Sunday, 30 November 2014

Germans honour braveheart Tugce Albayrak

Tributes are being paid in Germany to student Tugce Albayrak who was killed after defending two teenage girls reportedly being harassed by a group of men. Around 150 people attended a vigil in Berlin in her memory on Sunday. President Joachim Gauck has described the student as a "role model". A man, 18, is in custody over the 15 November attack, which left Ms Albayrak in a coma. Her life support was switched off on Friday. She had intervened when she heard cries for help from the toilet of a fast food restaurant in the town of Offenbach, near Frankfurt, where the two girls were being harassed, German media report. BBC; Nov.30;

Star figures drawn by the ancients come alive in incidents like this one in Germany. Shown here is the skymap for the April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse at Offenbach.  The eclipse The Full Moon [25li]  is conjunct the stars Spica, alpha Virgo , the Virgin and Arcturus, alpha Bootis, the herdsman or shepherd. To the Arabs he was Al Haris al Soma, Protector of Heaven  and Al Haris al Samak, Protector of the Defenceless One. With the Moon’s placement in the 5th house we are dealing with young people. Notice that the eclipse Moon is anchored to the potentially volatile Grand Cross containing Mars-Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter.

When the lower levels of Mars-Pluto are being expressed,  the individual seeks to force his  will upon others for the sheer sake of power OVER others.  On the other hand, when the higher positive levels are expressed, this energy has the driving force of the unencumbered higher self that moves mountains from inspired passion based on a sense of duty, purpose, and necessity. Courage is differentiated from simple ego aggression by the fact that an integral concept is the motivating factor, not personal self-serving control. The good of the whole is the end result of this transforming energy. In our case here we can see the Ms. Albayrak’s attackers were motivated by the lower levels of Mars-Pluto while she herself responded to the higher levels.

So what was it that has activated this eclipse chart? Firstly progressing the eclipse chart to November 30, the date of the news, aligns the Grand Cross with the meridian axis. And secondly, in the last couple of days transit Mars [25cp] has been squaring the eclipse axis while conjoining the asteroid Orpheus [22cp]  – linked to death and mourning.

Swiss 'reject immigration curbs'

Voters in Switzerland appear to have decisively rejected a proposal to cut net immigration to no more than 0.2% of the population. Projections from partial results show more than 74% voting no in Sunday's referendum, according to state TV. Supporters of the measure argued that it would have reduced pressure on the country's resources. Opponents said it would have been bad for the economy. Around a quarter of Switzerland's eight million people are foreigners. The measure would have required the government to reduce immigration from about 80,000 to 16,000 people a year. BBC; Nov.30.

To understand this news we will look at the chart for the last solar eclipse of Oct. 23. Notice that the eclipse is placed in the 4th house at Bern, Switzerland. Baigent, Campion and Harvey suggest that the fourth house rules nationalism [1]. By association nationalism involves national identity or the sense of belonging to a country i.e. being a citizen. The eclipse is conjunct Miaplacidus, the second most important star of the Argo, after Canopus. Argo  Navis is the Celestial Ship which by association refers to long journeys. Nick Fiorenza [2] states that Miaplacidus is about  “living at or travelling to the right locations at the proper times in our lives”.  This is an obvious reference to immigration.

Progressing the eclipse chart brings Admetus to the MC and Neptune to the descendant.

Admetus receives hard aspects from the Uranus-Pluto square. It also forms a Yod with Apollon and Cupido-Mars. A Yod that is activated, as is the case here,  is very much like arriving at a fork in the road and having to take one or another path.

Admetus-Apollon: There may be  obstacles or restrictions encountered in connection with travel or  people at a distance.

Admetus-Cupido : There  may have been delays in the acceptance of members into a group or “family.

Admetus-Uranus-Pluto: Sudden change in a long term problem.

Neptune forms a Grand Trine with Apollon and Kronos-Hades which are receiving hard aspects from Uranus-Pluto.

Kronos-Uranus: To see changes/ upsets in laws, rules, opinions or regulations.

