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Eclipse prods Franco-German WW2 reconciliation

Oradour-sur-Glane (Occitan: Orador de Glana) is a commune in the Haute-Vienne department in the Limousin region in west-central France. The original village was destroyed on 10 June 1944, when 642 of its inhabitants, including women and children, were massacred by a German Waffen-SS company. A new village was built after the war on a nearby site but on the orders of the then French president, Charles de Gaulle, the original has been maintained as a permanent memorial.
German investigators have now [Jan 30,2013] opened a new inquiry into the wartime massacre of 642 people by SS troops in the central French village of Oradour-sur-Glane.They acted on evidence uncovered in the archived files of East Germany's Stasi secret police about six soldiers, then aged 18 or 19, who are still alive.

Regular readers would by now be familiar with the fact that the effect of eclipses last long after they are over and gone. Shown above is the solar eclipse of 21st May 2012.This eclipse was conjunct the stars of Perseus and Pleaides. The Pleiades causes bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.39.]

The eclipse was placed in the 4th house. In mundane astrology, amongst other things,  the fourth house is associated with land and agriculture as well as history or the past [1]. With the eclipse here we can see that the incident referred to is from the past…a past that is connected with a tragedy[Pleaides].. and in a way  also connected to agricultural land [4th house] and by association to a village.

The Ascendant of the chart is conjunct the star Altair while Jupiter on the IC is conjunct the star Algol.

In classical astrology, Altair is of military force and power. Siderealist Andrés Takra adds: "Altair has been associated with …conquerors and tyrants”.

Beta (β) Perseus, Algol, is a bright star positioned on the severed head that Perseus is carrying. The Hebrews knew Algol as Rosh ha Satan, Satan's Head. The Chinese gave it the gruesome title Tseih She, the Piled-up Corpses so that its association with massacres has been throughout history.

It is, therefore, quite appropriate to associate it with a military massacre from the past.

The next question in the reader’s mind would be “Is this borne out if we progress the chart to Jan 30,2013”. Sure enough it is. Notice the Grand Cross aspecting the progressed meridian  axis. The elements of the cross convey a story.

Pluto-Uranus-Zeus: Freedom movements [Uranus]   bring about vindictive [Pluto] reaction from the military [Zeus].

Hades: History, the past

Pluto-Hades:  Resentments and lack of forgiveness or unacknowledged emotions bring an internal festering or putrefaction (unless addressed)

Germany is probably attempting to address these wounds from the past. Notice that the horizon axis of the progressed chart aligns with the Lunar eclipse of June 4, 2012 and the Venus transit which incidentally is also the Full Moon in the same lunar cycle as the original solar eclipse. 

Nick Fiorenza in the Lunar Planner outlines the meaning of the Venus transit extremely well:

In concert with our Taurus Lunar Cycle, we find inspiration for an enterprising fresh start, to engage in a new journey in life. Enterprises of the Heart and Art are especially favored. The transit inspires us to create the means to move forward in a new heart-centered way that supports the fundamental physical needs for people, home and family—a key quality of Taurus.

Our Full Moon eclipse brings us from our original Perseus-Pleiades Eclipse New Moon theme to the perspective provided by Ophiuchus  (the healer) and Hercules. The Lunar Partial Eclipse is the second stage of our eclipse lunar cycle. It provides an opportune time to surrender emotionally as well as any need to be in control. It invites us to surrender our very human mold, that sense of self that we hold together with the tension of our thoughts and beliefs. It invites us to become energetically wide open to breathe in the infusion of feminine energy about to emblazon the Earth through the Venus Transit. It brings us to the realization that this lunar cycle is about establishing a greater equilibrium between the masculine and feminine principles with in ourselves, and to claim a greater level of self mastery by doing so, which we can then express throughout our lives and into the world.[2]

Essentially this is about forgiving and healing wounds of the past...something only Venus [3] and the feminine can teach us. Germany is certainly responding very well to these energies.

[2]Seeding a New Tone on Earth; The Pleiades-Perseus Annular Solar Eclipse
    & the 2012 Venus Transit

[3] Mars is planet of war and his counterpart Venus that of peace and reconciliation

Eclipse reveals mysteries of Spider Silk Strength

Mysteries of Spider Silk Strength Unraveled
Jan. 27, 2013 — Scientists at ASU are celebrating their recent success on the path to understanding what makes the fiber that spiders spin -- weight for weight -- at least five times as strong as piano wire. They have found a way to obtain a wide variety of elastic properties of the silk of several intact spiders' webs using a sophisticated but non-invasive laser light scattering technique [1].

As in the previous post [2], we begin by looking at the 13th November 2012 solar eclipse at 21sc57 conjunct Unukalhai, of the poisonous serpent ruling poisons and all manner of poisonous creatures. A spider would fit in perfectly here. To home in on the arachnid  we look at the chart of the Total Solar eclipse at Phoenix, the location of Arizona State University to which the above news item relates.

