Saturday, 31 January 2015

Ancient Siberian brain surgery techniques revealed

Russian neurosurgeons alongside anthropologists and archaeologists have carried out pioneering tests to better understand how incredible operations on skulls were conducted more than 2,000 years ago. Experts at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography united with prominent Russian neurosurgeons for a series of tests that revealed the exceptional skillfulness of ancient doctors, equipped only with primitive tools, The Siberian Times reported on Thursday (Jan.29). The research followed last year’s discovery in the Altai Mountains of three ancient sets of remains, which are about 2,300 to 2,500 years old and are believed to belong to members of the Pazyryk nomadic tribe. The skulls of two men and a woman had holes in them, so scientists suggested that they were examples of trepanation, the oldest form of neurosurgery.

The Institute of Archeology and Ethnography is located in Novosibirsk, Russia. This news is best understood if we start with the chart for the Full Moon eclipse of October 8, 2014 at Novosibirsk. The eclipse  had a Sun-Venus conjunction opposite Moon-Uranus. The Sun was the lord of the eighth and Venus the lord of the sixth.

The eighth house with its rulership over rebirth,  regeneration and the removal or discarding of useless things has also be linked to surgery [1] while the sixth house has rulership over illness and disease [2]. Uranus [14ar] and the Moon [15ar] are conjunct the star Alpheratz. Alpha (α) Andromeda, Alpheratz, is a star on the Chained Woman's head. On the MC is the star Ras Alhague. Alpha (α) Ophiuchus, Ras Alhague, is a sapphire star on the head of the Physician/ Healer. Meanwhile, on the Ascendant are the stars of the ancient Mother-Physician Gula. Among other things, Diana Rosenberg links this area to “fossil and archaeological discoveries and major technological and scientific advances”. So with these planets and stars involved it is not too difficult to see that the eclipse was promising a major archaeological discovery in connection with ancient methods of head related surgeries.

All that remains now is to check whether the eclipse was activated on January 29, the date of the news report. When we progress the chart to this date we find the eclipse along with Venus-Uranus reaches a conjunction to the meridian thereby triggering the event.

Migrants besiege Fortress Calais

Thousands of people are living in makeshift camps in Calais hoping that one day they will make it to the UK. Many once had good jobs - but fleeing from war and persecution most now have no money, and little dignity, in a town that is fed up with them. BBC; Jan.31

This news story is best understood if we start with the chart for the solar eclipse of Oct. 23, 2014 drawn for Calais, France.  The eclipse [0sc25]  was placed in the 4th house square the horizon axis and conjunct the star Miaplacidus. Beta (β) Carina, Miaplacidus, is a star in the Keel of the great Ship Argo Navis [1]. By association a Ship refers to migration or migrants as Nick Fiorenza confirms more specifically for this star.

Miaplacidus is the second most important star of the Argo, after Canopus. "Mia" is of greater universal flowing waters of Source and "Placidus" is of grid-navigational-mapping. Miaplacidus involves the navigational mapping of cosmic evolutionary currents—evolutionary intelligence and how it expresses in time and space. Miaplacidus is of Astronomical-Earthgrid mapping, navigation, inner-dimensional travel, and related art-sciences and environments that support our greater evolutionary journeys in life. Living at or traveling to the right locations at the proper times in our lives is of significance to be in proper (space-time) harmony.

Progressing the eclipse chart to Jan.31, the date of the news, brings the eclipse to a square with the meridian, triggering news connected with migrants and migration.


Friday, 30 January 2015

Blaze devastates Russian academic library

Phoenix Burning

One of Russia's largest academic libraries, which contains millions of unique historical documents, has gone up in flames in Moscow. A part of the building’s roof collapsed before dozens of fire fighters managed to contain the blaze. The fire erupted at around 10 p.m. local time (7 p.m. GMT) on the third floor of the Academic Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) in Moscow. According to the Ministry of Emergencies, some 2,000 square meters were engulfed in flames, forcing the roof to cave in. Jan 31;

The current chart for Russia is set for December 25, 1991, at 5:19:40 pm GMT or (other source) 5:25 pm GMT (flag up), in Moscow [1]. The directed Solar Arc Ascendant [14vi35] is exactly conjunct Jupiter [14vi35]. Both these are conjunct the star Mizar [16vi].

