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Cuckoos' trickster ways revealed at Mercury direct

Cuckoos' shameless egg-laying tactics revealed

Great spotted cuckoos lay their eggs while magpie mothers are still sitting on their nests, a study has shown. Cuckoos are known for deceiving other birds into raising their young by depositing their eggs into host nests. It had been thought female cuckoos waited until host birds left the nest before secretively laying their eggs. The scientists, who work at the Universidad de Granada, Spain, planted miniature cameras in 29 magpie (Pica pica) nests in the Hoya de Guadix plain.Researchers were surprised when they recorded female cuckoos forcing magpies out of the way as they sat incubating their eggs. BBC; June 30

About Mercury direct station today , Eric Francis  writes

Mercury stations direct at 12:50 UT Tuesday (Jul 1),but we’re in the most interesting and/or challenging part of the retrograde — the last moments before the change of directions. Mercury is slow and powerful right now, with added emphasis. Note that this tricksterish planet is in Gemini, one of the signs that Mercury rules, and the one that most emphasizes the two-sided nature of consciousness. That’s a reminder not to be surprised by surprises, to pay attention for the other side of the story, and to search your own mind for options and possibilities that you may not have noticed before. This effect will become increasingly prominent as the station-direct approaches on Tuesday.

This might have the “truth revealed” effect that Mercury stations are so famous for (or at least that I have observed many times). This may be sly and it may be subtle; the effect may be 100% dependent on mindfulness. Many things are revealed that we tend not to notice. Plenty of highly relevant information bubbles out of the back of consciousness that never gets put to use.

The chart for Mercury direct station at Granada, Spain- where the research was carried out – is shown here. Notice that it catches a Uranus-Pluto forming Grand Cross on the angles. Among other things Uranus-Pluto is about scientific breakthroughs that lead to the collapse of an old way of thinking. The truth lying hidden (Pluto) is suddenly revealed (Uranus). In this case the truth revealed is about the trickster cuckoo!

PS: In a strange coincidence, the Sabian symbol for the current New Moon [6cn] is about “birds feathering their nests” !

Hiker, rescuer die at Washington state waterfall

A 25-year-old hiker and a 61-year-old volunteer who tried to rescue him fell to their deaths late Saturday (June 28) at a waterfall in western Washington state.

Officials said that the hiker was part of a group of four walking down a logging road when he and a companion decided to hike to Pilchuck Falls near Lake Cavanaugh, approximately 35 miles northeast of Seattle.

Mars has been in Libra since December 7 and leaves Libra on July 25. During this period it was retrograde between March 1 and  May 19 and formed a sharp Grand Cross with Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto on April 22-23. Moving forward from May 20,  it is still within close reach of the Uranus/Pluto square and creates significant events in those places where the now dissolving T-square is caught on the angles in important mundane charts as at the June 27 New Moon at Lake Cavanaugh. It is important to remember that angles have a wide orb of influence and can pull together aspects that appear to be forming or separating.

The chart for the New Moon is shown here. Mars opposite Uranus on the horizon axis is a combination well known for accidents. The New Moon [5cn37] fell sharply on the IC [5cn] conjunct Tejat, mu Geminorum of the Twins and kappa Auriga,  of the Charioteer. The Twins (and tropical Cancer) are connected to feelings of  inter-relatedness of all humankind while Auriga, the Charioteer is a man in a hurry so that Diana Rosenberg includes here “accidents often due to carelessness, heedlessness, overconfidence or neglect”.

With the main theme out of the way, let us look at some details provided by other planets and their stars. Neptune [7pi31] which forms an  trine to the New Moon [5cn37] is conjunct Sadalachbia, gamma Aquarii, [6pi53] in the Water Pourer’s Urn with its eternally-flowing waters (the waterfall?). Venus [4ge32] which is quincunx the MC is conjunct Menkib, xi Persei,[5ge10] a star of Perseus also known as the rescuer.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Haumea and the new Chinese leadership

Princes and kings get from the Tao
The model which to all they give.
It is the Way of Heaven to diminish superabundance, and to
supplement deficiency. It is not so with the way of man. He takes
away from those who have not enough to add to his own superabundance.
Who can take his own superabundance and therewith serve all under
heaven? Only he who is in possession of the Tao!