Regular readers would be aware that an eclipse is significant for a place if planets occupy the angles and especially if the angles (horizon or meridian axes) align with several planets in aspect as in this case. Notice  the T-square of Pluto-Uranus-Hades-Kronos on the angles with each leg forming a hard aspect to the eclipse [..the poisonous creature].  The star alpha Reticulum [7ar37]  is placed on the Ascendant  conjoining Uranus [4ar59] and forming a sharp square to  Pluto [7cp45] and sesquiquadrate to the eclipse [21sc57]. Pluto-Uranus is associated with technological breakthroughs, amongst other things. 

Reticulum means a netlike formation or structure; a network. A reticle was a scientific instrument used to measure star positions, a grid of fine lines in the focus of an optical instrument, used for determining the scale or position of what is being looked at. The grid lines of meridians and parallels lines on a map is sometimes referred to as a net.
"In Ancient Rome a class of gladiator, the retiarius, was armed with a net which he used to immobilize his opponent by entangling him in the meshes, thus placing him at his mercy", "Nets may also be compared with the web in which spiders lurk for prey" [Penguin Dictionary of Symbols] [3]

Eclipse charts give their results when by progression the angles go over significant points. Shown below is the progression of the chart for 27th January, the date of the news item. Notice that the elements of the T-square once again occupy the angles!

[1] Arizona State University
[2] Unukalhai and the poisoned Borneo elephants

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Unukalhai and the poisoned Borneo elephants

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia –  Ten endangered Borneo pygmy elephants have been found dead in a Malaysian forest under mysterious circumstances, and wildlife officials said Tuesday that they probably were poisoned. Carcasses of the baby-faced elephants were found near each other over the past three weeks at the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve, said Laurentius Ambu, director of the wildlife department in Malaysia's Sabah state on Borneo island. In one case, officers rescued a 3-month-old calf that was trying to wake its dead mother. Poisoning appeared to be the likely cause, but officials have not determined whether it was intentional, said Sabah Environmental minister Masidi Manjun.

We start by looking at the 13th November 2012 eclipse chart at Gunung Rara.  Notice that the eclipse is very significantly placed on the Ascendant conjunct  Unukalhai -a pale yellow star situated on the neck of the Serpent. Sometimes called Cor Serpentis, the Serpent's Heart (a snake's heart is located in its neck). According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars.  It is associated with violence and danger of poison. [Robson*, p.213.]. Readers might like to refer to a previous post where the same eclipse is associated with ‘poisons’[1].

Progressing the chart to 23th January 2013, the date on which photos were released by Sabah Wildlife Department[2] we find that the progressed MC is conjunct  the eclipse Sun – triggering the meaning of the eclipse and the star. The progressed IC of the chart is in Bharani nakshatra of Vedic astrology, the symbol for which is an elephant!The eclipse  forms hard aspects to the current Uranus-Pluto square – this could be a reference to sudden events (Uranus) involving poisonous substances (Hades) that contribute to the end (Pluto) of a species.

[1] The Geneva treaty on mercury pollution.
[2] EarthLink - International News

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Astrology of the Brazil nightclub fire

At least 180 people have died in a fire that swept through a nightclub in southern Brazil, police say. They say the fire began when a band on stage started a fireworks display at the Kiss nightclub in the city of Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul state. Reports say there was only one exit and panic spread as people tried to get out. Many of the dead were students celebrating the end of summer. Students at many Brazilian universities return to school on Monday.

Shown here is the solar eclipse of May 21, 2012  in Gemini (the sign associated with schools and students [1]) at Santa Maria. Notice that it is placed in the 5th house .  H.S. Green [2] writes:

“Unfortunate for theatres, amusements and places of entertainment”

The Ascendant of the chart [14cp30]  is conjunct the star Vega [15cp30]  Alpha (α) Lyra, Vega, is a pale sapphire star in the Lyre. Readers can see below that Manilius’ description fits a nightclub perfectly.

"Hence will come endowments of song and tuneful strings, hence pipes of different shapes which prattle melodiously, and whatever is moved to utterance by touch of hand or force of breath. The child of the Lyre will sing beguiling songs at the banquet, his voice adding mellowness to the wine and holding the night in thrall". [Manilius, book 5, Astronomica, 1st century AD, p.327].

Pluto-Uranus-Zeus are angular and, therefore,  make this chart very significant for the place.  A simple meaning for this combination is :  Unexpected (Uranus) radical events (Pluto) involving fires (Zeus).

Finally, if we progress the chart to the date of the event we find that the progressed descendant is conjunct Jupiter and the very unfortunate star Algol associated with mass catastrophes. The Chinese gave it the gruesome title Tseih She, the Piled-up Corpses.

With the pieces of the jigsaw falling in place we can see how clearly the eclipse chart with all its elements describes the event quite accurately.