Zeta (ζ) Ursa Major, Mizar, is a double star, possibly binary, brilliant white and pale emerald on the Tail of the Great Bear. It has a well known connection  to catastrophic fires.

Supposedly, Mizar portends a Mars nature. The reputation of Mizar, if it is in maximal position in a mundane map, is that of being connected with fires of a catastrophic extent and mass calamities. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.55.]

So what happened on Jan. 30 to set off this important solar arc direction. The first trigger is transit Mars [14pi] opposite Jupiter [14vi]. Note that Mars-Mercury-Jupiter are square in the radix and Mars is ruler of the 9th house so that along with Mercury it is connected to books, libraries and places of learning. The second trigger is the diurnal Ascendant for Jan.30 which works out to 14Virgo once again conjunct Jupiter. Among other things Mars is linked to fires and accidents and Jupiter itself has a connection to higher learning so that a fire in a library can be expected.

More specifically transit Mars [14pi] is conjunct Ankaa [15pi].

Alpha (α) Phoenix, Ankaa, is a star on the neck of the mythical Phoenix. The phoenix in mythology is said to live for 500 or 1000 years. At the end of its life, it builds and settles on a nest or funeral pyre of spices, and when the sun reaches its apex, the heat of its rays ignites the nest and the phoenix perishes in the flames. Another story says it lights the fire by striking a rock with its beak and fans the flames with its wings. Three days later from its own ashes a little worm crawls forth which became the new phoenix. [2]

Finally, we look at the mundane planetary conjunction of Sun with retrograde Mercury that was exact on Jan.30. A chart for this conjunction at Moscow has it placed very significantly on the horizon axis with the prominent T-square of Uranus-Pluto-Zeus straddling the meridian.  Uranus [13ar] is conjunct zeta Cephei –  in the King’s Crown.  Cepheus was known to the Romans as “inflammatus” and linked to devastating fires and we also know that  the TNP Zeus is  connected to fires. So whichever way we look at it, the fire was waiting to happen.

Poroshenko may be overthrown in February

Arseniy Yatsenyuk already gave orders to conduct an information campaign against the Ukrainian president. Arsen Avakov is collecting compromising information on Poroshenko. A Ridus Exclusive. Chairman of Novorossia Parliament Oleg Tsarev gave an exclusive interview to Ridus. He said why the Kiev US embassy puppetmasters, together with Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, and the odious oligarch Kolomoysky who is always chasing dollars, want to see Poroshenko overthrown with every fiber of their beings.

"Petro Poroshenko was sworn as Ukraine's President on 7 June 2014 at10:19:38 LMT (07:19:38 GMT) and sealed the oath with his signature at 10:20:42 LMT”. [1]. This data from Skyscript can become the basis for the horoscope of the new Ukranian government in Kiev.

With Saturn entering 1 degree Sagittarius, in early January, it formed a quindecile aspect with the radix Sun [16ge]. Noel Tyl [2] explains the quindecile aspect thus “165 is an aspect of unrelenting motivation, obsession, determination, upheaval, disruption, even separation”. The upsurge in violence in January appears to be confirmed by this transit. Since Saturn will leave this position only by end September 2015, we cannot reasonably expect an improvement in the situation if  Poroshenko remains in power.

 However, it is just likely that in the first half of February there is some new upset in the government probably forced by the rebel action. The reason for this shown in the chart below which represents the progression of the swearing-in  chart to February 12. Notice that the Grand Cross containing the Uranus-Pluto square aligns with the horizon axis. Since the leading edge of the square is Hades [3cn] and the separating edge is Uranus [16ar] the effective period extends from Feb. 3 to Feb. 15.

China brings Buddhism back from the cold

Could China be bringing Tibetan Buddhism in from the cold? There are new signs that while a crackdown on Tibetan nationalism continues, the atheist state may be softening its position towards the religion - and even the Dalai Lama. That a former senior Communist Party official would invite the BBC into his home might, to most foreign journalists in China, seem an unlikely prospect. Especially if that official was rumoured to have close links to the Chinese leadership and to have worked closely with the country's security services. BBC

The People's Republic of China was formally established on October 1, 1949, 3:01:36 pm CCT, Beijing, China. This data is the basis for China’s mundane horoscope [1]. Among the most important progressions are always those of the Sun, Moon and the angles. Here we find that the progressed solar arc Ascendant [7ar]  and Moon [8ar] have reached the opposition to the Sun [8li] and the TNP Poseidon [9li] linked with religion and spirituality. Both these are placed in the 8th house. Psychological astrology  refers to the 8th as a house of inner transformation and growth. Here the Sabian symbol [2] for the Sun  and the current New Moon are very relevant.

