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On why the Feds quick fix solutions are not working

Warren Buffett once said, "only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." That is very much the case now, after the Federal Reserve's June 19 announcement that it might start scaling back its program of buying up assets from financial institutions--to the tune of $85 billion a month--later this year. The news prompted a roller-coaster ride in the markets. Stocks plummeted, commodities crashed, bond yields jumped and credit tightened as investors began to realize that the low interest rates from this easy-money party could finally come to an end.

Amongst the several methods used in mundane astrology the Capricorn Ingress [Capingress]  or Winter Solstice chart is held as the most important for the entire year. We will see how the Capingress for Washington carries a clear message about the need for a change in the handling of economic affairs. Two planet configurations that interpenetrate each other stand out in the solstice chart. The first is a Yod of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto. The second is a T-square with Sun-Pluto-Kronos-Hades-Uranus-Makemake with the two joined together at the Pluto end.

Nick Fiorenza  discusses the details in his Lunar Planner for December 2012 [1] from which I will quote a few excerpts.

As the apex planet of this Yod, Jupiter impels wide-sweeping visionary action that establishes a socially sustainable and protective infrastructure for all people and all life. It impels the practical and well-grounded application of wealth and resources in an enterprising capacity to support the fundamental well-being of all life. Jupiter, on the Aldebaran-Antares axis, also impels expansive and mobilizing leadership in business and politics.

This Yod creates stimulus to creatively apply Saturn, with dedicated, committed, reliable and concretized action from a place of inner equipoise, wisdom and unbiased compassion, toward the manifestation of the Jupiter-Aldebaran theme. Jupiter pulls Saturn’s theme (and the establish patriarchal structures) into an expansive and higher-order expression that serves the Vision of Aldebaran. The Jupiter-Saturn quincunx motivates creativity to bring the laws of man (Saturn) into alignment with the higher spiritual laws of nature (Jupiter).

Simultaneously the Yod creates stimulus to creatively apply Pluto, a greater truth being revealed through the dismantling of the old world paradigm, toward the manifestation of the Jupiter-Aldebaran theme.

Generally, a Venus-Jupiter opposition can impel an over-confident over-indulgence and a desire for immediate gratification. Thus it is important to realize that band-aids used for immediate results do not provide real solution, neither in our external world paradigm or in our personal lives where a deep level of healing and evolution is required—something that unfolds in our continuing evolutionary spiral through time.
Venus-Antares impels a passionate confident and rebellious expression of the feminine force to help mobilize the Jupiter-Vision of Aldebaran theme, especially in the business and political arenas. Venus-Antares also impels the application of resources in a way that challenges the existing political-business arena and that supports mobilizing Jupiter's expansive new vision.

If we progress the Winter Ingress chart to June 19, 2013, when the Fed made the announcement the  progressed meridian straddles the Grand Cross triggering the issues highlighted by Nick Fiorenza.

 The essential message is no band aids will do ; change the economic paradigm for the welfare of the masses.

If we are right in our analysis on 26 Aug 2013 (+/- 2 days) when the progressed MC touches Jupiter in the Yod we should  see another  financial shock to the old world paradigm.

On why the Dreamliner is a ‘nightmare’ for Boeing

The Dreamliner has been something of a nightmare for Boeing (BA) since its debut earlier this year. On Monday the aerospace giant said it would offer compensation to LOT Polish Airlines for the months-long grounding of the 787. Boeing is also in talks with Japan Airlines over the issue. [1]

A horoscope drawn for the maiden flight of an aircraft is a good indicator of its fortunes. The chart for the Dreamliner’s maiden flight , 15 Oct 2009; 10:27 am PST, Everett, Washington [2] shown above has the ominous looking Grand Cross involving Saturn-Uranus-Pluto--Hades straddling the meridian axis.

Uranus: New innovations
Hades: mistakes
Saturn-Uranus: technological failures; reckless innovation, unpredictable technological initiatives [3]
Saturn-Venus: Financial problems

[3] p.167-68

Updated July 13,2013 

(LONDON) — A fire on an empty Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane forced Heathrow Airport to close both its runways Friday, suspending all arrivals and departures.
TIME [12th July]

A solar return chart is a standard tool used by astrologers  to predict the fortunes for a particular year. It is drawn for the moment the Sun returns to the place it occupied in the radix (birth) chart – a kind of birthday chart to judge the year ahead.  The angles (Ascendant and MC) can then be progressed at the solar quotidian rate (roughly about a degree per day) between two birthdays. On the days these progressed angles hit important planets and configurations in the chart, the nature of those planets is brought out in events. Shown below is the Dreamliner’s solar return chart progressed to  July 12 at London. otice the TNP Zeus (fires) [1] on Ascendant opposite Uranus (electricity) [2]. An electrical fire is not  at all surprising !

Saturday, 29 June 2013

The decline of Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard ― the Welsh-born first woman Prime Minister of Australia ― resigned her position on 27 June 2013 after losing leadership of the Labor Party in a spill the previous day.