[1] Astrology of the Newtown School Massacre
[2] Mundane or National Astrology, H.S. Greene [p.102]

Violence in Egypt on Full Moon

The second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution on Friday was an unhappy affair but the violence that accompanied it was merely a precursor to the greater bloodshed that came on Saturday. Together, the two days of turmoil brought the precarious state of modern Egypt into full display—with dual sources of unrest and potential mayhem. At 10. a.m. on Saturday, the first batch of verdicts were delivered in Egypt’s worst-ever instance of soccer violence *. After announcing the death sentence for 21 civilian soccer fans for a Port Said team, the judge practically ran out of the courtroom.
[*On February 1, 2012, after a match between Cairo’s Ahly Club and Port Said’s Masry Club, fans of Masry stormed the field and attacked their rivals. Police on the scene largely stood aside and in the ensuing violence and stampede, 72 people–mostly Ahly fans–were killed.]

Here is the chart for  Jan 26; 10 am at Cairo. Notice Pluto-Uranus on the angles.

Pluto-Uranus: Power struggles within groups; unexpected reactions based on resentments or threats to control. [1]

The Full Moon occurs on January 27 in mid-sidereal Cancer [ tropical 7le24]. In China this area  had several names . It was called  Tsi-Chi, Piled-Up corpses, Tsi-Chi-Ki, Exhalation of Piled up corpses. It was also called T’ien-Soung, Celestial Punisher. It is  interesting to note that Saturday’s violence was the outcome of the judicial verdict sentencing 21 people to death over  soccer violence on Feb 1, 2012 in which 72 people  were killed ( “ghosts” of the past?).

The Full Moon is square stern Saturn [11sc05] close to star Mu Librae [14sc20] of the Southern Scale. This is an area of persecutions, acts of grave injustice, manifestations of fanatic intolerance and the tendency to think of terror, murder and extermination as a solution to problems – nonetheless there can also be legal and political milestones and advancements [3].

The Moon conjoins Praesepe of Cancer, M48 Hydrae [water-snake’s poisonous breath and theta Ursa Major [the Bear’s right foreleg] . Cancer, commonly the crab today, was also  the Egyptian Scarabaeus – the dung beetle- an image that articulates the need for humanity to  emerge from darkness and  dogma.  This theme also applies to the need for the  individual to emerge  from the family nest (antiquated dogmatic entrapments of mass consciousness), shedding old skins, skeletons, and cocoons [2]. The energies of the wild, untamed Bear, the water-snake’s poisonous breath and the arrogance and controlling nature of tropical Leo combine here with a seething, fiercely focused intensity and desire for revenge . In the worst scenario, we have  smugly self-justifying, brutal, blatantly prejudiced people who  create competitive and violent situations [3].

Finally, the outcome is confirmed by the position of the Ascendant [3aq24]  conjunct Mars-Pluto [2aq47] a combination that produces intense power struggles, inciting and inviting fierce reactions in others.

[1] Martha-Lang Wescott
[2] Nick Fiorenza
[3] Diana Rosenberg

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Venus and empowerment of feminine in US military

WASHINGTON — Senior defense officials say Pentagon chief Leon Panetta is removing the military’s ban on women serving in combat, opening hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando jobs after more than a decade at war.

The groundbreaking move recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff overturns a 1994 rule prohibiting women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units.

Readers may recall the much talked about  the rare Venus transit over the face of the Sun that occurred on June 6,2012. Just two days before this event was a lunar eclipse about which Nick Fiorenza wrote:

Our Full Moon eclipse brings us from our original Perseus-Pleiades Eclipse New Moon theme to the perspective provided by Ophiuchus and Hercules. The Lunar Partial Eclipse is the second stage of our eclipse lunar cycle. It provides an opportune time to surrender emotionally as well as any need to be in control. It invites us to surrender our very human mold, that sense of self that we hold together with the tension of our thoughts and beliefs. It invites us to become energetically wide open to breathe in the infusion of feminine energy about to emblazon the Earth through the Venus Transit. It brings us to the realization that this lunar cycle is about establishing a greater equilibrium between the masculine and feminine principles with in ourselves, and to claim a greater level of self mastery by doing so, which we can then express throughout our lives and into the world.[1]

Essentially the Venus transit and the eclipse were about the empowerment of the feminine. That this eclipse was important for Washington can be seen from the chart above. Notice that it is placed square the meridian axis. Additionally the now familiar  T-square of Kronos-Pluto-Uranus-Hades – need for change of outdated rules- is on the horizon axis. But more interesting is the eclipse chart progressed  to Jan 23, 2013. Notice the T-square along with Uranus opposite TNP Zeus [2] (the military) is once again aligned with the horizon axis. Empowerment of the feminine takes place in the military!

