Monday, 22 April 2013

Symbolic message of the rocket Antares

A new rocket has launched on April 21, 2013 from the US eastern seaboard to prove its readiness to help service the International Space Station (ISS).. The 40m-tall Antares vehicle lifted clear of the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia at 1700 local time (2100 GMT).

We are  conditioned not to attach significance to the baffling coincidences that occur in our lives  so that we pass them by without a thought.  Shown above is the chart  for the first quarter moon during which the launch occurred. Notice that the descendant ( one of the four important angles in astrology, the others being – ascendant, midheaven and nadir) of the chart is 8sa53 conjunct the star Antares [9sa56]. Mathematically inclined readers may like to work out the probability for a coincidence like this. It would certainly be very low. Even so, rationalists would reject the idea that even names can fall into surrealistic patterns. If, on the other hand, we accept such a possibility then we have to allow for a very different reality from the one to which we are accustomed. Might the coincidental naming of the rocket  after a famous star be pointing for a need to examine what the star stands for in classical astrology.

The Capricorn Ingress chart  drawn for the capital of a country is considered by many astrologers to carry a deep message for the entire year. Shown here is the Capricorn Ingress for Washington. Notice that it carries a Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod with Jupiter-Venus on the horizon axis conjunct the stars Aldebaran and Antares. Nick Fiorenza discusses, at length, the challenge of this  Yod in his article [1].  It is sufficient here to quote the message of Antares.

In classical astrology, Antares is the star of war and weaponry, and with expounded meaning, to challenge the established opposing politics (an arena common to the Antares / Aldebaran axis) with tenacious adamancy. This is especially in regard to taking a stand against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions or that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom and fulfillment.

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