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Enactment of crucifixion in the stars

Indonesian Catholics took part in a re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday in Magelang, Indonesia on March 29, 2013.

It will surprise readers to see that an event like  this which re-enacts the  Crucifixion of Jesus Christ can actually be seen in the stars. Shown here is the  lunar eclipse of November 28, 2012 which took place with the Moon at 6ge47.  Notice that by the rules of mundane astrology it is important for the place since one leg of the eclipse yod falls on an angle – in this case the IC of the chart. 

 The Sabian symbol for the Moon is:


KEYNOTE: Man's primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life.
At this second stage of the fourteenth five-fold sequence of symbols, the power of the collective and bio-spiritual energies which sustain all earth-rooted cultures is stressed, in contrast to whatever the technological mind of man can make available to increase his personal comfort and mastery over matter.

If any man  is thirsty,  let him come  to Me  and drink. Jesus:  John 7:37

Whoever drinks  of the water  that I shall give him  shall never thirst;  but the water  that I shall give him  shall become  in him  a well  of water  springing up  to eternal life. Jesus: Revelation 7:16-17

From these two quotations, it is obvious that the Sabian symbol is certainly appropriate for Jesus Christ, the Saviour. But then we do we have any more clues that this eclipse and its progression led to the re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday?

The big clue is the star Acrux [22sc03] which is  placed exactly on the IC [22sc02]  of the eclipse chart. Crux [1] is the older name for a Cross  and so, obviously,  related to Christianity and the crucifixion. Progressing the chart to March 29, brings the eclipse onto the horizon axis and more specifically square the meridian thereby triggering the re-enactment and confirming our thesis.

So what, if any ,is the cosmic message from the eclipse?  To understand  that we may  need to look at the  series of three Sabian symbols [2] - PHASE 66 (GEMINI 6°): PHASE 67 (GEMINI 7°): PHASE 68 (GEMINI 8°).


Drilling for Oil  (Phase 67) is a symbol of man exploiting  the earth in order to demonstrate his power and intensify his pleasures and his sense of proud mastery. With this approach conflicts and disruptive processes (Phase 68) are inevitably initiated. The right approach is shown by (Phase 67).

The second clue comes from the star Thuban [7v17] [3]on the progressed MC [6vi43].  

Thuban of Draco, in the far northern heavens, just north of Alioth, was Earth’s pole star circa 2600 BC, near the “tear of the Bear,” a point in Earth’s ~25,000-year “evolutionary cycle of the soul” at which time a turning and fractioning occurred in the hierarchical powers governing Earth. This dramatized the separation between those choosing to fight for a greater evolutionary vision and those wanting to maintain totalitarian control of the Earth.

The term “tear of the Bear” used by Nick Fiorenza describes a separation between powers that wish to control humanity and those who wish to truly nurture humanity – fairly close to the choice presented by the Sabian symbols.

In this light, the enactment of the crucifixion is a reminder of someone who brought the living water for the true nourishment of all life.

[2] The Sabian Symbols- Gemini 1-15.

Full Moon Crisis for Bassem Youssef

An arrest warrant has been issued for a popular Egyptian political satirist for allegedly insulting Islam and President Mohammed Morsi. Bassem Youssef has faced several complaints over his show El Bernameg (The Programme). Bassem Youssef is a doctor who shot to fame after winning a large number of followers with his witty lampooning of public figures in amateur videos posted on the internet following the uprising that ended Hosni Mubarak's rule in February 2011. He has poked fun at a wide range of figures, from fellow television presenters to well-known Muslim scholars and recently Mr Morsi himself.

The arrest warrant has been issued under the Disseminating Moon of March 30. A chart drawn for the Disseminating Moon at Cairo has 20sc06 with the Moon at 25sc14 and Sun at 10ar14. Describing this area Diana Rosenberg says “…(Here are) Serpent, Centaur and wild beast Lupus.... defiant dare devil Hercules…ability to summon up courage and strength..eloquent, resourceful and inventive they often gain prominence in medicine (a serpent coiled around a staff is the symbol of the medical profession..Yousssef is a doctor)…There is love of words, (they enjoy news and gossip and are natural story tellers), visual imagery, theatre and  comedy. Issues include abrupt caustic sarcasm vs patient helpfulness.[1]

Youssef [born 24 March 1974] has a T-square between Sun [1ar24] opposite Pluto [5li35] square Saturn [28ge15].   The Full Moon of March 27 at 6 Libra fell on Pluto activating the T-square. The Sabian symbols for his Sun and Saturn are extremely illuminating. Saturn-Pluto is about repressive authority[2].


