Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dutch Queen Beatrix Abdicates

The Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne on Tuesday, handing it over to her son, Willem-Alexander. He will be the country’s first king since 1890. Beatrix, 75, who has been on the throne for 33 years, announced her plans to step down in January, saying it was time for a “new generation” to take over. About a million people are expected to travel to Amsterdam for the occasion, and street parties will take place throughout the country. The royal family will take part in a water festival on Tuesday night.

The Queen was born 31 January 1938 at 09:47 am, Soestdijk, Netherlands [1]. There is a general tendency amongst astrologers to look at faster moving planetary transits or even solar returns to explain such events [2]. Such transits (and here I include those of Saturn) can form several times in one’s life and , therefore, cannot be  “sufficient” reason [3] for an event as important as an abdication.  It is for this reason that the analogy of a clock with its hour, minute and second hands is important to keep in mind. An ‘hour hand’ would be something like a Primary direction or secondary (day for year)  progression to/from  the Ascendant or MC or even a hard aspect from transit Uranus, Neptune or Pluto to the angles.  For the Queen we can locate two important ‘hour hands’.

Progressed MC opposite natal Neptune and Primary Progression Neptune opposite MC:  This can take the form of a psychological crisis that results in a feeling that you cannot go on. You may feel suddenly weak and ineffectual, even though others may not see any reason for this. You may no longer feel like advancing in your external social roles now, because you feel that they have become meaningless and empty.

Pluto transit conjunct MC: (This transit has been in effect for the last few years). It is an extremely important transit that affects the entire course and direction of your life. If you have not been fulfilling your true calling, Pluto will bring inexorable forces to the surface that will drive you out of your present position. On the other hand, you may leave voluntarily.

These interpretations from Robert Hand [4] are self-explanatory and apply perfectly to the abdication.

Having dealt with the ‘hour hand’ so to speak we now look for a ‘minute hand’ to tell us why it happened now.  The upcoming solar eclipse of May 10, at 19ta30  is conjunct the star Rucha. Delta (δ) Cassiopeia, Rucha, is a star on the knee of the Ethiopian Queen.

Ruchbah (or Rucha)  is a star of transformation and requires that something within our selves must die  in order to have that which is truly ours. It reveals the need to first relinquish any attitudes that we deserve something (generally a status in life) that is rightfully ours, in order for it to manifest--generally occurring with ease after such surrender.[5]

That sounds very much like a need for the Queen to abdicate. Finally the chart for the moment of the abdication [6] has Moon conjunct Pluto (on the descendant) square Uranus – a symbol for the end of an old order. But more interesting is the star Achernar [15pi] on the MC [14pi].

Achernar, Alpha Eridanus marks the end of the river Eridanus. A bright blue star, Achernar is the ninth brightest in the sky. Achernar indicates fulfillment, completion, integration, and rewards from what has been gained from the long and winding incarnational journey of life--or what ever sojourn we have been on. Achernar reveals we have paid our dues, we have arrived from the winding tumultuous river of life to the ocean of being.[7]

Incidentally, the star Achernar, which is essentially about the end of a journey, is conjunct the Queen’s secondary progressed MC [16pi29]. Both being opposite her progressed Neptune [18vi51].   The lunar eclipse of April 25 fell at 18pi58 in the draconic zodiac  activating the opposition and fulfilling the prediction of the first 'hour' hand mentioned above. Also Neptune opposite the MC (monarch) in the eclipse chart is a perfect symbol for the retirement or abdication of the monarch.  Finally, notice how 'coincidentally' the star Achernar active at the exact time of the abdication is also prominent in the primary direction!

[3] Necessary Conditions and Sufficient Conditions    http://www.sfu.ca/~swartz/conditions1.htm
[4] Planets in transit; Robert Hand

Eclipse in Musca awakens concern for bees

Musca as drawn by Johann Bode, Uranographia, 1801. The constellation was originally called Apis, the Bee

Europe is on the brink of a landmark ban on the world's most widely used insecticides, which have increasingly been linked to serious declines in bee numbers. Despite intense secret lobbying by British ministers and chemical companies against the ban, revealed in documents obtained by the Observer, a vote in Brussels on Monday is expected to lead to the suspension of the nerve agents. Bees and other insects are vital for global food production as they pollinate three-quarters of all crops. The plummeting numbers of pollinators in recent years has been blamed on disease, loss of habitat and, increasingly, the near ubiquitous use of neonicotinoid pesticides. 

We start by looking at a very appropriate eclipse  that fell in Musca - Apis (the honey bee) and Unukalhai (the Serpent – poison). Readers may like to refer to a previous post on Unukalhai that connects it with toxic material [1]. Also the eclipse is square Neptune in Pisces which astrologers have associated with growing concern about “technology's effects on our environment and its creatures” [2].

The eclipse [21sc57] conjunct the stars of Musca [21-26sc]  and Unukalhai [22sc11] is placed in the 4th house which as reference indicates is connected with agriculture, farming, crops, land. Can a more direct reference be provided that this eclipse is warning us about the effect of toxic material (Unukalhai) on bees (Musca) which would indirectly affect the health of our agricultural lands and crops (4th house).

