Sunday, 31 May 2015

Jade Helm 15: Towards a militarized police state in America

A growing segment of the American population is waking up to the implications of the Jade Helm 15 military operation to be conducted by Special Forces in conjunction with local law enforcement, the FBI, DHS, the DEA and Border Patrol across the entire Southwest. This massive unprecedented exercise will also commence in June ( around June 15) sooner than first announced and last for 10 weeks through the summer till September 15.  The risk of it triggering civil unrest or that it may coincide with a potential false flag scenario followed by another possibly timed crisis situation is both feasible and real, despite mainstream media's ridicule dismissing any such possibilities as pure paranoid conspiracy theory. What we do know for sure is this nation has turned into a militarized police state and that both the military and the government lie all the time.

Jade Helm 15 is scheduled to start in  the Balsamic Moon Phase (Waning Crescent) of June 12. A  chart for the phase at Washington DC is shown here.  Astrologers Nick Fiorenza [1] and Diana Rosenberg [2] describe the dynamics of the stars conjunct the Moon as follows:

Schedar, Alpha Cassiopeia, the head of the Queen, tightly conjoining Hamal, impels an authoritarian expression, with a prideful and arrogant tone, often a head-trip of being lost in the glitter of power upon the human stage. Hamal, Alpha Aries, is the butting horn of the Ram, reveals that the struggles we face in the physical world are due to attempts to forcefully direct our lives or those of others. [1]

Forceful leaders…misuse of power is one of the most frequent failings. [2]

The Sun [22ge] and  Mars [22ge] are conjunct the star Bellatrix [21ge]. Gamma Orion, Bellatrix is a star in the constellation of the Warrior Orion which is often linked to the military [3]. In addition, Sun and Mars are in the 6th house which is associated with the armed forces [4]. To complete the picture, the Sun-Mars combination is in hard aspect to the Moon in the 4th house which is associated with the people [5] who oppose the government (10th) and in this case the deployment of the armed forces (Sun-Mars in 6th).

[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.138-9)

Man gored to death on his New Hampshire farm

State police say Christopher Merrill, 51, was killed by a Scottish Highland bull on his family farm in Hampton Falls. Authorities were notified after Merrill didn't return from tending his cattle last weekend. His body was found in a pasture the day after he was reported missing. Search crews had some difficulty with the cattle as they worked to recover the body. "They were relatively aggressive, so we had to deal with that as a part of the search, and also as part of the recovery of the victim," New Hampshire State Police Lt. Chris Vetter told CNN affiliate WMUR. The details of Merrill's fatal injuries were not released and it's unclear whether he had a confrontation with a bull or whether his death was accidental. June 1

The current New Moon of May 18 was conjunct the evil star Algol and in the constellation of Tauras the Bull often shown in an aggressive posture, charging with its horns down. Diana Rosenberg lists “animal attacks” among events that take place under these stars [1].

 The New Moon [27ta] also conjoins Mars[4ge] which is opposite Saturn[2sa].  Here Mars is conjunct Hyades, a cluster of stars in Taurus which form the face or forehead of the aggressive bull. Mars-Saturn combination are known for violence and death.  And it is precisely in cases like this one where the planetary energies resonate with the star energies that we have dramatic events.

The New Moon was placed in the fourth house at Hampton Falls. In Mundane Astrology, the fourth house rules the land, its produce, the owners of it, workers on it,  farming and cattle raising [2].

If now we progress the New Moon chart to June 1, the date of the news, we find that progressed meridian conjoins the violent Mars-Saturn opposition which becomes the final indicator for the attack.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p. 199-202)

How is Karma born?

The birthchart may be looked upon as a symbolic picture of our frozen karma. Most of us are so conditioned by society and culture that our lives are only a superficially modified repetition of the sociocultural past. We must choose between allegiance to repeating that past – no matter how glorious it may have been – or choosing to transform that past in a creative way.