Kronos-Hades-Neptune: Opinions (Kronos) are swayed by  compassion (Neptune) for the helpless, weak and poor (Hades).

But what is really surprising is how accurate the Sabian symbol for the TNP Cupido [22sa06]  is in our present  context.

PHASE 263: Sagittarius 23

A Group of Immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into the New World

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Plague: An app plumbing the depths of viral networking

We use the term viral to describe the way information spreads across the internet, but a new social communications app has taken that concept to its extreme. Instead of using the word “virus” as a metaphor, an app called Plague developed in Lithuania is making the virus the model for how it spreads content from device to device.

Every disease is a simple bit of content, whether text, a link, a photo or a video. When you unleash it, it immediately seeks out the nearest four smartphones with the Plague app installed, infecting them with your content. When those four users next log in they will have the choice of spreading the infection by scrolling the screen up – infecting another four nearby users – or inoculating themselves against it by thumbing the screen downwards, thus abating the spread of the virus. You can also choose to comment on any given post. Nov.26.

Plague is the brain child of Lithuania-based firm Deep Sea Marketing based in Vilnius, Lithuania. To understand the birth of this new app we will look at the chart for the lunar eclipse of April 15, 2014 at Vilnius, Lithuania.  On the MC are the asteroids Arachne and Pandora:

ARACHNE:  spider webs, network; creation of  entanglement.
PANDORA: Encountering unexpected consequences; getting more than you bargained for; being enticed by a curiosity, new idea, person or situation-and finding that it has set you on a whole new path.

The combination can therefore refer to surprising and unexpected ways in which a network expands  because people are enticed by a curiosity, new idea, person or situation.

 Notice that Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter Grand Cross to which the eclipse is anchored straddles the horizon axis. Mars and the TNP Zeus at the Libra end of the Cross are conjunct stars of Corvus, the Crow. The Crow is a talking bird and here are people in love with gossip, tidings, what’s happening, what’s new, what’s up so that this area refers, among other things, to social media. And if we combine this with the fact that Uranus-Pluto is linked to “scientific and technological breakthroughs” we can see why a new social media app has been invented.

The fact that “Plague” allows an individual’s posts to spread rapidly can also be seen if we progress the eclipse chart to Nov. 26, the date of the news when the TNP Apollon that is conjunct the North Node and the eclipse Moon reaches the MC. The keyphrases for Apollon given by Arlene Kramer are:

The multiplier: expansion and spreading; growth and increase. Science, commerce, trade, industry, peaceful efforts ... The glyph is a combination of Jupiter and Gemini, and Apollon is truly a Super-Duper-Jupiter.

References for TNPs and asteroids

5,000-Year-Old Footprints Found in Denmark

Archaeologists have discovered 5,000-year-old footprints in southern Denmark that reveal how Stone Age people made strenuous attempts to cope with the destructive forces of the sea. The prints were found during work for the Femern Belt link scheme, an immersed tunnel that will connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island of Lolland. Finds of fixed gillnets on stakes, dated to 5,000 years ago, are clear evidence of a fishing system which was used to feed a Stone Age community. Indeed, the footprints were found alongside this system of fishing weirs.

“These prints show the population attempted to save parts of their fishing system before it was flooded and covered in sand,” Anne-Lotte Sjørup Mathiesen of the Museum Lolland-Falster, said. The footprints suggest that at least two people stepped out into the swampy seabed to save whatever they could. Subsequently, they set up the fixed gillnet on stakes some distance away. “Their footprints were covered with a layer of sand and dirt shortly after, and have been there since,” Sjørup Mathiesen told Discovery News.  Nov 13;

In the previous post we saw how synchronicity connects events on earth with sky patterns. Here too we will see another case of these mysterious connections. Shown here is the chart for the last lunar eclipse of October 8 at Gedser, Denmark close to where the discovery of the footprints was made. Notice that the chart has a powerful Grand Cross containing the Uranus-Pluto square straddling the meridian axis. Among other things, Uranus-Pluto is about surprising revelations (Uranus) of things that have long remained hidden or buried (Pluto).