Phase 188 (Libra 8) : A Blazing Fireplace in a Deserted Home.
Keynote: The need to realize that even through the most empty hours a spiritual power is ever ready to welcome and warm up a wayward consciousness returning to center.

Until the fire of the Soul within the human psyche totally dies out – a rare and tragic occurrence – there is always hope of recovery and rebeginning. Many disciples find themselves compelled to abandon their spiritual quest, even after having had sense of essential being. Within the abandoned great dream, some intangible and warm “presence” remains: the ever present hope of a new beginning.

Also , notice that the current New Moon [0aq09] fell on the Ascendant [1aq52]. The Sabian for the New Moon completes the picture [2].

Phase 301 (Aquarius 1): An Old Adobe Mission in California

This symbol stresses the enduring character of spiritual achievements  ensouled by a great vision.

Finally, take a look at the current “Capsolar” (sidereal Capricorn Ingress of the Sun). Placed prominently on the Ascendant and IC are Jupiter and the TNP Poseidon – both connected with religion and spirituality. Martha Wescot’s delineation for Poseidon on the IC is:

To seek  sanctuary and emotional solace in beliefs or spirituality or in private meditation or spiritual practice.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Two Eagles balloon crew sets record

Two pilots soaring over the Pacific Ocean have made history by surpassing an official world distance record for human flight in a gas balloon. The Two Eagles pilots, Troy Bradley of Albuquerque and Leonid Tiukhtyaev of Russia, flew more than 5,260 miles (8,465 kilometres) to put themselves in contention for the record.It still needs to be ratified by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, a process than can take weeks. The rules of international aviation require the current record of 5,209 miles (8,383 kilometres) to be exceeded by at least 1% to establish a record. Bradley and Tiukhtyaev set out to best both distance and duration records with their flight from Saga, Japan, which began shortly before 6.30am on Sunday (Jan.25), Japan time. The Guardian;

To understand the astrology behind this event we   look at the chart for the New Moon of Jan. 20 drawn for Saga, Japan. The New Moon was placed in the 5th house linked to adventure sports [1]. It was conjunct the star Tarazed, gamma Aquilae of the Eagle! 

On the Ascendant are the stars iota and alpha Antlia – the air pump – and Markeb of Vela – the billowing sail of the celestial ship Argo. Together they combine to produce an image of an airship [2]!

Symbolic meaning behind removal of US dams

This spring, for the first time in more than two centuries, American shad, striped bass, and river herring may spawn in White Clay Creek, a tributary of the Delaware River in northern Delaware. Early one morning last month, a five-person crew waded into the frigid creek and pulled down most of a timber-and-stone dam that had blocked the river's flow since the early years of the Revolutionary War.

The White Clay Creek dam was the first ever removed in the state of Delaware, but it was far from the only one removed in the United States last year. On Tuesday, the conservation group American Rivers announced that 72 dams were torn down or blown up in 2014, restoring some 730 miles of waterways from California to Pennsylvania.

To the magus, there exists no accidental happening…everything is established solidly by that law which the wise man discerns in happenings that appear accidental to the profane. The curve observed in the flight of birds, the barking of a dog, the shape of a cloud, are occult manifestations of that omnipresent, coordinator, the source of unity and harmony.

This quote from Karl Seligmann lays the basis for a symbolic understanding of events. To delve deeper into the metaphorical meaning of this news we start with the chart for the First Quarter Moon phase drawn for Washington,DC. As we have seen in the past, when stars that form the backdrop to the Moon resonate with those on the angles, events are likely to have a pronounced signature. Here the Moon and the descendant are conjunct stars in the constellation of the celestial river Eridanus. More specifically, the descendant is conjunct theta (θ) Eridanus, Acamar, [24ar].