Karma simply refers to the fact that any new cycle of existence is always in some manner related to some unfinished business of  the old cycle. Dharma is nothing but the opportunity in the new cycle to work creatively with the old karma. If we refuse to create when the time comes we must take responsibility for the death and decay that must follow. Thus is new “karma” born.  Karma is not produced so much by a wrong kind of action ("sin") as by the type of action which derives from a refusal to perform creative acts , when the need for them has come. Karma is caused by a denial – conscious or unconscious – of the creative potentiality of the moment by those who live that moment. As a moment of time is left un-expressed by the living spirit in man, this spirit must become a slave of more time. Each one of us must reincarnate as long as we fail to incorporate in creative acts, the creative power of every moment we are incarnate. [1]

[1] An Astrological Triptych; Dane Rudhyar

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Patriot Act and the star Antares

This Sunday, at midnight, the notorious Section 215 of the Patriot Act is set to expire. Section 215 has been the basis for the bulk collection of communications of all Americans, indeed of all the world. It was born under Bush in the wake of 9/11, and Obama kept it alive in beginning in 2010 – until now. But on Sunday a stake can be driven through its heart – if WE act NOW. This is not simply a possibility but a likelihood! Obama and his co-conspirators, both Republican and Democratic Senate “leadership” are hell-bent on keeping this Frankenstein alive. If they cannot, then they have other monsters in line to take its place. In addition to the original Patriot Act, there are on the table three other bills, all phony reforms of the U.S. Patriot Act. May 30

The USA PATRIOT Act is an Act of Congress that was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001. Its title is a ten-letter backronym (USA PATRIOT) that stands for "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001". The Act has generated a great deal of controversy since its enactment. Opponents of the Act have been quite vocal in asserting that it was passed opportunistically after the September 11 attacks, believing that there would have been little debate. They view the Act as one that was hurried through the Senate with little change before it was passed.

The Act is expiring just before the Full Moon of Jun 2. A chart for the Full Moon at Washington DC is shown here. The Moon is in the 4th house that in mundane astrology rules the people as it stands in opposition to the Government in the 10th. Here the Moon is conjunct the star Antares, Alpha Scorpio, Heart of the Scorpion about which Nick Fiorenza writes:

In classical astrology, Antares is the star of war and weaponry, and with expounded meaning, to challenge the established opposing politics (an arena common to the Antares / Aldebaran axis) with a tenacious willingness to fight and even destroy. Antares demands we take responsibility for our reality, for the lives we create, and "take a stand" for our truth, live it, and especially to take a stand against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions or that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom and greatest fulfillment.

This is the requirement from the American people, but can they live up to the demands of the Royal star Antares?

Lung cancer therapy is 'milestone'

Andromeda rescued by Pegasus

A lung cancer therapy can more than double life expectancy in some patients, a "milestone" trial shows. Nivolumab stops cancerous cells hiding from the body's own defences, leaving the cancer vulnerable to attack. The results from 582 people, presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology, were described as "giving real hope to patients". Lung cancer is the most deadly type of cancer, killing nearly 1.6 million people every year. It is hard to treat as it is often diagnosed late and many people with smoking-related diseases are unsuitable for surgery. May 30

The American Society of Clinical Oncology is holding its annual meeting at Chicago, Illinois from May 29 – June 2.  Shown here is the chart for the last lunar eclipse of April 4 at Chicago. Notice that the Moon is placed in the 6th house connected illness and public health issues and conjunct the asteroid Askalaphus also connected to healing and medicine. With Moon [14li] is the North Node [10 li] conjunct stars in the Virgin’s lung area so that Diana Rosenberg links it to lung problems.

The Sun[14ar] is conjunct the star Alpheratz, alpha Andromeda [15ar] in the head of the Chained Woman. It is interesting that the star in Andromeda’s Head is also the Navel of Pegasus. The Flying Horse is a symbol of a powerful mind and unbridled imagination and the fact that it is “born” from the head of a Chained Woman suggests that no matter what constraint life imposes,  our minds can always discover new ways to free ourselves from the past . Combining this with the Uranus-Pluto square which is associated with scientific breakthroughs we can see why a lung cancer therapy has been discovered.

If we now progress the eclipse chart to May 29, notice that the T-square that was aligned with the meridian now straddles the horizon axis triggering the event.

Astro-Meteorology of the Texas floods

With 23 people dead so far in Texas flooding, and more rain on the way, it is easy to overlook an important development: the deluge has nearly brought the end of a historic four-year drought. Many reservoirs are now at or near capacity. Underground aquifers are slowly being replenished. And lakes are filling up. As of Tuesday, just five percent of Texas, encompassing about 218,000 people in central and northern pockets of the state, was under moderate drought conditions, according to government data. Much of the turnaround has to do with the same rains that have caused so much destruction. May has been the wettest month on record for Texas, culminating with violent storms last weekend that triggered sudden floods that washed away cars and pulled homes from their foundations. As of Thursday, 23 people were dead and nine remained missing, including members of two families vacationing together along the Blanco River. Swollen rivers are expected to keep rising, and more rain is in the forecast for later this week. May 28

A chart drawn for Mercury retrograde square Neptune on May 29 at Wimberley,Texas is shown here. News reports indicate the ferocious Blanco River surged through Wimberley. That the chart is significant for the place is indicated by Neptune on the Ascendant as part of the Sun-Mercury-Mars-Neptune square.