The eclipse Moon [15ar05] and Uranus [14ar29] are conjunct the star Alpheratz [14ar], alpha Andromeda in the Princess’ head. It is extremely interesting that the star in Andromeda’s Head is also the Navel of the Pegasus, the Flying Horse that rescues Andromeda from being devoured by the sea-monster Cetus. The Flying Horse is,  therefore, a symbol of a powerful mind and unbridled imagination. Thus the great message here is that no matter what crises life brings to these natives they are capable of finding solutions to their problems. Now isn’t it strange that Anne-Lotte Sjørup Mathiesen of the Museum Lolland-Falster says that the footprints suggest that some people were trying to save their fishing system after the sea had probably battered it. Before we go any further, it is relevant here to look at the Sabian symbol of the eclipse Sun [15li05]:

Phase 196: After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.

While Sabian symbols are to be understood as metaphors, this one appears to be literally true for our case here.

But here comes the more interesting part. If we progress the chart to Nov.13, the date of the news, we find the Grand Cross  straddles the horizon axis. The Sun [15li] is conjunct the star 6 Corvi in the Crow’s foot while  Hades [4cn] and Kronos [9cn] are on the progressed descendant conjunct the stars Tejat [5cn], mu Geminorum in Castor’s left foot  and Alhena [9cn], gamma Geminorum in Pollux’s left foot!

In a previous post Castor-Pollux join Asia to Europe , we had seen how the stars of the Twins were active when a  railway tunnel underneath the Bosphorus Strait was due to opened in Turkey, creating a new link between the Asian and European shores of Istanbul. Here too the discovery  of the footprints took place during work for the Femern Belt link scheme, an immersed tunnel that will connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island of Lolland!!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Mysterious Roman god baffles experts

Excavations carried out by Münster archaeologists at the sacred site of Jupiter Dolichenus close to the ancient city of Doliche in Southeast Turkey, have revealed a unique Roman relief depicting an unknown god.  The one and a half metre (five feet) high basalt stele was re-used as a buttress in the wall of a Christian monastery. During the 2014 field season, the 60-strong excavation team uncovered finds from all periods of the 2,000-year history of the cult site, such as the thick enclosing wall of the first Iron Age sanctuary and the foundations of the main Roman temple of the god Jupiter Dolichenus, who became one of the most important deities of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century A.D. His sanctuary is situated close to the town of Gaziantep on the 1,200 metres (3,900 feet) high mountain of Dülük Baba Tepesi. The archaeologists found the stele in the remains of the Christian monastery, which was erected on the site of the ancient sanctuary in the Early Middle Ages.

Blömer described the depiction: “The basalt stele shows a deity growing from a chalice of leaves. Its long stem rises from a cone that is ornamented with astral symbols. From the sides of the cone grow a long horn and a tree, which the deity clasps with his right hand. The pictorial elements suggest that a fertility god is depicted.” Past Horizons; Nov. 11;

Psychological astrology, or astropsychology, is the result of the cross-fertilisation of astrology with depth psychology.  Swedish psychologist Jung’s theory of synchronicity states that "whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time, has the quality of this moment of time". Accordingly, we find  correlations between  an event and the position of heavenly bodies at the time of an event.

To understand the discovery of this mysterious Roman deity let us go back to the chart for the April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse at Gaziantep, Turkey. Notice that the eclipse is anchored to the powerful Grand Cross  on the angles with Jupiter prominently placed on the Ascendant. We are told that this enigmatic god was discovered during excavations carried out  at the sacred site of Jupiter Dolichenus. The eclipse Moon is placed in the 4th house that rules “hidden treasure and the treasures of the earth” [1]. 

The Moon [25li] is also conjunct the star Spica,  [24li]. Alpha (α) Virgo, Spica, is a binary, brilliant flushed white star marking the Ear of Wheat shown in the Virgin's left hand. Roman astrologers linked the Virgin to Ceres. Ceres was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. She is the only one of Rome's many agricultural deities to be listed among the Di Consentes, Rome's equivalent to the Twelve Olympians of Greek mythology.