About this star Nick Fiorenza writes:

Acamar, Theta 1,2 of ERIDANUS, is a primary stop or stoppage along the long and winding river of Life. Acamar is the dam, and indicates that emergence from the belly of Cetus (the technobureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness) requires a breakthrough that will lead us from the foul digestive juices of Cetus and into a greater freedom of being. Alignments here can fool one in thinking the forging they have just gone through in the belly, and their emergence marks the end of their journey, when in fact it is but the door merely opening to be worthy to begin the real work. Alignments here can also manifest as aliments due to the denial to pursue the physical clearing required to purge what has been taken on through our earlier journeys in life.

In other words both literally and metaphorically, the American people are being asked to clear away the “dams” that have prevented the flow of the “living” waters. Metaphorically, this can also refer to the possible release from the current economic stagnation caused by the “damming up” of resources by the top 1 %. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ukraine's Government Is Losing Its War

On January 27th, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense headlined “Militants Continue to Suffer Losses,” and reported that four helicopters, and other weapons of the “militants,” were destroyed in battle, but no evidence was given to support the assertion. Just two days prior, the (also pro-Government) Kiev Post had, in fact, bannered “Ukraine Hides Devastating Losses as Russia-Backed Fighters Surge Forward,” and reported “Ukraine’s worst-kept secret — that the Ukrainian army is drastically understating its casualties.”

In this post we will  see how both  (a) the Ukraine chart  and (b) the Ukraine and US Sibly Davison Relationship (DRC)  carry an ominous warning. We first look at the current asteroid and TNP solar arc to radix Sun in the Ukraine chart. All delineations are from Martha Wescott Lang.


Ukraine - Natal Chart
 24 Aug 1991, 14:31, +0:00
 Kiev Ukraine, 50°N26', 030°E31'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: SA_asteroids

Kro (7)    SSq         Sun (8)    (X)          Sa-Na      1 Jun 2015                              15°Cn56' D             00°Vi56' D
Siva (8)   Cnj          Sun (8)    (X)          Sa-Na      3 Nov 2015                             00°Vi56' D              00°Vi56' D

*** END REPORT ***

I  think you will also be reminded that "the folks high up the ladder can  be destroyed and that authority and success can become destructive--or  turned to destructive ends".  Part  of the idea here is how the "ultimate" creative-destructive cycle is  enacted through governments and leaders.

The second dynamic report is the solar arc progressions in the Ukraine-US DRC


sibley – Ukraine
 Relationship - Davison
 29 Jan 1884 NS, 06:22:49, GMT +0:00
 Midpoint in Space, 45°N11'34'', 022°W19'25''
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: SA to asteroids

Sun (6)    Opp         Toro (12) (X)          Sa-Co      3 May 2015                             17°Ge42' D             17°Sg42' D
Sun (6)    Sqq          Niobe (2) (X)          Sa-Co      12 Dec 2015                            18°Ge17' D             03°Aq17' D

*** END REPORT ***


Sorrows will be experienced because one's “children” or other people are  abused or bullied/abusive or bullies, and you may be aware, as well, of  people who react to wounded pride with an exaggerated anger.  There's a  chance too that you will be aware that people can have a good bit of  their ego tied into their physical strength (or ability to compete or  "have their way" with others,) and that "life" has somehow managed to  call them on the carpet--humble them about this very issue.  People can  likewise have insights about what abusive behaviors have done to their  pride--and whether, because of pride, they will acknowledge an abusive  situation.

The above delineations are self-explanatory. The US is seeing its protégé, the illegal Ukrainian Govt.,  receive a drubbing from Russian backed separatists.


Astrological Keywords l
Astrological Keywords ll

Israel expels veterans who refused to spy in Palestinian territories

Israel's top military electronic surveillance unit expelled dozens of veterans on Monday for refusing to spy on Palestinians living under occupation, Army Radio said. The commander of Unit 8200, named as Brigadier-General "A", barred the 43 reserve soldiers who wrote to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and top army chiefs in September, saying they could no longer serve in the unit, the radio said. Coming a few weeks after Israel's 50-day war against Islamist militants in the Gaza Strip, the letter was seen as an unprecedented rebuke of Netanyahu's security policies but the military dismissed it as a publicity stunt by a small fringe.  The Guardian; Jan. 27;

The January 20, 2015 New Moon occured just as Mercury stationed to begin its retrograde. Stars setting the theme for this lunar cycle include Anser of the Vulpecula the fox; Alpha and Beta Sagitta, the missile of Zeus; and Altair, Eye of the Eagle. The Eagle combines with Sagitta, the missile to produce an apt symbol for the military. In this context, the fox represents cunning, covert or manipulative operations of the military.