Here is a quote from a  previous post on  the May 25, 2013 lunar eclipse

The eclipse Sun is conjunct the asteroid Kron [5g30] and square Neptune [5pi20]. The asteroid Kron like the TNP Kronos is associated with the famous, those in the spotlight, leaders… Neptune amongst other things is associated with disillusionment so that we can combine the two to see that the eclipse is pointing to a disillusionment with the famous (or with leaders).

From the chart above we can see that this eclipse with the Grand cross of Kronos-Hades-Pluto-Uranus-Zeus on the horizon and meridian axes  was very prominent for Canberra.

Kronos-Hades: Decline of a leader
Pluto-Uranus: End of an order

A further confirmation is provided by progressing the eclipse chart to June 27 when Gillard resigned. Notice the progressed horizon axis straddles the eclipse luminaries and is square Neptune on that date triggering its effect.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Eclipses cause disillusionment with work and ‘success’

The foretaste of decline and fall was brief for the greatest of men’s tennis players, who went on to win 17 grand slam titles and seven Wimbledon crowns. With each victory came an inflation of his aura and his self-belief, which even now refuses to be weakened by a comprehensive second-round defeat to Sergiy Stakhovsky. Federer said of his fans: “They’ll get over it. I’ll get over it.” But will he? Will tennis? The age of the big four - one of the greatest concentrations of talent ever in any sport - looks to be breaking up, along with the age of elegance ushered in by Federer, who took a TARDIS from the 1920s to take over from Sampras. Revisiting Rafael Nadal’s first-round exit here, and Federer’s fall two days later, you see just how blessed men’s tennis has been over the past 10 years, and how Wimbledon might struggle for glamour, brilliance and edge if the quartet is reduced to a duo of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

In this post we will see how the lunar eclipse of May 25, 2013 is signalling the possible  end of an era in Tennis that the news item is pointing to.  A chart for the eclipse shows it prominently placed on the horizon axis at London and, therefore, significant for the place. The eclipse Sun is conjunct the asteroid Kron [5g30] and square Neptune [5pi20]. The asteroid Kron like the TNP Kronos is associated with the famous, those in the spotlight, leaders, ambition, that which is worth pursuing etc. Neptune amongst other things is associated with disillusionment so that we can combine the two to see that the eclipse is pointing to a disillusionment with the famous or even what is touted as worth pursuing. Progressing the eclipse to June 24 when Nadal lost we see that the Grand Cross of Pluto-Uranus-Kronos-Hades-Zeus straddles the horizon axis.

Kronos-Hades : decline of the famous
Pluto-Uranus : end of an era

In the  previous post Astrology on the State of the American Workplace we saw how the New Moon solar eclipse  of May 10 was pointing to disillusionment with work and ‘success’ .  If we progress  this  eclipse at Wimbledon  to June 24 we once again see the same Grand Cross aligned with the meridian axis with obviously the same message. This is an example of how in astrology events that at first sight appear to have nothing whatever to do with each other are shown to be intimately connected. Extracting the underlying principle that these events reveal  depends on our power to perceive patterns of meaning.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Astrology on the State of the American Workplace

State of the American Workplace

Seventy percent of U.S. employees are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work, according to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report. Put more simply, most of us hate our jobs. According to Gallup, 30% of U.S. employees are “engaged” at work, which the polling organization defines as those “who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and contribute to their organization in a positive manner.” The rest of us are “emotionally disconnected” from our workplaces, making us much less likely to be productive. Fifty-two percent of employees says they are basically “checked out” at work, and 18% say they’re so unhappy they’re actually acting out their unhappiness in the workplace. “Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish,” Gallup’s report says.[1]

As I have mentioned in several posts, eclipses tell us where there is a crisis and where we need to end old patterns of behaviour.  Here we look at the solar eclipse [19ta31] of  May 9, 2013, placed very prominently on the descendant at Washington,  to see that it is giving us the same message that is revealed by the Gallup report. But we will also see that our conclusions are different.

 The eclipse makes the following aspects.

Conjunct: Lilith [18ta40]; Pallas [19ta27]
Semi-square : Vesta/Hades [4cn00]

Keywords for asteroids [2][3]

Vesta: Commitment to work; using work as a compensation; dedication to accomplishment or goals; emotional distancing
Hades: deterioration, decline, disgust
Lilith: rejection
Pallas: need to please (often at expense of integrity)

Since these asteroid pictures are a part of the bigger planetary aspects formed by the Pluto-Uranus- Kronos- Hades T-square we need to understand them in that context.

Kronos-Hades: decline of ambition; disgust with authorities or rules
Kronos-Uranus: to be aware of defiance of rules
Pluto-Uranus :  disruptive behaviour based on emergent (formerly repressed) psychological content;  to see individuals disconnect or distance themselves as a form of control; collapse of an old order

Finally as we have shown in the past, every eclipse releases its message on days that the progressed Ascendant or MC axis touch the planets as they did on June 27, 2013 when the Gallup report was released.