Progressing the eclipse chart to November 11, the date of the news, aligns the radix (not progressed) Moon and Sun exactly with the meridian axis triggering an event where an excavation has uncovered another fertility deity!

A new way to fight bacterial infections

“Our job”, says Jan Kemper, “is to make cells happy.” Ms Kemper works at MedImmune, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Her laboratory contains 40 bioreactors—fluid-filled tanks of about three litres’ capacity. Paddles within them whirl around a mixture of nutrient broth and specially engineered hamster cells that are busy making human antibodies.

It is, indeed, cell heaven in one of these reactors. It is also part of a new front in the ancient war between man and microbe, for the antibodies Ms Kemper’s cells produce are designed to attack bacteria, and thus back up conventional antibiotics, some of which are failing in the face of rising bacterial resistance.  Nov.22

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important mundane events.  Among these the Capricorn ingress (Capsolar). is the “master chart” of the year Shown here is the sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart drawn for Gaithersburg, Maryland. Notice the powerful Grand Cross involving Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto on the angles. This combination is known for producing scientific and technological breakthroughs. The TNP Admetus [27ta] and the asteroid Aesculapia [24ta]  are  anchored  through hard aspects to the Ascendant and  Uranus-Pluto in the Grand Cross.  

Admetus-Aesculapia : A resistant disease.
Pluto-Uranus: Technological or scientific breakthrough.

Progressing the chart to Nov. 22, the date of the news, aligns the MC [24ta] with Aesculapia [24ta] and Admetus [27ta]. Meanwhile Saturn [21sc] aligns with the IC and Neptune [3pi] with the descendant.

Here Saturn is conjunct Unukalhai, alpha Serpentis. Serpens, the great Serpent held by Ophiuchus/ Aesculapius is a symbol of healing and regeneration, because Serpents shed their skins and grow new ones; the Staff of Aesculapius, a rod entwined by a snake, still to this day symbolizes the medical profession. Meanwhile, Neptune is conjunct stars in ancient constellation of the healing goddess Gula.  

Therefore, the star patterns on Nov.22 appear to correlate well with a possible medical breakthrough in connection with the treatment of  resistant diseases.

References for TNPs and asteroids

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Oil prices plunge after Opec meeting

The price of oil slumped after the Opec oil producers' cartel decided not to cut output at its meeting in Vienna. Opec's secretary general Abdallah Salem el-Badri said they would not try to shore up prices by reducing production. BBC; Nov 27 

By now even the New York Times is openly talking about the secret Obama Administration strategy of trying to bankrupt Russia by using its oil-bloated Bedouin bosom buddy, Saudi Arabia, to collapse the world price of oil. Now the financial Ponzi scheme behind the increase of US domestic oil output the past several years is about to evaporate in a cloud of fictitious smoke. The basic economics of shale oil production are being ravaged by the 23% oil price drop since John Kerry and Saudi King Abdullah had their secret meeting near the Red Sea in early September to agree on the Saudi oil price war against Russia.

This news can be best understood if we start with the  chart for the October 24 solar eclipse at Vienna. Notice that the eclipse took place in the fourth house conjunct the TNP Apollon and trine Neptune in the eighth. Both  these are part of a Grand Trine with the TNPs Kronos-Hades in the 12th. In addition, the asteroid Juno is on the Ascendant and square the eclipse.

Fourth House
This house rules hidden treasure and the treasures of the earth, such as mines and minerals, gems, oil, wells and water supplies.

Eighth House
Financial relationships between business partners; losses

Apollon: Commerce; business
Juno: maintenance of fairness in dealings with partners; (am I getting a fair deal in terms of cost or price?)
Neptune: Deception; vulnerability; oil

Businesses (Apollon) associated with oil (Neptune); deceptive (Neptune) schemes linked with  commerce (Apollon).

The price of oil.

To see governments or authorities indulge in “dirty business” or hidden activities.

Deception/pretense/subterfuge masks the early stage of malicious intent . (combine with Juno and we are looking at financial consequences.)