Tao Te Ching

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said China will never seek to impose its will on other nations, no matter how strong it becomes. Mr Xi was speaking in Beijing as he hosted leaders from India and Myanmar (Burma) for a weekend (June 28 -29) of talks. "China does not subscribe to the notion that a country is bound to seek hegemony when it grows in strength," he said."Hegemony or militarism is not in the genes of the Chinese. China will unswervingly pursue peaceful development because it is good for China, good for Asia and good for the world." BBC

In a previous post[1] on President Xi Jinping, which I urge my readers to read in full, I had mentioned that he belongs to the Pluto conjunct Haumea generation. The extract below from Nick Fiorenza describes a little known aspect  of the President that gives hope for the future:

Haumea supports a new birth in consciousness, or more so, aiding humanity's re-birth into a spiritually aware state of being. It would seem Haumea's driving intent is that to intercede in what the old totalitarian powers have repeatedly demonstrated throughout Earth's history--the repetitive destruction of the peoples of the Earth and inability to ensure a safe evolution and ascension of humanity. Haumea's South Node in early sidereal Capricorn conjoining Altair of Aquila, and its North Node in sidereal Cancer conjoining Talitha, the fore-foot of the Great Bear, motivates us to move from self-interest-based covert and manipulative shenanigans to that of being a caring force supporting the nourishment and awakening of humanity. It also reveals the need for world powers to move from a power-hungry, authoritarian, tyrannical, militaristic focus toward one that creates a protective and nourishing environment from which humanity can awaken into a new light of being. In a slightly different light, this axis suggests our need to use our arsenal of tools (both that of our nations and those personal) with global vision, but to support our families and the domiciles and environments in which we live.[2,3]

Mars has been in Libra since December 7 and leaves Libra on July 25. This is a long time for Mars to journey through a Sign; it usually transits a Sign for approximately six or seven weeks. What’s made this transit through Libra so long is a retrograde phase that began on March 1 and ended on May 19.  During its retrograde phase it formed a sharp Grand Cross with Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto on April 22-23.

As Mars moves forward now  it is still within close reach of this Uranus/Pluto square (which please remember is about the birth of a new order) and creates significant events in those places where the now dissolving T-square is caught on the angles in important mundane charts as in the Cancer Ingress chart at Beijing shown here.

During the last several months Mars and Haumea have been conjunct. Writing about the Earth-Haumea-Mars synodic cycles Nick Fiorenza states:

This Mars retrograde, the Earth-Haumea-Mars synodic cycles, and the Mars leg of this Grand Square are about birthing and establishing a new level of leadership in our personal lives and in our world by taking right action that is integrous to ourselves, to our relations, to all life, to our environment, and that supports the healthy evolution and ascension of all life on Earth. This energetic not only motivates a new birth in how we are using our own personal power, it also motivates new leadership in the world that is based in integrity to the natural world and that has the audacity to take a stand against corrupt leadership that undermines life to amass power over life. [4]

Mars [15li] is also conjunct Haumea [19li] in the Cancer Ingress chart, both of which are placed on the MC. At the weekend when President Xi Jinping made his statement reported in the news, the progressed Cancer Ingress chart brought the Mars-Haumea-Uranus-Pluto T-square to the meridian axis thereby triggering its potential.

Man sets self on fire in Japan

A man set himself on fire in central Tokyo in protest at a proposed law which could allow Japan to deploy its military overseas. The man was taken to hospital after being hosed down but his condition was not immediately known, officials said. Japan's government could make the change to its pacifist constitution as early as next Tuesday. The US-drafted constitution bans war and "the threat or use of force" to settle international disputes. BBC; 29 June 2014

To understand the astrological reason for this news, we will look at the Lunar Eclipse of April 15. A chart for this eclipse at Tokyo is shown here. It is obviously significant for the place since it  is angular and the meridian axis aligns with the Cardinal Grand Cross.  In addition the dwarf planet Haumea [20li29] is  conjunct Mars [16li] and the Moon [25li]

Haumea appears to motivate action to reorient world powers’ militaristic destructive use of power and resources into a nurturing force that supports and protects life, home and family. [1]

On the Ascendant [7li]  we have lambda Bootes [7li] , 32 Virginis [7li] and Diadem, alpha Coma Berenice [9li]. Bootes was an armed herdsman sometimes depicted with a spear. In China lambda was part of Tchao-Yao, “The Brandishing of Arms”. So that here a potential for aggression and desire for domination  can sometimes overwhelm the Virgin’s love of peace, for many influenced by these stars are drawn to the exciting prospect of military glory; as they mature they may hear the Virgin’s call and combined with the overlay of tropical Libra, become peacemakers. But the mature may hear the Virgin’s call and combined with overlay of tropical Libra, become peacemakers. With Coma Berenices’ powerful commitment there is willingness to make sacrifices for an ideal (some become martyrs for peace). There are here military concerns as well as issues of war vs peace. [2]

The MC [8cn] and Jupiter [12cn53] are conjunct Al Zirr, xi Geminorum [11cn26]  of the Twins. The Twins demonstrate a willingness to go against the crowd and refuse to knuckle under or compromise.[3]

On the descendant is Uranus [13ar] and Mercury [13ar] conjunct stars in King Cepheus’ head. This is an area that is linked to mental or emotional instability, suicide as well burns on account of fires.[4]

Progressing the chart by the PSSR method aligns the Grand Cross with the meridian axis in the period between June 29 (Saturday) to July 1 (Tuesday) which covers the period mentioned in the news. This alignment triggers the issues highlighted by the stars mentioned above.

