sudden and unexpected events challenge your sense of self. Other people may also act in an out-of-the-ordinary manner which disrupts your normal lifestyle.  You may be tempted to dig in your heels and stubbornly refuse to be flexible; however, this will probably worsen the problems rather than solve them.

Transiting Saturn Opposition Radix Uranus
A need to break out of routines can surface during this transit. You may feel rebellious, restless and extremely frustrated in areas in your life that up until now felt safe and secure. Trouble with authority figures and the law are likely.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Turkey-US relations at breaking point?

Strained relations between Turkey and the US seem to have reached a critical point. Ankara is seeking clarity from the US, threatening to ‘break’ ties. Washington meanwhile continues to hide behind vague statements. US actions are the reason for the “missing trust” between the two NATO allies, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told journalists on Monday. He went on to say Ankara expects “concrete steps” from Washington, aimed at mending ties that have almost reached the point of no return. Feb.12

For any country, the foundation of successful diplomacy is a reputation for credibility and reliability. Governments are wary of concluding agreements with a negotiating partner that violates existing commitments and has a record of duplicity. Successive U.S. administrations have ignored that principle, and their actions have backfired majorly, damaging American foreign policy in the process.  I believe that  the astrological reason behind this  be seen in the US Sibly.

The Synastry Chart is the combination of two individuals Birth (or Natal) Charts overlayed on one another to give insight into the dynamics of their relationship. More information about the interaction between the individuals  can be obtained for a given period by comparing how the progressed angles and planets of one person interact with the radix of the other. The Table shows how the progressed MC for Turkey aspects the planets in the US Sibly.


Dynamic Chart (1):
 Turkey - Natal Chart
 29 Oct 1923, 8:30 pm, EET -2:00
 Ankara Turkey, 39°N56', 032°E52'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Placidus Houses,  True Node

Radix Positions Chart (2):
 Sibly - Natal Chart
 4 Jul 1776 NS, 5:10 pm, LMT +5:00:39
 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 39°N57'08'', 075°W09'51''
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: Solar Arc Dirns planets

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          Type             Date                 Pos1              Pos2                  Ch1           Ch2              

MC (7)         Cnj                 Mar (7)        Sa-Na            17 Jul 2017     21°Ge22' D   21°Ge22' D    1 Turkey    2 Sibly
MC (7)         Sqr                 Nep (9)       Sa-Na            28 Jul 2018     22°Ge25' D   22°Vi25' D      2 Turkey    2 Sibly

*** END REPORT ***

In mundane astrology, the First House refers to  “the country and its inhabitants as a whole”  while the Seventh House shows how that nation deals with other nations.  It is because of this that “treaties and agreements with other nations” comes under the 7th. The US Sibly has Mars [21ge22] in the 7th house conjunct the star Saiph, Kappa (κ) Orion – the constellation of the Hunter or Warrior. Mars is square Neptune [22vi25] which is conjunct the stars Cor Caroli [21vi26] and  Alkaid [23vi46] but also influenced by Denebola [18vi30] and other stars in the tail of the Lion. About this area, Nick Fiorenza writes:

This area of the zodiac is about our motive, that which is behind and driving our creative expressions. Denebola is among  a triangle of stars that form the hind of the Lion. Denbola is the tail. This area of late Leo is of foul breezes and smoke screens. It is also of those behind the scenes, of political-religious figureheads manipulating the affairs of the world for personal motive while offering salvation from the human struggle.  It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda.

From the table above we notice that currently Turkey’s progressed MC conjoins the Sibly Mars and squares its Neptune. With this input, it should become perfectly clear why Turkey no longer trusts the US and is likely to break away from any partnership.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Solar Eclipse and the Russian plane crash

A total of 65 passengers and six crew members were on board of An-148 plane of Saratov Airlines which had disappeared from the radars in the Moscow Region, the Russian Emergency Ministry said, adding that the crashed plane was subsequently detected from the air in the Ramensky District of the Moscow Region.  Feb. 11

The news of the crash comes just before the solar eclipse of Feb. 27. At Moscow, the solar eclipse and the nodal axis align with the meridian. When an eclipse falls on the horizon or meridian line, it marks that place as particularly sensitive to major disasters.

Moreover on the Ascendant [3sc] are stars that Diana Rosenberg links to air crashes:

Two Arabic lunar mansions that meet here (Al Simak, Al Ghafr) were said to “hinder travel:” this was the Ascendant of a Boeing 727-Cessna 172 collision and crash at San Diego in 1978; Jupiter when a lightning struck Boeing 747 crashed just after take-off in 1982 and crashed in Kenner, LA: all 145 on the plane and 4 on the ground were killed and  2 weeks later at the Twilight Zone filming disaster: a helicopter disabled by staged explosion, fell and killed actor Vic Morrow; Pluto in 1985 when a terrorist bomb brought down Air India Boeing 747 into the Atlantic off Ireland killing 329 and a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 crashed into Mt. Osutaka killing 520 – the worst ever single plane accident, Venus in 1994 at the crash of US Air Boeing 737 at Aliquippa, PA.[1]

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.154)