[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.231)
[2] Bill Herbst 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Philip Ramone – An Astro-obituary

Philip "Phil" Ramone (January 5, 1934 – March 30, 2013) was an South African–born American recording engineer, record producer, violinist, and composer,who, in 1958, co-founded A & R Recording, Inc., a recording studio at 112 West 48th Street, New York — above what then was Manny's Music. The success of that studio grew into several studios and a record producing company. He was described by Billboard as "legendary", and the BBC as a "CD pioneer". Ramone was born in South Africa and grew up in Brooklyn. As a child in South Africa, Ramone was a musical prodigy, beginning to play the violin at age three and performing for Elizabeth II at age ten

Ramone died on March 30, 2013, in a Manhattan hospital after being admitted for surgery. His death was caused by a brain aneurism.  [1]

It is been our constant effort at this blogsite to show that the effect of eclipses lasts long after they are gone. Mundane astrologers agree that an eclipse on any of the four angles which means the horizon or meridian axis of a place have a very important and lasting effect. The Annular Eclipse of 21 May 2012 was  a spectacular event,  seen at sunrise in Japan and at sunset throughout most of the north-west American continent. From the chart above we can see that it was important for New York since it occurred at sunset i.e. on  the descendant of the horizon axis.

An eclipse provides an opportunity to release the past and engage in a fresh start so that are often  related to endings and deaths.  This eclipse [0ge21] was conjunct the Pleiades and the conjoining stars of Perseus.  These stars  stimulate physical heroic action to seed new paths forward in our lives and to create infrastructures that support our fundamental nourishment and wellbeing.[2] And being the eclipse stars here can mark the end of such heroic pioneers.

The eclipse was square Neptune [3pi06] and Mars [10vi39]. Neptune’s virtues are sensitivity, emotional openness and vulnerability, empathy and understanding compassion.  Neptune is the master of illusion and illumination. The performing arts – music, dance and drama – depend on the use of illusion to create works that move us as a collective at the depths of emotion and feeling. And mystical inspiration can lift us to heights of ecstatic illumination.

Born on January 5, Ramon’s radix Sun [14cp] was trine Neptune [12vi] and  conjunct the star Vega [14cp]. Alpha (α) Lyra, Vega, is a pale sapphire star in the Lyre [3]

Lyra, and prominent alignments with Lyra, indicate involvement with the music of the spheres, that is, the use of natural astronomically and resonant harmonics for healing, illumination, and for greater evolutionary purpose. Prominent alignments and aspects to Lyra are often found in musicians, artists and those involved with art-sciences and multi-media projects--those with intent to use harmonics of light, sound, and geometry for the expansion of consciousness.[4]

The March 27, Full Moon at New York is shown here. Notice that Neptune is on the Ascendant [1pi01] -  the point on the eastern horizon where planets rise and make themselves visible. The Full Moon is asking us to pay attention to events connected with Neptune in NY. If we now take the trouble to look at the asteroids  - the “fine print”  so to speak –  we find two of them Lacrimosa [0ge32] and Requiem [2pi10] both connected with death [5] , aspecting Neptune [4pi04].   The Ascendant of the Full Moon , with the accompanying significators,  triggers the May 20 eclipse (Sun-Neptune-Mars configuration).

Carrying the analysis one step further we find that the eclipse chart Mars [10vi] is conjunct the asteroid Psyche [7vi].

PSYCHE: the state of your mental health; head wounds; brain states.[5]

Ramone’s  death was caused by a brain aneurism.

[5] Delineate V2, Martha Lang Wescott

Readers may look at previous posts that link this eclipse to ‘mental health’

Full Moon ‘ups the ante’ in Korea

Every Full Moon is an opportunity for increasing awareness and, ideally, making breakthroughs. This Aries-Libra lunation reminds us that individualism and partnership live on two ends of the relationship spectrum and that we can learn how to comfortably navigate from one end of it to the other. Instead of polarizing me (Aries) and we(Libra) and acting as if they are totally separate, this Full Moon connects them.
The general interpretation of a Libra Full Moon, though, does not tell the whole story of this one. That's because this Sun-Moon opposition resonates with the ongoing, earthshaking, world transformational Uranus-Pluto square, which is the dominant astrological signature of 2012-15. During this Full Moon Uranus is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, triggering surprises that can put cracks in relationships. Pluto forms tense squares to the lunation, dredging up issues of power and desire that have been buried in the unconscious. The presence of these disruptive outer planets pushes us beyond current boundaries and into unfamiliar emotional territory. Their purpose is to see relationships in a new and different light.

Uranus square Pluto is a conflict of freedom and control, of liberation and desire. How much of one are we willing to give up to achieve the other? The answers aren’t simple but these disruptive transits will open doors to new possibilities, if we don't resist them. Still, loving Venus and active Mars are joined with the Aries Sun and opposite the Libra Moon, which tends to tilt us away from accommodation and toward independence. Perhaps this means that relationship issues are not so much about understanding, adapting to or changing others, but are about changing ourselves.[1]

This is how Jeff Jawer describes the current Full Moon. Shown above is the Full Moon chart drawn for Pyongyang, North Korea. Notice that the Full Moon is powerfully placed on the horizon axis implying that the dynamics described above would be felt fully in Korea . It is, therefore, not at all surprising to see the tension escalate.