Conclusion: This author disagrees with the  superficial understanding and quick fix solutions offered by Gallup. The problem is far deeper than just exploitative employers. People have been treated like machines. Work, as we define it now, no longer feeds our souls.


US Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling frees Andromeda

Gay couples and activists across the country are celebrating two Supreme Court rulings, one declaring the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and the other clearing the way for same-sex marriage in California.

In this post we will see how the lunar eclipse of  April 25, 2013 at 5sc46 can help us understand the reasons for the above news item. An eclipse creates a relaxation and re-stimulation both in Earth’s energy grid and in our neurobiological resonance providing an opportunity to release the past and engage in a fresh start [1].

Conjunct the Sun [5ta46] and Mars [4ta0] we have the stars of Cetus, the sea-monster, Andromeda, the chained princess and her parents King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia [2]. Under the dark, brooding influence  of the Sea-Monster, the entrapment theme of Andromeda and the intense fixity of tropical Taurus, some with a fixed mind-set become trapped in acute moral and ethical issues so that this is a major area of intolerance vs human rights [3]. The stars Caph and Alphirk in Cassiopeia and Cepheus mark the refined and  beneficent aspects of the King and the Queen (the lawgivers) that provide relief for Andromeda. Conjoining Caph, the Queen's hand, is the Quasar 3C48, just north of Aries in Triangulum. Quasars in general bring experience that is out of the ordinary, experience that does not fit into our normal reality. This oddity helps to shatter our limiting concepts of how the universe works. This specific quasar in Triangulum asks us to open to new possibilities about how our destinies can unfold, possibilities beyond a mortal’s view. Divine forces are at work guiding our lives, far more powerful than our limitations, blunders, and efforts. To believe in and see this is to find the golden triangular corridor of light that is Triangulum--the Way. Alphirk, ( usually an authority figure) ,  is a demonstrable force working though the world that actually lifts us from the struggles of life, or alters conditions in a way that otherwise would be impossible through our own power alone. [4]

A look at the backdrop stars for Moon [5sc46] and Saturn [8sc24]  at the other end will help to complete the picture. Here we have the stars Gacrux of the Southern Cross along  with stars of the Virgin, Centaur and Corona Borealis. Because one piece of the cross is upright and the other horizontal, it stands for the union of opposites, the spirit [ masculine, good, lawful ] in the vertical axis interpenetrated by matter [feminine, evil, sin, chaos ] in the horizontal axis.  Hence the cross is a metaphor for agony, struggle and martyrdom to give shape or get lawful acceptance for what may have been considered evil or sinful. Noonan [5] associates the alpha star of  Corona Borealis with homosexuality and perversity in sexual matters. Similar conclusions can be drawn from  planetary pictures  of the eclipse.  Noel Tyl and Ebertin provide the following key phrases:

Venus/Mars = 38d30 =  Saturn = 38d24 :

The sense of being controlled in love matters, of losing freedom; inhibitions. [ Tyl]

Inhibitions in love life; an inclination to adultery or abnormal and pathological sex expression. [ Ebertin]

Neptune/Pluto=38d13 = Saturn =38d24 : Grief, weakness, torment [Tyl]

Jupiter =16ge26= MC= 17ge20 : Success; recognition, good fortune [Tyl]

Finally, in the eclipse chart, Jupiter, the planet that rules law courts is on the MC amongst the last stars of Perseus so that Diana Rosenberg states that this area produces heroes who save those caught in tragic circumstances. If we remember that eclipses push us to bring an end to the way we have been handling  issues highlighted by the eclipse , we can see why all this led to the Supreme Court judgement on gay marriages on a day when the progressed Ascendant of the eclipse chart brings the eclipse luminaries with associated planets to the horizon – a significant axis that brings to light all that is potential in the planet- star combinations.

[3] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [ v.1, p. 139]
[5] Stars  and the US Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Water Grand Trine offers hope for Israel-Palestinian relationship

Some of the most celebrated figures in Israeli literature are campaigning to stop the forcible eviction of Palestinian communities in the barren hills of the southern West Bank to clear land for an Israeli military firing zone. Twenty four authors – including the acclaimed triumvirate of David Grossman, Amos Oz and AB Yehoshua – have put their names to an appeal to save the villages of the South Hebron hills. The population of around 1,000 lives "in constant fear, helplessly facing a ruthless power that does everything to displace them from the home they have inhabited for centuries", according to the letter, which was written by Grossman. It went on: "In a reality of ongoing occupation, of solid cynicism and meanness, each and every one of us bears the moral obligation to try and relieve the suffering, do something to bend back the occupation's giant, cruel hand. [1]"

“A Water Grand Trine represents the evolutionary blooming of the ability to attune to mass consciousness with much compassion. Here one can become a  hidden comforter or healer of the sick, the weak in spirit, the troubled or socially rejected. [2] ”

The chart for Jupiter’s entry into Cancer drawn for Tel-Aviv shows the water  Grand Trine  of Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune  anchored to the midheaven through Neptune in Pisces and therefore very significant for the place.