On the Ascendant [6pi] with Neptune [9pi] is the star Fomalhaut [4pi]. Alpha (α) Piscis Austrinus, Fomalhaut, is a reddish star in the mouth of the Southern Fish.

The Southern Fish is a separate constellation to Pisces, lying much further to the South, though in ancient legend it is often referred to as the parent of the zodiacal pair.  The area in which it lies has an heavy emphasis upon constellations with watery imagery, the goat-fish (Capricorn), the whale (Cetus), the water-pourer (Aquarius), the fishes (Pisces), and the dolphin (Delphinus) all located nearby, obviously earmarking this region as one that related to the rainy season of the ancient year, by which many of its stars are associated with floods or troubles at sea. The Southern Fish is usually depicted on star maps at the feet of Aquarius, where it swallows up the water poured from his urn [1].

The Sun is conjunct the stars of the constellation Hyades.  The word “hyades” means “rainers” and the constellation is linked to torrential rain and stormy weather.
Finally, notice that Venus [22cn42] which is conjunct the star Pollux, beta Geminorum [23cn23] is in a hard aspect to Neptune [9pi]. In ancient China, Pollux [ 23cn23] was part of the asterism Pe-Ho, the Northern River. Four tiny stars (1,6,11, +1 more: 21cn18, 22cn26,26cn41,?) in Canis Minor  were called Choui-Wei, the Situation of the Waters, which governed the overflowing of rivers. The astrologers said that if this asterism was clear and tranquil it was a good omen, but if it faded or seemed to drift and combine with the Milky Way, the rivers of the Empire would overflow and flood the lands [2].

[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg [v.1, p.703]

Friday, 29 May 2015

Woman meets man wearing her dead brother's face

A woman has met the man wearing her dead brother’s face after one of the world’s most advanced face transplants. Rebekah Aversano and her family agreed to donate 21-year-old Joshua’s face after he was run over by a van while crossing the road three years ago in the US. She met the person who received it for the first time for 60 Minutes, an Australian television show. Richard Norris, 39, was left suicidal by his facial deformities after accidentally shooting himself in the face and the transplant in 2012 changed his life. Mr Norris had worn a mask and lived as a recluse in Hillsville, Virginia, because of his injuries for 15 years before the operation. May 29

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important mundane events. Of these the Capricorn Ingress has a special place and is considered by many to be the  annual chart. Shown here is the Capricorn Ingress chart for Hillsville, Virginia. Notice that a powerful Grand Cross straddles the horizon making the ingress very significant for the place. On the Ascendant [12cn] is the TNP Hades [4cn] and the asteroid Cupido [4cn].
The asteroid Cupido (as distinguished from the TNP Cupido) relates to appearance, vanity and attraction[1]. Here Cupido is conjunct the TNP Hades and opposite Mercury/Pluto.  A delineation for the combination  Cupido-Hades-Pluto would be:

Shame (Hades) based on appearance (Cupido) causes one to undergo radical experiences e.g. surgery (Pluto) to correct physical features.

Incidentally, Mercury [7cp] on the descendant  is conjunct M22 Sagittarius, Facies, a nebula in front of the Archer's face. This nebula is linked with accidents due to the victim's own careless actions [2]. The TNP Zeus, which rules guns and ammunition, in the mix tells us that it was probably a careless handling of guns that led to the accident. Finally, let us remember, that the Uranus-Pluto square is about scientific and technological breakthroughs so that the advanced face surgery would be indicated by this.

All that is now required is to check whether the progressed Ingress chart is  activated on May 29, the date of the news. And sure enough we find that the Grand Cross which was on the horizon axis now aligns with the meridian triggering the activation.