But what really is more surprising is how perfectly the Full Moon’s Chinese asterism, Tchao-Yao:   The Brandishing of Arms  applies to this case[2]!

[1] Jeff Jawer; Full Moon Follies
[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.51)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Uranus-Pluto triggers Lhasa landslide

A massive landslide engulfed a gold mining area in mountainous Tibet, burying 83 workers believed to have been asleep early Friday morning, Chinese state media said.
About 2 million cubic meters (2.6 million cubic yards) of mud, rock and debris swept through the area as the workers were resting and covered an area measuring around 4 square kilometers (1.5 square miles), China Central Television said. The official Xinhua News Agency said the workers in Lhasa’s Maizhokunggar county worked for a subsidiary of the China National Gold Group Corp., a state-owned enterprise and the country’s largest gold producer.

For understanding this event we look at the Capricorn Ingress chart at Maizhokungga, the site of the accident. By the rules of Mundane astrology, the chart is strong since the powerful Sun-Uranus-Pluto square is on the angles.  The IC of the chart is 19vi38  within about 7 degrees of orb [1] to the star Alkaid [27vi]. Progressing the chart to the date of the disaster brings it to the Ascendant [28vi] triggering its potential causing landslides as the reference from Ebertin below indicates.

Eta (η) Ursa Major, Alkaid, is a brilliant white star on the tail of the Great Bear.

The last star in the Great Bear. Benetnash (Alkaid) means 'hired mourners'. If the influence of this star is exercised, an influence of a Mars-Uranus-Saturn nature is present. Experience has shown that many human lives are to be mourned. Reinhold Ebertin made a survey of this fixed star covering centuries when associated with transits of the major planets over this degree. The results have been recorded in the 40th yearbook for Cosmobiological Research 1969. In accordance with adopted belief of ancient times, this fixed star is supposed to be bound up with the realm of the dead and is therefore associated with death and mourning. In an important position in a mundane map, Benetnash will claim human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and catastrophes caused by weather. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash] [2]

In Saturn-Pluto periods, there are strong attempts to repress (Saturn) the dangerous and destructive energies of the soul and the unconscious (Pluto). Uranus-Pluto periods, like the one that we are in now and  which runs through about 2016, bring powerful eruptions of this repressed energy into the world. If Uranus is the Awakener and Pluto is the Soul (specifically those parts of the soul that are confined to the “underworld” of the unconscious mind), then Uranus-Pluto hard aspects bring the awakening of soul or the eruption of the underworld into the above-ground world. Earthquakes are a great picture of this – when the earth’s plates crash against one another and the ground buckles upward, we become suddenly aware of the powerful subterranean forces that are, in fact, always flowing beneath our feet.[3]

So obviously, there is more  symbolic meaning to ‘natural’ disasters  and release of elemental forces than we would normally imagine.

[1]A Word about Orbs

Although we use a very tight orb for star alignments, within a degree or two, the themes of surrounding stars offer context to understand the stars in exact alignment with the points and planets in your chart.

However, unlike looking at star alignments with planets, where we use a very tight orb (±2°), the angles in your chart have an active orb of about ±7°. This active area around each angle is called the "immediate foreground." Stars and planets which lie outside of the immediate foregrounds are said to be in the "background." Planets conjoining the angles or within the immediate foreground of an angle (within the ±7° orb of an angle) are especially potentized in your chart, and their resonances in your makeup and life experience are of primary significance.

[3] Uranus-Pluto: The liberation of elemental forces
[4] It is also worth noting that on March 29, there was a Sun-Uranus conjunction at 8ar square the capingress Pluto 8cp

Horace the Hare teaches unconditional love

It is the usual fate of the Irish hare, a wild strain betwixt the Scottish and European varieties, to sleep by day in the hedgerows and by night to scurry through plowed fields in search of leafy delicacies. To live long he must be a wary hare, on guard always against man, his guns and dogs.

This might have been the life of Horace, the loveable hare, had he not fallen three years ago into the hands of Cecil S. Webb, director of the Dublin Zoo. Webb and his wife took Horace into their home to study the ways of small wild animals. They kept him on … because they had acquired a wonderful pet, as intelligent, playful and domesticated as any dog.[3]

The Full Moon eclipse of 4 Jun 2012  took place with the Sun [14ge14] conjunct Venus[16ge44].  It is significant for New York  since it forms a Grand Cross with meridian axis.

