Thursday, 30 March 2017

Indian red faces over tallest flag

It was supposed to be a symbol of national pride: the tallest flag in India posted provocatively close to the border with arch-rival Pakistan – so close that media reports boasted it could be seen from as far away as Lahore. But since the tricolour was hoisted to its 110-metre (360ft) position earlier this month, there has proved to be a major hitch: unexpectedly strong gusts have torn the flag so badly it has needed to be replaced four times already. March 30

In the month we are in the lunar cycle and therefore  in the wake of the powerful solar eclipse of February 26. A chart for the eclipse at Amritsar, India from where the news originates, is shown here. The eclipse is at 8 pisces Pisces. For stars in this area Diana Rosenberg has “ long held bitter grievances and actively expressed hatred and prejudice”. But these are stars in the waters pouring from the Urn of the Water Bearer. Here these waters are meant to heal and renew minds and souls. Of course this does not always happen so that the eclipse is a reminder of what needs to be done.

The TNPs Kronos and Hades on the MC  conjoin stars of  the Twins but are also placed in tropical Cancer,  a sign astrologers associate with patriotism and love of country. The Twins are siblings who are often at loggerheads so  that issues of hatred, intolerance and racial bigotry are major concerns under the Twins. Before partition in 1947, India-Pakistan were one country so that the symbol of the Twins applies perfectly.

The Ascendant [5li] is conjunct the star N Velorum. Vela, Latin for the sails of a ship, is a constellation in the southern sky.

 Velum, a sail or veil, from vexillum, is anything flying or moved by the wind, a streamer, a flag, or a banner [1].

The TNP Kronos rules heights or things placed at a great height while Hades is humiliation. The eclipse is semisquare Mars-Uranus [22ar]. In her book “Secrets of the Ancient Skies,” among events under stars conjunct Mars-Uranus [22ar], Diana Rosenberg lists “extreme winds”. The eclipse  is also conjunct the asteroid Niobe which Martha Wescott tells us is about humbling of pride.

So we can see that all the pieces are present in the eclipse chart. If we put them together we have the news.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lightning bolt kills prophetess in Ghana

Paul Gustave Dore - Jesus Preaching

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
― Gospel of Thomas

A prophetess, Ewura Esi Amanda, has been struck and killed by lightning at Assin Fosu in the Central Region. Amanda, who is the spiritual leader of the International Christian Bible Church, was struck dead at her house on Sunday, according to a report by the Daily Guide.  The report quoted an eyewitness, Blessing Kwame Mensah, as saying that the incident happened at about 8:30 pm.  According to Mensah, the prophetess, who stayed at Assin Foso Mempasem behind Stroman Preparatory School, did not go to church that fateful Sunday (March 26). He said around 8pm it started raining heavily and the prophetess, who operates a mini mart at her house, was packing her wares into the shop when the lightning struck. March 29

Eclipses are active for a considerable period after their occurrence. Here is a chart for the last lunar eclipse at Assin Foso. Since it occurs on the meridian it is very significant for the place. Notice that the eclipse is anchored to Jupiter-Zeus-Uranus opposition which is part of a T-square with Pluto.

If we progress the eclipse chart to March 26, the T-square arrives on the angles and is thereby triggered. Richard Tarnas links Uranus-Pluto with a sudden release of elemental forces. But more specifically, Jupiter and TNP Zeus are conjunct the stars of Corvus which Diana Rosenberg links to lightning and electrical events. In passing let us also note that Jupiter rules the clergy or those connected with religion and spiritual matters.  Remember that at the core of this T is the long term Uranus-Pluto square, the defining aspect of the decade. Uranus is the planet of mental awakening through shock. Its very nature is disruptive aiming to arouse us from our sleeping state. As an urge in our psyches, Uranus has little respect for the status quo, and none whatsoever for existing power hierarchies. The square is challenging or breaking down hardened structures including religious ones whose vital time has passed. It dredges the depths, brings to the surface what is hidden, dying, sick, or festering, and transforms or transfigures or kills.

Astrology, therefore, does offer a possible reason for this unfortunate event.  In a way the quotation above from Christ in the Gospel of Thomas contains the explanation.

UK triggers Brexit

Britain has officially launched the Brexit process, triggering Article 50 and starting a two-year countdown before the country drops out of the European Union. The historic moment came as a letter signed by Prime Minister Theresa May was delivered to the Brussels office of European Council President Donald Tusk, notifying him of the UK’s intention to leave.

In a previous post [1], I have explained how the last solar eclipse of February 26 is linked to the Brexit process. Readers are urged to go through this post to better understand what follows. The 8th house placement of the eclipse shows a need to accept the loss of elements of life that are no longer fruitful or have served their purpose. Traditional astrology relates the eighth house to crisis, divorce and anguish of mind partly related to financial obligations stemming from separations from partners.
Progressing the eclipse chart to March 29, brings the progressed descendant to a conjunction with the eclipse degree so that this is quite appropriately a date on which the PM announces the triggering of Article 50.

Finally, we present the precession corrected solar return chart for UK (1st Jan 1801; 0:00 hrs London) progressed to March 29. Notice the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square straddling the horizon. Readers may recall that one expression of this T is seeking freedom (Uranus in Aries) from centralized control (Pluto in Capricorn).

