Thursday, 27 March 2014

Uranus-Pluto leaves Swedes agog at 'Ratzilla' in Stockholm

The appearance of a massive rat in a Stockholm family's kitchen has made headlines in Sweden, where it is being dubbed "Ratzilla". Measuring 40cm (nearly 16in) plus tail, the creature terrified the family in Solna district. Pest controllers finally killed the intruder using an oversized trap. BBC, 27 March.

The Capricorn Ingress of the Sun (Winter Solstice) and its subsequent progression is a very useful tool  for marking out days when significant events can be expected to take place. Unfortunately we are so carried away with events that we fail to notice the deeper significance of the event.

Shown here is the Capricorn Ingress at Stockholm. It is obviously very significant for the place with Uranus-Pluto in a Grand Cross aspecting the meridian axis.

Uranus-Pluto refers to transformation and this includes the accelerated (Uranus) mutation (Pluto) within the genetic structure and coding with many forms of life within Nature, as all forms of life seek to adapt and adjust to changes within the biosphere of Earth.

Progressing the Capricorn Ingress chart to March 27, the date of the news item, brings the angles once again in alignment with the Grand Cross triggering its potential. 

Release of the longest-serving death row inmate in Japan

Rhadamanthys, Minos & Aeacus

A man believed to be the world's longest-serving death row inmate has been granted a retrial in Japan over multiple murders in 1966, after doubts emerged about his guilt. Shizuoka District Court decided to “start the retrial over the case” of Iwao Hakamada, 78, who was convicted for the grisly murder of his boss and the man's family, a court official said. “The court suspends death sentence and confinement of the person who had been ruled guilty,” the official said. He is the sixth person since the end of World War II to receive a retrial after having a death sentence confirmed, and his case will bolster opponents of capital punishment. March 27, 2014; The Australian (News)

The Waning Crescent Moon Phase took place on March 27 at 10:28 UT. As always the most significant points of a chart are the Ascendant-Descendant and MC-IC. At Shizuoka the planet Mars[23li23] and the TNO  Rhadamanthus [23li57] were conjunct the Ascendant [25li07].

Rhadamanthus, Minos and Aiakos were the three judges of the dead. They were originally mortal men, sons of the god Zeus, who were granted their position after death as a reward for the establishment of law on earth.

Philip Sedgwick gives the following key phrases for Rhadamanthus

When positive - sanctions second chances, latitude giving, open-minded, fair, nonjudgmental, seeing the larger picture
When negative - critical, judgmental and damning
Mundane - judges, courts, karmic penalties, justice

The Crescent Moon [21aq40] is conjunct the star Nashira [21aq59] of Capricorn .

“Nashira which lies just south of the ecliptic and conjoins Beta Gruis, is a fortuitous star. Prominent alignments with Beta Gruis and Nashira are exemplary of carriers of good tidings associated with legalities. The last decan of Capricorn is of libraries, courts , publishing houses, or literary agencies where any legalities are formulated or concretized” [1].

But as always we can find causes that are distant in time and those that are close by. Shown above is the chart for the November 3, 2013 eclipse at Shizuoka. It is obviously significant for the place since a prominent Grand Cross straddles the meridian axis. Additonally, the eclipse and Saturn form a quincunx to the MC and Uranus. The eclipse [11sc16] is conjunct the star Alphecca, alpha Corona Borealis [12sc29] which was part of the asterism T’ien-Lao, the Celestial Prison. The MC [15ar] is conjunct the star Alpheratz, alpha Andromeda – a very fortunate star that has, since ancient times, been associated with release from captivity.

Progressing the eclipse chart by the PSSR method to March 27, the date of the news, brings the angles once again in alignment with the powerful Grand Cross triggering the potential of the eclipse. And as we know Uranus-Pluto stand for endings and new beginnings.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and Im-dugud-khu, “The Great Storm Bird”

The Great Storm Bird and the Sun God

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on 4 Ik, a day of “cross winds” (March 8, 2014). This is a notoriously angry kind of day. The wind blows all directions at once. This was a great day for a mysterious disappearance of an airplane.