[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.50-51)
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[4] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.68-83)

Two shelter dogs find friendship in one another

All creatures need comfort and companionship, not just humans. A photo of two shelter dogs who, without a real home and people to love them, found friendship in one another, is making its rounds on the Internet this week. The touching image shows Delaware, a friendly 8-month-old a pit bull mix, and Kyra, a playful 1-year-old Lab mix, spooning together in their shared space at the Fulton County Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia. June 27 Huffington Post

Eclipses that are long gone are brought back to life when there are transits that activate them. Shown here is the October 18, 2013 Lunar Eclipse at Atlanta, Georgia. Notice that it is very significant for the place since it forms a T-square with Jupiter and the meridian axis.

The primary stars that conjoin the Sun [25li]  are  Spica, Alpha (α) Virgo, and Arcturus Alpha (α) Bootes.  Bootes, the Herdsman-protector is concerned with the protection of  the earth and all life on earth. Transit Jupiter [25cn] on the IC and the North Node [25li] over the Sun are currently activating the eclipse chart raising collective concern about protection of all living creatures. Jupiter exalted in Cancer increases our desire to care for each other. But in our context notice the strange coincidence  that Jupiter is conjunct the star Procyon, alpha Canis Minor [25cn53] – the star of the Little Dog  (pup?) and  Pollux, beta Geminorum [23cn26] of the Twins often depicted  as either joined together or hugging each other!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Two buildings collapse in India

The death toll in India in two building collapses in different cities climbed to at least 11, with more victims trapped in the rubble, Indian officials confirmed Saturday (June 28). A crumbling and rundown four-story building in New Delhi toppled over Saturday morning. "Ten people, including five children and three women, died," Deputy Commissioner of Police Madhur Verma said. Two others were also injured, he added. The building was around 50 years old and housed several families. Rescue efforts were hampered by cranes in the area. Officials suspects construction work at an adjoining building could be to blame. A second building also collapsed Saturday in Tamil Nadu state. An 11-story structure under construction in the capital city of Chennai toppled over, killing at least one person.

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important mundane events.  The progression of these charts mark out important days when significant events occur. Shown here are the  Cancer Ingress charts for Delhi and Madras progressed to June 28 when the building collapses occurred.  Notice that in both cases, Neptune reaches the IC of the charts *.

In mundane astrology, the fourth house (and the IC) is associated with buildings and houses in general and to their foundations in particular. Bil Tierney explains what happens under Neptune transits:

Neptune transits are very difficult to pinpoint in terms of possible end-results, partially due to the often vague and undefined nature of the planet itself. Neptune has a very gradual, somewhat seductive influence upon the planet or house it is transiting. It slowly dissolves and often erodes structures we have built for ourselves, especially defective ones.

Since Neptune is associated with illusions or a lack of realism while Jupiter is hope and optimism, it is not difficult to see why this combination is associated with false hopes.  Martha Wescott writes about this combination as follows:

People who built their castles on sand are  discovering that the tide has changed (and that piddly little bump is  where their fortress used to be.)

In a strange coincidence  Bil Tierney and Martha’s words appear to describe exactly what has happened to the two buildings in Delhi and Madras.

* In the ingress chart for Delhi, the progressed IC (4pi29)  is three degrees off the conjunction to Neptune (7pi34) but let us recall that the New Moon (5cn37) of June 27 and the Sun’s position (7cn)  on June 28 (the date of the accident) was trine both of them and therefore in a sense “translating light”.


The residential project ‘Trust Heights’, promoted by real estate developer Prime Sristi Housing Pvt. Ltd, had two 11-storey buildings under construction ‘The Faith’ and ‘The Belief’. According to Fire and Rescue service personnel, the ‘The Faith’ collapsed on an adjoining building. The Hindu

In any event there are layers upon layers of meaning. Exploring the realm beyond immediate appearances requires a refocusing of attention. In the  foregoing analysis on the ingress charts we did not pay attention to the fact that Neptune is trine the TNP Kronos. The keywords for Neptune and Kronos given by Martha Wescott Lang are:

NEPTUNE: Compassion, sympathy & empathy; victim-savior polarities; faith; hypersensitivity; vulnerability; trust issues; disillusionment; make-believe; unrealistic hopes; dream-life; desire to escape, cushion or beautify Reality; womb wish; attunement to Other Worlds.