[2] Dynamics of Aspect Analysis; Bil Tierney

Cancer Ingress and Obama’s climate change speech

(WASHINGTON) — President Barack Obama declared the debate over climate change and its causes obsolete Tuesday as he announced a wide-ranging plan to tackle pollution and prepare communities for global warming. In a major speech at Georgetown University, Obama warned Americans of the deep and disastrous effects of climate change, urging them to take action before it’s too late.

Obama’s horoscope [1]  has Sun [12le]  forming a T-square with Neptune [8sc] and Hades [10ta].  Since the Sun is conjunct the descendant [18le] and the dwarf planet Ceres [20ta] is square the horizon axis, the T-square can be extended to include Ceres.

The solar eclipse [19ta31] of May 9, 2013 was significantly placed on  (a) the descendant at Washington (b) Obama’s radix Ceres [20ta].  Key ideas from two references will tell us why Obama is so concerned about climate change.

Ceres, as the Goddess who has control over nature's resources and cycles, may astrologically be considered the planet of the Environment. Returning to mythology, an early environmental villain is the figure of Erysichthon, the tearer up of the earth, who cut down trees in a grove sacred to Ceres-Demeter, for which he was punished by the goddess with fearful hunger. In this sense Ceres became an emerging archetype in the awareness of recent climate change, and is entering our collective consciousness as a need to take care of our natural and irreplaceable resources in the 21st century. Ceres represents a leap towards a future of ecological responsibility and knowledge. As an indicator for environmental or community activism, Ceres would represent for some astrologers the wave of the future. [2]

Hades/Neptune: environmental deterioration [3]

With transit Saturn about to station direct on Obama’s radix Neptune there is  a need for a structure or schedule (Saturn) to counteract degenerative (Hades)  processes that affect the environment (Neptune).

In mundane astrology cardinal ingresses of the Sun are used to understand trends for the three months that follow each ingress. The chart for the Sun’s entry into Cancer at Washington is shown here. Notice the Grand Trine  of Neptune and Saturn with the Sun and Jupiter at the IC of the chart.  Amongst other things, the  fourth house and the IC are connected with the environment and the weather so that it is not surprising that Obama announced his policy around the time that the Sun and Jupiter slipped into Cancer  forming a conjunction on the IC of the ingress chart.

If we progress the ingress chart to Tuesday [25th June]  the planets Pluto-Uranus and the TNP Kronos and Hades  are more closely aligned with the angles so that we begin to see why Obama delivered the speech he did. 

Hades/Kronos Rules or laws that deal with waste  material or disposal of things to be discarded [3] [4]

Pluto-Hades-Kronos-Uranus: Pressures (Pluto) through general deterioration (Hades)  are felt by the leaders (Kronos) and  lead to a change (Uranus)  in laws (Kronos) [3] [4]

Finally the MC [28sa]  of the Ingress chart  is conjunct the Galactic Center [27sa]. Knowing that  Jupiter [28ge] is opposite the GC , Philip Sedgwick’s account [5] of the GC tells us exactly why this pressure to change obsolete laws is being felt now.

Infrared energy (from the Galactic Center)  pressures the subconscious mind, providing the release of learned behavior and memories, both negative and positive, all in the interest of moving forward. Resistance naturally buffets against the Galactic Center flow. Progress is terrifying. Letting go of old concepts, regardless of their flaws, does not come easily. New-fangled ideas might bring some sort of curse with its blessing.

Part of the mental resistance originates in a mnemonic overload condition I like to refer to as psycho-technological adjustment. Psycho-technological adjustment points out the emotional perplexity of responding to advances in science and technology.
The Galactic Center rules ignorance. Ignorance in this context does not denote a lack of knowledge. Ignorance connotes the presence of knowledge one consciously chooses to ignore.

[1]  Horoscope of Barack Obama
[3] The Orders of Light; Martha Lang Wescott (p.89)
[4] Keywords for TNPs

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Astro-Meteorology of the Canada floods

At least three people have been killed and more than a 100,000 forced to flee their homes as floods triggered by torrential rain hit western Canada. Officials have ordered the evacuation of the centre of Calgary, Alberta, after both rivers that flow through it, the Bow and Elbow, overflowed. The floods have washed away roads and bridges, cut-off electricity and submerged hundreds of homes.

The  rules for judging the weather using Ingress charts  are outlined in  ‘A Basic Guide to Astro-Meteorology’  by Kim Farnell [1].  Readers may like to revisit the  posts on the Prague floods [2] and the Kedarnath disaster [3] to see the similarity with the current post.

 “Pay close attention to planets which are conjunct angles [and stars too!]. These are very important ….”

Applying these rules notice that the Cancer Ingress of the Sun which took place on June 20 has Venus [22cn06] and  Mercury [22cn02]  are on the descendant [19cn57]. Venus , as the ruler of the fourth house, is directly connected with the weather.