[1] The Orders of Light; Martha Wescott (p.174)

Unesco reconsiders Great Barrier Reef heritage status

Australia faces a dent to its reputation and a potentially devastating blow to its tourism industry should one of the country's most iconic natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef, be listed as "in danger" by the United Nations. The waters are now milkier and the coral quality poorer. Increasing attacks by crown-of-thorns starfish have left swathes of reef brown and lifeless. The reef is one of more than 1,000 sites on Unesco's World Heritage List considered to be of such outstanding value that the world has an obligation to look after them. May 29

Today May 29, the Moon begins its Gibbous Phase. A chart for the phase drawn for the co-ordinates of the Great Barrier Reef is shown here. The Sun is conjunct the Ascendant with the Moon forming a waxing sesquisquare aspect and both the luminaries are in hard aspect to Neptune in Pisces on the MC which is square Saturn on the descendant. If we have been irresponsible and unrealistic (Neptune), Saturn-Neptune aspects force us to deal with reality and make corrections. Saturn [1sa] is conjunct Yed Prior, delta Ophiuchi [2sa30] . Here the left hand of shaman-healer Ophiuchus grasps the serpent (a symbol of regeneration), offering hope, renewal, healing and reconciliations.

Pisces is the Ocean and Neptune is about sensitivity to pollution and other environmental issues. Neptune in Pisces is requiring a more thorough cleanup of existing waste and a more cautious approach to introducing new products into the environment.

The Moon conjoins Spica of Virgo; and Archturus and Nekkar of Boötes. Boötes, standing over the Virgin, is the Virgin’s consort and protector. Archturus embodies the essence or seed of Boötes (the adom of man), and is the provider for and protector of the Virgin (Divine Feminine) principle, and Mother Earth. The stars of Boötes impel one to create and ensure a proper and harmonious environmental resonance for the healthy evolution of all life. [1]

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Harvard neuroscientist: Here’s how meditation changes your brain

Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was one of the first scientists to take the anecdotal claims about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and test them in brain scans. What she found surprised her — that meditating can literally change your brain. May 26

If a chart drawn for the time of an exact planetary aspect brings major planetary combinations to the angles, it can be saying something extremely significant.  Shown here is a chart for the Mars-Neptune square of May 25 drawn for Boston,MA.  Notice that it places an important Grand Cross involving Saturn-Neptune on the angles.

The power of Neptune can be seen working in our lives on so many levels that it absolutely boggles the mind! Most of us, however, are largely unaware of the all-pervasive influence this mysterious and fascinating planet has on us. In his  The Rulership Book, Rex E. Bills lists meditation as one of things, Neptune rules [1]. However, it is Saturn on the Ascendant in the chart that is referring to the discipline that is required in the practice of Yoga and meditation. With the concrete tendencies of Saturn, the imagination is not left swirling in an inner world of dreams and fancies but is released onto the physical plane creating the changes that the article refers to.  That  changes take place in the brain is indicated by Saturn [1sa25]  conjunct the  star Dschuba [2sa43] in the head of the Scorpion.

About the star Dschuba,  Nick Fiorenza writes:

As we arrive to the head of the Scorpion, which crosses the cusp of sidereal Libra/Scorpio, and is marked by the star Dschuba (also considered the "Tree of Life"), we come to the brain controlling the claws. Here we are asked to graduate to a level of realizing we create our experience and are responsible for it. Here we realize we have a choice regarding our experience. Once we choose to step out from the patterns of the past and to do it differently we become free from the path of soul growth entrapped in the chelae. This also marks a graduation from feeling helpless, even justifying why we are entrapped as if victims of life, into the maturation of the soul, of becoming self-responsible. Here there are no longer reasons to place blame outside of self.

Since Neptune is conjunct  the star Situla of Aquariu. Tthe ever cleansing Waters of Aquarius, combine with his predecessor Gula, a goddess of medicine, to remind us that meditation can heal and renew bodies, minds and souls.

FIFA scandal: Why the US is involved

(CNN)In recent years, FIFA has made news not just for enforcing rules on the soccer field, but also for allegedly breaking them off it. The body that governs soccer, the most popular sport in the world, is a multibillion-dollar behemoth. Great power, yes. Great responsibility? Not so much, critics say. FIFA has been regularly accused of bribery and kickbacks, allegations that reached a fever pitch after it awarded Russia and Qatar the World Cup in 2018 and 2022, respectively. May 27

A chart for the First Quarter Moon of May 25 at Washington DC is shown here. The Sun-Mars-Saturn-Neptune combination straddling the meridian is indicating a conflict (Mars-Saturn)  with hidden dimensions (Neptune). The Sun [4ge] is part of the Chinese Tíen Tsan, The Celestial Slanderer indicating that some scandals are coming to light and reputations are being tarnished.

