Monday, 30 November 2015

Astrology of the Paris Climate Conference

World leaders are gathering in Paris for the UN climate conference known as COP21, aimed at forging a deal to limit global warming to 2C. Heads of 147 state and government are in the French capital for the start of two weeks of intense negotiations. Monday's agenda includes speeches by the leaders and environment ministers of a number of countries, including Germany, Iceland, Peru and Scotland. A total of 25,000 official delegates hope to secure a legally binding accord for every country to cut carbon emissions. The accord needs to come into effect from the year 2020, when current commitments from the Kyoto Protocol run out. Nov.30

In several previous posts [1][2][3][4] we saw examples of how the last solar eclipse conjunct the star Denebola was linked to effluent waste and environmental pollution.  As Jupiter  transits over the eclipse degree we are now beginning to hear some good news about  positive efforts to deal with environmental  change.  Shown here is a chart for the solar eclipse at  Paris progressed to Nov. 30, the day the UN climate  conference begins. It should not be surprising to see that the progressed MC is conjunct the eclipse on this very day suggesting that the eclipse energy has been triggered.  

Notice that the eclipse is square the TNP Cupido which in turn is conjunct the star Alpha (α) Ophiuchus, Ras Alhague, a sapphire star on the head of the Snake Charmer. Ophiuchus is also referred to as the medicine man. Its stars are connected with healing, mending, restoring or revivifying  people or situations that have declined or deteriorated in any way.
Look at how the pieces fall into place. The TNP Cupido rules groups so that its conjunction with Ophiuchus is suggesting that a group has come together to “heal” or “restore” a damaged situation.  It is square the eclipse and the star Denebola which Nick Fiorenza links to foul breezes emanating from the hind of the lion, in our context here this is  a clear reference to polluted gases emanating from chimneys of factories or tail pipes of automobiles etc.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sex abuse against horses on the rise in Switzerland

Mythology without its 'moral depravities' would become a book-religion, a construction or an inspired revelation of ethical dogmas and not the ongoing embodiment of human experience in which pathological patterns cannot help but be incorporated. So it seems myth condones rape as one of the events that must be portrayed by any system adequate to the true range of the soul.
--James Hillman

Switzerland is seeing a worrying increase in the number of sex attacks carried out against animals and in particular horses. Figures showed cases of animal abuse rose to 1,709 in 2014, an increase of 1,542 from the previous 12 months. The findings are worrying animal rights groups as it is a problem that seems to be getting worse. The foundation, known as Tier im Recht (Animals in Law), said the amount of abuse cases reported was triple compared to a decade ago.  However, it seems as though horses are coming under particular threat, with almost 10 percent of cases maltreatment of the animals involving bestiality. Nov. 29

In mundane astrology exact aspects between planets are important mundane events which can help explain many events. Shown here is the chart for the recent Venus-Pluto square  drawn for Zurich, Switzerland. Notice that the Ascendant (allowed orb of about 10 degrees) brings Venus and Mars together and square Pluto.

One of the gods, symbolized by the planet Pluto is Pan. I equate Pluto with Pan because Pan's epithets are lecherous, barbarous, ferocious, rough, unwashed, hairy, black Pan is the god of rape, masturbation, pornography and bestiality. Because of the Uranus/Pluto square, Uranus has been shocking us by revealing one of the the shadow sides of Pluto (Pan). Pan is half-goat, half-god. He lives in the grottoes and wanders in the mountains and roams the country hunting, dancing, singing and playing his pipe. He has horns, goat legs and a horse's tail and represents the fertility of nature. He is not a god of love--that belongs to Eros. Pan is lewd and lascivious and is the god of lust [1].

Now here is where things become really interesting. The Venus-Mars [9li] midpoint (sex)  is conjunct the asteroid Diana [8li] which Martha Wescott [2] links with “animals”.   This combination is quincunx Neptune [7pi] which is conjunct the star kappa Pegasi – the Flying Horse! The square from the TNP Hades [2] on the MC brings the keyword “disgusting” to the mix.