Monday, 5 February 2018

Astrology of the Stock Market Crash

After being on cruise control for months, the stock market hit a giant speed bump on Monday, when the Dow Jones industrial average plunged — tumbling more than 1,500 points at one point after sinking 665 points on Friday. By the close, the Dow had lost around 2,200 points since Jan. 26, closing in on a 10% decline — which would mark the start of an official “correction. Feb. 5

To understand the astrology behind the stock market crash we begin with the horoscope for the NYSE [1] as provided by Astro-Databank. The Rodden Rating for the time is DD implying conflicting time data. However, we shall see in this post that the time given by Astro-Databank as 10-10 am bears out the news of the current crash very well. Just look at the Ascendant [11le]. Does it ring a bell? That is precisely where the lunar eclipse of Jan. 31 took place. Moreover for stars in this area Diana Rosenberg write, “the collapse of extreme speculations”.

There was a Solar Eclipse here in 1636, three months before the collapse of the “Tulip Mania” that held Holland in thrall from 1634, with wild, outrageously high prices for bulbs, and a Solar Eclipse in 1720 one month before the collapse of the “South Sea Bubble” speculation mania that caused financial collapse and utter ruin to thousands; some committed suicide (Mars in Scorpio squared these stars at the 1929 Stock Market Crash).

By itself an eclipse cannot cause anything that the radix chart does not potentially contain. Look at the chart carefully. What immediately catches our eye is the opposition aligned with the meridian. Venus is very appropriately  in the money sign Taurus. Jupiter, the ruler of 5th house of speculation, is conjunct Neptune which introduces a danger of being trapped in overextension and  bubble schemes. These schemes can give easy money when the going is good but when Saturn, which is opposite Jupiter-Neptune, is activated a reality check follows.

So what activated the Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune axis? Well for one thing we know that Uranus has been transiting over Saturn. The latest trigger came from the current New Moon [26cp] of Jan.16 that not only squared the NYSE Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune axis but also fell in the mundane 5th house (stock markets) square transit Uranus in the 8th house of losses. Yesterday, the fast moving Moon [23-27li] transited over the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of the NYSE chart becoming the sort of "second hand" of the cosmic clock triggering the event.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Astrology of the Nunes Memo

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee voted Monday to release a memo that paints the FBI and Justice Department as being biased against President Donald Trump — so much so that actors in both agencies have conjured up the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia to take the president down. The memo was written by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), and it reportedly frames special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as an FBI effort to hurt Trump. To make this a truly comprehensive conspiracy theory, it uses both Hillary Clinton and the infamous Steele dossier in establishing the connections. Feb. 2

The general understanding of eclipses is that there effect lasts no more than 6 months. But as it has been repeatedly demonstrated at this site, an eclipse effect can last much longer and can be tracked if we care to progress the eclipse chart angles to see when they trigger important configuration.
To understand the release of the secret  Republican memo that exposes the DOJ and the FBI’s misdeeds, we  begin with the chart for the Feb. 26, 2017 solar eclipse drawn for Washington, DC.

The eclipse was placed in the 11th house which rules:
Parliament and councils generally, and supporters of the government or ruling power.

The eclipse makes hard aspects to the Pluto-Mars-Uranus-Jupiter T-square. Pluto is placed in the 9th square Uranus in the 12th. A Pluto-Uranus square is typically about the sudden release (Uranus) of hidden material (Pluto). The 9th house with its connection to the law rules the DOJ while the 12th with its association with secrecy can be linked to the FBI which is the DOJ’s investigative arm.

The extract below from Nick Fiorenza about the Feb. 26, 2017 solar eclipse explains that it has the power to release hidden things!

Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings. How dramatic these changes can be and in what areas of our lives is a function of star alignments and other aspecting planets occurring at the time of the eclipse. The New Moon eclipse in Aquarius conjoins the stars forming the Urn of Aquarius, primarily Sadachbia. Sadachbia is "the lucky star of hidden things and hiding places." Sadachbia is of serendipitous discovery, that is, being in the right place at the right time to discover, receive or bestow a physical gift of extreme value. It is a star of success in enterprises pursued.

Put all these pieces together and what do we have. The eclipse when triggered  can provide Republican House representatives with “good luck” to discover hidden information about the DOJ and the FBI!

The catch phrase is “when triggered,” so let us check if the eclipse is triggered by progressing the angles. Sure enough when we progress the angles by (a) the Solar Quotidian method or (b) the PSSR the Pluto-Mars-Uranus-Jupiter T-square is brought to the angles providing the “cosmic” reason behind the release of the memo.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Pedophilia Scandal in US politics

Zeus and Ganymede - Adolphe Thabard

President Trump’s urgent investigation into the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated Washington D.C. and politics nationwide continues taking down high-profile Democrat perpetrators. Jan.30

The question we need to ask here is why pedophila has suddenly become such an important topic in the US in the last one year. To answer this question we will look at Neptune [12pi]  which has been transiting square the Sibly Ascendant [12sa]. Neptune is placed amidst the stars of sidereal Aquarius.  Diana Rosenberg links this area to “sexual pedophilia” pointing out that in Greek mythology, Aquarius was Ganymede, a naked youth kidnapped by Zeus.