Now, I cannot say what this implies for Malaysian Airlines flight 370 that disappeared 245 days after Asiana Airlines flight 214 crashed, but there may be some new clues as to what happened or finding of debris, or the families of the passengers may resign themselves to accepting the loss of their loved ones. The energetic signature of 11 Wind will still be present. 11 Wind: The Potential for Change

In our analysis [1] of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, we had presented the progression of the Malaysia solar return chart for the fateful day (reproduced). On the MC conjunct Mercury and TNP Zeus are the stars of Corvus, the Raven.  

Diana Rosenberg writes “The stars of Corvus formed an archaic Euphratean lunar mansion whose patron god was Im-dugud-khu, “The Great Storm Bird” or the “Storm Bird of the Evil Wind”.

Can this be a coincidence at all!

Uranus-Pluto goes after Church leaders

Pope Francis has formally accepted the resignation of a senior German Church leader suspended over his alleged lavish spending. The Vatican made the announcement in a statement on Wednesday, March 26. Bishop of Limburg Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst has been accused of spending more than 31m euros (£26m) on renovating his official residence.

Shown here is current last quarter moon phase at the Vatican. Notice the Uranus-Pluto square on the horizon axis.

Explaining the role of Uranus in the current Uranus-Pluto square, Nick Fiorenza [1] writes:

It stimulates a radical, perhaps rude, awakening in the collective in a way that impels people to no longer acquiesce to financial entrapment and the manipulation of resources by authoritarian bureaucracies.

An additional feature is the position of the TNP Poseidon on the MC forming a quincunx aspect to Uranus in the Uranus-Pluto square. The TNP Poseidon [2] is associated with religion and spirituality and, therefore, by extension with the Church so that it is not only  appropriate that the moon phase is highlighting corruption in the Church but also action being taken to address it.

The symbolic significance in the making of the finest Japanese whiskey

Dionysus – the god of wine

The first thing offered to me at Suntory's Yamazaki whiskey distillery -- the birthplace of Japanese whiskey -- is a glass of water. It's so delicious it comes as a shock. Even before the reason is explained to me, I'm asking: why does it taste so crisp, so different? Yamazaki is celebrated for its pristine water. The distillery is surrounded by beautiful bamboo forests on a mountain -- they must be getting to my brain. It turns out the water in the area is the reason the first whiskeys in Japan were distilled here. These days, it's used to make some of the most remarkable whiskeys on the planet. For some, Japanese whiskey even trumps Scotch as the go-to after-dinner dram. By Frances Cha, CNN, March 26, 2014

Understanding the world around us depends on our power to perceive patterns of meaning, to make the right connections,  recognize what belongs with what. And we must be prepared for surprises. By linking things which do not at first sight seem to be linked, astrology reveals that happenings we accept at face value  are fraught with deeper significance.

Shown here is the chart of the Last Quarter Moon phase (March 24, 2014) during which the above report was filed. The prominent T-square on the horizon axis is giving us both an obvious and a not so obvious message that we need to decipher.

On the Ascendant [5cn35] are stars of the Chinese asterism Tsing, The Well. This was associated with a source of pure water as well as reminded people to keep waters clean and fresh. On the Descendant [5cp35]  is the asteroid Bacchus [0cp] and the Chinese asterism Teou sometimes symbolized as a Wine Cup. So we have the well and the wine cup…a source of pure water giving rise to an intoxicating and refreshing drink. Such an obvious connection that would be hard to miss!

In addition Uranus-Pluto square the Ascendant-Descendant axis. Uranus-Pluto, on the one hand, brings attention to radical and self-destructive patterns  rippling through generations. On the other, it can motivate  mind-expanding change in the very foundation of consciousness that breaks us from very deep-seated and long-standing genetic, cultural and social behavioral patterns.