Nick Fiorenza [1] explains,  that Venus (and the heart chakra), when mature and clear, expresses love in art and beauty, with a wonderful capacity for unconditional acceptance of all conditions--true, non-judgmental love. The unconditionally open heart receives and expresses love that is harmoniously balanced.

He goes on to explain that this eclipse is  about surrender to the Divine Feminine Essence in life—by embracing  unconditional compassion and to care for all life. It is asking us to  open our Heart wider than we  ever have before.

Venus is in retrograde motion   – a phenomena that astrologers associate with recalling  incidents from the past[2]. It is conjunct mu Leporis [15ge34], the Hare so that these images from the past  are about a  Hare! Progressing the eclipse chart  by the PSSR method to March 22, 2013 ( date of  publication by TIME in NY) brings the  progressed meridian back to the same position triggering the eclipse.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The cost of war

The latest estimate, here, of the cost to the U.S. of waging the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, from Harvard researcher Linda Bilmes. The eventual cost could reach $6 trillion, she estimates, or nearly $20,000 per American.

“While the wars did not cause the financial crisis, they were certainly a significant factor in creating the conditions that led up to it,” said Ms. Bilmes. “First, the Iraq war and the resulting instability in the Gulf put upward pressure on oil prices, which rose from $25 a barrel in 2003 to $140 a barrel four years later.

“Second, these higher oil prices depressed U.S. economic activity, prompting the Federal Reserve to loosen monetary policy. Finally, this additional liquidity contributed to the housing bubble and the financial collapse that followed,” she said.

The political cost of the war was also enormous, untruths were told to the American people and to the United Nations to justify the invasion, reputations were tarnished, tarnished in the same manner war hawks frequently justify their ambitions. But there were those—a minority of those in Congress—who stood against the war.

Analyzing the Capricorn Ingress in a previous post on the fiscal cliff, I had written:

The Capricorn Ingress chart has the now familiar Kronos-Hades-Pluto-Uranus T-square firmly on the angles along with Sun conjunct Pluto. Kronos-Hades is the stupidity of leaders or more politely a deterioration of the executive function and Uranus-Pluto can be read as the collapse of an order on account of this.

Shown here is the same Capricorn Ingress chart progressed to the date of the news item. Notice that the asteroid Juno [1] (associated with costs, tallying and accounting) is now on the progressed MC along with Sun-Pluto and the rest of the T-square. On the descendant of the chart is the TNP Zeus associated with war and the military so that combining the two we have someone tallying the cost of a war!

The stars which form the backdrop to the planets provide some more detail.

Pluto is in sidereal  Sagittarius  - a sign that has been associated with religious wars and those who must go on a mission , see their outlook and beliefs carried into practical effect somewhere. It is conjunct the star Facies of the Archer (the Warrior) which is often blamed for consequences due to victim’s own careless actions [2].

Zeus is conjunct the stars Algorab and Kraz of the Raven – a bird that has been associated with “destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying”[3] resulting in   “fiascoes, losses” [4]

Kronos is the star Mirzam or beta (β) Canis Major. This star was often combined by the Arabs with the star beta (β) Canis Minor (Gomeisa), and together were titled "The Announcers". (could that be the accountant announcing the cost of the war?)

[2] The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.94-95.
[3] Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923
[4] Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.60.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Internet spam: Hercules battles the Hydra

Heracles & the Hydra

The internet around the world has been slowed down in what security experts are describing as the biggest cyber-attack of its kind in history. A row between a spam-fighting group and hosting firm has sparked retaliation attacks affecting the wider internet. Spamhaus, a group based in both London and Geneva, is a non-profit organisation which aims to help email providers filter out spam and other unwanted content. To do this, the group maintains a number of blocklists - a database of servers known to be being used for malicious purposes. Recently, Spamhaus blocked servers maintained by Cyberbunker, a Dutch web host which states it will host anything with the exception of child pornography or terrorism-related material. Spamhaus has alleged that Cyberbunker, in cooperation with "criminal gangs" from Eastern Europe and Russia, is behind the attack.

The Capricorn Ingress chart is the most widely used tool in mundane astrology to understand world events. Shown here is the sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart at London  progressed to March 26 when the attack is reported to have been the severest.  The MC of the Ingress chart is 28ge46 conjunct an X-Ray source in the constellation Columba called the Machine.

The Machine conjoins Saiph, the right leg of Orion; Wezn, Beta Columba; and the northern Quasar 3C147 of Auriga. These entries resides at ~2° sidereal Gemini, directly opposite our Galactic Center. The Machine, is a high-energy dynamic x-ray source; a BL Lacertae type object, which emit through a wide band of electromagnetic spectrum, from radio to gamma-rays but with an almost complete absence of emissions in the optical band. Appropriately named, the Machine articulates the essence of the human cognitive mind, the intellect, which processes logistical related matters for humankind .[1] (Here we are already getting a clue that we could be dealing with a machine like a computer server)

The progressed chart shows the MC at 6Vi16 opposite the radix Moon [6pi39] and square Jupiter [6ge44]. Jupiter is square Neptune on the IC.  Radix Uranus [5ar04], transit Uranus [8ar] and transit Sun [5ar] are all conjunct the alpha and delta Reticulum [7ar] with the recent Mars-Uranus conjunction having taken place right there. This position is quincunx the MC of the progressed chart.