[1] May 20, 2012 Lunar Cycle: The Annular Solar Eclipse and the 2012 Venus Transit

[2] ZEUS: Restrained or creative fire/energy; enthusiasm; controlled & directed forces (thus both planning and controlling strong emotions;) guns, power tools, machines, motors, fireplaces, fuels; excitement; to incite; military; blood pressure; ability to harness energies for accomplishment. Martha-Lang Wescott

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Giedi Prima - the Goat - teaches Sydney cops a lesson

A magistrate in Australia has dismissed charges against a man fined after his goat ate flowers outside the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Comedian Jimbo Bazoobi, real name James Dezarnaulds, had been ordered to pay the A$440 (£293; $464) penalty for damaging vegetation last August.Police had argued that Mr Dezarnaulds acted recklessly in allowing the hungry goat to approach the flower bed.
But the magistrate said there was no evidence he had put Gary to the deed.
Magistrate Carolyn Barkell said Mr Dezarnaulds had no control over what the animal might eat, and was unaware of his preference for flowers over grass. She added that the fine should never had been issued. "Gary the Goat taught the... cops a valuable lesson... don't bite off more than you can chew," Mr Dezarnaulds said after the verdict.

Shown above is the chart for Waxing Gibbous lunar phase  at Sydney on Jan 23, 2013, 3:19 UT, the date of the judgement. Note the position of the Sun [3aq14] which along with Mercury [6aq23] forms a quincunx aspect to Hades [0cn12] – Kronos [6cn46] that forms part of a T-square with Pluto-Uranus.

At 18ge48 conjunct the Moon  we have the star Zeta (ζ) Auriga, Hoedus 1, is one of the Haedi, Kid Goats, an orange star on the left arm of the Charioteer.

Hades-Kronos : to see incidents where the application of laws is plain stupid.
Kronos-Pluto-Uranus: Laws need to be changed.

(Incidentally,  quincunx is  also an aspect of the need for revision and change.)

The Sun [3aq14] is conjunct the star  Giedi Prima, (α) Capricornus [3aq56]  on the right horn of the Goat!

The sign Capricorn ruled by Saturn is associated with authority, rules and laws.

The constellation Capricorn has a great influence over human affairs portending major changes in such areas as … political customs. [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.36.]

On the MC [21aq 13] of chart we have Mars [22aq09] both conjunct the star Nashira [21aq58]. Nashira is associated with law courts.

Strange that an actual goat  and a law court were involved in teaching the cops how stupid they were when applying rules.!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

World Economic Forum and the 2012 Venus transit

More than 2,500 alpha men and women from more than 100 countries will descend on Davos this week to spend four days discussing the world's urgent need to adopt "resilient dynamism". This, the organising watchword for this year's annual gathering of panjandrums at the World Economic Forum, is allegedly the way out of the crisis. It is meaningless. Who, for example, would support non-resilient stagnation? Western capitalism, and, arguably, global capitalism, has arrived at an apparent dead end. It is in profound trouble. There will doubtless be the usual appeals for more free trade, more scientific research and more investment in skills as the expensively clad executives move from seminar and sonorous keynote speech to reception and back to the dinner table. But what there will not be at Davos is a willingness to countenance a sea change in the way capitalism is organised.

What the IMF team shows is that as the share of national income devoted to profits and top pay rises to its current levels, so a noxious economic dynamic is created. By definition, there is less of the pie available to the mass of wage earners, whose real wages become squeezed. To sustain their living standards, they borrow, which has been easier than ever over the past 40 years as banks take advantage of financial deregulation. Overall demand thus carries on growing, but at the price of sucking in imports and ever higher personal debt levels for ordinary wage earners.

Finally, the music stops, as it has now, as both debt and import levels become unsustainable. The state of play in Britain – crazy levels of private sector debt and a record trade deficit – can thus be explained by the rise of inequality. And one of the chief causes of that, the IMF believes, is the decline in trade union bargaining power!

Last year Venus, the planet of wealth and resources which also plays a prominent role in financial matters and the flow of money made a historic transit over the Sun. The passage of Venus across the Sun  occured for about 5 hours centered around the time of the Sun-Venus conjunction on June 6, 2012, 1:09:33 GMT. This transit,  may stimulate a change in focus for the application of resources as well as stimulate a turning in the global financial scene. It  inspires us to create the means to move forward in a new heart-centered way that supports the fundamental physical needs for people, home and family—a key quality of  sidereal Taurus. [1]

For Davos we have the powerful T-square  involving Pluto-Uranus-Kronos-Hades straddling the meridian axis with Saturn on the descendant. Progressing this chart by the Wynn Key method to Jan 22, brings the T-square to straddle the horizon axis setting off the challenges implied.  

Pluto-Hades: decline through debt, reliance on credit and loss of integrity; power over others has been achieved through disenfranchising them; to recognize that poverty, lack, depression can create upheaval

Kronos-Hades: Leaders have made mistakes

Pluto-Kronos: Leaders are under pressure; instances of abuse of power through misuse of office, position, laws and procedures; a time for change of laws and regulations.

Saturn [23li04] is conjunct the star Archturus. Boötes / Archturus stands against the fallen corrupt powers of Benatnasch who have demonstrated their inability over and over again to ensure evolutionary fulfillment, with the continual destruction of the peoples of the Earth, and typical catastrophic outcomes. [2]

The Sabian symbol for Saturn

KEYNOTE: The ability to develop new modes of response to basic life situations.