To complete the picture, if we now progress the chart to Nov. 29, the date of the news, we find that the Ascendant conjoins Venus setting off the entire configuration.

First glimpse of black hole eating star and what it means metaphorically

An international team of astrophysicists led by a Johns Hopkins University scientist has for the first time witnessed a black hole swallowing a star and ejecting a flare of matter moving at nearly the speed of light. The finding reported Thursday (Nov.26) in the journal Science tracks the star—about the size of our sun—as it shifts from its customary path, slips into the gravitational pull of a supermassive black hole and is sucked in, said Sjoert van Velzen, a Hubble fellow at Johns Hopkins. "These events are extremely rare," van Velzen said. "It's the first time we see everything from the stellar destruction followed by the launch of a conical outflow, also called a jet, and we watched it unfold over several months."

The black hole is designated as ASASSN-14li and its celestial co-ordinates are as below:
Coordinates (J2000)   RA 12h 48m 15.20s | Dec +17° 46' 26.20"
Constellation   Coma Berenices

Based on its celestial co-ordinates, the ecliptic longitude is calculated as [23vi] [1].  Therefore, the last solar eclipse at [21vi] fell on ASASSN-14li.

Astrologers have discovered a remarkable correspondence between the cosmos and the human psyche. It is well known that the first observation of the modern planets (Uranus, Neptune and  Pluto) coincided with a period in history where the themes and characteristics associated with the corresponding archetypal principle were evident in the prevailing Zeitgeist. The most significant example is the discovery in 1781  of Uranus which we now associate with revolutions, technological inventions and progressive change coinciding with the American and French Revolutions and the beginning of the Industrial Age. With this understanding, what might  the latest  discovery of the black hole ASASSN-14li “eating” a star mean in a metaphorical sense?

The stars conjoining ASASSN-14li include Denebola of Leo and  Alkes of Crater. Also influencing this area is the star Benetnash.

This star expresses the old dictatorial and totalitarian stream of consciousness that was predominantly dominant when Earth's polar alignment was tilted (had fallen) furthest from the galactic plane in Earth's great precessional year (about 6000 years ago). Benetnash articulates the administrative aspects of governments and the political-religious factions of big-business and their figureheads. It ultimately teaches that leadership is about facilitating the self-empowerment and freedom of others rather than about exerting manipulative force that controls and destroys others, mistaken as leadership and being in a position of power.

The above extract from Nick Fiorenza tells us that what the John Hopkins team has seen for the first i.e. a black hole eating a star understood figuratively is the first recognition by us humans as to how leadership on our planet has been working so far. Just as the discovery of Uranus in 1781 brought to human consciousness the need for revolutions so also the first pictures of a black hole eating a star tell us that “sleeping” humanity is waking up to the realization that leadership has been actually fooling the  masses and using them for their own benefit.

The finding reported  Thursday (Nov.26) in the journal Science took place on the very day Saturn-Neptune made an exact square. Shown here is a chart for the event at Baltimore, Maryland where John Hopkins University is located. The MC [21vi] is conjunct the solar eclipse and the blackhole ASASSN-14li. Notice that the square is significant for the place as it straddles the horizon.  The Ascendant is not only conjunct Saturn but also quincunx the TNPs Kronos-Hades that form one leg of a Grand Trine containing Neptune and the TNP Poseidon.  

In the previous post [2], I showed how the Grand Trine could be linked to the discovery of the sarcophagus of 'high priest of God Amun' in Luxor.  But the elements of the Grand Trine can come together in several other ways. One  such way relevant in a modern context in the US can be deciphered as follows.

Hades-Kronos-Poseidon: to note a decline (Hades)  in the morals (Poseidon) of leadership (Kronos); leadership engaged in “dirty business”; to recognize a polarization between leaders (Kronos) and the common man (Hades).
Neptune-Kronos - Hades: Deceitful (Neptune) leaders (Kronos) who have been fooling the masses (Hades).