Reticulum [2] means a netlike formation or structure; a network. (the world wide web!) In Ancient Rome a class of gladiator, the retiarius, was armed with a net which he used to immobilize his opponent by entangling him in the meshes.

Diana Rosenberg  [3] describing the sector between 6 to 8 Virgo  states that Mercury, ruler of tropical Virgo, dominates here so we have skilled technicians dedicated to research using science to ground their beliefs in strictures of laws, rules, data and “facts”. The Great Bear’s [nu Ursae Majoris, 6vi49] maternal instincts brings an interest in human rights and helping the underdog. (that would be Spamhaus trying to protect users of the WWW).  Thuban, [7vi37] alpha Draco gathers, collects, stashes and guards their books, specimens, data, money and possessions. The Lion (rho Leonis 6vi33) adds a need to dominate and control with impulsiveness and aggression. (might this be Cyberbunker). Here is also Upsilon Hydrae [8vi29], the fabulous water snake with nine heads  killed by Hercules in the second of his twelve labors. Hercules found that if he cut off one of the heads, two new heads grew back: hence some evils are spoken of as "many headed hydras"(that would be the servers of Cyberbunker spewing ‘poison’ all over the web). There was a belief amongst ancient Arab astrologers that when a comet was in Hydra, [4]  poison was scattered by it over the world.  It is reported [5]  that the comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann is currently in the constellation Hydra! (incidentally this could also be linked to the mysterious death of pigs and birds in China reportedly recently)Diana Rosenberg  [3] describing the sector between 6 to 8 Virgo  states that Mercury, ruler of tropical Virgo, dominates here so we have skilled technicians dedicated to research using science to ground their beliefs in strictures of laws, rules, data and “facts”. The Great Bear’s [nu Ursae Majoris, 6vi49] maternal instincts brings an interest in human rights and helping the underdog. (that would be Spamhaus trying to protect users of the WWW).  Thuban, [7vi37] alpha Draco gathers, collects, stashes and guards their books, specimens, data, money and possessions. The Lion (rho Leonis 6vi33) adds a need to dominate and control with impulsiveness and aggression. (might this be Cyberbunker). Here is also Upsilon Hydrae [8vi29], the fabulous water snake with nine heads  killed by Hercules in the second of his twelve labors. Hercules found that if he cut off one of the heads, two new heads grew back: hence some evils are spoken of as "many headed hydras"(that would be the servers of Cyberbunker spewing ‘poison’ all over the web). Under this sector, Diana Rosenberg also  notes that there could be “storms, sometimes of demonic intensity”. (it is reported that  at one time these attacks were peaking at 300 Gbps …a demonic storm!) Finally, there was a belief amongst ancient Arab astrologers that when a comet was in Hydra, [4]  poison was scattered by it over the world.  It is reported [5]  that the comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann is currently in the constellation Hydra!

[3] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg [v.1, p.598]

Vermilion Bird and Coffee rust in Mexico

Coffee rust plagues farmers in Mexico

Finca Hamburgo, at 1,250 metres above sea level, commands an uninterrupted view of 280 hectares of coffee plantations covering the verdant slopes of Tacana, a volcano in Chiapas state, southern Mexico. The damp heat there, close to the border with Guatemala, is ideal for growing Arabica coffee. But coffee rust – a disease caused by the Hemileia vastatrix fungus that spreads orange dust on to the leaves of coffee bushes – has infected the plantation, which has been operating for 125 years at Tapachula.

One of the standard tools in the arsenal of mundane astrologers is the Spring Equinox (or Aries Ingress) chart. This chart is considered so important that it is used by several astrologers as a chart for the entire year. Shown here is the  Aries Ingress chart for Finca Hamburgo. Notice that the Jupiter is on the IC forming the apex of a Yod with Saturn-Pluto.

Jupiter and the IC of the chart are next to the star Rigel of Orion. This was part of the Chinese asterism Yo-Tsing, The Precious Natural Well. Close by was Ping that warned against sickness and disease should the waters be contaminated.[1]

On the descendant [9vi19] is lambda Hydra [9vi32]. Hydra [2] is the ‘poisonous’ water snake. From the image above it is important to recognize that Hydra is often considered a part of the threefold constellation; Hydra, Corvus and Crater. Here Crater is   related to water  as can be seen from its connection  to the myth [Ovid's Fasti, 2.243-66] where Apollo sent a Raven (Corvus) to fetch water in the god's cup (Crater).