Historically, Dionysus or Bacchus, the god of wine,  is portrayed as a multifaceted god. He represents extreme violence and possession but is also a charming god and a giver of intoxicated joy to his believers. Dionysian force is, therefore,  not evil but perhaps too powerful for ordinary people to absorb. With intoxication comes a destruction of the boundaries of the subject. If we can avoid a moralising influence, the Dionysian experience is a source of regeneration of life through new imagery.

Since ancient times water has been linked to the soul and the psyche. Impure water was considered a “receptacle for evil” symbolically implying that  impurity of the soul results in loss of value. Whereas, it was understood that a soul intoxicated (Bacchus/ Wine Cup) with new imagery can allow the destruction of its boundaries to result in a regenerated life (pure waters of the Well). In other words, collapse of an old order (Uranus-Pluto) with the new order leading to a state of ecstasy elevating one over space, time and the prison of the limited self.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Uranus-Pluto hauls up the BCCI

Shocked at the revelations in the report submitted by the Justice Mukul Mudgal panel in a ‘sealed cover’, the Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the BCCI president N. Srinivasan to step down on his own to ensure a fair enquiry into the IPL betting allegations. A Bench of Justices A.K. Patnaik and Ibrahim Kalifulla after going through the report in the ‘sealed cover’ made it clear to senior counsel Ariama Sundaram appearing for the BCCI: “You ask Mr. Srinivasan to step down, otherwise we will give our verdict asking him to step down.” The Hindu; March 25, 2014

The matter comes up for a final hearing on Thu, March 27. We have, therefore, progressed the solar return chart for India  to that date. India’s radix chart considered here is the Independence chart. (15 Aug. 1947, 0:00 IST Delhi). Not surprisingly we find Uranus-Pluto aspecting the progressed Ascendant on that date.

Explaining the role of Uranus in the current Uranus-Pluto square, Nick Fiorenza [1] writes:

It stimulates a radical, perhaps rude, awakening in the collective in a way that impels people to no longer acquiesce to financial entrapment and the manipulation of resources by authoritarian bureaucracies.

Martha Wescott’s interpretation of the TNPs Kronos and Hades that complete the T-square are more or less in line with  Nick Fiorenza’s statement.

Kronos-Hades: to see  authorities indulge in “dirty business” or hidden activities.

Kronos-Pluto: to be aware that prominent persons are under substantial pressure; to see abuses of power through misuse of office, position, laws and procedures.

The man at the centre of the controversy, N. Srinivasan (born 3 January 1945) is the current president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the governing body for cricket . With Uranus-Pluto on his radix Sun [12cp], it should be easy to see why he is being pulled up by the Supreme Court!

Uranus-Pluto and the landslide at Oso

Snohomish County search and rescue crews have located an additional six bodies, bringing the total number of deceased to 14 in Saturday's massive landslide near the towns of Oso and Darrington. Many people were at home when the slide wiped out the houses around 11 a.m. PT Saturday.

Shown above is the chart for the landslide (March 22, 2014; 11 am PT). Notice the Grand Cross involving Uranus-Pluto straddling the horizon axis. Richard Tarnas associates Uranus-Pluto with “the unleashing of the elemental forces of nature in various senses (the tangible increase in signs of extreme climate change, volcanoes and earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, tsunamis and floods, undersea oil eruptions, mining disasters).” [1] [2]

The event occurred just two days before the Last Quarter Moon. The chart for the LQ Moon has the star Benetnash[27vi09] on the Ascendant [27vi06].

Reinhold Ebertin made a survey of this fixed star covering centuries when associated with transits of the major planets over this degree. The results have been recorded in the 40th yearbook for Cosmobiological Research 1969. In an important position in a mundane map, Benetnash will claim human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and catastrophes caused by weather. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash]

[1] World Transits 2000–2020 - An Overview; Richard Tarnas

Monday, 24 March 2014

Update – Astrology of the Malaysia Airlines jet crash

Pegasus – the Flying Horse

“Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived. As you will hear in the next hour from Malaysia’s Prime Minister, we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean.”

