Sunday, 10 February 2013

Astrology of the Romania horsemeat scandal

The Romanian government is investigating if horsemeat discovered in beef products in Britain and France came from an abattoir in Romania. Officials said they would take action if laws had been broken.The chairwoman of the Commons food and rural affairs committee, Anne McIntosh, has called for a temporary ban on meat imports from the EU. BBC 10th Feb.

The Total Solar Eclipse of 14th November 2012 at 21sc57 was conjunct alpha Serpens (22sc15) and Agena, beta Centaurus (23sc58) – a figure shown as a half man and half horse. The Chinese call beta (β Agena) Mah Fuh, the Horse's Belly. Unukalhai,alpha Sepens, is associated with 'poisons' which can be stretched to include 'contaminated' food.

The eclipse is placed in the fourth house associated with farming but more specifically the Sun rules the twelfth house which is associated in mundane astrology with cattle, horses and large animals [1]. On 10th Feb, the date of the news item, there are two prominent triggers to the eclipse (a) the New Moon at 21aq squares the transiting Nodal axis 21sc-ta (the Moon ‘wobble’ phenomena) and  the eclipse (b)  the progressed Ascendant is conjunct the eclipse.

Most of the stars of Hercules, Ophiuchus and Serpens were in China a huge figure called T’ien-Chi Celestial Market or the Great Market. The stars outlining the market also represented individual small states.[2]

 The Butcher’s shop was made up of 87 and 89 Herculis [26sa20, 28sa35], it governed kitchen and the butcher’s work[2]. Ceres, the asteroid associated with food, stationed direct on 4th February with these stars on the MC at London.

The chart for Ceres  station retrograde on  31st Oct 2012   has Ceres (3 Cn43) conjunct the TNP Hades (3cn29)  and Kronos (8cn27) on the IC at London forming a Grand Cross with Pluto-Uranus-Moon. Pluto (9cp) and Uranus (9ar) are conjunct Facies of Sagittarius (the horseman) and Algenib of Pegasus (the flying horse) respectively.

Ceres-Hades: Disgust with or deterioration of food; concerns about quality of food
Kronos-Pluto-Uranus-Moon: a need for change of laws governing food
Kronos-Hades: a decline or deterioration of the executive function (laws)

Oct 31,2012; 15:47:01 UT - Ceres stations retrograde (3 cn 43'32")
Feb 4,2013;   08:49:46 UT - Ceres stations direct (19 ge 44'45")

Finally, the New Moon of 10th February, the date of the news  item was conjunct Alpha (α) Equuleus, Kitalpha [23Aq07]  a star in the constellation of the Foal. Equuleus is the head of a horse with a flowing mane which the Arabs called Al Faras al Awwal, "the First Horse"

[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana Rosenberg

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