At Tel Aviv, Israel,  the New Moon puts a Grand Cross on the angles which we shall see resonates with  the New Moon theme.  First the combination Hades-Zeus refers to the secret (Hades) actions of the military (Zeus) so that it is a direct reference to spies. On the other hand, the Uranus-Pluto square represents the archetypal clash: courageous/warrior-like actions of individuals on behalf of the people's liberties (Uranus in Aries) vs. an intensification/consolidation of power by institutional structures facing threats to their authority (Pluto in Capricorn). So it shouldn’t be surprising if we find the spies rebelling against what they are being asked to do in Palestine.

Finally, the Sabian symbol for Zeus [17li28] seems to sum up the issue.

Sabian  Phase 198 [18libra]: Two men placed under arrest.

The individual whose actions introduce unacceptable principles into the established order runs the risk of being punished or reformed according to this order. The problem for society is how to include in its patterns of order agencies or channels for transformation; for individuals it is how to make their transforming vision or impulse acceptable to society.

As we have seen several times in the past, there can be more than one indicator for an important event. Just a few days back we had a Mars-Saturn square (Jan.15)  followed by a Mars-Neptune conjunction (Jan 20). Among areas governed by these planets we have: Mars (military); Saturn (Government) and Neptune (spies; compassion for victims) so that the three together can be saying that military spies refuse to follow the orders of the Government because of a feeling of compassion for the suffering victims. Shown here is the chart for the Mars-Neptune conjunction at Tel-Aviv. Notice that the combination Mars-Saturn-Neptune becomes important for Tel Aviv since it straddles the meridian axis. On the MC is the newly discovered TNO Orcus [6vi]. Not much is known about Orcus. However, Philip Sedgwick illustrates the nature of Orcus through a news story [1]. Around the time the event unfolded Orcus was transiting the US Sibly Sun.

Consider the instance of Sgt. Charles Jenkins, US Army. When one enters U.S. military service a rather stringent oath declaring unending faithfulness to the United States and sacrificial service to her must be repeated out loud - just the kind of thing that might catch the watchful ear of Orcus. At approximately 2:30 A.M. on January 5,1965, Jenkins disappeared in the DMZ of Korea while checking out a noise during a night patrol. Ultimately he ended up in the hands of North Korean authorities, became a pawn in the propaganda war, and was released thirty-nine years later only to face court martial and imprisonment. Allegedly, the Army’s sentence of thirty days was a hand slap. Jenkins contends he was captured. The U.S. Army determined he deserted, punishing him for breaking his oath.

Personally, one can expect when Orcus transits or when natal Orcus takes transiting influences that accountability for one’s word will be the dominant stimulus. Others will challenge personal declarations, promises made and even doctrines to which one previously declared allegiance. Still, working with the influences, one can create creeds that change one’s life for the better. The declared intention to reform flawed ways and to adopt an inspired, progressively minded life style appeases Orcus.

Notice how this story from Philip Sedgwick mirrors with our current story.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

World's Longest Snake Has Virgin Birth

Virgin birth has been documented in the world's longest snake for the first time, a recent study says. An 11-year-old reticulated python named Thelma produced six female offspring in June 2012 at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky, where she lives with another female python, Louise. No male had ever slithered anywhere near the 200-pound (91-kilogram), 20-foot-long (6 meters) mother snake.

New DNA evidence, published in July in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, revealed that Thelma is the sole parent, said Bill McMahan, the zoo's curator of ectotherms, or cold-blooded animals. National Geographic; Oct. 23, 2014; 

The eclipse luminaries fall on the Venus-Uranus axis. Here Venus, the ruler of the eighth house, is opposite Uranus, the ruler of the fifth. The eighth house is commonly referred to as the house of sex [1] while the fifth house is linked to procreation and children [2]. This highlights the issue mentioned in the news – sex for procreation. But it is only when we notice that Venus [10li] is conjunct the stars Vindemiatrix, epsilon Virginis [10li] and Porrima, gamma Virginis [10li] in the constellation of the Virgin that the miracle becomes clear!