In a previous post [1] on the tragedy we had analysed the Capricorn Ingress chart and Malaysia’s National chart to arrive at the conclusion that the aircraft had most likely crashed into the sea. Here we present the Capricorn Ingress chart progressed (PSSR method) to March 24, the date of the above announcement. Notice the alignment of the Uranus-Pluto (accidents ) with the angles. Transiting  Icarus (8ar) is conjunct Uranus on the MC. Icarus is an asteroid associated with aircrafts. Also the MC and Uranus are conjunct Algenib, gamma Pegasi, in the constellation of the Flying Horse – another indication that the accident could involve an aircraft. In India, this was the determinant star of Uttarabhadrapada, ruled by Ahirbudhnya, the Serpent of the Depths (ocean?). It was known as the Scorching One connected with things hot and burning as well as falling and perishing!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Acamar and the megadams on the Brahmaputra

Eridanus – the River

China and India have their eye on the energy potential of the vast Brahmaputra river. Will a new wave of "megadams" bring power to the people - or put millions at risk? The BBC World Service environment reporter Navin Singh Khadka reports from Assam, India. [20 March 2014]

On the banks of the Brahmaputra it is hard to get a sense of where the river starts and ends. It begins far away as a Tibetan mountain stream. On the floodplains of Assam, though, its waters spread as far as the eye can see, merging with the horizon and the sky. From here it continues through north-eastern India into Bangladesh, where it joins with the Ganges to form a mighty river delta. For centuries the Brahmaputra has nourished the land, and fed and watered the people on its banks. Today, though, India and China's growing economies mean the river is increasingly seen as a source of energy. Both countries are planning major dams on long stretches of the river.

Mundane astrologers recognize that eclipses play a crucial role in the destiny of nations especially when they fall on the horizon or meridian axis. Shown above is the chart for the Full Moon Lunar eclipse of October 18, 2013 that fell on the horizon axis at Gauhati – the capital of Assam – a city on the banks of the Brahmaputra from where the news report was filed.  Notice that the eclipse fell on the horizon axis and was, therefore, particularly significant for the place.

The eclipse Moon [25ar45] is conjunct the star Acamar, theta Eridani [23ar27] – a dam on the celestial river Eridanus [1]. Conjunct the MC [22cn0] and Jupiter [19cn54] are the stars alpha and beta (Castor and Pollux) and rho Geminorum which in ancient China were Pe Ho, the Northern River [2].

Since this report is filed on March 20, 2014, the question to ask ourselves is what is it that activated an eclipse that took place five months ago. Mundane astrologers recognize that eclipses can be activated in at least two ways – by  the subsequent progression of angles or by the transit of planets over  the eclipse points. Yesterday, when the report was filed, transit Mars was retrograde over 25li21 opposite the eclipse Moon within just 24 minutes of arc! In addition to this we are now in the shadow of another eclipse of April 15, 2014 which will take place with the Sun [25ar16] conjunct the October eclipse Moon!!

[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies (v.1, p.703)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Astrology of the Crimea referendum

Preliminary results in Sunday's referendum on whether Ukraine's Crimea region should join Russia or become an independent state show overwhelming support for Russia. With 75% percent of the ballots counted, close to 96% of voters want to become part of that country, according to the Crimean Electoral Commission. An official had announced earlier that more than 80% of voters had cast ballots by the time polls closed at 8 p.m. local time (2 p.m. ET) Sunday.

The chart for the Full Moon [Sunday; 16 March] at Simperofol, capital of Crimea is shown here. Notice the powerful placement of the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square on the angles making it a very significant lunation for Crimea.

Jupiter on the MC is conjunct xi Canis Majoris [10cn42], theta Geminorum [11cn18] in Castor’s left hand holding bows and arrows and Al Zirr, xi Geminorum [11cn23] in Pollux’s right foot. Dogs are universal symbols of faithfulness and fidelity. The Twins, on the other hand, exemplify duality, brotherly love and fraternity but also competitiveness and rivalry. “The Defiant Ones”, chained together, trapped in fraternity, needing yet hating the other and the entrapment.