Progressing the eclipse chart to April 29, the date of the proposed ban, shows the MC conjunct the Sun [22sc]  and the North Node[26sc]. About the stars in this area, Diana Rosenberg writes:

Activists implementing deeply held beliefs, determined to live up to them and bring about universal awareness of the need for changes in society. Since Libra’s scales are here in close proximity to wild beast Lupus and strong-man Hercules (whom Manilius associates with possible craftiness and deceit),  they have a hard time keeping order and balance. However, Serpents, because of their ability to shed their skins and grow new ones are known for their powers of regeneration and change, and these stars offer great potential for reform, renewal even beneficence. This is a place where the worlds of man and nature, man and animals collide and/or interact and with planets here there is a need to employ the fierce creative energies of the beast within without allowing it to take control. Here the healing power of the Serpent, together with celestial Scales of Justice, the right hand of Centaurus and strong right arm of Hercules offer strength, will power and determination to seek justice and right wrongs.[3]

[1] Unukalhai and the poisoned Borneo elephants. http://bit.ly/Xd34Wc

[2] Neptune in Pisces - What will it mean? http://bit.ly/iaDkYA
[3] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana Rosenberg (v.2. p.230-240)

Monday, 29 April 2013

Death of a stuntman

A stuntman has died in a world record attempt to cross a river by zip-wire attached only by his hair. Sailendra Nath Roy, 50, was halfway across when his ponytail got stuck.  After hanging in mid-air for half an hour, it is believed he then suffered a cardiac arrest and died. A crowd of around 1,000 witnessed the tragedy as Mr Roy, an officer with West Bengal police home guard, made his record attempt over the Teesta River in Darjeeling.

Readers will see in this example of how the map of the lunar eclipse of November 28, 2012 reveals surprising details of this tragedy. The first thing to notice is the Sun’s [6sa47] placement in the fifth house of  sports and amusements. It is conjunct the stars 29,53 Hercules[4sa24; 5sa40].

Manilius associates Hercules with tightrope walking (funambulism):

"Hercules, the figure on bended knee and called by the Greek name of Engonasin, about whose origin no certainty prevails. Of this constellation is begotten the desertion, craftiness, and deceit characteristic of its children, and from it comes the thug who terrorizes the heart of the city. If perchance his mind is moved to consider a profession, Engonasin [a Greek title for constellation Hercules meaning Kneeler] will inspire him with enthusiasm for risky callings, with danger the price, for which he will sell his talents: daring narrow steps on a path without thickness, he will plant firm feet on a horizontal tightrope; then, as he attempts an upward route to heaven, (on a sloping tightrope) he will all but lose his footing and, suspended in mid-air, he will keep a multitude in suspense upon himself" [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century, AD, p.353.]

The second thing to notice is Neptune [0pi27] in the 8th house of death. But the death being referred to is not just anywhere. The star Procyon on the Ascendant  was  known to the Mesopotamians as 'The Star of the Crossing of the River of Heaven. To this Elsbeth Ebertin  adds a warning, “the native, in order to avoid a fiasco, has always to take care not to be imprudent. People who "want to go through the wall with their head" only cause injury to themselves”.

Finally progressing the eclipse map to April 28, the date of the tragic incident brings the luminaries of the eclipse  chart [6sa47 – 6ge47] to the horizon axis triggering the unfortunate event.

The IC [15pi07] of the progressed chart is conjunct the star Achernar [15pi19].  About stars in this area Diana Rosenberg [1] reports:

Jupiter was here in 1974 when performance artist Phillippe Petit performed his astonishing tightrope dance, a quarter mile in the sky, on  a wire strung between the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. Among athletes, there is the high wire walker Karl Wallenda here.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.738)

The Prague explosion and the star Mizar

(PRAGUE)  — A powerful explosion damaged an office building in the center of the Czech capital, Prague, Monday, injuring up to 40 people. Authorities believe some people are buried in the rubble.It is not certain what caused the blast in Divadelni Street, but it was likely a natural gas explosion, police spokesman Tomas Hulan said.

The Mars-Saturn eclipse of April 25, 2013 continues to cast its violent shadow on places like Prague made vulnerable by the position of stars like Mizar [1] and Algol [2] on the angles. MC [16vi38] is conjunct Mizar [15vi52] and the descendant [25ta31] is conjunct Algol [26ta22]. The reputation of these stars as malefics is well documented.

Mizar is known for  devastating explosions. [1]

Beta (β) Perseus, Algol, is a bright star positioned on the severed head that Perseus is carrying. The Chinese gave it the gruesome title Tseih She, the Piled-up Corpses.
Astrologers of course said that it was the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens, and it certainly has been one of the best observed, as the most noteworthy variable in the northern sky.[2]

Saturday, 27 April 2013

9/11 Plane’s Landing Gear and the star Tejat

NEW YORK, 26 April, 2013— A rusted 5-foot-tall piece of landing gear believed to be from one of the hijacked planes destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks has been discovered near the World Trade Center wedged between a luxury apartment building and a mosque site that prompted virulent national debate about Islam and freedom of speech.

The earth has thrown up remains of an incident that happened a long time ago. Readers will see from what follows that the stars keep an “akashic record” which they reveal at appropriate times. Shown above is the well documented chart for the first plane attack on the WTC.

The Ascendant of the chart for the 911 attack [11 Sept 2011; 8:46 am NY] is 14Li21 conjunct the star Algorab [13Li30] of Corvus, the Raven. Historically, this constellation has been associated with lies and deceit as the two references below indicate. (That goes well with the lies about the attack that are now well known)

  Of the nature of Mars and Saturn. It gives destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying, and is connected with scavenging. [Robson*].

