Friday, 10 January 2014

India-US diplomatic spat under Venus retrograde

The details of the diplomatic spat between India and the US are given in reference [1] [2]. Here we examine the phenomena of Venus retrograde

21.12.13 [21:53:14 UT] - Venus stations retrograde (28 cp 58'57")
31.01.14 [20:48:38 UT] - Venus stations direct (13 cp 33'23")

Shown here are the charts for both stations of Venus at Washington. Notice how in the first case  Kronos-Hades-Uranus Pluto straddles the horizon axis while in the second case it straddles the meridian axis.

Kronos-Hades : humiliation of a high ranking official; leaders make mistakes; incidents where laws or authoritative action just makes things worse

Uranus-Pluto : power struggle between friends

Erin Sullivan in her book Retrograde Planets writing on Venus retrograde states:

The station retrograde begins a time of global review; the entire earth experiences the retrograde phenomena. We can see how it manifests in the collective by watching the news in regard to diplomatic and international relations…An instinctive recoiling occurs at the station retrograde, sometimes because of an event, at other times as a conscious voluntary retreat…One gets a cold hard look at one’s relationships and what is relevant to one’s integrity at this time. It maybe that there is an imbalance for a period while deeply mysterious transformations occur – so mysterious that one never really knows what has happened until several months have passed.

[2] Astrology of the Indo-US diplomatic spat


Is it a coincidence  that on the day the India-US diplomatic spat was resolved, [Thu, 9 Jan] Eris stationed direct after several months of retrogression!

Eris, named after the Greek goddess that set off the Trojan war by throwing the golden apple into the circle of goddesses that would ultimately be for the fairest of them all. Eris is a troublemaker: the goddess of strife and discord, and her Roman name was Discordia.

A chart drawn for Eris’ station direct [9 Jan 2014; 10:26 UT] at Washington  has Mars on the MC square Jupiter. Ebertin’s key phrases for Mars-Jupiter :

“the settlement of conflicts; the stage of clearing the air after the termination of disputes or quarrels”.

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