“Here the little guys get to rebel and overcome the powerful. There is need for freedom and refusal to knuckle under or compromise. Independent and opinionated, they go their own way, exploring the potentials of liberty, personal or political sovereignty and self-government” [1].

In the T-square, Uranus square Pluto is in one sense about the courageous actions of individuals (Uranus in Aries) on behalf of people’s liberties vs power of institutional structures facing threats to their authority (Pluto in Capricorn).

Among other things, Diana Rosenberg links the stars on the Ascendant [11li42] with, “rebellions and political persecutions…changes in laws, governments and ways of thinking often preceded, accompanied, or followed by witch hunts – explosions of fanatic, vicious intolerance, cruelty and brutality.” [2]

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.389-90)
[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.64-66)


The US is apparently opposing the results of the referendum calling it “illegal”. The chart for the Full Moon at Washington DC has the same Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto straddling the horizon axis. Obviously what we are seeing here is Pluto in Capricorn fearing a loss of power and control.

Notice that the Full Moon [26vi02] is very significantly aligned with the meridian axis. It is conjunct the star Benetnash [27vi07] about which Nick Fiorenza writes:

The stars of the Great Bear are of the world powers and the use of power. The stars of the Bear express through sidereal Cancer and Leo. Benetnash is the only star expressing through the Leo-Virgo cusp and it imparts a very different quality than the other stars of the Great Bear. Benatnash articulates the administrative aspects of governments and big-business political-religious figureheads. The Arabic name for Benetnasch is Alkaid, which means "the leader." Benetnasch teaches us that leadership is about facilitating the self-empowerment and freedom of others rather than about exerting manipulative force that controls others, mistaken as leadership and being in a position of power.

World powers functioning under the old totalitarian (Benatnash) directive have over and again demonstrated the inability to ensure the safe evolution of Earth and humanity by perpetuating continual upheavals, wars, and destruction of the peoples of the Earth throughout the ages.

Update: March 19, 2014

(To a reader query on possible implication of Mars retrograde for Ukraine) 

(a) Astrologers are referring to the current Mars retrograde cycle in ominous terms particularly since it is intensified by the on going Uranus-Pluto square in April. However, in the case of Ukraine, I do not think it will lead to war. Why? The solar return chart for Ukraine (Radix 24 Aug 1991; 18:00 hrs Kiev) has two important dignified benefics on the angles. Venus (in Libra) on the Ascendant and Jupiter (in Cancer) on the MC.  Notice that Mars will retrograde over the Ascendant touching the planets in the Grand Cross to finally station on Venus [9li] on May 20.

Venus has an ancient association with peace and diplomacy. Pliny the Elder, held Venus as a goddess of union and reconciliation,  and identified one of her  shrines with a legendary episode in Rome's earliest history, when the warring Romans and Sabines, carrying branches of myrtle, met there to make peace.

(b) Taking our analysis a step further, we look at the current Saturn transit over  Cupido/Pluto on the MC of the Ukraine chart. (Cupido:20sc; Pluto:18sc; Atropos: 20le; Moon: 22aq)

You'll see shifting power roles within groups, but there's much else, including awareness of: upheavals, power  dynamics, control issues and unhealthy emotional patterns in families  and groups; You may also see events or interactions that cause or bring: questions  about "who's in charge" within a family or group setting. The fact that  values have changed  will affect families and groups and these "social units" are also due for  a catharsis (which means there will be recognition that interactions  have become "unhealthy"--if not toxic-- and that there needs to be some  "drama" in order for people to return to a place of honesty with  themselves and in their dealings with others.)


Events occur in connection with the ending of a partnership  or other forms of "unity" (and this does include relationships of all  kinds.)