KRONOS: Authoritative positions; questioning of competency; having differences of opinion; dealing with red tape, timing or jumping bureaucratic hoops; laws; police; legislators; the father; executives; governmental leaders; events through people in the public eye; measurements (especially of height;) rising, altitude, flights; overhead/above. Assessment of your own competency.

How strange that the residential project was called “Trust Heights”!

Golden Gate Bridge Casts Its First Suicide Nets

California officials approved $76 million in funding Friday (June 27)  to install an elaborate system of nets to prevent people from jumping off the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, taking action after more than 1,400 deaths in 80 years.

The Friday, June 27 New Moon [5cn37] was placed exactly on the IC at San Francisco highlighting the now separating Uranus-Pluto-Mars T-square. It was conjunct the star Tejat, mu Geminorum of the Twins. Diana Rosenberg links this area to “mental and/or emotional instability, accident proneness; violence and homicide, drowning”.

The constellation Gemini is often depicted as Twins joined to each other. Astrologers assign to this constellation all things that connect  including bridges [1]. As an example, the building of the London bridge [2] began with several planets in the constellation of the Twins.

On the Ascendant [8ar16] are the stars alpha Reticulum [7ar40] and delta Reticulum [7ar14]. Reticulum means a netlike formation or structure; a network. [3]

"In Ancient Rome a class of gladiator, the retiarius, was armed with a net which he used to immobilize his opponent by entangling him in the meshes, thus placing him at his mercy", "Nets may also be compared with the web in which spiders lurk for prey" [Penguin Dictionary of Symbols].

In our case here it would simply refer to the net that the authorities have put in place.

In addition, the Ascendant [8ar] and Uranus [16 ar] are  conjunct stars in King Cepheus’ head. Once again, Diana Rosenberg links this area with mental instability, accident proneness and mass suicides. Remember that Mars opposite Uranus square Pluto is a very angry and frustrated combination that can be homicidal or suicidal. When the theme of the stars match those of planets , the chart is speaking loudly ….we are looking at something important and that common theme needs to underlined.

In summary, all the elements that make up the news can be seen in the stars – the bridge, the suicides and the net!

UNESCO conference on WW I underwater heritage

Argo Navis – the Celestial Ship

Tens of thousands of sailors and merchant navy personnel lost their lives in World War One but now the huge number of ships sunk in the conflict are to be offered increased protection under a UN agreement.

A scientific conference on underwater cultural heritage of the First World War will take place in Bruges (Belgium) from 26 to 28 June. The conference, organized by UNESCO with the support of the Government of Flanders, will be followed by commemorative events.

To explain this news item we will start with the chart for the lunar eclipse of October 18, 2013 at Bruges, Belgium. Notice that the eclipse is placed very significantly on the meridian axis square Jupiter [20cn] which is conjunct Castor, alpha Geminorum of the Twins. (Please note that this eclipse is triggered by the current transit of Jupiter [25cn] and the Node [25li] )

Diana Rosenberg [1] reminds us that the Twins were linked to disasters at sea and gives the following examples:

There was a July 1281 New Moon here at Kublai Khan’s second attempt  to invade Japan: a vast Armada of 4400 ships and 142,000 Mongol, Chinese and Korean troops set out in July; in Aug a typhoon struck destroying about 4000 ships and more than 100,000 troops; this was the Node at a July 1591 SolEcl, the year four hurricanes in one month sank more than 100 ships in the Western Hemisphere;  the Node in 1889 when a typhoon wrecked the ships of Germany and the US that were about to go to war and many others.

The Ascendant [14le] is conjunct stars of Ursa Major, the protective mother bear so that this area is linked to issues relating to the destruction or protection of the environment. On the IC is the Sun [25li] conjunct the star Arcturus of Bootes – Herdsman and protector of his flock. In several previous posts we have seen how it works as a protector of the environment.

Progressing the eclipse chart to June 28, brings the Ascendant [6cn] to a conjunction with nu Geminoun [7cn] of the Twins. (Notice that the current New Moon of June 27 is here). The Twins were Argonauts, voyagers on the legendary celestial ship Argo so that there is something to do here with the sea and ships. Diana Rosenberg  connects “shipwrecks…battles (including sea battles)” to this area [2]. If to this mix we add the TNPs Kronos [8cn] and Hades [3cn] which are also on the progressed Ascendant we begin to get a clearer picture of what is involved. A keyword for Kronos is “famous” and that for Hades is “historical”  so we have a reference to famous historical sea battles!

