Friday, 19 August 2011

Anna Hazare and the Magnetar SGR 0525-66

Republic of India’s chart 26th Jan 1950; 10:15 am; Delhi has its Ascendant at 4.8 deg Aries. A deep space object  SGR 0525-66  is located in the Super-Nova Remnant (SNR) 0525-66.1, otherwise known as N49, in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Its  ecliptic position  is 4.2  deg Aries (J 2000) very close to India’s Ascendant…over which Uranus is currently transiting.

A soft gamma repeater (SGR) is an astronomical object which emits large bursts of gamma-rays and X-rays at irregular intervals. It is conjectured that they are a type of magnetar or, alternatively, neutron stars with an intense magnetic field - something on the order of a thousand trillion times stronger than the magnetic field on Earth.

 “Bearing in mind that Gamma radiation seeks to instigate a transitional situation, a collective surge for transmuting life on Earth results. Those personally connected to the SGR’s zodiacal location have a more difficult job. Somehow, they become unconscious provocateurs for those not getting the message. This inciting influence, though, is extended at the same time that they undergo the same process….
when everyone simultaneously encounters twists and turns never before experienced by humanity, that someone must take charge. That someone would be the SGR linked individual.” The Soul of the Sky; Philip Sedgwick

Is it surprising that an individual like Anna Hazare has suddenly appeared to lead a popular movement against corruption…and as usual the politicians don’t seem to get the message?!