Progressing the eclipse chart to October 23, 2014 aligns the horizon axis with the eclipse and the Venus-Uranus opposition triggering the news.

Zakharchenko: Retaining one’s humanity in war

International observers report of growing panic in Kiev in connection with the successful counteroffensive of the separatists near Donbass. Over a week of fighting the partisans have delivered a heavy blow to the Ukrainian forces. The group of Ukrainian fighters in Donbas suffered huge losses, the soldiers are demoralized, the officers are confused and unable to control the situation. Ukrainian military leadership is seriously concerned of a new encirclement near Debaltsevo, as well as in other areas.

Shown here is the chart for the Full Moon lunar eclipse of April 15, 2014 drawn for Debaltsevo. Notice that the eclipse luminaries are anchored to the powerful Grand Cross and square the horizon axis. This makes the eclipse significant for Debaltsevo as also for other places like Donetsk that are close by in longitude. The Ascendant is conjunct the star Castor, alpha Gemini of the Twins who are inseparable and yet are often shown fighting each other. The eclipse Moon [25li]  was conjunct the stars Spica, [24li] alpha Virgo, the Virgin and Arcturus, [24li] alpha Bootis, the herdsman or shepherd. To the Arabs, Arcturus  was Al Haris al Soma, Protector of Heaven  and Al Haris al Samak, Protector of the Defenceless One (Spica). Bootes is often portrayed as a Shepherd who cares for flock and at times looking out for those animals which may have been lost. The eclipse is also conjunct the newly discovered planet Haumea about which Nick Fiorenza writes.

Haumea’s propensity is to intercede with dynamic motion from a state of equilibrium and poise to support a new and wholistic birth in consciousness, one in which the feminine has autonomy to act in accord with nature and the natural world, and to express a new level of awareness about what is truly life supportive, especially regarding the use of the fundamental primordial forces of life. Haumea also appears to motivate action to reorient world powers’ militaristic destructive use of power and resources into a nurturing force that supports and protects life, home and family; and that aids humanity’s emergence into a spiritually and primordial aware state of being

Now for a moment let us turn our attention to a video clip  [1] which shows the rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko [2] talking to the mother of a captured Ukranian soldier.  The tone is very conciliatory, almost requesting all Ukranian mothers to desist from sending their children to a meaningless war. Does that fit the picture we get from Nick Fiorenza’s description of Haumea? It certainly does. In addition the Sabian symbol adds its seal of confirmation to this picture.

Sabian [26libra]: An eagle and a large white dove turning one into the other.

The only that now remains is to progress the eclipse chart to January 23, the date of the video clip. This brings the Grand Cross to the horizon axis.  The Uranus-Pluto-Zeus element of the Cross resonates with the harsh conditions surrounding the war in which it is easy for anyone to lose his humanity. But  exalted Jupiter  in sympathetic Cancer on the Ascendant trine Venus-Neptune in compassionate Pisces ensures that in the unfolding conflict some people remain in touch with the feeling of brotherhood for even their enemies.

Snowstorm shuts down New York

The Great Storm Bird and the Sun God

New York City, Boston and other areas in the north-eastern US have shut down, with forecasters warning residents to expect "crippling" amounts of snow. Winter Storm Juno could dump up to 60cm (25in) of snow near New York City, and in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Driving bans for all but emergency vehicles are in place in New York and Boston, with subway systems suspended. Jan.27;

Regular readers would by now be familiar with the use of ingress and eclipse charts  on this blogsite. Mundane astrology recognizes the importance of  ingress and eclipse charts.  H.S. Green, is  among the several early 20th century astrologers who also advocated progressing these charts on a daily basis to mark out days when important events  occurred were expected to occur when planets reached a conjunction or aspect to the progressed angles.

We start here with the Full Moon eclipse chart of October 8, 2014 drawn for New York. Notice the prominent T-square on the angles with Sun and Venus on the Ascendant conjunct the stars of Corvus the Raven.