The progressed MC [2vi48] conjoins Mars [2vi30] and both are conjunct theta Pyxidis [3vi16] , of the celestial ship Argo Navis while Neptune [2pi45] on the IC is conjunct stars of the Chinese asterism Wei that was connected to tombs and graves [3].

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.422-30)
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Friday, 27 June 2014

WHO Ebola virus alert

26 JUNE 2014 | GENEVA - The emergence of an Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa in 2014 has become a challenge to the 3 countries involved, as the Governments of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone work intensively with WHO and other partners to ramp up a series of measures to control the outbreak.

Since March 2014, more than 600 cases of Ebola and over 390 deaths have been reported in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The disease is first acquired by a population when a person comes into contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected animal such as a monkey or fruit bat. Fruit bats are believed to carry and spread the disease without being affected by it. Once infected the disease may be spread from one person to another.

The Ebola virus causes a nasty infection that triggers an inflammatory reaction so intense, patients essentially drown in their own fluids as they bleed internally and externally — victims’ bodies are overtaken with a well-intentioned defensive system run amok.

Here we will look at the chart for the last solar eclipse at Geneva, where the center for WHO’s, Global Alert and Response Network is based. The eclipse was placed in the 12th house opposite Saturn in the 6th house – a house associated with disease and public health.  The opposition axis is further brought into prominence by its square to the MC.  Saturn [20sc52] is conjunct the stars of the Centaur (man-animal), Serpentis (poison) and Lupus (the Beast of Death). This position of Saturn is conjunct the sidereal Cancer Ingress Ascendant  at Conakry,the capital of Guinea – the country worst affected.  Diana Rosenberg [1] links this area to “environmental contamination, epidemics, mass deaths of people but also actions for the establishment of health” among other issues . She gives the following examples of transits to stars here to illustrate her point.

Roman troops returning from Mesopotamia brought disease back with them: the Plague of Antonious (aka the Plague of Galen) spread through the dominion causing heavy mortality, contributing to the gradual downfall of the Roman Empire; this was the London MC at the Aries Ingress of 1665: the Great Plague of London (bubonic) started in late spring: by the end of December it had killed 69,000; at the October 1845 SolEcl at the start of the devastating Irish Potato blight: in the ensuing famine of 1846-51 over 1 million (one third of the population) died of starvation and disease or emigrated; the 1858 Summer Solstice Mars at London’s unbearable “Great Stink”: heat, filth, excrement and the unbelievably polluted Thames (the cause of cholera epidemic) afflicted the city; Jupiter when the International Red Cross was established in Geneva in 1864; Venus in 1928 when an “Iron Lung” was used for the first time, at Boston’s Children Hospital, to help polio victims breathe and many others.

Progressing the eclipse chart to June 26, the date of the WHO global alert, brings the Grand Cross precisely to the meridian axis. If Uranus-Pluto is linked to major upheavals then its combination with Jupiter makes it out of control. Mars [11li49] is conjunct stars that Diana Rosenberg links to “public health issues” so that it is not difficult to see why the WHO alert is about a possible “raging” epidemic.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p. 215-22)

Godavari GAIL gas pipeline accident

Fifteen people were killed and 18 injured when a massive blaze raged through a village in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district following a blast in an apparently leaking gas pipeline this morning.

“Bodies of 13 people charred in the incident were recovered from the gutted houses. Two others succumbed to their burn injuries while undergoing treatment at different hospitals,” Amalapuram DSP M Veera Reddy told PTI. Hindu, Jun 27

As in so many past posts, here too we will see the influence of the last solar eclipse of April 29  in this tragic accident. Shown here is the chart for the solar eclipse at Amalapuram. Notice that it is prominently placed on the MC with a quincunx aspect to the Mars leg of the highly stressful and volatile Grand Cross.  Progressing the eclipse chart by the PSSR method brings the angles to align perfectly with the Grand Cross triggering the accident.

Since Uranus-Pluto square is the prime mover in the Grand Cross, it may be meaningful to look at the stars involved. Uranus [13ar58]  is conjunct stars of Cepheus. Cepheus was called “inflammatus”. There are devastating fires recorded here – among them the Great Fire of Rome, 64 CE, the Charleston SC fire of 1838 that destroyed more than half the city, the 1865 boiler explosion – fire that wrecked the Sultana, an old over loaded Mississippi River paddle-wheeler carrying Union soldiers and many others. [1]

For the stars conjunct Pluto [13cp22], Diana Rosenberg lists “hidden danger from gas” as possible events adding that this was the position of Jupiter at the Bhopal gas disaster [2].