In ancient China alpha and beta (Castor and Pollux) and rho Geminorium  [19cn25, 23cn23, 19cn15] were Pe-Ho, the Northern River. Four tiny stars (1,6,11, +1 more: 21cn18, 22cn26,26cn41,?) in Canis Minor  were called Choui-Wei, the Situation of the Waters, which governed the overflowing of rivers. The astrologers said that if this asterism was clear and tranquil it was a good omen, but if it faded or seemed to drift and combine with the Milky Way, the rivers of the Empire would overflow and flood the lands [4].

Kim Farnell  adds that lunation charts and the four phases of the moon each month - new, first quarter, full, and last quarter should be looked at for weekly trends. The first quarter moon of June 16 has Neptune [5pi21] placed on the descendant [3pi07] at Calgary.

Neptune [5pi19] is conjunct the star Fomalhaut [4pi03] in the constellation of the Southern Fish. This is an important, first magnitude star, the 17th brightest star in the sky and the most southerly star visible at 50°N. Fomalhaut, (from the Arabic Fum al Hut, 'the Fish's mouth'). The area in which it lies has an heavy emphasis upon constellations with watery imagery, the goat-fish (Capricorn), the whale (Cetus), the water-pourer (Aquarius), the fishes (Pisces), and the dolphin (Delphinus) all located nearby, obviously earmarking this region as one that related to the rainy season of the ancient year, by which many of its stars are associated with floods or troubles at sea. The Southern Fish is usually depicted on star maps at the feet of Aquarius, where it swallows up the water poured from his urn [5].

[2] Astro-meteorology of the Prague floods.
[3] Astro-Meteorology of the Kedarnath disaster.
[4] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [v.1, p.703]

Friday, 21 June 2013

Eclipse in Serpentis cures deafness

20 June 2013: US boy hears for first time after ground-breaking implant
A three-year-old boy in the US has been able to hear his father's voice for the first time after he was given an auditory brain stem implant a few weeks ago. Grayson Clamp from North Carolina, who had been deaf since birth, had the successful surgery at the University of North Carolina (UNC). He is the first child in the US to have such an implant.

Since  the effect of eclipses last long past their actual occurrence, I propose to use the Total Eclipse of November 13, 2012 to show how it affects this case. Notice that the eclipse is sharply placed on the descendant and, therefore, very significant for Chapel Hill, NC.  The eclipse [21sc57] is conjunct the star Unukalhai, alpha Serpentis [22sc14].  The Sun is conjunct Mercury [0sa27] square Neptune [0pi22] and opposite TNP Admetus [27ta18] all in aspect to the horizon axis.  Diana Rosenberg lists  “birth defects”,  “deafness”  and “hearing problems” for stars in the zone around the eclipse,  Mercury and Neptune respectively [1]. Since Mercury is connected with our ability to speak or hear and the TNP Admetus is associated with delays it is not difficult to understand the news only from the perspective of the planets.

The serpent and the accompanying healer Ophiuchus offers a powerful ability for healing and self-renewal of those scarred by life [2] [3]. Progressing the eclipse chart to June 20, we find the progressed Ascendant conjunct Sun and Mercury opposite Admetus square Neptune.  In other words triggering the same combination leading to the events in the news item.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [ v.2, p. 232,254,672]
[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [ v.2, p. 231]

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Astro-Meteorology of the Kedarnath disaster

Radha Mohan Soni and his friends and family members were in great spirit after offering their tributes to Lord Shiva at Kedarnath shrine, early morning on 16 June. They were a big group, consisting of thirty members who had come for pilgrimage from village Maholi (district: Karoli) in Rajasthan.  Most of the members were moving around the lodge where they had spent their night, after a tough 14 km trek to the famous Hindu temple located in district Rurarprayag. At about 6.30 am, Radha Mohan suddenly heard some women shouting 'run, run, save yourself.' Besides the warning, Soni also heard loud and strange sounds of rumbling. Radha Mohan and others entered their lodge and asking others to do the same, they climbed the stairs to reach the third floor. Within seconds they saw a massive mudslide sparked by a cloudburst causing mass destruction. The mudslide damaged all the buildings located on both sides of the Kedarnath shrine.[1]

Using Ingress chart the  rules for judging the weather are outlined in  ‘A Basic Guide to Astro-Meteorology’  by Kim Farnell [2].

 “Pay close attention to planets which are conjunct angles. These are very important and may override much of the sign descriptions”.

For the Cancer Ingress chart here we find Neptune conjunct the Descendant.

Neptune - cool, wet, fog, mist, erosion in an earth sign, peculiar, freakish weather events, flooding. Neptune's power lies in its ability to lower the barometer and provoke torrential downpours and flooding conditions.