A Mars-Saturn star that can show up the more troublesome side of Libra, a variation on the truth when an excuse looks to be safer. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.175.]

Meanwhile on the MC [16Cn] of the 911 chart we have the star Sirius [14Cn].

"The brilliant constellation of the Dog: it barks forth flame, raves with its fire, and doubles the burning heat of the Sun. When it put its torch to the earth and discharges its rays, the earth foresees its conflagration and tastes its ultimate fate [translator's note: the ecpyrosis of the Stoics, who held that the Universe would ultimately be engulfed in conflagration and all things would return to the condition of primeval fire].” [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.316-319].

This would describe the fiery inferno of the WTC very well!

The stars of Corvus formed an archaic Chaldean lunar mansion whose patron god was Im-dugud-khu, “The Great Storm Bird” . Also  Alograb on the right wing of the Raven is  another reference to  things that fly …an aircraft? Combining this with fiery Sirius on the MC we have a “conflagration” brought about by a “bird”.

With the images that speak so vividly, it may be worthwhile to look at the current solar return of the  911 chart  and progress it to April 26.  Notice that the  horizon axis  of the two charts align with Pluto-Kronos-Hades.  Amongst other things, for the stars in the sector between Hades (2cn) to Kronos (7cn),   Diana Rosenberg [1] lists plane crashes, civic disasters, collapses etc. But more interesting are Tejat Prior, eta Geminorium, (3cn33)  in Castor’s left foot and Tejat mu Geminorium, Castor’s left heel (5cn28); nu Geminorium, Castor’s right foot, (6cn59). If we  were referring to an aircraft these stars would be pointing to the wheels and undercarriage!

Nick Fiorenza writing about Tejat [2] says:

Tejat indicates that it is time to come out of hiding, to become visible, to stand forth in the limelight to be seen. Tejat will bring forth that which has been suppressed to be seen and in doing so may draw experiences that are reflections of parts of our selves that seem rather dark and opposing to our unfoldment.

Understood superficially, Tejat is referring to the discovery of  a long hidden piece of the aircraft that hit the WTC but it may have a deeper symbolic meaning for the American public!

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies: Diana K. Rosenberg (v1. p.356-368)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bangladesh tragedy and the Sidereal Capricorn Ingress

It has long been the custom in this branch of astrology to consider maps drawn for the time of the entry of the Sun into the cardinal signs: Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn. Of these, the Aries Ingress was by tradition considered the most important and possibly to be thought of as “the map of the year”. Led by Carter astrologers have begun to consider the Capricorn as the prime ingress.

It was Carter who suggested that if the sidereal zodiac were valid, maps for the entry of the Sun into the constellations of Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn would be of importance. This suggestion was followed up by Garth Allen, who in an extensive statistical investigation found that the sidereal ingresses were not only valid but of the highest significance. This opinion has been fully confirmed by other investigators in recent years. Garth eventually arrived at the conclusion that the Capricorn Sidereal Ingress was of primary importance followed in rank by that of Cancer; Aries and Libra, whilst having some significance, could be considered of lesser importance.

Primer of Sidereal Astrology; Cyril Fagan, Roy C. Firebrace

This extensive prelude from Cyril Fagan about the importance of the sidereal Capricorn Ingress  is relevant  since modern astrologers appear to have forgotten its validity.  I take this opportunity to explain the Bangladesh tragedy using the map of the sidereal Capricorn Ingress at Dhaka. Notice that (a)  the MC [29vi] of the chart is conjunct the star Alkaid [27vi] (b) Uranus is the fourth house.

Eta (η) Ursa Major, Alkaid, is a brilliant white star on the tail of the Great Bear.

The last star in the Great Bear. Benetnash (Alkaid) means 'hired mourners'. If the influence of this star is exercised, an influence of a Mars-Uranus-Saturn nature is present. Experience has shown that many human lives are to be mourned. Reinhold Ebertin made a survey of this fixed star covering centuries when associated with transits of the major planets over this degree. The results have been recorded in the 40th yearbook for Cosmobiological Research 1969. In accordance with adopted belief of ancient times, this fixed star is supposed to be bound up with the realm of the dead and is therefore associated with death and mourning. In an important position in a mundane map, Benetnash will claim human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and catastrophes caused by weather. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash]

H.S. Green gives the  following interpretation for Uranus in the fourth house:

If afflicted trouble among the workers, discontent, strikes, ill-feeling between master and man or between the upper classes and the masses, accidents in mines, fall of buildings, explosions.

The T-square with Uranus at the apex has Venus [6th and 11th ruler] ; Pluto [12th ruler] opposite  TNPs Kronos, Hades. I once again urge readers to look at the meanings of the houses from the excellent reference below.

Sixth House: Because of its links to service, the 6th House rules workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions etc.

Twelfth House: This house rules things hostage situations .. behind the scenes manipulation, slavery, human rights issues etc

Eleventh House: The 11th represents the national purpose or purpose of the group as well as its hopes and dreams …as such it is also connected with a desire for reforms and improvement.

From references [1]  and [2] we can also see how planets add details that increase our understanding of the event.

