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November Eclipse and Lessons from Delhi rape

Hunters shooting wild ducks

Shown here is the solar eclipse of 14th November at 21sc57 . Notice that by the rules of mundane astrology it is significant for Delhi since (a) it places a Grand Cross on the angles (b) the eclipse aspects the Grand Cross. Although Venus-Zeus and Pluto in the chart are not in square aspect in the technical sense because each one is on an angle much wider orbs need to be allowed here.  The combination Venus-Pluto is well known to be associated with  violence and rape [1].

The Sabian symbol of the eclipse degree provides a clear answer about the lesson that needs to be learnt from this unfortunate episode. Given below is Dane Rudhyar’s commentary [2] for the symbol and requires no explanation.

KEYNOTE: The socially accepted release of an individual’s or a group’s aggressive instincts. What this symbol clearly stresses is the socialization of man’s primitive instincts according to a cultural ritual. Social hunting is a regulated seasonal outlet for male aggressiveness — a safety valve for emotional pressures in human beings in whom animal compulsions and bio-spheric values are still strong. In this second stage symbol we find a strong contrast with the first. In the latter, the individual proved himself truly “man” by refusing to accept the practices of war imposed upon him by his society; in this symbol for Scorpio 22° it is society that [must] willingly accept — and in accepting, ritualize and to some extent refine — the aggressiveness inherent in most individuals. The Keywords are SOCIALIZATION OF INSTINCTS.

Symbols integrate the separate experiences of a vast number of men. They take events from the realm of the fortuitous, the unprecedented, the unique and the incomprehensible to the realm of "universals." They may suggest an answer to a problem, perhaps until then but superficially understood.[3]

No symbol should be considered inherently negative. Even if the image or scene presented seems full of negative implications, these should be considered as a form of teaching and thus perhaps as the via negativa which leads man to spiritual heights by forcing him to experience a violent revulsion from the depths of human misery and even degradation. [4]

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