Neptune [5pi19] is conjunct the star Fomalhaut [4pi03] in the constellation of the Southern Fish. This is an important, first magnitude star, the 17th brightest star in the sky and the most southerly star visible at 50°N. Fomalhaut, (from the Arabic Fum al Hut, 'the Fish's mouth'). The area in which it lies has an heavy emphasis upon constellations with watery imagery, the goat-fish (Capricorn), the whale (Cetus), the water-pourer (Aquarius), the fishes (Pisces), and the dolphin (Delphinus) all located nearby, obviously earmarking this region as one that related to the rainy season of the ancient year, by which many of its stars are associated with floods or troubles at sea. The Southern Fish is usually depicted on star maps at the feet of Aquarius, where it swallows up the water poured from his urn [3].

Kim Farnell then adds that lunation charts and the four phases of the moon each month - new, first quarter, full, and last quarter should be looked at for weekly trends.

The first quarter moon took place on   June 16 with the meridian axis square Neptune and Fomalhaut (reinforcing the Ingress indications). In addition the Moon [25vi43] was conjunct the star Benetnash (Alkaid) [27vi08].   

In an important position in a mundane map, Benetnash will claim human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and catastrophes caused by weather. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash]

Having dealt with hour hand (Ingress Chart) and minute hand (lunation chart), it only remains to look at the exact time the incident occurred (the second hand of the clock). 

The chart drawn for  June 16, 6:30 am  at Kedarnath has Pluto on the descendant with Uranus square it.  Richard Tarnas associates Uranus-Pluto with “the unleashing of the elemental forces of nature in various senses (the tangible increase in signs of extreme climate change, volcanoes and earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, tsunamis and floods, undersea oil eruptions, mining disasters).” Finally note that the star Benetnash, associated with landslides, is on the IC of the event chart.

As to the possible spiritual meaning behind the Kedarnath disaster we can only speculate using Neptune in Pisces as an anchor for understanding what happened.

The  biblical deluge at the beginning of time is a  reminder of the connection between water and the processes of birth and rebirth.  Water can be healing when it dissolves  our belief systems that no longer work.  When Neptune entered into Pisces in 1520, the Catholic Church lost its efficiency due to Protestant reform. In Germany, Martin Luther threatened the hegemony of the Catholic Church.  A need for reform in our belief systems may be required to break down the artificial barriers that separate man from man.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Snowden and Corvus the lying raven

Apollo and the Raven

Right on time, the era-defining square between Uranus and Pluto again discharges its tension into the collective consciousness. The story: A series of intelligence leaks revealed the US government has been collecting phone records and monitoring online activities of millions of presumably innocent citizens, a revelation that flies in the face of many Americans' land-of-the-free perceptions of their own country.
And who are the real 'criminals' in this case? It sure appears as if the NSA (National Security Agency) has flagrantly violated the terms of the US Constitution, specifically the Fourth Amendment, which ensures the right of the people to be secure against 'unreasonable searches and seizures'. And yet, in the post-9/11 granting of additional intelligence rights (via the Patriot Act, etc.) to the federal government to protect the citizenry against terrorism, the renegade acts of whistleblower Edward Snowden—heroic by some accounts, treasonous by others—could be said to jeopardize these anti-terrorism efforts.
The archetypal clash: courageous/warrior-like actions of individuals on behalf of the people's liberties (Uranus in Aries) vs. an intensification/consolidation of power by institutional structures facing threats to their authority (Pluto in Capricorn). Did Uranus-figure Snowden behave so recklessly and/or self-importantly, with such little regard for the collective welfare, as to threaten national security? Did the Plutonian NSA take its authority to an extreme, demonstrating that too much power indeed corrupts, and needed Snowden's patriotic move to rein it in? This debate will continue, to be sure.[1]


With Edward Snowden’s birth certificate [2]  available it is possible to confirm that that the Uranus-Pluto square described above actually affected Snowden’s decision.  His current lunar return chart has the Uranus-Pluto square  aspecting  the angles quite sharply. For readers who use TNPs Kronos-Hades on the MC is disgust (Hades) with authority (Kronos).

The Ascendant specially in a return chart describes the environment in which one finds oneself.  Here we find the star Gienah  of Corvus the Crow on the Ascendant.
The legend of Corvus is as follows:

Apollo gave a feast to Jupiter and requiring water sent the raven with a cup (Crater) to fetch some. On his way the raven noticed a fig tree, and, resting there until the figs became ripe, feasted himself upon them until, remembering his errand and fearing the anger of Apollo, he picked up a snake (Hydra) and on his return gave as an excuse that it had prevented him from filling the cup. Apollo ordained in punishment that the raven should never drink so long as figs were not ripe, and placed the raven (Corvus), cup (Crater) and snake (Hydra) in the heavens as a memorial. [Robson*, p.40.]

The Greeks most often associated Apollo's name with the Greek verb ἀπόλλυμι (apollymi), "to destroy". Plato in Cratylus connects the name with ἀπόλυσις (apolysis), "redeem", with ἀπόλουσις (apolousis), "purification". In some other accounts,  Apollo, the son of Zeus and Leto, was the god of pure light,  the enemy of darkness, ignorance, badness [3].  