Progressing the eclipse chart to Nov.27, the date of the news, brings the Neptune leg of the Grand Trine to the descendant triggering the configuration.

References for TNPs and asteroids


The world’s first monopoly over a strategic resource was John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, and it made him and all his heirs billionaires. The commercial development of oil remains in the hands of a few multinational corporations, and their dominance determines our collective political realities. Their campaign donations get favored politicians elected, which in turn shape the environmental regulations, foreign policy, and energy policy.

The first commercial oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania by an innovative pioneer named Colonel Edwin Drake in 1859. The horoscope for this event is rectified to 7:56 am; August 28, 1859; Titusville, PA. The Sun [4vi] was conjunct the star Thuban of Draco. [1]

Nick Fiorenza describes the influence of Thuban as below:

Thuban of Draco, in the far northern heavens, just north of Alioth, was Earth’s pole star circa 2600 BC, near the “tear of the Bear,” a point in Earth’s ~25,000-year “evolutionary cycle of the soul” at which time a turning and fractioning occurred in the hierarchical powers governing Earth. This dramatized the separation between those choosing to fight for a greater evolutionary vision and those wanting to maintain totalitarian control of the Earth.

Shown here is the precessed Solar Return chart for the discovery of oil progressed to Nov. 27 at Vienna,  the date and venue of the OPEC meeting. Notice that Neptune transiting opposite the radix Sun forms a T-square with the Ascendant. Since the Sun is conjunct Thuban, the issues mentioned above are still working secretly.

Phillip Hughes: Australian batsman dies

Australia Test batsman Phillip Hughes has died aged 25, two days after being struck on the top of the neck by a ball during a domestic match in Sydney. Australia team doctor Peter Brukner said he passed away in hospital, never regaining consciousness. Hughes, who also played for Hampshire, Middlesex and Worcestershire, was hit by a delivery from bowler Sean Abbott. "It's an understatement to say we're completely devastated," said Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland. BBC; Nov.27

A chart for the current New Moon of Nov. 22 at Sydney is shown here. Notice that the New Moon [0sa] in Sagittarius is placed in the 5th house connected with sports [1]. It is conjunct the star Kornephoros, beta Herculis [1sa]. With strongman Hercules providing courage, energy, physicality and a daring all-or-nothing that needs and seeks expression, many here become dancers, acrobats and sports champions (a Latin epithet for Hercules was saltator, “leaper”), but some lacking a sense of moderation, may “go for broke”, risking their health and/or their reputations in their headlong passion to win. Diana Rosenberg lists “sports injuries” under this star.

The Sun is conjunct Saturn [26sc] and square Neptune [4pi]. Saturn is conjunct epsilon Serpentis [25sc] in the neck of the Serpent and omicron Lupi [24sc] referred to as “The Beast of Death”. It is reported that Phillip Hughes collapsed after being hit by a cricket ball at the top of his neck and the base of the skull [2].

Resonating with the theme of death is Neptune is the eighth house associated with death. In addition Neptune is conjunct the Chinese asterism  Wei that presided over death, demise, dangers and misfortunes. 


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Scientists Discover a New Way to Predict Blood Cancer

Boston, MA. Wednesday, November 26, 2014 -- Researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard-affiliated hospitals have uncovered an easily detectable, "pre-malignant" state in the blood that significantly increases the likelihood that an individual will go on to develop blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myelodysplastic syndrome. The discovery, which was made independently by two research teams affiliated with the Broad and partner institutions, opens new avenues for research aimed at early detection and prevention of blood cancer. Findings from both teams appear this week in the New England Journal of Medicine.

What is Translation of Light?

Translation of light (also known as transfer of light) is a specific type of configuration that occurs when a fast moving planet separates from an exact aspect with one planet and then applies to an exact aspect with another planet.   In this way the fast moving planet is said to “transfer the light” between the planet that it is separating from and the planet that it is applying to.