 The stars of the Hydra  formed the Vermilion Bird [3] of Chinese astrology.

The Vermilion bird is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It is an elegant and noble bird in both appearance and behavior, it is very selective in what it eats and where it perches, with its feathers in many different hues of vermilion.

Vermilion is an opaque red pigment prepared from the mineral cinnabar, as well as the name of the resulting color. The pigment has been in use around the world for many thousands of years. The color is very close to that of rust affecting the coffee crop!

In his article on the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod, Nick Fiorenza explains  that the Saturn-Pluto synod puts a special emphasis on protecting the environment. Jupiter is in the Fourth House of the Aries Ingress chart and thus rules over crops and produce of the land [4]. Jupiter is now fully in position to fulfil its dominant role at the apex of the Yod. Conjoining Aldebaran of Taurus at the apex planet of this Yod, Jupiter is asking for visionary action that establishes a socially sustainable and protective environment for all people and all life. This is not something that just happens, Yods require work. This Yod is not necessarily easy, most are not.[5]

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana Rosenberg (v.1, p.700)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Uranus Full Moon triggers Mexico earthquake

Earthquake Shakes Large Area Around Mexico City
 (MEXICO CITY) — Earthquakes shook a broad swath of southern Mexico on Tuesday, causing buildings to sway in the capital and sending thousands fleeing into the streets as quake alarms sounded. But there were no immediate reports of damages or injuries. The U.S. Geological Survey said a magnitude-5.5 quake hit at 7:04 a.m., centered about 10 miles west-southwest of Pinotepa Nacional on the Pacific Coast and 227 miles south-southeast of Mexico City.

Earthquakes are found to be associated with eclipses especially if  they occur on the horizon or meridian axis or if at the time of their occurrence there are significant planets on the fourth cusp – the point in astrology  associated with the earth or foundations. The earthquake often follows within a day or two of the eclipse. Sometimes, however, an interval of time elapses, and then the effects usually follow when a lunation (New or Full Moon) or planetary transit triggers the sensitive point. Shown below is the November 28, 2012 lunar eclipse that places Uranus on the fourth cusp (along with a severe affliction from a Mars-Pluto square) . The Full Moon [6li52] of  March 27  falling on the meridian [7li37]  of the chart activates the Uranus-IC conjunction in the eclipse chart.  Astrologers recognize that this is a powerful Full Moon since it straddles a Mars-Uranus conjunction square Pluto.

A chart drawn for 7:04 am at Mexico City, when it is reported to have occurred, places Mars-Uranus on the Ascendant square Pluto on MC – two very sensitive points in astrology confirming the role of this powerful square in causing the earthquake.

Note: Uranus’ reputation as a literal and figurative “mover and shaker” is well known to astrologers.

Regarding the total material of the 134 greatest earthquakes which were accurately observed over a period of 49 years (that is, the material contained in Gutenberg-Richter's book) I stated explicitly that “after 1906 the correlation becomes less significant, but it remains greater than average”. In fact, in this complete set of 134 cases of the strongest earthquakes, Uranus was 39 times within ± 1 hr. of the meridian (expected 22.3 times). That is significant at a level below 10−3.

Uranus is the awakener, the mover and shaker of the zodiac. His goal is change/improvement for the masses at any cost, even at the cost of chaos or a revolution. Uranus represents humanitarianism, unconventionality, unpredictability, indifference, freedom, technological advancements, and loyalty to its cause. Uranus’ energy is radical, disruptive, rebellious and innovative.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Multicongruence: Gay marriage and Bagram prisoner release

Charles Harvey was probably one of the most fervent and enthusiastic of mundane astrologers, and his book, Mundane Astrology, co-authored with Michael Baigent and Nick Campion, remains the standard text for students. Harvey wrote these prophetic words in Mundane Astrology:

we are going to need to develop ways of considering the future interweaving of whole hierarchies of cycles and charts rather than treating them in isolation as we do at present. How this is done effectively is one of the great challenges of the next few years.
Another astrologer who has made it his job to 'develop ways of considering the future interweaving of whole hierarchies of cycles' is Dennis Elwell, whose classic and remarkable book Cosmic Loom (1986, now in a second revised edition recently reprinted by the UT), contains a disturbing set of observations about how the cosmos behaves, reflected via astrological patterns.

These patterns are neither cosy in their effects, nor are they individual-friendly. Elwell has termed their effects multicongruence and his definition is: the tendency for certain things and conditions to co-occur because they belong together at a higher, unmanifest level. [1]

Elwell points out that we are conditioned not to attach too much significance to coincidences that occur. However, anybody who follows the news carefully will not fail to notice that sometimes there is a run of “similar” events. For example yesterday there were two new items apparently unconnected, one about a possible ruling by the US Supreme Court in favour of same sex marriages [2]  that could lead to freedom for  social ostracism for the gay community and another about the US handing over the Bagram prison  to the Afghan authorities [3] which of course also implied that several inmates that Afghans think are unjustly held would be freed.