Extending this idea, the sun god Apollo stands for an energy that destroys darkness or lies as we see being played out in Snowden’s revelations!

Carrying the analysis further, Snowden’s current solar return progressed to June 9, the day of the leak, has the progressed  solar quotidian Ascendant [0ge10]  conjunct Jupiter [2ge] square Neptune [3pi]. The Ascendant and Jupiter are conjunct the stars of the Chinese constellation, T’ien-Tsan, the Celestial Slanderer. About this constellation Diana Rosenberg writesduring this time there would be much slander, gossip and accusations of treachery”. [4]

[4] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [v.1; p.699-700]


Snowden has his  Sun trine a Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Writing about the meaning of Saturn-Pluto cycles and especially about this one Nick Fiorenza says:

A Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle, in general, will be about societal structures of consciousness and how we learn about responsible use of power. It will be about our administrative systems governing the use of power. These cycles can also initiate a dismantling or destructive process of long-standing established administrative constructs and systems of belief so that we can evolve our societal structures. In the process, this can articulate as power struggles, wars and the like; but Saturn and Pluto will ultimately demand we take responsibility for the discord and destruction we have created.

This Saturn-Pluto cycle demands we address the issue of imbalance and disharmony between the masculine and feminine principles and between our selves and our environment--humankind's relation with Earth. It is about the use of power and the systems of power in regard to how they may or may not serve to create a nurturing environment that supports a new birth in consciousness and the continuing evolution of consciousness.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Eclipse uncovers biblical ruins at Ur

British archaeologists have unearthed a giant complex near the ancient city of Ur in southern Iraq. The area is believed to have been home to Abraham, father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As the find is 4,000 years old, roughly the same age as Abraham himself, it raises the tantalising possibility of a direct link with one of history's most significant religious figures. [4 Apr 2013]

Three weeks of hard work at Tell Khaiber have confirmed the presence of at least one monumental building. Satellite images, combined with the geophysical prospection programme, show it to be square, and to measure least 80 x 80 metres. Rooms excavated along the eastern side of the building have solid pavements of regular mud bricks, and one, perhaps a large hall, has a series of beautifully plastered floors – the care and detail of the construction reinforcing the special nature of the building.  Of course, it is much too early to say if it is a temple or a palace or an administrative complex [5 April 2013]

We start by looking at the lunar appulse eclipse of Nov 28, 2012. The eclipse moon was conjunct the south node or the tail of the dragon – a point that is associated with the past. The eclipse is significant for Ur since it squares the meridian axis and places Neptune on the MC.

Progressing the eclipse to April 4, we find that an important T-square comprising Pluto-Uranus-Kronos-Hades has reached the angles. The keyword for the TNP Kronos is famous and  the  TNP Hades is past.  The fourth house and the IC are connected with roots, tradition and history as also land and buildings. With the progressed IC conjunct Pluto – a planet that we associate with digging and uncovering what is hidden - it is not to difficult to see why an archaeological find has been made. 

In addition the descendant of the chart is [9ar07].  In ancient  China just above gamma and delta Pegasi, the eastern edge of the Great Square of Pegasus was Pi, The House of the Wall, or simply the Wall (9ar20, 14ar29), sometimes called Toung-Pi, the East Wall. Toung Pi presided over the archives. The Great Square represented the government building where state records were kept.[1]

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana Rosenberg (v.1, p.687)  

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Galactic Center and the new Airbus engine

A UK aircraft engine claimed to be the most efficient in the world faced its toughest test on Friday. A Trent XWB, produced by Rolls Royce, was fitted to the new Airbus A350, which made its debut flight from Toulouse, France. BBC

Philip Sedgwick maintains that the Galactic Center [GC] has a lot to do with advances in aviation [1].

When Neptune slipped by these critical aviation degrees, (1982-83) two things occurred. First, new engines did arrive for the state of the art aircraft. Notably, these engines produced relatively little noise, minimizing the problems of noise pollution, a Neptune factor. Secondly, these engines implemented previously unknown levels of fuel efficiency, another Neptune push.

 Jupiter [27ge03] opposed the GC [27sag03] on  June 13.   Today we hear news about the Trent XWB, produced by Rolls Royce,  fitted to the new Airbus A350 . It is claimed that the “new engine includes novel technologies designed to shave off weight and minimise fuel consumption”. So  it does appear as though Philip Sedgwick is right!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A tribute to Russell Ackoff

Pyxis, the magnetic compass used on ships, is a minor southern constellation,  formed from stars in the mast of Argo Navis, the Ship

Russell Lincoln Ackoff (12 February 1919 – 29 October 2009) was an American organizational theorist, consultant, and Anheuser-Busch Professor Emeritus of Management Science at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Ackoff was a pioneer in the field of operations research, systems thinking and management science. His views are summarized in an interview [1] where he advocates a ‘‘systemic’’ approach to innovation.