Translation of light was originally developed in the early Medieval tradition in order to provide a means by which planets that are not aspecting each other could still be connected.  As a result of this, translation of light is usually invoked when the faster moving planet is connecting two planets that are otherwise either not aspecting each other or are separating from an exact aspect with each other [1].

Using this understanding of the translation of light we can see that the current New Moon of Nov. 22 is conjunct Saturn and square Neptune. In other words the New Moon brings to sharp focus a Saturn-Neptune square that is the process of forming. The phenomenon becomes very significant for Boston since the New Moon is placed on the Ascendant. For readers who use midpoints, the New Moon is in a sharp semisquare aspect to the Saturn-Neptune midpoint. Medical astrology recognizes the connection of Saturn-Neptune to blood disorders as the following reference indicates.

Saturn transits to Neptune can involve deep-seated toxicity of the blood and lymph [2].

Saturn [26sc] is conjunct the star mu Serpentis [26sc], the huge Serpent with which the shaman-healer Ophiuchus is shown struggling.

Ophiuchus, or Serpentarius, the Serpent-holder, the Serpent Bearer, the Serpent Wrestler, or the Snake Charmer, is depicted holding a snake, the snake is represented by the constellation Serpens. Ophiuchus is identified with Aesculapius (Asklepios, Asclepius), an ancient physician who grew so skilled in the craft of healing that he was able to restore the dead to life. However, because this was a crime against the natural order, Zeus destroyed him with a thunderbolt. [3]

Neptune [5pi] is conjunct the stars of the Indian asterism Satabhisaj. Satabhisaj means Requiring a Hundred Physicians suggesting an illness very hard to cure. Neptune is also conjunct stars of Pegasus, the Flying Horse that in mythology freed Andromeda from the jaws of the sea monster Cetus. Here it may be referring to “scientific discoveries” [4] that could free mankind from the eternal curse of the dreaded disease Cancer.

Recent work by Martha Wescott [5] has established that the asteroids Virchow and Handley are specifically linked to the disease cancer. Here we find Handley [5vi] with the asteroid Aesculapia [4vi] which refers to sickness and physicians opposite Neptune [5pi]. On Nov. 26, the date of the news announcement, the transit Sun [4sa] completes a T-square with Aesculapia-Handley and Neptune.

Notice that a chart drawn for the exact Sun-Neptune square at Boston has the planets and the asteroids Aesculapia-Handley placed sharply on the angles confirming our analysis.

[4] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, 690-92)
[5] Tools of the Trade; July 2013

US legitimacy waning over 9/11 hoax

A retired US Army general says America should hold public hearings to investigate 9/11 and the wars it triggered. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, a leader of the US campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, made the comments during an exclusive interview with Truth Jihad Radio. Gen. Bolger is the author of the explosive new book Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Nov 25.

Shown here is Solar Return (precessed) for the US Sibly  progressed to Nov.25, the date of the news. The elements in the Grand Cross straddling the angles can be interpreted as below:

Kronos-Zeus-Hades: Authorities admit mistakes  in connection with military action and call for investigation. [1]

With Pluto on the descendant are the asteroids are Hidalgo and Icarus both retrograde. Retrograde entities refer to the past. When Hidalgo [2] is retrograde there are secrets or others do not “come right out with it.” There is something dishonest or “in the closet”. Combined with Pluto, one pleads the Fifth Amendment; feeling that disclosure will give others the upper hand. The asteroid Icarus [2] is linked to aircrafts and retrograde Icarus with Pluto refers to radical events from the past involving aircrafts.

On the progressed Ascendant are the  TNPs Kronos [1]  and Hades [1].  Here Hades  is conjunct the star Tejat, mu Gemini about which Nick Fiorenza writes:

Tejat brings to the surface that which has been suppressed, we may see parts of our selves that seem rather dark and opposing to our emergence—the fears, hesitancies, and blockages within our selves that we must step through into our paths of fulfillment in the world. Tejat and Dirah invite us to be willing to walk through the shadows of self to claim our power and place in the physical world. The more we express the truth of who we are openly in the world the less forces attempting to suppress that truth have any power.

Does the Name "Strauss-Kahn" Ring a Bell?