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Investment banker commits suicide in NY

A 56-year-old partner at Paulson & Co., who was best known for losing billions of his clients' money to Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme when he ran the Fairfield Greenwich fund of funds, leaped to his death from the luxury Sofitel hotel in midtown Manhattan. Charles W. Murphy was wearing a dark business suit when he plunged to his death from the 24th floor of the 45 W. 44th St. building at around 4:42pm on Monday.

In the last post, we used the sidereal Capricorn ingress chart to explain  the Westinghouse bankruptcy. The same chart applies here and we can see its progression to March 27 at NY brings the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T to the angles. Much the same story. 

But here let us go a step further and examine the chart for the New Moon of March 27 also . Notice that the New Moon is conjunct Venus in the 5th house (stock market speculation) [1] is the apex of a T-square with Saturn-Hades-Kronos. Saturn is placed in the 2nd house which rules money markets. Here the Venus-Saturn square is hinting at financial difficulties. And the 8th house [3] leg Hades-Kronos is referring to the decline and death of a prominent person. The New Moon itself is conjunct the asteroid Lacrimosa linked to death.

The death took place at 4:42 pm. A chart for the moment has the bankruptcy related Jupiter-Pluto square in hard aspect to the MC.

Westinghouse Files For Bankruptcy

International news services now report that Japan’s Toshiba Corporation (9502.T) is preparing to make a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for its Westinghouse Electric subsidiary as soon as today. For most of our readers this news evokes little surprise. This is merely another chapter of a slow moving financial and accounting train wreck involving nuclear design and construction firm Westinghouse and its troubled Japanese parent, Toshiba. But like an old, leaky garbage scow there is much to clean up in its wake.Westinghouse Electric Company LLC is a US based nuclear power company founded in 1999 offering nuclear products and services to utilities internationally, including nuclear fuel, service and maintenance

Uranus is associated with electricity, invention or innovation while Pluto is power hidden in the depths of the atom so that the combination is linked to nuclear power.  The steep rise of nuclear power plants began at the time of the exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction in 1965-66 [1]. The current first-quarter  square is a crisis for the choices made in the mid sixties. Whenever total change is needed, Pluto reaches into the dark and blasts into our awareness to remove the clog and open the way through utter purging of what once was but can no longer be.

Presented here is the sidereal Capricorn Ingress drawn for Cranberry,Pa where Westinghouse has its headquarters. Notice the significant alignment of the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square with the meridian. Jupiter-Pluto is a combination that Ebertin links with financial bankruptcy. It is therefore no surprise that news comes just as the progressed angles trigger the T-square once again on March 29.

Singapore couple jailed for starving Philippine maid

A Singaporean couple have been jailed for starving their domestic worker from the Philippines, in a case that has shocked the city-state. The woman lost 20kg (44 lbs) - about 40% of her body weight - while working for them, and was given only bread and instant noodles to eat. Her employers received jail sentences of three weeks and three months.Many Singaporeans hire live-in helpers from neighbouring countries, and abuse cases are not uncommon  March 27

It has long been the custom in mundane astrology to consider maps drawn for the time of the entry of the Sun into the cardinal signs: Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn. Of these, the Aries Ingress was by tradition considered the most important and possibly to be thought of as “the map of the year”. Led by Carter astrologers have begun to consider the Capricorn as the prime ingress and eventually arrived at the conclusion that the Capricorn Sidereal Ingress was of primary importance.

Presented here is the current  sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart for Singapore. Notice that the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square straddles the horizon and is therefore significant for the place.  Sun-Pluto on the Ascendant form the apex of the T and are opposite the asteroids Vesta and Atlantis [1].  Under stress aspects, Atlantis does not have the sense to protect its privacy and may accept punishment in connection with work (Vesta).

Progressing, the ingress chart to March 27, the date of the news brings  the Jupiter-Uranus (lucky break) opposition to an alignment with the horizon. Uranus [20ar] is conjunct the stars zeta Andromeda, the chained Princess and Baten Kaitos of Cetus, in the belly of the Sea Monster. Diana Rosenberg links these stars to events where people find themselves broken on the rocks of life and yet finally are able to  breakthrough often achieving freedom from the “chains” of Andromeda.

Brick Laying Robot SAM Makes Masons Obsolete

In the latest installment of our "Dear Bernie" series, posts intended to inform the Vermont Senator about the unintended, negative consequences of minimum wage hikes, we present SAM (Semi-Automated Mason), a brick laying robot designed and engineered by Construction Robotics out of New York.  While SAM can do the work of 6 unionized masons each day, he never requires a break, benefits or a paycheck.   March 28

Of all cardinal ingress charts, the Capricorn Ingress of the Sun is regarded as the master chart of the year. Presented here is the current  sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart for New York. Notice that the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square straddles the meridian and is therefore significant for the place. Sun and Pluto placed in the 6th house form the apex of the T. The 6th house in mundane astrology rules laborers and the working class e.g. the masons here. Opposite the apex is the asteroid Vesta which rules work in general.  Since Ebertin’s  keyphrase for Uranus-Pluto is “collapse of the old order” with Vesta and the 6th house we are looking at the possibility of obsolescence for laborers.  Jupiter-Uranus is about scientific and technological breakthroughs so that this becomes the reason why laborers may become obsolescent.

Progressing the chart to March 28, brings the T-square in alignment with the horizon axis thereby triggering it on the date of the news.