These stars are part of an archaic Chaldean lunar mansion whose patron god was Zu or  Im-dugud-khu, “The Great Storm Bird” or “Storm Bird of the Evil Wind”  and China’s  Celestial Chariot T’ien-Tche governed wind. Records show that they were transited at the 1864 Bay of Bengal  cyclone that killed 50,000, the 1881 typhoon that hit Haipong, China, killing thousands; in 1970 when a huge cyclone hit Ganges delta with winds upto 150 kmph and a 50-ft high sea wave : about 300,000 to 500,000 were killed, thousands more died later of typhoid and cholera; in 1979 when 3 twisters combined into one giant tornado and hit Wichita Falls; in 1991 when “Tornado Alley” was hit by several twisters some with winds clocking 450 kmph and many others.

Progressing the chart to Jan.27 brings the progressed horizon axis once again in aspect with the T-square triggering its potential for creating storms.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Greek election: Anti-austerity Syriza battles New Democracy

Greeks are voting in a general election which could result in Greece trying to renegotiate the terms of its bailout with international lenders. The leader of the left-wing Syriza party, Alexis Tsipras, has pledged to write off Greece's huge debt and revoke austerity measures. However, the current conservative prime minister, Antonis Samaras, says the austerity measures are working. He has urged voters not to take Greece to the brink of catastrophe. Greece has endured tough budget cuts in return for its bailout, negotiated with the European Union, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB). BBC; Jan. 25

To understand what is really at stake in this Greek election, I would like to go back to the chart for the current sidereal Cancer Ingress of July 17, 2014 and its progression to Jan.25.  Notice that the Sun is placed in the 8th house which is linked to “national debt and financial relations with foreign countries” [1]. The Sun forms a hard aspect to the Ascendant which is conjunct the star Antares about which Nick Fiorenza writes [2]:

In classical astrology, Antares is the star of war and weaponry, and with expounded meaning, to challenge the established opposing politics (an arena common to the Antares / Aldebaran axis) with tenacious adamancy. This is especially in regard to taking a stand against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions or that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom and fulfillment.

So we can already begin to see that in connection with the national debt, the chart supports action against the established order that no longer serves the interest of the people. A further confirmation comes from the Sun’s conjunction with the asteroid Amor and the TNP Vulkanus. Martha-Wescott gives us following keyphrases and delineation.

AMOR: can you/ should you set boundaries or limits on what happens in the name of love?
VULCANUS: feeling forced to associate; compulsion.

Events and reflections are apt to show you that people really have to  have boundaries; they have to have an imaginary circle around themselves  that only lets certain things come through, that's only willing to have  certain things happen at its perimeter--and that remains in place even  in very pressing circumstances (and in the company of very forceful or  persuasive human beings.)

Just a day before the ingress there was a phenomena called Moon Wobble which I discussed extensively in a post [3] dated July 13, 2014. The following is a summary extract from that post.

On July 16 at 11:22:52 UT, the Sun [23cn52] was square the Mean Node [23li52]. This is a phenomena known as “Moon Wobble”. While it is exact on July 16, 2014 it may be felt for approximately a week on either side.

Moon Wobbles were discovered in the 1930's, when research by astrologer Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980), the original editor of Astrology Magazine, revealed that disasters occur in cycles associated with the conjunction (0°), opposition (180°) and square (90°) from the Sun to the Moon's Node. These powerful contacts occur when the Sun and the Node are in the same sign, or the opposing sign, or when the Sun is in a square aspect to the nodal axis.

During Moon Wobble the instability factor is high, resulting in more accidents, fires, plane crashes, freak accidents, floods, feats of nature, bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, tornadoes, violence, Terrorism, riots, and political and personal upheavals. These Cycles bring suppressed energies in people and Mother Nature to the surface, erupting and disrupting.

 Moon Wobbles are potent archetypal gifts to identify experiential and existential tension. If we have been working on ourselves then this is an opportunity for “spiritual release” from patterns of behaviour that we have now outgrown.