The International Monetary Fund has finally admitted that it was wrong to recommend austerity as early as it did in 2010-2011. The IMF now agrees that it should have waited until the US and EU economies were on a sustainable growth-path before advising them to trim their budget deficits and reduce public spending.  According to a report issued by the IMF’s research division, the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO):  “IMF advocacy of fiscal consolidation proved to be premature for major advanced economies, as growth projections turned out to be optimistic…This policy mix was less than fully effective in promoting recovery and exacerbated adverse spillovers.”

What’s so disingenuous about the IMF’s apology,  is that the bank knew exactly what the effects of its policy would be, but stuck with its recommendations to reward its constituents.  That’s what really happened. The only reason it’s trying to distance itself from those decisions now, is to make the public think it was all  just a big mistake.

To understand the astrology behind this news we will look at the chart for the Lunar Eclipse of April 15, 2014 drawn for Washington DC where  the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is headquartered. Here the eclipse falls in the eighth house. In  mundane astrology the eighth house  is connected with national debts and financial agreements between countries – an area that is the domain of the IMF.

The Full Moon [25li]  is conjunct the stars Spica, alpha Virgo , the Virgin and Arcturus, alpha Bootis, the herdsman or shepherd. To the Arabs he was Al Haris al Soma, Protector of Heaven  and Al Haris al Samak, Protector of the Defenceless One. In addition, the Moon [25li] is conjunct the dwarf planet Haumea [20li].  Haumea appears to motivate action to reorient the current  destructive use of power and resources by those in authority into a nurturing force that supports and protects life, home and family for all.

The  Full Moon [25li] makes a sesquisquare aspect to the Venus-Neptune conjunction . Neptune [6pi] is conjunct alpha (α) Piscis Austrinus, Fomalhaut, [4pi]  a reddish star in the mouth of the Southern Fish, Piscis Austrinus  while Venus [10pi] is conjunct stars in the Water-pourer’s urn. The Southern Fish is usually depicted on star maps at the feet of Aquarius, where it swallows up the water poured from his urn. Symbolically, the combination is  referring to taking care of  the needy.

Progressing the eclipse chart to Nov. 25, the date of the news, aligns a powerful Grand Cross with the angles. The elements of the Cross are delineated by Martha Wescott as below:

People's power and control needs will  cause a lot of unfairness to others.

Leaders, executives or experts make mistakes or discuss the past; to see that people in authority indulge in “dirty business” or hidden activities; leaders (or their actions) are responsible for the poverty and difficulty of others.

Finally note that the progressed Ascendant is conjunct the stars of  Corvus, the Raven.  The classical myths that relate to this constellation speak of shameful motives, insincerity, trickery and deceit, glorification in the misfortune of others, and the bearing of bad news.

In brief, having gone against the message of the eclipse, the progression of the angles to the transformative Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross brings to light the issues hidden so far by the IMF.

Jupiter on the progressed MC is in the midst of the Gemini twins and conjoins Sirius and Canopus, two extremely significant stars. In ancient China, Sirius was known as the “Wolf Star” and associated with avarice, greed, thievery and looting. On the other hand, Canopus,  navigator of the Argo, in its older derivation is the Egyptian Kahi Nub, meaning "Golden Earth"—representative of the vision of abundance and plenty held for our beloved Earth by this helmsman.

If we recall Ebertin’s key phrase for Uranus-Pluto – the collapse of an old order and the beginning of a new one – the purpose of the Grand Cross becomes clear. It is pushing for a major change in the leadership, forcing them to recognize the need to get past self-serving shameful motives and begin to truly serve the masses.

So now the IMF wants to throw a little dust in everyone’s eyes by making it look like it was a big goof-up by well-meaning but misguided bankers. And the media is helping them by its omissions. Let me explain: Of the more than 455 articles on Google News covering the IMF’s mea culpa, not one piece refers to the man who was the IMF’s Managing Director at the time in question. Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd? Why would the media scrub any mention of Dominique Strauss-Kahn from its coverage? Could it be that (according to NPR): “The IMF’s managing director wanted to give Greece, Portugal and Ireland the time needed to put their accounts in order, and he also argued for softening the austerity measures associated with the bailouts for those countries.