Venus is opposite Pluto.  Venus Pluto is  about finance and big money and the power games involving them. It can also be interpreted as corrupt (Pluto) financial (Venus) shenanigans. Pluto is in the 5th house that is linked to games and sports. As a symbol in astrology, Pluto’s function is to reveal what has been buried, ignored, overlooked, or discarded without having been cleaned up, then to bring to the surface and destroy whatever contents of that type are outmoded, used up, and no longer vital. In Capricorn—where Pluto is now—that means removing corruption  at the levels of institutions, for example FIFA in this case.

 The following extract from a previous post for the stars on the Ascendant sums up the dynamics:

The Ascendant conjoins Chort and Zosma of Leo, Suhail Velorum of Argo Navis, and it lies under the auspices of Mizar of the Great Bear. This area of the zodiac is about our motive, that which is behind and driving our creative expressions. Zosma, Chort and Denebola are a triangle of stars that form the hind of the Lion. Denbola is the tail. This area of late Leo is of foul breezes and smoke screens. It is also of those behind the scenes, of political-religious figureheads manipulating the affairs of the world for personal motive while offering salvation from the human struggle.  It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda.

In our present context, the “foul breeze” is the corruption scandal being raised by the US and while there is probably some truth about corruption in FIFA, the American attempt is diversionary in nature as it hides its own secret agenda.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Archeologists in Kenya unearth oldest stone tools ever found

Caelum – The Chisel

A recently unearthed stone tool kit consisting of hammer stones, anvils, worked cobblestones and other items dates to 3.3 million years ago, predating our genus Homo by over half a million years, according to a new study. The items, described in the latest issue of the journal Nature, are now the oldest stone tools ever found. They "show that early humans (essentially proto-humans) used and made stone tools 3.3 million years ago, which is about 700,000 years earlier than the previously earliest known date for early stone tools," Erella Hovers, who authored an accompanying "News & Views" article, told Discovery News. Hovers, who is a senior member of the Institute of Archaeology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, added that the other more recent tools were attributed to Homo habilis, aka "Handy Man," whose culture is called the Oldowan. Now it looks like there was a much earlier culture--as of yet unnamed--and that stone tool making was not unique to our genus. The approximately 149 stone artifacts tied to tool making were found at a site called Lomekwi 3 next to Lake Turkana in Kenya. May 20

Regular readers will agree with me that it appears from the many posts on this blogsite that no new discoveries can take place without the stars allowing it. We will see this claim proved once again in this post. A chart for the current New Moon of May 18 at Lake Turkana, Kenya is shown here. The New Moon [26ta55] and alpha Caelum [25ta40] which is conjunct the stars Algol [26ta23] is on the Ascendant activating the Mars-Saturn-Neptune T-square. For events under these stars Diana Rosenberg lists “discoveries of prehistoric art and artifacts” [1]. But in our case here, the star alpha Caelum is more relevant.

Latin caelum means both 'the heavens' (from the same root as 'celestial'), and 'sculptor's chisel', or burin; an engraving tool for metals and stone. It is this instrument that La Caille had in mind when he named this constellation [2].

Prometheus stealing fire from the gods

Finally, we look at the partile semisquare between Uranus [18ar41] and Mars [4ge16]. Uranus in is connected with Prometheus[3] , a Titan in Greek mythology, best known as the benefactor who brought fire to mankind. What this means  symbolically, is that Prometheus was a hero who through his inventions brought relief to mankind. Here Uranus [18ar41] is conjunct lambda Andromeda[18ar30], a star in the right hand of Andromeda. About this area Diana Rosenberg writes:

The cords binding the Fishes and Andromeda’s chains of restriction and frustration combine with the fiery, independent energies of tropical Aries to bring forth people who, within the limitations of their circumstances, search for ways to implement their beliefs and inspire others. These are clever, inventive and resourceful people. This is the right hand of Andromeda: many are “tinkerers” who love to work with their hands.

With the hero/ inventor Prometheus’ right hand here and the New Moon conjunct the “chisel”, is it surprising  that prehistoric stone tools have been discovered?