Venus [1]:  apparel manufacture
Pluto in Capricorn [2] : collapse of infrastructure (e.g. buildings)

Having understood that the sidereal Capricorn Ingress explains the Bangladesh tragedy, the next obvious question is why did this happen on 24 April. The answer to that can be seen fairly easily by  progressing the Ingress chart to that date. Notice that the “culprit T-square” is triggered by the progressed angles on 24 April!

[1] The Houses and What They Govern in Mundane Astrology

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Eclipse raises Sino-Japan tension

Japan would respond with force if any attempt is made to land on disputed islands, PM Shinzo Abe has warned . His comments came as eight Chinese government ships sailed near East China Sea islands that both nations claim. A flotilla of 10 fishing boats carrying Japanese activists was also reported to be in the area, as well as the Japanese coastguard. BBC [23 April]

Historically speaking, the Mars-Saturn opposition is typically accompanied by a rise in the level of violence and confrontation: wars, rumors of wars, atrocities both at the individual level and on a collective scale. It signals a time of tension and aggression, in short. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? That brought the world to within hours of a global thermonuclear Apocalypse, and it started under this alignment.[1]

As mentioned in previous posts we are in shadow of a very violent Mars-Saturn eclipse. Readers who watch world affairs carefully will no doubt be surprised by the number of violent events in the news recently. Shown above is the eclipse chart for Tokyo where the Prime Minister of Japan made his comments. From the rules of mundane astrology this eclipse is very significant for Japan since it is placed on the horizon axis. Going further with the analysis readers are urged to see the details of the news in the rulership  of planets involved [2]. Here Saturn rules the 10th which has Capricorn on its cusp; Mars rules the 7th with Scorpio there and the Moon rules the 4th with Cancer on its cusp. These three planets should be sufficient to put together the details of the news. Please refer to the exhaustive list of meanings of mundane houses in the excellent reference below [3].

10th House - the president, prime minister.
7th House - foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes; all situations of overt aggression
4th House – connected to land; place which reflects nationalism and patriotism

Monday, 22 April 2013

Nerds discover way to free Andromeda

Most Ph.D. students spend their days reading esoteric books and stressing out about the tenure-track job market. Thomas Herndon, a 28-year-old economics grad student at UMass Amherst, just used part of his spring semester to shake the intellectual foundation of the global austerity movement. Herndon became instantly famous in nerdy economics circles this week as the lead author of a recent paper, "Does High Public Debt Consistently Stifle Economic Growth? A Critique of Reinhart and Rogoff,"  (Published April 15,2013) that took aim at a massively influential study by two Harvard professors named Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff.  Herndon found some hidden errors in Reinhart and Rogoff's data set, then calmly took the entire study out back and slaughtered it.[1]

In recent years, Reinhart and Rogoff’s results have been highly influential as support for austerity policies in both Europe and the United States. Herndon, Ash and Pollin find that a series of data errors and unsupportable statistical techniques led to an inaccurate representation of the actual relationship between public debt levels and GDP growth. They  find that when properly calculated, average GDP growth for advanced economies at public debt-to-GDP ratios over 90 percent is not dramatically different than when debt-to-GDP ratios are lower. [2]

Readers might wonder whether it is possible to see this news item in the stars. To let readers decide for themselves, I present the chart for the Crescent Moon of April 14, just a day before the paper was published. Note Mercury on the Ascendant square  Pluto-Kronos-Hades  on the meridian axis.

Hades: handling highly detailed work; mistakes;  research; investigation into the root cause of problems.
Mercury: facts, interest in data, youth.
Kronos: leaders, experts or people in positions of authority
Pluto: finance, debt

Hades-Mercury-Kronos-pluto: Mistakes in calculations by  finance experts [3]

As a rule all the phases of the Moon should be referred back to the New Moon stars for greater meaning. Writing about the New Moon of April 10, Nick Fiorenza says: 

Our April 10, 2013 New Moon prominently conjoins the star Revati in Pisces. It conjoins Eris and Mars, and the star Baten Kaitos of Cetus within 2°, and Venus within 3.25°. All conjoin the stars that form the outstretched arms of Princess Andromeda.

Revati, Zeta Pisces, literally means riches, money, wealth, and financial resources. Prominent alignments with Revati can indicate material wealth gained from participating in the dramatic psycho-emotional world of human affairs. This zodiakal longitude is a couple of degrees to that of Baten Kaitos, the belly of ole Cetus, where the transformative process occurs while in the whale of human emotional experience. Revati and Baten Kaitos also mark the exalted seat of Venus—bringing attention to the relation of the flow of abundance, emotional clarity, and living from the heart. Venus rules money and assets; and Venus dramatically influences economics (especially its retrogrades), as is well known in astrological financial forecasting.

Going further with our analysis of the Crescent Moon chart, we notice that the Sun (24ar36) and Mars (25ar25) are both conjunct the star Acamar (23ar27). This star, in the celestial river Eridanus, is often seen as a dam in the river of life – an appropriate image for a kind of stoppage in the flow of financial abundance – the removal of which could free the ‘chained’ princess Andromeda (symbolic of the public in distress).

[3] Delineate v2: Martha Lang Wescott

Corvus brings bird flu to China

The number of bird flu cases in China jumped Sunday to 102, including 20 deaths, the World Health Organization announced. Seventy patients remain hospitalized with the virus. The WHO said there is still no evidence of human-to-human transmission.
So far the virus has mainly affected eastern China, with 11 deaths and 33 infection cases reported in Shanghai, 24 cases, including three deaths, in Jiangsu Province, 38 cases, including five deaths, in Zhejiang Province, while Anhui Province has confirmed three cases, with one ending in death.