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p. 74-77)
[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p. 460-62)

U.S. to phase out anti-personnel landmines

(CNN) -- The United States will phase out its stockpiles of landmines designed to target people, moving closer to joining a global ban on a weapon that kills more than 15,000 people a year -- most of them civilians. U.S. officials made the declaration at an anti-mine conference in Maputo, Mozambique, (June 23 to June 26) according to a statement issued by National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden.

In the previous post, we saw that the current transit of Jupiter square the Nodal axis is a trigger to the Lunar Eclipse of April 15 and is birthing “a new leadership in the world that is based in integrity to the natural world and  has the audacity to take a stand against corrupt leadership that undermines life to amass power over life”.

Shown here is Cancer Ingress chart at Maputo, Mozambique progressed to the June 26, when the US agreed to phase out its stockpiles of landmines. Notice that the horizon axis triggers the Jupiter-Nodes square. In addition Jupiter is conjunct the newly discovered TNO Varuna about which Nick Fiorenza writes:

Varuna was discovered when it was making passage in sidereal Gemini, near the foot of Castor but conjoining the principal star Alhena, the foot of Pollux, (and Mebsuta). Alhena is of commencement and indicates a turning point has been reached, a separating of the ways is at hand, that it is time to get off the fence of indecision and take action.

Varuna's arrival into humanity's awareness in 2000 may have been a part of our motivation to take serious action regarding ecological conditions in the world—making blatantly clear that we must change our ways—to nature's way.

Los Angeles River to be transformed from blight to a real river

LOS ANGELES – Even in these times of record drought, a river runs through Los Angeles. You may have to look hard to find it, though. The Los Angeles River, most of it rendered into a concrete storm drain by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decades ago, has long been treated as an urban eyesore, attracting trash, graffiti and the homeless as it winds to the Pacific Ocean, often hidden behind industrial buildings, gritty warehouses and wire fencing. It's known mostly, if at all, as an occasional movie set. Water flow is often a mere trickle through a gully in the center, and miles of flat cement river bottom and steep banks have served as drag strip and getaway path in movies from The Italian Job to Grease.

Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to transform the river into a more visible urban asset. He is trying to build support for a $1 billion plan by the Corps of Engineers to restore parts of the L.A. River from blight to a real river.  USA Today; June 23

To understand the astrological reason for this news, I take my readers back to the Lunar Eclipse of April 15. A chart for this eclipse at Los Angeles is shown here. It is obviously very significant for the place since it aligns with the meridian axis along with the Cardinal Grand Cross. The dwarf planet Haumea [20li29] is also on the MC.

Haumea appears to motivate action to reorient world powers’ militaristic destructive use of power and resources into a nurturing force that supports and protects life, home and family.

The primary stars that conjoin the Full Moon are  Spica, Alpha (α) Virgo, and Arcturus Alpha (α) Bootes. The following extract from Nick Fiorenza [1] explains why this area and the Mars leg of the Grand Cross is about the birthing of a new leadership that is truly concerned about environmental issues.

Boötes, the Virgin's consort and protector, is of strength and responsibility. Boötes functions not by outward force but by spiritual awareness and astute intuitive prowess in the application of the knowledge about environmental issues and transcendent subtle forces. Boötes' action is based from a place of receptivity and sensitivity to the situation at hand, action associated with planning, preparation, and strategy.

Are we living in astute attentiveness to the natural world and acting upon the messages expressing through the natural world to mobilize change in our lives and in our world? This attunement is essential both personally and globally to know how to support and facilitate a new world paradigm. Participating as if things are going to continue in the same way will result in an extinction of resources and wasted efforts that leave us attempting to evolve lives based upon infrastructures that simply crumble in the near future.

Mars retrograde, the Earth-Haumea-Mars synodic cycles, and the Mars leg of this Grand Square are about birthing and establishing a new level of leadership in our personal lives and in our world by taking right action that is integrous to ourselves, to our relations, to all life, to our environment, and that supports the healthy evolution and ascension of all life on Earth. This energetic not only motivates a new birth in how we are using our own personal power, it also motivates new leadership in the world that is based in integrity to the natural world and that has the audacity to take a stand against corrupt leadership that undermines life to amass power over life.