To understand these two “similar” news events, I have shown here the charts for the Full Moon of March 27 at Kabul and Washington. Notice that in both cases two interlocking Yods aspect the meridian axis implying that whatever they stand for is relevant for both the places. A Yod aspect in astrology is looked upon as  unavoidable pressure to change the way we have been behaving or doing things.

Mars-Saturn-Jupiter Yod
Since Saturn is about  rules and restrictions, its aspects to Mars or Jupiter invariably curtails freedom. With Mars  linked to personal freedom and Jupiter to success  it is not surprising  that this combination has been associated with freedom from imprisonment. These three planets are connected in a yod with Mars and Jupiter forming a quincunx to Saturn. A keyphrase for a quincunx aspect is ‘requiring adjustments’ so that we can see how freedom is a possible  outcome in each of the two cases.

Finally,Saturn at 21scorpio is part of an ancient Chinese asterism T’ien-Lao, the Celestial Prison and T’ien-Wei, the Celestial Jail. Saturn in the yod is conjunct Alphecca (alpha Corona Borealis)  which was the jailer.  When all the stars of the asterism were clearly seen the prisons of the empire would be full. If the  star Alphecca was faint many prisoners would be released. [4]

[4] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg [v.1, p.727]

Stars and the US Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling

Why the Supreme Court Is Likely To Rule For Gay Marriage
On March 26, the court will review a California ban on gay marriage, which voters narrowly approved in 2008. That case could give the court a chance to accept or reject a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

Shown above is the Winter Ingress chart for December 21,2012. Notice that a T-square involving Sun-Juno-Pluto-Uranus-Kronos-Hades forms a Grand Cross with the MC. This implies that it is will have a significant effect in  Washington DC and by implication in the US.

JUNO: Partners; marriage/relationship
KRONOS: laws, authorities
HADES: disgust; feeling demeaned

Collapse of an old order (Pluto-Uranus) ; changes in the laws (Kronos) that govern marriage (Juno). Feeling demeaned by or  disgusted (Hades) with laws (Kronos).

The progression of the Winter Ingress chart to March 26 brings the T-square to the angles once again thereby  triggering its effect.

Regular readers will by now be familiar with the fact that although the Winter Ingress chart is the main chart to consider, important events are also usually accompanied by some transit or lunation (New Moon or Full Moon)  whose theme reinforces the ingress chart theme. Shown below is the Full Moon for March 27.

The Full Moon [6li52] is conjunct the star Zaniah [5li00] which was for the Chinese  Tso-Tchi-Fa, The Judge on the Left or The Left Hand Maintainer of the Law.[1] The obvious reference is to a  judge or judgement that favours a liberal approach to what the orthodoxy would consider evil. The Full Moon is again part of a T-square involving Pluto-Uranus (collapse of an old order) and Venus (in issues of relationships or marriage).

But we are not done as yet. Two other stars in the Full Moon map hammer the message home. The star on the Ascendant [27aq21]  is Gienah [27aq56].

Cygnus X-3 enters the ecliptic, along with Gienah, the binary star epsilon Cygnus, the right outstretch wing tip of the Swan. Cygnus X-3 invites us to participate beyond our segregated ways based on gender, race, creed, or culture and open ourselves to new experience only available when we are willing to embrace the uniqueness of all life. Here we must shed the mortal facades we wear and participate from our true essence and to see the same in others. Mutually exclusive attractions create factions amongst our true soul-level friends and families. Here lies the embracing aspect of the Aquarian Waterman, to participate in the inclusiveness of universal (Uranian) love.[2]

The other star is Alphecca. This is conjunct Saturn which forms one of the legs of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto yod aspecting the MC of the chart and bringing about a fork in the road for the authorities (MC or midheaven rules authorities) so that choices in the matters described must now be made.

Saturn (11sc25) is conjunct Alphecca of Corona Borealis

Alphecca is noted for conveying honor, dignity and artistic ability. But like all Venusian stars it can also have its undesirable effects. Medieval astrologers, who tended to emphasize the more perverse side of astrology, asserted that Alphecca rising indicates a life spent in a variety of pleasurable pursuits by an individual who decked his body with adornments, secretly engaged in love affairs or adultery and who "bedded boys and girls" according to Firmicus Maternus. If the star is setting, disgrace will come of all this. [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p10.]