“Mundane astrology, the study of heavenly cycles upon groups and nations is the most ancient branch of astrology. The affairs of a nation can be judged from the horoscope set up at the time of its official inauguration, the birth chart of its leader, and various phenomena such as eclipses, lunations, great conjunctions, stations, comets and ingresses. Among these, ingresses have a traditional reputation as the most important mundane event.”[1]. Skyscript

Shown above is the chart for the Sun’s ingress into Aries at Shanghai. Notice that the  Sun is in the 6th house of public health, sickness or epidemics [1]. The 1st house rules the inhabitants of a country so that a star rising on the Ascendant is always important in this regard. Here we find that the Ascendant (13libra) is conjunct the star Alograb (13libra39) of Corvus, the Raven [2]. Diana Rosenberg associates Corvus with “air contamination and epidemics”. Venus the ruler of the Ascendant is also placed in the 6th house of epidemics so that it becomes certain that  spread of respiratory diseases would affect inhabitants.

P.S. Apart from the fact that a bird is associated with the air element, the myths surrounding  Corvus the Raven [2] have characters like Hydra, the poisonous serpent and Asclepius connected will illness and healing so that it is not too difficult to see how Diana Rosenberg associates it with air borne disease.

Symbolic message of the rocket Antares

A new rocket has launched on April 21, 2013 from the US eastern seaboard to prove its readiness to help service the International Space Station (ISS).. The 40m-tall Antares vehicle lifted clear of the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia at 1700 local time (2100 GMT).

We are  conditioned not to attach significance to the baffling coincidences that occur in our lives  so that we pass them by without a thought.  Shown above is the chart  for the first quarter moon during which the launch occurred. Notice that the descendant ( one of the four important angles in astrology, the others being – ascendant, midheaven and nadir) of the chart is 8sa53 conjunct the star Antares [9sa56]. Mathematically inclined readers may like to work out the probability for a coincidence like this. It would certainly be very low. Even so, rationalists would reject the idea that even names can fall into surrealistic patterns. If, on the other hand, we accept such a possibility then we have to allow for a very different reality from the one to which we are accustomed. Might the coincidental naming of the rocket  after a famous star be pointing for a need to examine what the star stands for in classical astrology.

The Capricorn Ingress chart  drawn for the capital of a country is considered by many astrologers to carry a deep message for the entire year. Shown here is the Capricorn Ingress for Washington. Notice that it carries a Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod with Jupiter-Venus on the horizon axis conjunct the stars Aldebaran and Antares. Nick Fiorenza discusses, at length, the challenge of this  Yod in his article [1].  It is sufficient here to quote the message of Antares.

In classical astrology, Antares is the star of war and weaponry, and with expounded meaning, to challenge the established opposing politics (an arena common to the Antares / Aldebaran axis) with tenacious adamancy. This is especially in regard to taking a stand against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions or that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom and fulfillment.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The China Earthquake

An earthquake with magnitude 4.6 occurred near Leshan, Sichuan, China at 16:14:35.68 UTC on Apr 20, 2013.

Earthquakes are found to be associated with eclipses and important planetary conjunctions and oppositions. An eclipse is always liable to cause seismic disturbances where it is visible, especially if it falls very close to the line of horizon i.e. the cusps of the first and seventh houses, or of the meridian i.e. the cusps of the tenth and fourth houses. Of these two lines, that of the meridian is more important; and that of the lower meridian i.e. the cusp of the fourth house is the most important of all. In addition to this, certain of the zodiacal signs are more closely associated with earthquakes than are others. The four fixed signs are very important in this respect; and of these Taurus and Scorpio are more often related to great shocks of earthquake than are any other signs, when eclipses or important conjunctions occur therein, or when oppositions or squares are thrown to major planets therein. H.S.Green, Mundane or National Astrology

H.S. Green’s book on Mundane Astrology written around WWI is still considered a bible of sorts amongst astrologers. As in the  Iran quake we will see in this example too how well Green’s rules apply. For this I take my readers back to the Lunar Eclipse of November 28, 2012 (chart above).  Our attention is drawn immediately to the meridian axis in Taurus-Scorpio polarity with Saturn at the IC – the fourth house cusp that Green says “is the most important of all”  for earthquakes.

So what is happening now that is triggering this five month old eclipse? The answer is the upcoming April 25, 2013 Full Moon [5 Taurus-5 Scorpio] eclipse which falls exactly on the meridian axis of the November eclipse activating it fully!

But as I like to point, there are never any loose ends. There appears to be  a cosmic orchestra playing a symphony in which eclipses are major players (the hour hand of the cosmic clock) while the monthly lunations (New or Full Moons) are the smaller ones (the minute hand ). The chart for the current New Moon at Leshan has on the Ascendant [26virgo48]  the star Eta (η) Ursa Major, Alkaid, [27virgo08] - a brilliant white star on the tail of the Great Bear associated with earthquakes and similar catastrophes.