Since Saturn is linked to a “reality check” the  Saturn-Neptune square  acts to remove the veil of lies or illusions (Neptune)  spun by the leadership. Isn’t it interesting  that the ecliptic longitude of ASASSN-14li [23vi] is conjunct the radix position of Neptune [22vi] in the US Sibly!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Sarcophagus of 'high priest of God Amun' unearthed in Luxor

CAIRO: The sarcophagus of Ankh-f-n-khonsu, a high priest of ancient Egyptian god Amun Ra, has been unearthed in the west bank of Luxor, Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al Damaty announced Thursday. The sarcophagus, which dates back to the 22nd Dynasty (943B.C-716B.C.,) was found in the tomb of Amenhotep-Huy, who served as Egypt’s viceroy and vizier during the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1391 B.C.–1353 B.C.) “The sarcophagus is made of wood and covered with a layer of plaster. It represents the deceased wearing a wig and crown with flowers and colorful ribbons along with ceremonial beard and a necklace adorning his chest,” Sultan Eid, Director of Upper Egypt Antiquities Department said in a statement Thursday. Nov. 26

Charts for exact planetary aspects are among the many celestial phenomena given importance in mundane astrology. Shown here is the chart for the Nov. 26 Saturn-Neptune square drawn for Cairo.  Notice that a Grand Trine comprising Neptune and the TNPs Hades, Kronos and Poseidon in anchored to the IC. The IC or the fourth house cusp is associated with cultural history as well as all things hidden underground [1]. Martha Wescott provides the following keywords for the TNPs [2].

KRONOS: Authoritative positions or authority figures.
POSEIDON: Religion.
HADES: Past or history.

Combining the meaning of the three TNPs we can see that the Grand Trine  can be easily referring to an ancient high priest. Let us also remember that Neptune [7pi] is conjunct the stars of the Chinese asterism Wei which presided over tombs and graves. Another name for this asterism was Kia-Ou which Schlegel interprets as “The Last House of the Master”[3].

[3] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.756-77)

Friday, 27 November 2015

Hollande's Meeting With Putin 'Deals US Geopolitics a Major Blow'

Following a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Francois Hollande has proved himself to be an independent leader, who is willing to disregard US interests, defense expert Konstantin Sivkov told Sputnik. "For the first time in a long time a politician controlled by the US made a stand against … American geopolitics," Sivkov noted. "Hollande is acting tough and disregarding US interests in the process. By promoting ties with Russia, the French president is 'creating cracks in NATO's spirit,' essentially splitting the US-led coalition. This deals American geopolitics a major blow."

As Jupiter transits over the September 13, solar eclipse degree it  triggers it and brings events into manifestation in line with whatever the eclipse had promised.  The following extract from a previous post  describes how the eclipse was affecting the US Sibly.

In this post we intend to show how most of the issues that the US is facing can be seen in its Sibly chart. The solar eclipse of Sept. 13 fell on the radix Neptune [22vi] square Mars [21ge] (see chart). It fell conjunct the star Denebola [22vi]. About this area Nick Fiorenza [1] writes:

Zosma, Chort and Denebola are a triangle of stars that form the hind of the Lion. Denbola is the tail. Zosma and Chort can indicate being diverted due to toxic congestion. This area of late Leo is of foul breezes and smoke screens. It is also of those behind the scenes, of political religious figures manipulating the affairs of the world for personal motive while offering salvation from the human struggle. Southern Velorum, the sail of the Argo, is of evolutionary currents that are transcendent to the diversionary spectacle above. These stars create a diverse polarity of energy that set Leo’s “back stage.”

 An eclipse falling on a radix planet stirs it up and has this quality of unraveling issues that we have not been ready to face. Here not only are the deceitful intentions (Neptune) of the war god (Mars)  brought into scrutiny but weakened and even nullified (Neptune).