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.199-202)
[3] Prometheus the Awakener: an Essay on the Archetypal Meaning of the Planet Uranus ;Richard Tarnas
[4] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.92-93)

The earliest murder victim in human history

Wounds discovered on a 430,000-year-old human skull discovered in Spain could indicate that the individual was one of the first-ever murder victims, according to a new study published in the May 27 edition of the open-access journal PLOS One. In the study, Dr. Nohemi Sala from Centro Mixto UCM-ISCIII de Evolución y Comportamiento Humanos, Spain, and her colleagues explain that the skull was discovered at Sima de los Huesos, a site located deep within a series of underground caves located in northern Spain. The skull, known as Cranium 17, was found with the skeletal remains of at least 28 individuals dating back to the Middle Pleistocene period. The specimen is comprised of 52 cranial fragments recovered during a series of excavations at the site over the past two decades, and contains a pair of penetrating lesions on the frontal bone, just above the left eye, Dr. Sala's team said. By analyzing the skull using modern forensic techniques, such as contour and trajectory analysis of the traumas, the study authors discovered evidence that the fractures were produced by two separate impacts with the same objects. The impacts came at slight different trajectories around the time of death, the authors said, and are unlikely the result of an accident. May 27

Of late we have been having a series of hard aspects as the Sun, Mercury and Mars oppose Saturn and square Neptune in turn. Charts drawn for the time of the exact aspects can be very revealing. Shown here is the chart for Mars square Neptune drawn for Atapuerca close to where the discovery was made. Notice that a slightly loose Grand Cross straddles the meridian. On the MC is Saturn [1sa25] opposite Sun [4ge26] and Mars [9ge44] in the 4th house that is linked to things buried. A Mars-Saturn opposition is well known for its connection to violence and murder. 

 But the more interesting are the stars that conjoin Saturn and Mars. The star chi Lupi [3sa] is conjunct Saturn. This star is in the Wild Beast’s head (eye?) while the star Aldebaran, alpha Tauri [10ge] in the eye of the Bull is conjunct Mars ! The charging Bull with its horns down is a symbol of wanton aggressiveness, criminal intolerance and murder.

Finally  on the IC [26ta] is the star Algol in Medusa’s head or eye. This star is historically linked to violent deaths. Diana Rosenberg also includes the discovery of prehistoric artifacts under this star.

World War II bomb found in Cologne

Some 20,000 people in the German city of Cologne have been forced to leave their homes as authorities defuse a one-tonne bomb from World War Two. Schools and kindergartens - as well as the zoo - remained closed during the city's largest post-war evacuation. About 1,100 residents of a retirement and disability centre in the Riehl area were among those taken to safety. It is not unusual for unexploded bombs to be discovered in Germany. Allied bombers targeted Cologne in WW2. The deactivation of the one-tonne device, which was found near Muelheim bridge crossing the Rhine river, was planned for Wednesday afternoon. May 27

This news comes just as Mars and Neptune form an exact square aspect. A chart for the square at Cologne  carries the Mars-Saturn-Neptune combination aligned with the meridian. Mars, the god of war is square Neptune, the god of hidden things so is it surprising that a old bomb is being uncovered.

Singapore Airlines plane lost engine power mid-flight

The Fall of Icarus by Baglione

Singapore Airlines is investigating a recent incident when one of its planes lost power in both engines mid-flight. Flight SQ836 was flying from Singapore to Shanghai on Saturday (May 23) night when the plane hit bad weather. The engines of the Airbus A330-300 cut out, but pilots managed to restore the engines' operations, and landed the aeroplane safely at its destination. It was carrying 194 people at that time. A subsequent inspection found no engine anomalies, the airline said. Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce and Airbus are now working with Singapore Airlines in its investigation. Power loss in both engines is considered rare in the aviation industry, but pilots are trained to respond to it. May 27

A chart drawn for transiting Sun opposite Saturn on May 23 at Singapore is shown here.  Two planetary combinations come to our attention. The first is the loose Grand Cross on the angles and the second is a partial T-square comprising Sun-Mercury-Mars opposite Saturn square Neptune.  Neptune is placed in the 9th house of long distance journeys and airlines [1].  A retrograde Mercury, the god of travel, in the 12th house squares Neptune, the planet of mysterious and difficult to diagnose causes. The 12th house connects with “matters that are hidden, restrained, secret, incapable of action or of being fully understood”[2]. Mercury [12ge] conjoins Mars [8ge] , the Sun[2ge] and the asteroid Icarus [2ge],  connected with flights and  aircrafts. The story of Icarus is that of the hero who flew too close to the Sun on wax wings. The wax melted and he fell down to earth (see image). Icarus [2ge] is in hard aspect to the TNP Zeus [17li] that governs engines.  So already a picture is beginning to emerge. The chart is telling us about some difficult to diagnose problems with aircraft engines!

Finally, let us look at the loose Grand Cross on straddling the horizon axis. The TNPs Hades-Kronos are on the Ascendant square Zeus. Key words supplied by Martha Wescott [3] are given below. We can see that one interpretation that is relevant here is “trouble (Hades)  with aircraft (Kronos) engines (Zeus)”.