The role of Saturn transit in the Ukraine events is further confirmed if we draw a chart for 12:02 GMT, Moscow when according to BBC,President Putin signed a treaty with pro-Russian Crimean leaders to accept the "Republic of Crimea" and city of Sevastopol into the Russian Federation. Notice Saturn square the horizon axis.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Uranus-Pluto and the discovery of gravitational waves

There is intense speculation among cosmologists that a US team is on the verge of confirming they have detected "primordial gravitational waves" – an echo of the big bang in which the universe came into existence 14bn years ago. Rumours have been rife in the physics community about an announcement due on Monday from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. If there is evidence for gravitational waves, it would be a landmark discovery that would change the face of cosmology and particle physics.

The progressed Capricorn Ingress Chart (also referred to as the Annual Chart) is a valuable tool to mark out days on which important events can be expected to happen. Shown above is the sidereal Capricorn Ingress at Cambridge, MA. On the Ascendant [17li] is Kraz, beta Corvus and Seginus of Bootes. The Shepherd-Herdsman Bootes assisted by the message bearing Crow carries news of discoveries that teach and enlighten mankind [1]. While Neptune [3pi38] which aspects both the Asc and MC is conjunct the star Fomalhaut linked to “major scientific and technological advances” [2].

Shown below is the progression (PSSR method) of Capricorn Ingress Chart to March 17, the date of the expected announcement. Notice Uranus-Pluto in the Grand Cross both in the original chart as well as in the progressed where it is brought to the angles.

The electrical dance of revolutionary Uranus and transformative Pluto outlines revolutionary phases in the development of human consciousness on a global scale….Uranus's highest aspiration is liberation and transcendence from anything which confines, oppresses and limits. In science and technology, it manifests as innovation, allowing societies new freedom and liberation from the old.

Discussing the deeper implications of the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-square which is now being converted into a Grand Cross by Mars in April 2014, Nick Fiorenza wrote in his November 2013 issue of the Lunar Planner [3].

The Jupiter-Uranus synodic square is the first square (much like the first square occurring now in the much longer Uranus-Pluto cycle) of the 13.5-year Jupiter-Uranus synodic cycle that began in September of 2010. The Jupiter-Uranus synod occurring then, at the Vernal Point of Earth's Precessional Cross in early sidereal Pisces, initiated another principal cycle stimulating an awakening in the human populous to create and prepare for wide sweeping revolutionary change.

The 2008 Jupiter-Pluto synod and the 2010 Jupiter-Uranus synod, due to these events occurring upon principle nodes of Earth's Precessional Cross, were blatant astrological heralds indicative of primary evolutionary change to occur throughout their respective 13-year cycles. These two cycles also nest within the theme and energetic of the longer Uranus-Pluto cycle. The November 2013 confluence of the Uranus-Pluto Synodic Square, the Jupiter-Pluto Synodic Opposition, and the Jupiter-Uranus Synodic Square, forming this T-square, actualize the start of an avalanche of evolutionary change to accelerate over the months and years ahead, especially when this energetic fully engages with the geocentric Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square occurring in April 2014.

Interestingly the Grand Cross was also present at the sidereal Capricorn Ingress of  Jan 15, 2014 and is activated by the PSSR progression of the Ingress angles on Monday, 17 March the date of the expected announcement! Please remember that a slightly skewed Grand Cross is activated when the trailing edge (in this case Uranus) touches a progressed angle. And let us not forget that the Grand Cross contains within it the TNP Hades (distant past). So if Uranus-Pluto is about scientific advances, here the Promethean principle of Uranus liberates from the depths (Pluto) secrets of  the distant past (Hades) [4]. (Uranus-Pluto were conjunct in the mid sixties when the first steps in the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation were taken.)

Uranus [8ar56] is conjunct the star Erakis, mu Cephei, in the King’s head about which Diana Rosenberg writes [5].

“This is a place of fires! Fires of illumination and fires of destruction. Here brilliant King Cepheus and high-flying Pegasus inspire extraordinary achievements that carry humankind into new knowledge and realizations.”

