Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Microsoft chooses Indian Chief Executive at Indus New Moon


the Indian

Technology giant Microsoft has said Satya Nadella will succeed Steve Ballmer as its next chief executive. The Indian-born executive joined the company in 1992 and he has degrees in electronics, computer science and business administration. BBC 4 Feb.

The current New Moon [10aq55] of 30 Jan is conjunct the star delta Indus [9aq56] in the constellation of Indus, the Indian. The word Indus comes from the name of India. It originally derived from the river Indus that originates in Tibet and flows through Pakistan into the Arabian Sea. The name Indus and its cognates is not completely understood. It probably refers to people whose religion was a more inner thing; they had an intimate relationship with nature, and used intuition and inner visions in their ceremonies.  [1].

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