HADES: debilitation or deterioration; “messy” situations; investigation into the root cause of problems.

KRONOS: Authoritative positions; questioning of competency; having differences of opinion; dealing with “red tape,” timing or jumping bureaucratic hoops; laws; police; legislators; the father; executives; governmental leaders; events through people in the public eye; measurements (especially of height;) rising, altitude, flights; overhead/above. Assessment of your own competency.

ZEUS: Restrained or creative fire/energy; enthusiasm; controlled & directed forces;  guns, power tools, machines,  motors, fireplaces, fuels; excitement; to incite; military; blood pressure; ability to harness energies for accomplishment.

Now let us direct our attention to the solar eclipse of October 24, 2014. Notice the eclipse puts a powerful Grand Cross on the angles at Singapore. The TNPs Hades-Kronos-Zeus mentioned above are part of the Cross and are interpreted in the same way.

 If we progress the eclipse chart to May 23, the date of the incident, we find that the TNPs Hades-Kronos which form the leading edge of the Cross reach the Ascendant triggering the entire Cross into manifestation.

Is the Interest Rate Derivatives Bubble In Imminent Jeopardy?

All over the planet, large banks are massively overexposed to derivatives contracts.  Interest rate derivatives account for the biggest chunk of these derivatives contracts.  According to the Bank for International Settlements, the notional value of all interest rate derivatives contracts outstanding around the globe is a staggering 505 trillion dollars.  Considering the fact that the U.S. national debt is only 18 trillion dollars, that is an amount of money that is almost incomprehensible.  When this derivatives bubble finally bursts, there won’t be enough money in the entire world to bail everyone out.  The key to making sure that all of these interest rate bets do not start going bad is for interest rates to remain stable.  That is why what is going on in Greece right now is so important.  The Greek government has announced that it will default on a loan payment that it owes to the IMF on June 5th.  If that default does indeed happen, Greek bond yields will soar into the stratosphere as panicked investors flee for the exits.  But it won’t just be Greece.  If Greece defaults despite years of intervention by the EU and the IMF, that will be a clear signal to the financial world that no nation in Europe is truly safe.  Bond yields will start spiking in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and all over the rest of the continent.  By the end of it, we could be faced with the greatest interest rate derivatives crisis that any of us have ever seen. May 25

The news comes to us on May 25 First Quarter Moon. A chart for the Moon phase at Athens will help to answer the question of whether there is  any possibility of a Greek default.  Notice that the chart is the same as the one presented in the previous post on Macedonia so that the following section applies here too.

Given below is a summary extract from Nick Fiorenza about the stars on the MC for Skopje and on the Ascendant for Washington and those conjunct the Moon. This area of late Leo is of foul breezes and smoke screens. It is also of those behind the scenes, of political-religious figureheads manipulating the affairs of the world for personal motive while offering salvation from the human struggle.  It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda.

The Moon conjoins Alpha and Gamma Sextans. The sextant is a navigational instrument used to determine the vertical position (angular distance) of the sun, moon or stars from the horizon. The Sextant’s stars reveals our need to reassess our position or situation, to reorient ourselves, and to take a new tack toward our goals in life with conscious consideration for the changing evolutionary winds and currents upon which we must navigate. On a basic level this can be in regard to changing our fundamental approach or path in life. On a greater scale, this can be in regard to changing allegiance of our energies from the outer world, self-sacrificing to diversionary forces or currents in the world around us, to the vertical integrity of our inner soul / source directive and truth.

The stars of the sextant conjunct the Moon are encouraging Greece to take a new tack and change allegiance to the powerful institutions like the EU and the IMF which have been manipulating them. Let us remember that Neptune in the combination is about “bubbles” and when it contacts realistic Saturn bubbles usually break. This can come about through a default on the loan payment and a return to the drachma. But will the Greeks have the courage to do this? Only time will tell.

Failure of the US coup d’État in Macedonia

May 26, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - "Voltaire Network" -  On the 9th of May, 2015, the Macedonian police launched a dawn operation to arrest an armed group which had infiltrated the country and which was suspected of preparing a number of attacks. The police evacuated the civilian population before launching the assault. The suspects opened fire, which led to a bitter firefight, leaving 14 terrorists and 8 members of the police forces dead. 30 people were taken prisoner. There were a large number of wounded. Not a terrorist act, but an attempted coup d’État. The Macedonian police were clearly well-informed before they launched their operation. According to the Minister for the Interior, Ivo Kotevski, the group was preparing a very important operation for the 17th May (the date of the demonstration organised by the Albanophone opposition in Skopje). The principal leaders of this operation, including Fadil Fejzullahu (killed during the assault), are close to the United States ambassador in Skopje, Paul Wohlers.