The last star in the Great Bear. Benetnash (Alkaid) means 'hired mourners'. If the influence of this star is exercised, an influence of a Mars-Uranus-Saturn nature is present. Experience has shown that many human lives are to be mourned. Reinhold Ebertin made a survey of this fixed star covering centuries when associated with transits of the major planets over this degree. The results have been recorded in the 40th yearbook for Cosmobiological Research 1969. In accordance with adopted belief of ancient times, this fixed star is supposed to be bound up with the realm of the dead and is therefore associated with death and mourning. In an important position in a mundane map, Benetnash will claim human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and catastrophes caused by weather. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash]

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fornax and the Texas explosion

Between five and 15 people are thought to have been killed by a huge explosion at a US fertiliser plant that witnesses said was "like a tornado". More than 160 people were injured as dozens of homes and buildings were destroyed in the evening blast near Waco in the state of Texas.

The chart of the First Quarter Moon phase  [18 April, 7:31 CDT] at West,Texas  is shown below. The Sun-Mars conjunction at 28ar30 is conjunct the faint stars of the constellation Fornax [1]. First named the Chemical Furnace, this constellation was formed by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, 1752, in honor of the accomplishments of the famous chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier.  Lacaille created Fornax out of several faint stars in the constellation Eridanus. The image from the 1750’s is easily related to a modern chemical plant such as the one in which the explosion took place.

The First Quarter Moon is at 28cn38 – in an area that Diana Rosenberg connects with fires and explosions! It is very significant for West, Texas since it is   placed  on the meridian axis.  And finally the square to the  Sun-Mars conjunction in Fornax tells us why the explosion took place in a chemical  plant.

If we are curious as to why it was a fertilizer plant - that little detail  too can be traced in the chart. Tropical Taurus connected with agriculture, land and its fertility is on the Ascendant  while Saturn is just setting  with the stars of  Virginis – the figure of the Virgin with a sheaf of corn! So we have a Furnace which produces chemicals that increase the fertility of land for crops. Is it at all difficult to piece the image of a fertilizer plant?

The blast - which sent a fireball shooting into the air - happened shortly before 8pm local time. The chart for that moment has  the Sun-Mars conjunction with stars of Fornax exactly on the descendant confirming our analysis.

The Sun-Mars conjunction discussed above cannot  be fully understood without linking it to a longer term Earth-Mars synodic cycle. Nick Fiorenza is amongst very few astrologers who follow long term cycles to understand the meaning of current events.  The extract below from his article [2] provides a “root cause” explanation for the explosion.

The Sun conjoined Mars in early sidereal Aries on April 17, which marks the mid-point of vision and realization in the current Earth-Mars synodic cycle, which began on March 3, 2012 in sidereal Leo—a key and significant cycle. This was presented in the article “2012 Mars Retrograde & The New 780-day Mars Synodic Cycle.” This day brings us revelation about the meaning and purpose of this cycle. It also provides stimulus to action as we move into the First Quarter Moon.

The new synodic cycle started on March 3, 2012 . The theme of this new cycle was defined by the stellar energetics of Mizar of the Great Bear, Chort of Leo, and other influencing stars.

Mizar of the Great Bear, Zeta Ursa Major, is the overseeing and predominant star of this area of the zodiak. Mizar articulates raw fiery energy that must express one way or another. Mizar must have a creative outlet, but for its proper expression, we must apply it with creative vision. Mizar brings attention to use of our creative energies; creative and destructive tendencies, and the fear to create lest it may result in destruction. Here we learn the nature of such volatile forces. Mizar, with averted alignments is also known for catastrophic fires or massacres. Mizar can however express quite artistically--just as gunpowder can express as beautiful fireworks or devastating explosion.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.119-20)

Eclipse brings problems for Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf

A court has ordered the arrest of Gen Pervez Musharraf over his attempt when Pakistan's military ruler to impose house arrest on judges in March 2007. Mr Musharraf was present at the Islamabad High Court when the judges issued the order. He had been seeking to extend bail in the case. Police present made no attempt to arrest him as he left the court. A statement from his office described the court order as "ill-conceived and unwarranted judicial activism".

The idea that events tend to fall into a pattern which can be seen through the lens of basic astrology rules will be rejected by determined rationalists. But my attempt in these posts  is to make readers aware of these simple rules so that they can piece the jigsaw for themselves.  From previous posts readers will be aware that we are in the shadow of a powerful lunar eclipse which has already manifested itself in the Boston Marathon blast and the Iran earthquake.  Since the eclipse straddles Mars-Saturn we are seeing the manifestation of violent energy – this can be a explosive blast or even a refusal to bend to authority.  How the cosmic manifests depends on local circumstances. And technically speaking local circumstances are defined in mundane astrology by the position of planets in houses  and their rulerships.

Readers may like to look at  the  complete list of the meanings of the mundane houses at  reference [1].  Given below are the extracts of the meaning of each house relevant to our context.

In the eclipse chart for Islamabad we note the following:

(a)   the eclipse Moon is in the 9th house ruled by Venus positioned on the eclipse axis
(b)   the Moon rules the sixth house since Cancer is on that cusp
(c)   Saturn which conjoins the eclipse Moon is the ruler of the twelfth house since Capricorn is on that cusp

9th House - rules the courts and judges.

12th House - Prisons, institutions and any place of confinement or detention

6th House - It  rules the armed forces and the police as well as issues concerning national defense.

An army general (6th house) refuses to submit  (Mars-Saturn) to the court (9th house) directive that he be  imprisoned (12th house).