The butterfly is the ancient and traditional symbol of the result of the process of transformation and rebirth.  If the butterfly has three wings instead of two, a special development is shown. Three is a symbol of fulfillment. Some power can now be added to the normal life of the individual person. The left side refers to the the heart's side. Can the leaders at Davos respond to the problem from the heart and not from the mind?!

Saturn is now sextile Pluto. Thus, this is the ending sextile in the 37-year Saturn-Pluto cycle. The geocentric conjunction took place on  November 8, 1982 ; 00:37 UT. At Davos the MC of the chart was 7ge45, the Sabian symbol for which is:


KEYNOTE: The disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationship.

We are dealing in this sequence of symbols with man's discovery of the new powers residing in his special contribution to the total organism of this planet Earth — his consciousness and aggressive mind. The first stage (Phase 66) dealt with oil, the typical form of energy which the modern mind has made available.Now we see in this new symbol a pictorial indication of what the use of this intellect-generated energy inevitably leads to: industrial unrest and violence. As man manages to rape the earth in order to demonstrate his power and intensify his pleasures and his sense of proud mastery, conflicts and disruptive processes are inevitably initiated.

The arousal is presented to us here in its collective social form because we have reached the emotional-cultural level. The type of power generated by the analytical intellectual faculties is essentially disruptive; it is based on the destruction of matter, and invites egocentric hoarding and spoliation — and, in general, privileges of one kind or another. This leads to a REVOLT AGAINST PRIVILEGES.

Jupiter presently  at 6ge26, conjunct the lunar eclipse of Nov 28,2012 at 6ge41,  is providing a clue to the way forward. But can our leaders at Davos rise to the occasion?

In contrast with the ambitious drive of modern man for power and wealth of the previous symbol (drilling for oil) we now have the image of the eternal search for that which is at the root of all living processes, i.e. water. This refers to the need to provide true nurturing aid to all humanity or face the consequences of the symbol for 8ge (above).

Monday, 21 January 2013

Stray dogs turn hunters

Fear of the inexplicable has  impoverished
the existence of the individual….How should we be able to forget those
ancient myths about dragons that at the last moment turn into
princesses; perhaps all the dragons inside us  are princesses
who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps
everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless
that wants help from us.

Rainer Maria Rilke

KANPUR: Stray dogs devoured 31 black bucks, including five males and 26 females, in the enclosure at Kanpur Zoo on Saturday night. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav suspended zoo director K Praveer Rao and five others. The shocking incident brings to fore the abysmal security at the zoo, particularly for endangered species like the blackbucks inside Kanpur zoo.

Shown above is the Capricorn Ingress chart at Kanpur progressed to Jan 20. Notice that the ingress Sun [0cp00], Pluto [8cp57];  asteroid Diana [6cp41] and Uranus [4ar38] form hard aspects to the progressed MC [8ar14]. The Ascendant [18cn19] is conjunct Gamma (γ) Canis Major, Muliphein, is a star situated in the neck of the Greater Dog. While the radix Moon [14cn15] in the Ingress chart was exactly square the Sirius [14cn16]. Alpha (α) Canis Major, Sirius, is a brilliant white and yellow star in the Greater dog. It is the brightest star in the night sky.

PLUTO-URANUS: Pluto stands  for instinctive-animal energies. Uranus is the great 'freer' …it unlocks all that is lying repressed.

DIANA: Connected  to animals and nature; hunter-prey dynamics

At this stage, I refer  to an earlier post on the November Eclipse:

When drawn for Kanpur the MC of the eclipse chart is 14cn31 conjunct Sirius (dogs)! In ancient India Sirius was called the "deerslayer".  And for Jan 20, the progressed MC [9li] forms hard aspects to Pluto-Uranus square.

This eclipse carried the Sabian symbol:

KEYNOTE: The socially accepted release of an individual’s or a group’s aggressive instincts. What this symbol clearly stresses is need for rituals that provide outlet  for man’s primitive instincts and aggressiveness.

Did this combination unlock the dormant hunter in the stray dogs on that fateful night? And what message might this be carrying for us humans? Can we repress our animal energies  safely beyond a point?  Might this not be another call to overcome our fears and let  those dark energies see the light of the day?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Geneva treaty on mercury pollution

More than 140 countries have agreed on a set of legally binding measures to curb mercury pollution, at UN talks.Delegates in Geneva approved measures to control the use of the highly toxic metal in order to reduce the amount of mercury released into the environment. Mercury can produce a range of adverse human health effects, including permanent damage to the nervous system. The UN recently published data that showed mercury emissions were rising in a number of developing nations. The deal was agreed after all-night talks. UN Environment Programme (Unep) spokesman Nick Nuttall told Reuters: "A treaty to start to begin to rid the world of a notorious health-hazardous metal was agreed in the morning of Jan 19."