The news of Washington’s failed attempt in Macedonia comes to us at the First Quarter Moon. Shown here is the chart for the Moon phase at (a) Skopje, Macedonia (b) Washington, DC.  Notice that the Sun-Mars-Saturn-Mercury-Neptune configuration aligns with the angles at both places. Mars-Neptune is a combination that refers to subversive action and with Saturn the possibility of defeat.

Given below is a summary extract from Nick Fiorenza about the stars on the MC for Skopje and on the Ascendant for Washington and those conjunct the Moon [1].

The angles conjoins Chort and Zosma of Leo, Suhail Velorum of Argo Navis, and it lies under the auspices of Mizar of the Great Bear. This area of the zodiac is about our motive, that which is behind and driving our creative expressions. Zosma, Chort and Denebola are a triangle of stars that form the hind of the Lion. Denbola is the tail. This area of late Leo is of foul breezes and smoke screens. It is also of those behind the scenes, of political-religious figureheads manipulating the affairs of the world for personal motive while offering salvation from the human struggle.  It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda.

The Moon conjoins Alpha and Gamma Sextans. The sextant is a navigational instrument used to determine the vertical position (angular distance) of the sun, moon or stars from the horizon. The Sextant’s stars reveals our need to reassess our position or situation, to reorient ourselves, and to take a new tack toward our goals in life with conscious consideration for the changing evolutionary winds and currents upon which we must navigate. On a basic level this can be in regard to changing our fundamental approach or path in life. On a greater scale, this can be in regard to changing allegiance of our energies from the outer world, self-sacrificing to diversionary forces or currents in the world around us, to the vertical integrity of our inner soul / source directive and truth.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Orcus and the Mistral deal

Russia plans to build its own Mistral-class helicopter carriers to replace the ones not delivered by France, a deputy chairman of the Russian Military Industrial Complex said Tuesday. A special representative from France will soon arrive in Russia to negotiate a solution to the non-delivery of Mistral-class helicopter carriers to Russia, Bochkaryov added. “[Louis] Gautier will arrive in Russia today or tomorrow to hold more difficult negotiations on the Mistral,” Oleg Bochkaryov told journalists. May 26;

The news of the French representative’s arrival in Moscow for negotiations over the failed contract comes at the First Quarter Moon. A chart drawn for the Moon phase at Moscow is shown here. The Quarter Moon forms a Grand Cross with Mars-Saturn-Mercury-Neptune which straddles the horizon axis.  This is a combination that can be related to the termination of a contract (Mercury-Saturn) owing to the lies, evasiveness or inability to fulfill promises (Neptune). However this post offers us an opportunity to  understand the working of the newly discovered planet Orcus. Here Orcus[5vi] is conjunct the Moon. Philip Sedgwick [1] offers the following delineation for Orcus. Notice that it is all about contracts and when manifesting negatively, the inability to fulfill promises.

Positive: a person of one’s word, challenges broken promises, aligned with a spiritual creed, accountable for personal thought, word and deed.
Negative: hypocritical, fault finding in the ways of others, blame assigning, ducks responsibility for word and actions, unable to keep promises
Mundane: contracts, oaths to organizations, religions or countries, creeds

Mozart’s Hair Is Going Up for Auction

Coma Berenices

Berenice's Hair

(LONDON)—Music lovers have the chance to own a strand of history. Auctioneer Sotheby’s is selling a lock of hair from the head of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, resting in a gilt locket. Taking composers’ hair as keepsakes was common in the 18th and 19th centuries. The hair is up for auction Thursday (May 28) with an estimated price of 10,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds ($15,400 to $18,450).

The Sotheby’s auction will take place on the eve of the Gibbous Moon a chart for which is shown here. A planet or a configuration is important for a place when it  aspects  the angles. Here the luminaries aspect Neptune which squares the horizon axis and is in quincunx aspect to the MC. Neptune’s connection to classical music is well documented in astrological literature [1]. By association it would refer to a classical music composer like Mozart. And now here is where things become really interesting. On the MC [8li] is the star Diadem, alpha Coma Berenice [9li] – Berenice’s hair [2]!