So is it at all surprising that whatever was promised is coming to pass?!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Garbage powers a bright idea

A German company promises to turn Howrah’s mountain of garbage  into a fountain of energy. Nov 27.

In several previous posts [1][2][3][4] we showed examples of how the last solar eclipse conjunct the star Denebola was linked to effluent waste and environmental pollution.  As Jupiter  transits over the eclipse degree we are now beginning to hear some good news about  positive efforts to deal with environmental  waste.  Shown here is a chart for the solar eclipse at  Howrah. Notice that it is significantly placed square the horizon axis.

 Progressing the eclipse chart to Nov. 27, the date of the news, aligns the Jupiter-Neptune  opposition on the horizon axis. In addition we note that the TNP Hades forms soft aspects to each end of the Jupiter-Neptune axis.  The following extract tells us that Neptune in Pisces is linked to the “clean up of existing waste”

The effects of pollution might also grow more evident, leading to extensive research to address these problems. Neptune in Pisces increases sensitivity to toxins, requiring more thorough cleanup of existing waste and a more cautious approach to introducing new products into the environment.

Meanwhile,  the Jupiter-Hades sextile is easily interpreted as “good fortune (Jupiter) in dealing with waste (Hades)” [5].

Readers who are familiar with midpoint technique of a 22.5 degree sort used in Uranian Astrology will also note that in our case here the eclipse degree [12d40m] aligns with Uranus-Hades midpoint [12d34m].

Uranus-Hades: New technology or bright ideas (Uranus) help in waste (Hades) treatment.

[6] Using The 22.5 Degree Dial in Uranian Astrology 

Remembering Verghese Kurien – Father of India’s White Revolution

Verghese Kurien (26 November 1921 – 9 September 2012) was an Indian social entrepreneur who is known as the Father of White Revolution in India for his Operation Flood, the world's largest agricultural development programme. This transformed India from a milk-deficient nation to the world's largest milk producer, surpassing the United States of America in 1998, with about 17 percent of global output in 2010–11, which in 30 years doubled milk available to every person.

At this blogsite we have so far shown how important events can be seen in eclipse charts progressed to the date of the event. A corollary to this would be that “movers and shakers” are born on those days when a pre-natal eclipse is triggered it should be possible to decipher their work of destiny by a study of that eclipse. Kurien was born on 26 November 1921 at Calicut, Madras Presidency (now Kozhikode, Kerala) into a Syrian Christian family.  The total solar eclipse of Oct. 1, 1921 took place at sunset on the descendant at Calicut.  This powerful eclipse was conjunct Jupiter-Saturn, square Pluto quincunx Uranus.   If we progress the eclipse chart to 26 November 1921, Kurien’s date of birth, we find that the progressed MC conjoins Uranus triggering the complex configuration involving the eclipse.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: Big dreams; Creativity; Futurism; Contagious enthusiasm; Leadership; Breakthroughs and new beginnings; Ideas ahead of their time or for which “the technology does not yet exist” [1].
Jupiter-Pluto square: The desire to lead the masses; an appreciation of the need for social regeneration; a brilliant gift for organization [2].
Uranus trine Pluto: The attainment of great objectives by an immense application of effort, bringing of new things into being, the creation of new conditions of living [2].

The eclipse is conjunct epsilon (ε) Virgo, Vindemiatrix, a bright yellow star in the right wing, or right arm, of the Virgin. In ancient times Virgo was  perceived as a Maiden of fruition through the Harvest. Even so, much of the ancient mythology attached to the sign combines allegory concerned with harvesting the fruits of the earth. Therefore, if we now combine this with the additional information that the eclipse [8li] is square the asteroid Diana [8cn] linked to animals [3]we can see how “harvesting of the fruits of the earth” becomes connected to “milk production from cows and buffaloes”.