As with several examples presented in past blogs we attempt to show here how an eclipse can carry a message that the world wakes up to long after  it is gone. The eclipse we  analyse here is the total eclipse [21sc57] of Nov 13, 2012 which was conjunct the star Unukalhai [22sc15] in the neck of the ‘poisonous’ serpent [1,2].  The map for the eclipse at Geneva is shown above. This map speaks to us about ‘poisons’ in at least two other ways. The MC [3ta48]  of the chart is conjunct Tyl, [2ta54]. Epsilon (ε) Draco, Tyl, is a star on the Dragon. According to Ptolemy, it gives  danger of accidental poisoning [1]. The eclipse forms hard aspects to each end of the Kronos-Hades-Uranus-Pluto T-square.  Amongst other things, this T-square stands for a change [Uranus-Pluto]  in the rules/ laws  [Kronos]  governing the use of poisonous or toxic [Hades] [3] substances. Regular readers will recall that eclipse charts give their effect on days when the progressed angles conjoin important planets. Shown below is the eclipse chart progressed to Jan 19, the date of the treaty on the use of mercury. The progressed angles conjoin the T-square with the MC [6cn] in particular conjunct Hades-Kronos. This area formed a part of an ancient Chinese asterism Tsing, ‘The Well’:  When this asterism was significant it was time to clean the existing wells, dig new wells if necessary.  Rotting leaves and mud had to be removed and every care taken that the water be clean and fresh (the Chinese knew that unclean wells could bring diseases).[4] So it appears once again that  eclipses and other cosmic phenomena continue to  replay, with variations,  ancient stories in modern times.

 In the previous post on Lance Armstrong we had shown that the eclipse conjunct Bacchus/Pluto could be interpreted as: having been in denial about the use of a harmful substance one is now ready to stop its use…return to integrity and do whatever is required to face consequences. With a little stretch we can see that this is exactly what the world community has done in regard to the use of mercury. It was long known that mercury was harmful for the environment but we had remained in a state of denial. The Pluto eclipse has forced us to stop the rampant abuse of the toxic metal.

[1] Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Robson*, p.213.
[2] Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.67
[3] Eating or drinking food/water from a poisoned, toxic source.
[4] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [p.702, V1]


How addictive is sugar?

The Nov 13, 2012 eclipse progressed to Jan 20, 2013, the date of the news item once again brings the progressed angles to the conjunction of the T-square mentioned above. The message is the same…get out  the denial phase of any kind of addiction or substance abuse. No coincidence here.  

Friday, 18 January 2013

Astrology of Lance Armstrong’s confession

Oprah Winfrey's exclusive no-holds-barred interview with Lance Armstrong  took place on Monday, January 14, in Austin, Texas. After years of tenacious spin that he was innocent, Lance Armstrong has backpedaled in a confessional interview with Oprah Winfrey. He admitted unequivocally to using performance enhancing drugs in his seven Tour de France wins. After winning various legs of the Tour de France, Armstrong's sporting career ground to a halt in 1996, when he was diagnosed with cancer. He was 25. He told Winfrey that he then developed a "ruthless and relentless" attitude that helped him survive. But he carried it with him into his sports career, "and that's bad," he said.

Shown above is Armstrong’s horoscope. The time of birth is not known so that a noon horoscope has been drawn. We notice that his Sun [25vi07] is conjunct Pluto [29vi23] and the star Alkaid  [26vi32] of Ursa Major. According to Ptolemy, Ursa Major is like Mars. It is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengefulness when roused.

In astrology Pluto aspects to Sun are associated with ruthlessness and a tremendous urge for power and control. Since Sun is also associated with health and Pluto with life threatening diseases like cancer, HIV, AIDS [1] it is not surprising to note that he was diagnosed with Cancer.  And very aptly this happened in 1996 when Saturn in transit was opposing his Sun-Pluto conjunction. Saturn transits to Pluto are known to be “make or break” times when whatever we are running away from begins to catch up with us.

Listed below are  a quick summary of a few other aspects in his horoscope with references so that readers can see for themselves that they are fairly easy to interpret with just a little bit of help.

The lunar eclipse  [6ge] of November 2012 fell  on Armstrong’s Saturn which  is part of a T-square involving Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune. (See above)

Saturn-Mercury square: Profound liar, thief, blackguard, scandal and slander.[2]

Mercury-Neptune  square :hides facts (remains silent), invents facts or simply misunderstands the information and is confused. Lying with a Mercury-Neptune is easy and is done by giving misty information or by 'pretending' facts.[3]

Jupiter-Neptune: People who built their castles on sand are  discovering that the tide has changed (and that piddly little bump is  where their fortress used to be.)[4]

In 2012, Neptune transit at 0pi has been squaring his natal Jupiter-Neptune [0sg] and therefore affecting the entire T-square.  This was when his lies were discovered and he was stripped of his title.  

So why is he is giving this interview and coming clean? To answer this question we go back to the solar eclipse  in November that set the stage for what is happening now.