[1] The Houses and What They Govern in Mundane Astrology

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Iran Earthquake

A magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck Iran on Tuesday, according to the United States Geographical Survey. The quake struck at 3:44 p.m. local time (6:44 a.m. ET) in southeastern Iran, about 50 miles east of the city of Khash and near the Pakistani border, the USGS reported. Its depth was reported to be about 50 miles below the Earth's surface.

Earthquakes are found to be associated with eclipses and important planetary conjunctions and oppositions. An eclipse is always liable to cause seismic disturbances where it is visible, especially if it falls very close to the line of horizon i.e. the cusps of the first and seventh houses, or of the meridian i.e. the cusps of the tenth and fourth houses. Of these two lines, that of the meridian is more important; and that of the lower meridian i.e. the cusp of the fourth house is the most important of all. The same remarks apply to important planetary conjunctions and oppositions falling near these points. If these two factors are combined, the probability of the earthquake is much increased. In addition to this, certain of the zodiacal signs are more closely associated with earthquakes than are others. The four fixed signs are very important in this respect; and of these Taurus and Scorpio are more often related to great shocks of earthquake than are any other signs, when eclipses or important conjunctions occur therein, or when oppositions or squares are thrown to major planets therein. H.S.Green, Mundane or National Astrology

The rules outlined by H.S.Green are fully validated in the Iran quake as a look at the  chart for the upcoming eclipse shows. As mentioned in previous posts, eclipses can be pre-triggered by transits. In this case the transit Moon (4cn)  at the time of the quake (3:44 pm)  is  sesquisquare the Saturn end (8sc24)of the eclipse configuration. Rising on the Ascendant (29vi) is the star Benetnash (27vi).

Benetnash will claim human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and catastrophes caused by weather. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash]


Readers may like to ponder over the ‘multicongruence’. Just a day before we have Boston marathon blast with the same eclipse significantly aspected to the angles. Mars-Saturn combinations are known to pack a lot of violent energy that can be released in the form of an explosion or an earthquake.
Ref: Astrology of  the Boston Marathon blast. http://bit.ly/17hFYSx

Astrology of the Boston Marathon blast

Regular readers will by now be familiar with the fact that eclipses can act well before their time. Also if an eclipse makes aspects to an angle it is definitely important for that place.  Shown here is the upcoming lunar eclipse of April 25  which not only fulfills these conditions but also contains  violent explosive energy since it straddles a Mars-Saturn opposition in fixed signs. The eclipse Sun along with Mars is in 8th house making a sesqui-quadrate (135 d) aspect to the ascendant while Saturn sits with Moon making a semi-square (45 d) aspect to the Ascendant. Here Saturn is ruler of the 5th house while Mars is the ruler of the 8th.

In Mundane Astrology, the eighth  house is connected with public mortality [1]. Raphael notes, for example, that Mars in the 8th house shows "many sudden and terrible deaths by fire, accidents and crime”.  The 5th house is associated with sports [1]  so that the Mars-Saturn combination is easily linked to accidents and death in connection with sports or at some place of amusement and games.  Also the Sun is the ruler of the 12th house connected with secretive terrorist attacks [1] so that the pieces of the  jigsaw fall elegantly into place.

Astrologers researching in mundane events soon discover that there is usually more than one indicator pointing to an event along with other factors pointing to some detail.

Here we see that the Ascendant [17vi57] of the eclipse chart is conjunct the star Mizar [16vi]. Zeta (ζ) Ursa Major, Mizar, is a double star, possibly binary, brilliant white and pale emerald on the Tail of the Great Bear.

Supposedly, Mizar portends a Mars nature. The reputation of Mizar, if it is in maximal position in a mundane map, is that of being connected with fires of a catastrophic extent and mass calamities. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.55.]

It is reported that many people suffered injuries in the leg [2].  The MC [15ge45] of the chart is  conjunct Hasseleh of Auriga in Charioteer’s left foot. The ancient image of the Charioteer was connected with the military. George Noonan [3] associates Auriga in modern times with sports. The modern image of the constellation given in Urania’s Mirror (1823) is a man, possibly a war verteran, in a wheel chair suggesting injuries to the legs [4].

 Conjunct the eclipse Moon [5sc46] is 31 Bootis [5sc25] – a star in the Herdsman’s right leg.  More detail is available if we look at the chart of the Crescent Moon  [9ge36]  at 9:29 UT on April 14. We see that Ascendant is 23pi11 and MC is 26sa12.  The Moon is conjunct the stars 48 Persei [9ge40] near Perseus’ right knee and lambda Persei [10ge09] just above his right thigh. The Ascendant is conjunct lambda Pegasi, the horse’s prancing forelegs. Diana Rosenberg associates this area with sports that have to do with the feet (long distance running!).  On the MC is Hercules and tropical Sagittarius which Diana associates with love of the outdoor and travellers. More particularly there is here Tso Kang, 58 Ophiuchi [26sa20] in the right leg of Ophiuchus.[5]

[1] The Houses and What They Govern in Mundane Astrology
[2] Boston Marathon blasts: 'So many people without legs'. http://bit.ly/YNwLSs
[3] Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, [p.15-16.]
[4] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [v.1. p.283]
[5] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [v.1. p.256; v.2.p. 384,755]


(a) For the event chart of the blast researcher astrodem notes:

On a whim I plugged in the asteroid Marathon. I do not know what this means, but the asteroid Marathon (4356) is conjunct the ARMC or the Meridian by exactly 15 arc minutes. 