Fortunately we have Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s horoscope [1] with an “AA” rating – meaning that the time of birth can be relied upon. So here we will  look at his progressed solar return for Nov. 25, when as the news article claims, he has been vindicated. Notice the same Grand Cross discussed above on the angles!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

CNN’s Amanpour show edits out criticism by RT host

The Virgin and the Crow

Last week, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour invited RT’s Anissa Naouai to discuss what the US channel called ‘a heated propaganda war’ by the Russian government. But it never showed viewers Naouai’s criticism of Amanpour’s own propaganda exercises. Naouai, host of RT’s  In The Now, was invited to speak along with Mikhail Kasyanov, a former Russian prime minister and a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin’s policies. RT Nov.24

To understand the astrology behind this interesting piece of news we will look at the chart for the last lunar eclipse of October 8 at Moscow, Russia. Notice that the eclipse Moon is placed in the third house conjunct Uranus which is square Pluto as part of a Grand Cross. The TNP Poseidon is on the MC and anchored to the Hades-Kronos end of the Grand Cross and to Venus through a sharp semisextile.

Third House Rulership
National rumours, propaganda. The press. All means of disseminating news and information such as the post office, communication networks, computers, telephones, faxes, newspapers, magazines, emails, publications, literature, periodicals and television [1]

Martha Wescott provides the following delineation for the elements of the chart.

HADES: Disgust/distaste; debilitation or deterioration.
POSEIDON: ideological or moral stances; spread of ideas; propaganda; ethics; the media.
KRONOS: Experts, leaders; those in authority (with Venus..women)
PLUTO:  Urge for dominance; control needs; psychological power;  emotional taffy in relationships; compulsions; pushed to Authenticity; a person's "bottom line" (and primitive defenses)
ZEUS: Restrained or creative fire/energy; enthusiasm; controlled & directed forces (thus both planning and controlling strong emotions;)
URANUS: Friends, friendship & group dynamics; sudden or unusual; abrupt.

Kronos-Poseidon: A famous or leading TV personality; awareness  of the ethics, business practices and morality of leaders, experts,  famous people and those in positions of authority.

Hades-Poseidon: Individuals or the media can use propaganda (or their own  brand of Right) as a tool to misguide or as a means for slander.

Pluto-Uranus: Unexpected reactions based on resentments, ultimatums or threats to control; power struggles with friends or within groups.

Pluto-Zeus:  To recognize psychological “triggers” – the way that people and events can set off strong defences, control needs, buried emotions and archetypes.

Progressing the eclipse chart to Nov. 24, the date of the news, brings the Grand Cross to the angles triggering the dynamics of the entire configuration.

Finally we need to note that the Sun-Venus end of the Cross is conjunct Algorab, delta Corvus, the Crow and stars of the Virgin.

Corvus is the Latin name for both the raven and the crow and these two birds are usually paired together in mythology. From the same family, their obvious intelligence and ingenuity, as well as their distinctive caw, has given them a widespread association with trickery, storytelling, the relaying of messages, and the serving of self-interest. But the colour of their plumage has also drawn a universal connection with malevolence, sinister forces, and ominous warnings. The stars of Corvus share this reputation and the classical myths that relate to the constellation speak of mistrust, shameful motives, insincerity, glorification in the misfortune of others, and the bearing of bad news [2].

The Crow is a talking bird, and these are people in love with gossip, tidings, what’s happening, what’s new, what’s up – many journalists, newsmen and media people are born under these stars. Gutsy and intellectually curious they often reach positions of power and influence but weakness of character and poor judgement can cause them to become nasty, destructive and even malevolent. The worst of them become greedy, scavenging and exploiting opportunists.  But also here are the stars of the Virgin which longs for “truth” and “purity”. Both the stars of the Crow and the Virgin are  in tropical Libra which seeks a sense of balance [3].

[3] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.78-80)