The total solar eclipse of 13th November 2012,[6] took place at 21sc57. Its draconic counterpart was at 25pi53 opposite Armstrong’s radix Sun [25vi07]. “An eclipse creates a relaxation and re-stimulation both in Earth’s energy grid and in our neurobiological resonance providing an opportunity to release the past and engage in a fresh start”.[5]

The eclipse at 21sc57 is exactly at the midpoint of Pluto  [7cp45] and asteroid Bacchus [7li23] forming a semisquare aspect to each.

Here is Martha-Wescott’s interpretation of this combination from Delineate V2.

During this cycle, you could well be aware of people who "bottom out"  with an addiction; they reach that crucial "surrender" and see that they  are powerless over whatever they perceive to have a hold on them. But there are some other possibilities:
* You may see that people are in denial in terms of their Control  Issues; ie., they think they have Let Go of some things that are still  running their show.
* You may see that people USE an addiction to engage others in a control  or domination struggle...the addiction is just yet another way of  playing manipulation games.
* And you could note that there are addictive tendencies fueled by  surfacing feelings (and the fact that a person feels "driven to the  wall" about something in their life.)
One other thing I want to comment on here.  I'm getting the sense that,  among the insights you could have with this, are those that deal with  how effective an addiction cycle has been in teaching one about  releasing control attempts. As you know, people can stop whatever the  outward thing is that they do that is seen as "their addiction," but  that doesn't mean that, on an emotional level, they've been able to move  toward acceptance of life without untoward attempts to make things go  "their way;" it also doesn't mean that there's been a release of  unhealthy self-preoccupation, of "growing up emotionally," or of facing  consequences and not looking for excuses (for emotional processes or  other perceived shortcomings.)  Observing the nuances of all this should  make some of the coming days v-e-r-y interesting![4]

[4] Martha-Lang Wescott, Delineate V2
[5] Lunar Planner, Nick Fiorenza

[6] Note:

The Ascendant of the Nov 13 New Moon  at Austin, Texas was 25ar18  and for the eclipse 26ar41 so that following Sabian symbols are brought to our attention. In the context of Armstrong’s interview the symbols need no explanation…they speak for themselves.

PHASE 27 (ARIES 27°): THROUGH IMAGINATION A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED.KEYNOTE: Revision of attitude and inner revaluation.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cassiopeia and the Australia gold nugget find

Australian amateur prospector finds massive gold nugget. An amateur prospector in the Australian state of Victoria has astonished experts by unearthing a gold nugget weighing 5.5kg (177 ounces).The unidentified man, using a handheld metal detector, found the nugget on Wednesday, lying 60cm underground near the town of Ballarat. Its value has been estimated at more than A$300,000 ($315,000: £197,000).

The horoscope for the entry of the Sun into Capricorn  [also called ‘Capingress’] is considered  by several astrologers as the most important chart for the entire year. Shown above is the Capingress at Ballarat where this unusual discovery took place.

Notice the following:

A sharp Yod configuration  with Jupiter[8ge] at the apex forming quincunx aspects to Saturn [8sc] and Pluto [8cp]. Venus at [6sg] is opposite Jupiter. At Ballarat , the Yod is anchored to the Ascendant [22cn44].  Saturn [8sc]  at the IC is opposite Alpha (α) Cassiopeia, Schedir [8ta] while the MC is conjunct Gamma (γ) Cassiopeia, Cih, on the Ethiopian Queen's chair.

“From Cassiope come the gifts of Augustus which gleam in the temples he consecrated, where the blaze of gold rivals the sun's brightness and the fires of gems flash forth light out of shadow. What products would a grand lady like Cassiope prefer her sons to handle rather than those she could turn to her own employments? And that material for such employment should not be lacking, she bids men look for gold beneath the ground, uproot all which nature stealthily conceals, and turn earth upside down in search of gain; she bids them detect the treasure in lumps of ore and finally, for all its reluctance, expose it to a sky it has never seen. Such are the inclinations which Cassiope will fashion in those born under her" [Manilius, Astronomica, book 5, 1st century AD, p.343.]

A Yod when activated provides a turning point. With Jupiter at the apex and Venus opposite,  the turning point can come as a dose of good luck.

As can be seen from the progressed Capingress chart, the Yod was activated just a couple of days before  Jan 17, 2013, when the progressed meridian reached the conjunction to the Jupiter-Venus combination. Venus at [6sg41] was square the star Gamma (γ) Aquarius, Sadalachbia, [6pi54]. Sadachbia, from Al Sa'd al Ahbiyah (now called Sadalachbia) has been interpreted as the Lucky Star of Hidden Things. It indicates the ability to discover that which is hidden or lost.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Astrology of the Texas secession movement

EL PASO, Texas, Jan 15 — More than 125,000 people had signed a petition to secede from the country a few days after President Obama was re-elected. Bad news for thousands of people who wanted to see Texas secede: The state is still in the U.S.
The White House has responded to a petition asking that Texas be allowed to break away from the country, saying the Founding Fathers who created the nation "did not provide a right to walk away from it."
Jon Carson, director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, issued the response quoting Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural address and a Supreme Court opinion after the Civil War. It said America was created as a "perpetual union," but one that allows people with different beliefs to debate the issues.