(b) The first  quarter moon[28cn]  of April 18 at Boston has 17ge rising with Jupiter at 15 ge  on the Ascendant. Jupiter in Gemini is a school (Gemini) of higher learning (Jupiter) so that it is appropriate that the drama played out in the MIT . At 15 Ge is the star Cursa in the constellation of Eridanus, the heavenly river. While the Sun [28ar38] is conjunct Al Pherg [27ar] and Acamar [24ar] . Theta (θ) Eridanus, Acamar, is a star in the River Eridanus which along with Al Pherg Nick Fiorenza  calls a dam in the river of life. Apparently MIT and Watertown are close to a dam on the Charles river! Finally it  is being reported that the name of the suspect who died is Tamerlane Tsarnaev.  Historically,  the Turkic ruler Timur, was also called Tamerlane (from Persian: تيمور لنگ‎, Timūr-e Lang, Aksak Timur "Timur the Lame" in Turkish)...is this.another coincidence (?) ...given that so many victims had leg injuries.

The second suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who has been taken alive was born 22 Jul 1993. His radix Sun would therefore be at 29cn exactly where the first quarter Moon has taken place 28cn and of course square to the deadly recent Sun-Mars militant conjunction at 29 Ar.The first quarter moon is conjunct Chi Geminorium,[28cn] in Pollux’s head or cap. The star Pollux is of course always linked to Castor and the two together make up the siblings that Gemini is often interpreted as. During the hunt for the suspects there was a constant reference to their caps!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Eclipse opens floodgates for Bank of Japan

Bank of Japan opens floodgates
This week, Haruhiko Kuroda, the new governor of the Bank of Japan, launched perhaps the boldest ever experiment by the central bank of an important country. It is not a revolution in monetary policy, since the BoJ is following the intellectual lead of Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve. But it is a revolution in Japanese thinking and in the magnitude of the planned action. The Bank of Japan risks doing too much. But Japan already knows well the costs of doing too little. That lesson is one the European Central Bank may yet learn.
The BoJ has promised to turn Japan’s slow-motion deflation into inflation of 2 per cent within two years. To achieve this transformation it has now promised to raise purchases of government bonds from a monthly rate of Y2tn ($21bn) to one of Y7tn, to double the average maturity of new bond purchases to seven years and to double the monetary base to Y270tn by the end of 2014.

The upcoming lunar eclipse of 25 April is placed on the horizon axis at Tokyo giving it extra significance. The eclipse is also in  the Taurus-Scorpio axis – a polarity  associated with banks and monetary policies. Also, a Mars-Saturn opposition straddles the eclipse axis.

Caution is the keyword under a Mars-Saturn opposition. When action (Mars) meets resistance or fear (Saturn), some feel stopped in their tracks. Fear can prevent full functioning. Authority figures or historical precedents may discourage you now, actually reinforcing some feelings you are already having about yourself. Inner energies  (Mars) are struggling against your inhibitions (Saturn). But if you're disciplined and can tap  in to the core of this opposition responsibly, stay positive, and move forward with deliberation a tremendous amount of  energy will be available to you for constructive long-term accomplishment [1].

Haruhiko Kuroda (born October 25, 1944) the current Governor of the Bank of Japan is the architect of the  new looser monetary policy. He has a Sun (1sc) – Mars (7sc) conjunction trine Saturn (10cn). A Mars-Saturn trine would be a perfect combination for taking risks and accomplishing a difficult task. Kuroda assumed office on 20 March exactly on the Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress)  in which  Jupiter is placed in the 8th house of monetary policies. By nature, Jupiter is expansive and risk taking so that the new policy is not surprising. Progressing the Aries Ingress chart  to 4 April (the date the new policy was announced) brings Saturn to the Ascendant triggering the meaning of the Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto Yod. Saturn-Pluto can refer to facing restrictions because of hidden or self-destructive weaknesses while Jupiter at the apex provides the courage to take action for a broadening and freeing objective.

There are never any loose ends in astrology as we will see in this case too. The stars on the horizon axis give us the same message. On the Ascendant (27li37) is Izar of Bootes (28li18) while on the Descendant is Al Pherg (27ar). (Coincidentally, the same stars occupy the horizon axis for the current New Moon of 10 April)

Al Pherg, in the upright fish that marks cuspal Aries, is held or tied to Alrisha (Katain), the knot that binds our primordial past to our future. Al Pherg articulates the desire, effort and emergence process from the tormenting emotional and psychic forces common to sidereal Pisces. Al Pherg can indicate that one is almost there, but not quite, with a final barrier yet to be crossed before one can truly emerge. Something residual must be released or accepted, which can be from a long-established genetic, cultural or evolutionary history [2].

Izar, Epsilon of Bootes, impels us to become perfectly centered to take a leap of faith through a portal that can lead to a place of far greater beauty and fulfillment than we had known before [3].

Finally, since the eclipse is conjunct Kuroda’s Sun-Mars, here will look at the Sabian symbols [4] of the eclipse Moon  (Phase 216) and Kuroda’s radix Sun (Phase 212) to see that they tell us the same story in a beautifully pictorial way.


The accidental nature of opportunities that impel one to break away from a past, the remembrance of which is still poignant and cherished.

This symbol dramatizes the capacity in man to tear himself away from the known and the familiar, gambling everything on a vision or dream.