I guess there is enough here to tell us why the Greeks need a break from the EU. If we now progress the chart to Jan.25, the date of the elections, we find that the apex Sun of the Moon Wobble aligns with the horizon triggering a potential change.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Pro-Russian rebels attack key port

KIEV (Reuters) - Pro-Russian rebels launched an offensive against the strategic port of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine on Saturday, prompting the European Union's foreign policy chief to warn of a further "grave deterioration" in EU-Russian relations. Mariupol's city administration said the rebels had killed at least 30 people and injured 83 others by firing rockets from long-range GRAD missile systems. The city of 500,000, on the Sea of Azov, is vital for eastern Ukraine's steel and grain exports and straddles the coastal route from the Russian border to Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula in southern Ukraine seized by Russia last March. Jan.24

Ukraine’s mundane horoscope is based on the proclamation of independence from the USSR. The data given by Nick Campion in his "The Book of World Horoscopes," (Second Edition, 1996), p. 372 is Aug. 24, 1991; 05.31.00 PM BGT (-03); Kiev, Ukraine. Shown here is the current precessed solar return chart for Ukraine. The significant aspect to notice here is the Sun opposite Neptune brought into prominence by its square to the horizon axis. In his book “Mundane or National Astrology”  H.S. Green writes:

The Sun in bad aspect to Neptune
“Unpopularity for the Government; failure of measures; disorder and confusion; the power, reputation, or life of some statesman, prominent person may be in danger, and something in the nature of a downfall or collapse takes place.”

Of late transit Saturn has been squaring the radix Sun. This slow moving transit became potentially violent with the arrival of Mars to an opposition to the  radix Sun and square to transit Saturn in the last few days just around the time Ukraine launched an offensive against the militia at Donetsk airport.

A chart drawn for the exact Mars-Saturn square [January 15; 6:10 UT] at Kiev shows it aligned with the meridian. This not only explains the current flare-up but the Mars conjunction to Neptune tells us why there is so much weakness and confusion on the part of the leadership. If we also remember that Neptune is the ruler of water and the  sea and by contrast Saturn rules all things solid like the land next to the sea  we can understand why the combination  Mars-Saturn-Neptune has brought the war (Mars) to the sea(Neptune)  port (Saturn).

Astrology of the Oscar Awards 2015

The 87th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), is scheduled to take place on February 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.  The Nominees for the best picture are as under:

"American Sniper" (Clint Eastwood)
"Boyhood" (Richard Linklater)
"Birdman" (Alejandro González Iñárritu)
"The Grand Budapest Hotel" (Wes Anderson)
"The Imitation Game" (Morten Tyldum)
"Selma" (Ava DuVernay)
"The Theory of Everything" (James Marsh)
"Whiplash" (Damien Chazelle)

I think the three movies listed below could share honours.

American Sniper
U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) takes his sole mission -- protect his comrades -- to heart and becomes one of the most lethal snipers in American history. His pinpoint accuracy not only saves countless lives but also makes him a prime target of insurgents.

Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 legally desegregated the South, discrimination was still rampant in certain areas, making it very difficult for blacks to register to vote. In 1965, an Alabama city became the battleground in the fight for suffrage. Despite violent opposition, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo) and his followers pressed forward on an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, and their efforts culminated in President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This is a story about a first-year music student (Miles Teller)  who wins a seat behind the drums in a jazz band led by a teacher (J.K. Simmons). The teacher uses fear and intimidation to push his students to perfection.

On the very day of the Oscar Awards we have a Waxing Crescent Moon phase. A chart for this phase drawn for Hollywood is shown here.  Note that there is a very prominent Grand Cross on the angles.

On the IC of the chart with Pluto is the star Nunki. Sigma (σ) Sagittarius, Nunki, is a star on the vane of the arrow in the archer's hand. An archer is an ancient version of a modern day sniper. So this area favours the American Sniper.

With Uranus on the Descendant is the star Alpheratz, alpha Andromeda in the head of chained Princess being raised or freed by Pegasus. This is a picture of freedom from captivity or slavery and would, therefore, fit the theme of Selma.

Finally on the MC is the star Sirius  along with the TNP Hades conjunct the star kappa Aurigae – in the whip hand of  Charioteer. This image of a Charioteer whipping his horses  completely matches the theme of the movie Whiplash!

So what do we have? It is my guess is that these three movies will win several awards in various categories. It is exceeding difficult to say which one is going to win the best picture award. But I think it is a toss between Selma and Whiplash. My reason for saying that is as follows.

On the one hand stars on the MC – the point of greatest honour – favour Whiplash but the Moon another important fast moving significator is conjunct the stars of Andromeda which favours Selma. Perhaps Whiplash will win the best picture category but Selma might take awards in other categories. That is my guess but truly speaking both are favoured by the stars.