Kirby and Rosenhead (2005) observed , "the fact that  systems were experiencing profound change could be attributed to the end of the "Machine Age" and the onset of the "Systems Age". The Machine Age, bequeathed by the Industrial Revolution, was underpinned by two concepts – reductionism (everything can in the end be decomposed into indivisible parts) and mechanism (cause-effect relationships)". Hereby "all phenomena were believed to be explained by using only one ultimately simple relationship, cause-effect", which in the Systems Age are replaced by expansionism and teleology with producer-product replacing cause-effect. "Expansionism is a doctrine maintaining that all objects and events, and all experiences of them, are parts of larger wholes."According to Ackoff, "the beginning of the end of the Machine Age and the beginning of the Systems Age could be dated to the 1940s, a decade when philosophers, mathematicians, and biologists, building on developments in the interwar period, defined a new intellectual framework". [2]

Astrologers have long proposed that the start of a new age is usually accompanied by a new synodic cycle involving outer planets. And sure enough in 1940s we have a Saturn-Pluto synodic conjunction at 13le03 on Aug 22, 1947. The stars that form the backdrop to this conjunction are those of late  sidereal Cancer.

The conjunction  nests between the ecliptical longitudes of Acubens of Cancer; Zeta Hydra; and Dubhe (Alpha) of Ursa Major; and the longitudes of Naos of Argo Navis; and Merak (Beta) of Ursa Major.

Sidereal Cancer supports our birth or emergence from darkness into light. It is of migration, new beginnings, shedding old skins, skeletons, and cocoons. It is of emerging out of the collective frenetic confusion of mass or family consciousness, finding new ways paths and directions; of leaving behind old dwellings and the structures of consciousness they represent. It is of getting out of our personal and collective dogmas and the darkness and limitation they create.

So why were people like Ackoff pioneering this new systems approach? A look at Ackhoff’s horoscope explains why. He had his Sun [23aq] in revolutionary Aquarius conjunct Uranus [27aq] with both these  opposite Saturn [25le].  Tarnas [3] describes the Saturn-Uranus opposition with the following key phrases:

structural breakdowns and collapses, technological breakdowns, a pervasive  atmosphere of crisis management and mindset of crisis prevention and more generally, a taut conflict between the conservative and the liberal or progressive; change and the resistance to change.

Ackhoff’s Saturn [25le] was conjunct the stars  Alpha Pictoris [25le25], Subra [23le08] , Adhafera [26le27] and Al Jabhah [26le47]  and the stars of Pyxidis at the beginning of sidereal Leo.

Alpha Pictoris and Subra, the Paw of the Lion, which mark the cusp of sidereal Cancer-Leo; Alpha & Beta Pyxidis; Alphard of Hydra; Suhail Al Muhlif on the Sail of the Argo; Pup-A Supernova Remnant; and Adhafera and Al Jabha, the mane and forehead of the Lion Let us explore the individual themes of these stellar entries to get a feel for the overall character of early sidereal Leo:

Subra, marking the end of sidereal Cancer, is the paw of the Lion impressed in the desert sand. Subra is of prints, tracks, plans, codices and ancient maps--clues to hidden trails and paths obscured by the sands of time. Subra indicates a discovery process is at hand, one leading to the secret chambers, entryways, even to liftoff sites of the gods--places hidden from ordinary view. Simply, Subra asks that we dig, explore, uncover, and find a new way to navigate the passage that leads to living from the integrity and passion of out hearts, which Regulus embodies.

Synthesizing with Subra is the primary star of the very southern constellation Pictoris, the Painter's Easel. Alpha Pictoris indicates a picture or scenario is emerging from the æthers. This is a picture assembling itself as we break trail in our discovery process. Alpha Pictoris asks us to see the pathway or entryway emerging out of the mist covering an abyss, in the rock of a mountain side, in the billowing clouds blown by the wind, in the leaves fallen upon the ground, or simply in our mind's inner eye. Alpha Pictoris asks us to creatively assemble the signs, to read the message, to see the coalescing spirit substance yet to become, to paint a new picture, a new life.

Pyxidis asks us to peer beyond what is visible, beyond the common world, and to navigate through potential problems or obstacles upon our exploration. Pyxidis inspires us to find the map obscured in the sand, to see the picture waiting to emerge from the obscuring fog into visible sight, and to take an abode, place, vantage, or perspective from which we can see and find distant lands.

Pyxidis indicates a discovery process is at had, one that requires patience, foresight, and perceptual attentiveness. Although this often is a lonely process, it is one serving our greater evolutionary journey, and as well, the journeys of our colleagues and companions. Pyxidis has little interest in the superfluous pursuits of the common world, always seeking new ground, looking forward, gazing ahead through time, to see through the present limitations into the depths of what can yet become.[4]

This long quote from Nick Fiorenza should clearly indicate why pioneers like Ackhoff living to the full potential of their stars need to be honoured and celebrated.