To see this news in the light of astrology, we will look at the solar eclipse of  May 21,2012 which by the rules of  mundane astrology (indicated below) was very significant for the US.

H.S. Green in his book Mundane or National Astrology writing about eclipses says:

The strongest effect is felt in those parts in which it is visible, especially if it is also angular, i.e., rising, culminating or setting; and it is experienced next in countries ruled by the sign containing the luminary.

The Annular Eclipse of 21st May in Pleaides was  a spectacular event seen at sunrise in Japan and at sunset throughout most of the American continent. In addition, Raphael lists USA among the countries ruled by the sign Gemini in which the eclipse took place.

Shown here is chart of the eclipse progressed to Jan 15, 2013, the date of the news item. Notice Uranus-Pluto aspecting the meridian axis.

Uranus-Pluto: To see attempts to “force” change or rupture; the threat of a separation or demand for independence (Uranus) can bring reactions based on an attempt to regain control (Pluto).[1]

Uranus [7ar28] is conjunct the stars 34 Piscium [6ar56], above the cord of the West Fish and Omicron Andromedae [7ar57], near the chained hand of the Princess. The chain and the fish cord generate a feeling of bondage.[2] And of course what would Uranus there want more than breaking that chain or cord!

Also notice that the Ascendant [18cn32] is conjunct the star Wasat [18cn42].

Wasat of Gemini is a star  called the ‘link’  between the twins Castor and Pollux (see image above).

"The Twins" are marked by the two principal stars: Pollux, the immortal extraterrestrial one, and Castor the mortal terrestrial one, the extraterrestrial incarnate. These two stars, which mark the Twins' heads, lie in the last few degrees of sidereal Gemini. The Twins are of partnerships in mutual cooperation participating in the human world, one of linking and uniting through our daily affairs in the world. Public Relations and liaison articulates the nature of the Twins--linking individuals together in larger groups or organizations that can serve a purpose far greater than the separate parties can accomplish alone. Although the Twins (Castor and Pollux) are of communication and human betterment, they have in some legend been at odds with each other, a bit argumentative. Here is the Gemini trait of competitiveness, debate, arbitration, and negotiation, but ultimately leading to agreement and solution".[3] 

That summarizes what is happening with Texas , one of the Twins – perhaps Pollux, the bad one- wanting to break away.  It is my attempt here to show readers through various posts on current news items that the myths and legends that surround each star and constellation are as  vividly alive today as they were when the ancients formulated them.

[1] The Orders of Light, Martha-Lang Wescott [p.81]
[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [p.63, vol1]
[3] Lunar Planner, Nick Fiorenza

Gemini eclipse & suicide of twins in Brussels

A hospital in the Belgian capital Brussels has helped identical twin brothers to die by lethal injection, reopening the debate on euthanasia. Doctors said it was not just because the twins were deaf and blind that they had a right to die, but also due to the bond that existed between them, and the fact they could not bear being unable to communicate with each other.

An eclipse is considered important for a place if it occurs on the horizon or meridian axis. The May 21, 2012 eclipse for Brussels is exactly on the IC [nadir] of the chart and therefore extremely significant for the place.

The solar eclipse [0ge21; +20d39] in  Gemini (the sign of Twins)  was conjunct Alcyone [0ge10]  in longitude and Zosma [+20d27] in declination.  

Alcyone, "The Central One", is the main star and also the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters.  Dr. Eric Morse  writes “Pleiades causes bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies”. While Robson reports that Alcyone “causes blindness” and Elsbeth Bertin associates Zosma with “inclination to melancholic moods”.

The eclipse was square Mars-Neptune. In a previous post [1]  I have shown how this led to suicide following mental depression.

The Ascendant [1aq39] is conjunct the stars of Aquila, the eagle [Alpha (α) Aquila, beta (β) Alshain  and Gamma (γ) Aquila, Tarazed]  . In India, these are the stars of Sravana, the mansion of Vishnu. Sravana symbolizes hearing, listening, learning, teacher and pupil, oral tradition and flowing and is associated with  “the Ear”.

The MC [2sg12] of the eclipse chart is conjunct Yed Prior [2sg29], the left hand of the serpent holder, which was part of the ancient Euphratean ‘Man of Death’ asterism.

In a previous post the same eclipse [1] was associated with  another suicide  as a way out of a serious mental depression. There a doctor committed doctors aided in a suicide! There I wrote:

Looking at the eclipse chart a little more in detail, we notice that it the eclipse Sun-Moon form the apex of a T-square with Mars-Neptune. Sun is conjunct the asteroid Circe (helper) and Mars is conjunct asteroid Psyche (mental trauma) while Neptune is conjunct asteroid Hygiea (health issues)

The crisis implied in an eclipse chart is brought out with full force when , in the course of the year, the progressed angles conjoin the eclipse again. As can be seen from the progressed eclipse chart below this is exactly what happened on Jan 16, 2012, the date of the news item.

[1] Peter Linnerooth and the star Algol.