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, 89-90)
[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, 690-92)
[4] Roger Jacobson’s “Language of Uranian Astrology”; “Hades -An Ongoing Study”; L. Blake Finley
[5] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [v.1, p.74-75]

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Full Moon highlights plight of Jewish 'chained women'

In Jewish society, there are estimated to be thousands of women in broken marriages where their husband refuses to give them the necessary religious document enabling a divorce. In some cases, the wife can remain trapped in the situation for years, unable to remarry or move on. In Hebrew such a woman is known as an aguna, or a "chained" woman. BBC Jerusalem, March 13.

New Moon and Full Moon  mundane charts drawn for a particular place can be very illuminating. Planets and stars highlighted by being placed on the angles provide insight to events taking place there. Shown here is the upcoming Full Moon chart at Jersusalem. A simple technique using asteroids for understanding any chart was pioneered by Martha Wescott. She recommends tabulating all entities (asteroids, planets, TNPs etc) on the angles of the chart within +/- 10 degrees. After that think of these entities as talking to each and put down sentences derived from their keywords and phrases.  For the Full Moon the table below lists entities on the angles.

7 ar 9'10"

11 ar 31'44"

19 li 22'28"

9 cp 11'42"
10 cp 39' 6"
13 cp 21'38"

JUNO/HERA : Asteroids of partnerships and marriage . Potential Juno/Hera issues can manifest as power struggles, control issues, jealousy and possessiveness, stalemates and standoffs, and other types of inequality issues.

HYBRIS: Expectation, glass-ceilings, limits-what one future-paces as their fate, their slot in life-and what can be expected of others; what others, parents, you see as your fate; conditioned limitations.

ORPHEUS: Sense of mourning and loss; grief (for what you don't have-what has gone out of your life what might have been or what was)

Sorrow or loss because a relationship  breaks up.

Folks  may feel that partners have "hemmed them in"--have "imposed conditions" or  created a situation that restricts them...and is unfair.

People in a relationship need to remember that--regardless of their  similarities, they still have important differences...and each has to be  free to "compose and direct their own concert!"  

With Uranus in Aries (freedom of the individual) square Pluto in Capricorn (powerful institutions) we have individuals struggling against these powerful institutions including  against the rules of marriage (Juno).

While the micro picture provided by the asteroids  is startling  what is more interesting is the mythologly linked to the stars conjunct Uranus [11ar32].  These are Mu Cephei, [9ar53] in King’s head; 51 Piscium [10ar21] in cord of West Fish; Dheneb of Cetus [12ar06]; 14 Andromedae [12ar08] in the chained woman’s right wrist. The King represents laws applied fairly arbitrarily at an early stage of human evolution since at this stage Cetus the sea monster representing the dangers of the human collective unconscious is close by. The cord tying the Fishes links to the past which in a sense chains Andromeda.

Ebertin’s keyphrase for Pluto-Uranus  “the collapse of an old order and the beginning of a new one” sums up the need to revise those marriage laws and free the chained woman.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Benetnash and the New York house collapse

The New York City Fire Department responded Wednesday to reports of a large building explosion and collapse in East Harlem. The FDNY said the building is located around Park Avenue between 114th and 117th streets, which is north of Central Park. Residents reported hearing a large explosion in an apartment building around 9 a.m.

Shown here is the Lunar Eclipse of 25 April 2013 at New York. Notice that it is significant for the place since both the luminaries form hard aspects to the meridian axis. In addition, the eclipse axis coincides with a Mars-Saturn opposition – a combination that is linked to accidents and explosions.

On the question of orbs when using stars on the angles of a mundane chart. Nick Fiorenza [1] writes “unlike looking at star alignments with planets, where we use a very tight orb (±2°), the angles in a chart have an active orb of about ±7°”

With this in mind we can see that the Ascendant of the eclipse chart [21vi29] is conjunct the star Benetnash [27vi07].