The next thing we need to explain  is why now and why concern about a river. Well, the answer to that is fairly simple. The eclipse moon [25li16] is powerfully activated by the Nodal axis moving over it [26li20] and Jupiter in transit [25cn06] squaring both. Jupiter is conjunct the star Procyon, alpha Canis Minor which in ancient China was part of an asterism called Nan-Ho, the Southern River! [2]

[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p. 703)

Water crisis in Iran at Cancer New Moon

As the water crisis continues in Iran, the country's energy ministry started rationing water. Arak, Esfahan, Bandar Abbas, Tehran, Shiraz, Qazvin, Qom, Karaj, Kerman, Mash'had, Hamedan, and Yazd are the major cities which are expected to face a severe water shortage this summer, Iran's TASNIM News Agency reported.
Iran has already started water rationing in the city of Karaj. Energy ministry officials say that by cutting consumption by 20-30 percent, the country will face no difficulty in distributing enough water across the country. Tehran, Iran, June 27

Shown here is the chart for the New Moon of June 27 at Tehran. Notice that the MC [29ge] is conjunct the New Moon [5cn37]. Apart from the fact that the New Moon is in tropical Cancer – a water sign, it is also conjunct the stars of the Chinese asterism Tsing, The Well. This asterism reminded the Chinese that good water was hard to come by and digging wells was hard work, so no immoderate use of water was allowed [1].

The New Moon is opposite Pluto (in Capricorn) which in turn is square Uranus (in Aries) so that it essentially triggers the Uranus-Pluto square.

Uranus in Aries is a potent symbol for individual freedom. The Arian expression of Uranus  can sometimes degenerate into actions based entirely on the fulfilment of  individual need  (“I will take whatever I want  and I don’t care if it is in short supply”). In Capricorn, Pluto symbolizes the  overwhelming power of large institutions, including government and government agencies which can stop the misuse of individual freedom.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p. 702)

P.S. For readers who prefer the use of TNPs, the New Moon is conjunct the TNPs Kronos and Hades.

Authorities enforce laws (Kronos) since the situation has declined or  is quite bad (Hades)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

History in the stars: Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Tourists, historians and diplomats have been arriving in Sarajevo to commemorate the shots fired by a young Bosnian Serb assassin on 28 June 1914 - shots that sparked World War One. But the city and country are uneasy in the historical spotlight, as the tensions behind those events are still alive today.

On Sunday, 28 June 1914, at approximately 10:45 am, Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed in Sarajevo, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Gavrilo Princip, 19 at the time, a member of Young Bosnia and one of a group of assassins organized by the Black Hand.The event led to a chain of events that eventually triggered World War I.

A chart drawn for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand is shown here. On the MC is a powerful conjunction of the Sun with Saturn and Pluto. Here the fast moving Sun was acting as a trigger to the conjunction of Saturn-Pluto that was exact thrice between October 4, 1914 to May 19, 1915. In addition a New Moon [1cn18] had taken place on June 23, 1914 on Pluto [0cn39] just five days before the event.

The primary stars of the warrior constellation of Orion were involved in the conjunction. Gamma (γ) Orion, Bellatrix, is a pale yellow star marking the left shoulder of the Warrior. Alpha (Betelgeuse) with this star gamma (Bellatrix) and lambda (Meissa) were the Euphratean Kakkab Sar, the "Constellation of the King". In China, Betelgeuse was part of Tsan, “The Supreme Commander”. In India it was the determinant star of Ardra “The Moist One” usually depicted as a tear drop ruled originally by the Vedic storm-god Rudra, “the Howler”, “the One who Weeps”, a fierce form of Siva, presiding over destruction and transformation.

Putting these images together to understand the event we have sorrow and anger at the assassination of a King that eventual leads to a World War that causes the destruction and transformation of the great powers. Robert Hand writes:

The First World War was the breakdown of what had become the normal political arrangement of the 19th century. Empires that had existed for hundreds of years were overthrown, and likewise royal dynasties. New nations also came into existence. This is clearly a Saturn-Pluto crisis, involving the destruction of an existing order and the creation of a new one.

[1] Archive, June 1914: The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Thousands of ducks swarm road in Thailand

A bewildered onlooker filmed the veritable tidal wave of ducks as they flocked down the road en masse. Efforts by drivers to make their way along the narrow country road proved futile as thousands of the birds flooded down the lane like a river while their collective quacking produced a deafening chorus that drowned out pretty much everything else. It isn't clear what the circumstances are in the video however it is possible that the ducks were being deliberately herded by farm workers from one place to another. June 20, Thailand

The author of the news does not mention where exactly in Thailand the incident took place except for saying that it was on a narrow country road. We will, therefore,  draw the relevant maps for Bangkok, Thailand. The first map presented here is that of Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun – this phenomena occurs at the midpoint of the retrograde cycle and defines what is termed as the Mercury Synod. Notice that for Bangkok, the Mercury synod occurred exactly conjunct the Ascendant on June 20 (Thailand time). Mercury retrograde is well known to cause traffic jams as the following references indicate.

Retrograde Mercury is the most commonly known astrological signature for Murphy's Law ("If something can go wrong, it will"), and is one of the first features intermediate astrology students learn about. Say it to a seasoned astrologer and you'll likely get an amused smile and some delightful stories about how things can get quite unexpectedly unhinged.