Finally, since Full Moons are considered the fulfilment phase of the promise  contained in the New Moon it may be interesting to note the Sabian symbol for the New Moon:

A fairly obvious connection  to the issue at hand  - the need for new laws governing same sex marriages. 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Azure Dragon brings prosperity to Mongolia

The Azure Dragon

The Oyu Tolgoi mine (Turquoise Hill) is a combined open pit and underground mining project in Khanbogd sum within the south Gobi Desert, approximately 235 kilometres (146 mi) east of the Ömnögovi Province capital Dalanzadgad. The site was discovered in 2001 and is being developed as a joint venture between Turquoise Hill Resources, Rio Tinto and the Government of Mongolia. The mine scheduled to begin production in 2013. Oyu Tolgoi deposits contain (as of 2010) an estimated 79 billion pounds (35,833,000 tonnes) of copper, and 45 million ounces (1,275,000,000 grams) of gold.  When fully operational copper production is expected to reach 450,000 tonnes (500,000 short tons) annually. The company is predicting that the Oyu Tolgoi mine will generate more than $8bn every year for the next 40 or 50 years. It is an astonishing windfall for a country with fewer than three million people.

Canada-based miner Turquoise Hill Resources on Thursday ( Jan 31, 2013) announced that its 65%-owned Oyu Tolgoi copper/gold project, in Mongolia, had produced its first copper/gold concentrate after it processed first ore through the concentrator in early January. The start of concentrate production signalled that production ramp-up was expected to achieve commercial production rates within the next three to five months.

The phenomena with which Mundane Astrology deals may be roughly divided into two categories, those that take place in some form every year, and those that only happen at longer intervals of time. As illustrations of the first class there are Solar Ingresses, the New Moons and the Eclipses of the year; while in the second class occur irregular phenomena as the conjunction of the major planets. Here we will look at the last Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn.

Shown above is the chart for the  Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn [22ta43] in May 2000 just about a year before the deposits were discovered. Notice that the conjunction is the fourth house associated with mines and riches hidden under the earth.[1] The conjunction took place in tropical Taurus – a sign associated with  minerals, precious metals and gemstones. Venus and Sun are also placed in the fourth house. These rule the metals copper and gold [2] respectively.

The star Zubenelakrab [25sc08] on the MC [26sc10] of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart was in China part of the Great Azure Dragon. It was also called T’ien-Kan, the Celestial Root because the asterism rose close to the Spring Equinox when everything bloomed [3] The color "azure" is really a blue-green color (Turquoise). Sometimes Azure Dragon  is called a blue dragon and other times a green dragon [4].

The IC of the chart is conjunct  the star psi  of Cassiopeia at 24ta58 which forms a part of the Queen’s throne or gown (p.193 Set span 22ta50 to 25ta14)

What products would a grand lady like Cassiope prefer her sons to handle rather than those she could turn to her own employments? And that material for such employment should not be lacking, she bids men look for gold beneath the ground, uproot all which nature stealthily conceals, and turn earth upside down in search of gain; she bids them detect the treasure in lumps of ore and finally, for all its reluctance, expose it to a sky it has never seen. The son of Cassiope will also count greedily the yellow sands, and drench a dripping beach with a new flood; he will make small weights to measure the tiny grains, or else will collect the wealth of gold-foaming Pactolus [Pactolus]; or he will smelt lumps of silver, separating the hidden metal and causing the mineral to flow forth in a running stream. Such are the inclinations which Cassiope will fashion in those born under her" [Manilius, Astronomica, book 5, 1st century AD, p.343.]

When the company, Turquoise Hill Resources announced on Jan 31 that it had  produced its first copper/gold concentrate , Mercury, [20-22aq] the planet of news and announcements, was conjunct  Uranus [20aq] and square Jupiter-Saturn [22ta] in the fourth of the Great Conjunction chart.

On 24 March 2013, the turquoise hill was once again in the news [5] strangely just three days before a Full Moon at 6li52 conjunct  xi Hydrae [7li43] which with five other stars  formed Tsing Kiou, The Green Hills!

This house also rules hidden treasure and the treasures of the earth, such as mines and minerals, gems, oil, wells and water supplies; Lilly notes: "profit out of the bowels of the Earth" ([CA], p.558).
[3] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana Rosenberg (v.1, p.725)
[5] The riches under Mongolia's Turquoise Hill

Mongolia has suspended the licences for a key portion of the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine, amid a mounting dispute between Rio Tinto and the Mongolian government over costs, revenues and taxes. Feb 27, 2013

All mundane charts can be progressed by any of the methods used for natal charts. The secondary progressed IC of  the Great Conjunction chart is 8ge conjunct radix Sun (7ge37). When taken together the Sabian symbols (6ge and 8ge) present a challenge that needs to be understood.
66: Drilling for Oil can refer to man’s greed for the wealth hidden under the earth
68: Aroused strikers surrounding a factory is a symbol of the unrest and violence that follows when the treasures brought out of the earth are not distributed equitably.