In an important position in a mundane map, Benetnash will claim human lives in calamities such as mine accidents, collapse of houses and bridges, mountain slides, earth tremors and catastrophes caused by weather. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash] [2]

The eclipse fell on the Lunar Nodal Axis of Scorpio/Taurus . Taurus deals with houses, land, mines, earth and agriculture and along with Scorpio it completes the universal cycles of birth and death, growth and destruction, Spring and Fall.

Progressing the angles by the solar quotidian method brings the eclipse axis in alignment with the meridian on 12 March 2014, the date of the incident. In mundane astrology it is understood that the approximate date of operation of an eclipse can be calculated by progressing the angles to see when they touch the eclipse or other important planets. So given the foregoing, it is no surprise that a building collapsed on 12th March!

Often, lunations occurring in real time also provide a trigger. Notice that the upcoming Full Moon is on the 4th cusp (houses) conjunct the star Benetnash!!  

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Astrology of the Maoist attack in Chattisgarh

Maoists ambushed a security patrol killing 16 people including 11 of the CRPF in a daring daytime attack in the worst-hit Sukma district of Chhattisgarh, India. The attack took place on March 11, 2014 at 10 15 am close to  Dantewara.

Shown above is the current solar return chart  for the Republic of India [26 Jan 1950; 10:15 IST,Delhi]. Notice the Uranus-Pluto square on the angles. Every time we look at the Uranus-Pluto square we need to remind ourselves of the French Revolution which took place under a Uranus-Pluto opposition. This combination contains potential for revolutionary action that can overthrow existing governments. Bill Herbst describes the action of these two planets as follows:

Uranus-Pluto square

In collective terms, Uranus’ symbolism implies awakening into awareness by  being jolted out of habitual, conditioned, or otherwise automatic modes of  behavior or judgment. This is achieved through sudden shocks and unexpected, revolutionary challenges that hit humanity like lightning bolts. We cannot know from Uranian symbolism alone whether that sudden awareness will take the form of mature consciousness that becomes permanent or merely a willful shift into the temporary revolutionary fervor of “out with the old, and in with anything different.” The latter is more common, the former more rare, but both are possible, and either may lead to the other.

Pluto’s symbolism is best explained through either natural or psychological correspondences. The release of inconceivable energy in nuclear fission is one example. Whether that fission takes the destructive form of a weapon (nuclear bombs) or the seemingly benign form of an energy source (nuclear reactors), the specter of invisible toxic radioactivity is ever-present. Pluto is a dangerous arena where even angels fear to tread. Volcanic eruptions are another example, caused by the pressure of invisible magma pushing up from within the earth’s molten core and eventually exploding through fissures between tectonic plates. The paradox of volcanic eruptions is that they destroy and create — life-sustaining environments can be devastated by an eruption, both locally and, in extreme cases, globally, but this process is how new land is created that will eventually support renewed life. As an astrological symbol in the collective, Pluto is associated with the revelation (eruption) of immensely powerful forces previously hidden from view that signal “death and rebirth,” or profound endings followed by new beginnings. Pluto takes no prisoners and says, “We have reached the end. Enough is enough. Everything must now be revealed.”

Combining these two outer-planet symbols (i.e., transpersonal wild-cards) through their shared cycle implies a long-term, evolutionary process of sporadic shocks and unexpected challenges arising from the seemingly sudden welling-up of primal forces that are always present, but which we ordinary don’t see or experience directly, and which then foment a revolutionary leap away from a collapsing status quo.

In the T-square Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Kronos-Hades, Saturn [22sc] forms a sesquisquare aspect to apex Uranus [9ar]. Progressing the solar return by the quotidian method to 11 March, the date of the attack,  brings the Ascendant [22s] to a conjunction with Saturn triggering the entire configuration involving Uranus-Pluto. So do the leaders who today are paying lip-service “homage” to the martyrs understand what is required to “appease” Uranus-Pluto or will they be plowed under as the nobility in France during the Revolution?


Here is a quiz for my readers. On the day results of the General Elections are scheduled to be declared, [16 May 2014] India's progressed Solar Return chart has the MC triggering the  Uranus-Pluto  square  through a quincunx as shown below. What can we expect?