Computers crash, software develops unexpected glitches, traffic jams ensue, telephone service snarls up, letters get lost in the mail, machinery breaks down, new projects fail. Ah, yes, the trickster Mercury is up to his old pranks again.

As Mercury gets closer and closer to Earth (this happens during Mercury retrograde), the bridges and wires have to deal with increased traffic. When the traffic gets too intense, there is a traffic jam, a wire frays, or a bridge collapses. Hence the negative judgment about Mercury retrogrades.

But why was the traffic jam caused by a flock of ducks?  To understand the reason for that we look at the chart for the Last Quarter Moon that took place just about 4 hours before the Mercury synod. The Moon  was placed at 28pi24 almost exactly square the Mercury synod [28ge34] and conjunct the star Azelfafage,  pi Cygnus [28pi29]. The constellation Cygnus [1] is often shown as a Swan. Swans (genus Cygnus) belong to the Anatidae family, which also includes geese and ducks!

Full Moon overwhelms US Immigration facilities

Unaccompanied child immigrants from Central America have poured across the southern U.S. border in recent months. Mostly spurred by violence and poor economic conditions in Central America, the migrants also believe changes in U.S. immigration policy will allow them to stay. They aren’t completely wrong. Because border facilities are so overwhelmed, authorities often release children into the care of relatives already in the U.S. and allow mothers with children to enter the country with a notice to appear in immigration court. TIME

A photograph accompanying the news item shows  migrants using trash bags and cardboard to protect themselves from the rain as they wait atop a stuck freight train, outside Reforma de Pineda, Chiapas state, Mexico, June 20, 2014.

Here is the chart for the Full Moon of June 13 at Reforma de Pineda, Mexico. Notice that both the luminaries form aspects to the MC along with Jupiter. Jupiter [22cn49] is conjunct Gomeisa, beta Canis Minor [22cn24] and the stars of the Twins – Castor, alpha Geminorum [20cn26] and  Pollux, beta Geminorum [23cn25]. The Twins represent the brotherhood – sisterhood of all mankind; Castor, marks struggles between the polarities of cold hatred, cruelty, greed and intolerance versus crusades for humanity, rights and social justice [1]. With Jupiter exalted in tropical Cancer – a symbol of compassion and caring perhaps the new US immigration laws are an attempt to correct this imbalance.  Canis Minor is the Guardian of the Crossing of the River of Heaven – in our case here this is a metaphorical symbol for immigration. A keyword for Jupiter would be “too much” or “excess” which would explain the reason why so many are attempting to cross over and the border facilities are overwhelmed.

But what is really surprising is how accurate the Sabian symbol [2] for the Full Moon [22sa06]  is in this context.

PHASE 263: Sagittarius 23

A Group of Immigrants as they fulfil the requirements of entrance into the New World

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p. 422-27)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

American student rescued from inside vagina sculpture

MAINZ, Germany -- Call it a stimulating study-abroad experience. An American exchange student sparked an "extraordinary rescue mission" when his leg became trapped inside a giant vagina sculpture. "It was a dare," fire department squad leader Markus Mozer told NBC News. "The young man had tried to pose for an unusual photo and climbed into the artwork." A total of 22 rescue workers with special equipment were deployed to the scene in the southern Germany city of Tuebingen on Friday to free the 20-year-old but a “forceps delivery was not necessary," local newspaper Schwaebisches Tagblatt noted.

Surprising though it may be, this humorous piece of news  although unimportant is reflected in the stars. We start by looking at the solar eclipse [8ta52] of April 29 in tropical Taurus – a sign associated with  procreation, and  natural reproductive forces [1]. The eclipse was in a sharp sesquisquare aspect to the TNP Cupido  placed on the descendant at Tuebingen, Germany and therefore significant for the place.  TNP Cupido [24sa03] was in turn opposite the asteroid Valentine (25ge34) placed on the Ascendant. The  following keywords apply for the TNP Cupido and the  asteroid Valentine (considered to be similar to Eros).

VALENTINE (EROS): Sexuality; reproductive organs
CUPIDO: artistry; works of art

When we combine the two we can see why it can refer to the “vagina sculpture” mentioned in the news.

 Progressing the eclipse chart to Friday, June 20, the date of the incident brings the Ascendant to an aspect with the eclipse-Cupido-Valentine configuration. In addition, the IC [25li28] conjoins the star Spica [24li03]. Nick Fiorenza [2] links Spica to the base chakra of the Virgin (i.e. genital area).

Spica marks the sidereal Virgo-Libra cusp. In our modern rendering of a supine Virgin, Spica is the base chakra (Vesica Pisces) of the Virgin, with the Virgin’s legs extending into the first half of sidereal Libra.