Kurien  is regarded as one of the greatest proponents of the cooperative movement in the world, his work having lifted millions out of poverty in India and outside. Notice that the eclipse  along with Jupiter-Saturn makes a hard aspect to a Neptune-TNP Cupido conjunction.  Cupido  [3] is a TNP associated with groups and cooperatives so that  in its positive manifestation the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune combination is the fulfillment (Saturn) of a big (Jupiter) dream (Neptune) cooperative (Cupido) project.

Finally, notice that the progressed Ascendant [16ge] on Kurein’s birthday is in sidereal Taurus and conjunct the star Rigel.

Sidereal Taurus is of earthy and material matters: of building, business, construction, the home and family, property, stability and balance. It is fixed in its ways, industrious, persistent, determined and laborious. Rigel, Beta Orion, (and this part of sidereal Taurus) is of enterprising entrepreneurialism. Orions in general are known for their architectural capacity. Prominent alignments with Rigel (and Bellatrix) bring the capacity to embody, direct and execute large, extravagant and grandiose projects; bringing good through commerce and business affairs [4].

[1] The Book of the Moon; Steven Forrest (p.282)
[2] The Combination of Stellar Influences; Reinhold Ebertin (p.176)

Brazilian baby boy bites venomous snake to death

Hercules and the Hydra

A 17-month-old Brazilian toddler killed a venomous snake that slithered near him, according to the Gaucha radio station.  The young boy, named Lorenzo, might just be a real-life Hercules after biting a venomous viper to death.  The killer snake approached Lorenzo while he was playing the back garden of his parents' house in the town of Mostardas in Rio Grande do Sul State in the southern Brazil.  But the snake clearly messed with the wrong guy. The toddler grabbed the serpent and used the only weapon he had — his sharp baby teeth — to kill the reptile by biting it to the death. Nov.3

A chart for the last quarter Moon of Nov.3, the date of the news,   drawn for Mostardas is  shown here.  Notice that the luminaries are in aspect to the meridian and the ascendant  implying that the quarter Moon is significant for the place.

Here the Moon is conjunct the star sigma Hydra while the Sun is conjunct theta Hercules.

According to Greek mythology, the second labor of Hercules was to kill the Lernean Hydra. From the murky waters of the swamps near a place called Lerna, the hydra would rise up and terrorize the countryside. A monstrous serpent with nine heads, the hydra attacked with poisonous venom. Nor was this beast easy prey, for one of the nine heads was immortal and therefore indestructible. Hercules battled the Hydra and finally killed it. [1]

How strange that in real life as the quarter Moon moved over these stars, a “living” baby  Hercules kills a snake!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Turkey shoots down Russian military jet

Turkey has shot down a Russian military jet which it says violated its airspace near the Syrian border.A military official, quoted by Turkey's Dogan news agency, said the plane was shot down by Turkish F16s, and that the pilots were given repeated prior warning.Video posted by the Haberturk TV station appeared to show the jet coming down in flames, while separate footage showed two pilots parachuting to safety within hostile Syrian territory. Their fate remains unknown.  Nov. 24

The mundane horoscope of Turkey is based on the proclamation of the Turkish Republic which took place on October 29, 1923, 8:30 pm EET, Ankara (32e52, 39n56). Notice that  Pluto is placed very prominently on the Ascendant and the chart is going through a  long term Plutonian opposition which activates the radix Mars-Pluto square, a  tense, explosive energy. This radix combination has the reputation for being singularly ruthless and fiercely competitive.  There is a compulsive need to exercise power and win. As always Pluto tends to bury the planetary principles it touches. When coupled with Mars, the burial is of rage which surfaces when triggered by appropriate transits. Acting as one such trigger, on  Nov.24 transit Mars conjoins it radix position triggering the long term Pluto opposition.
The following  reference describes the nature of the energy involved.

Mars Square Natal Pluto
A jolting and somewhat obstinate transit. Ambition and the need for power is being activated. Others may be stronger now . If you should choose to confront them  know what you are up against and be prepared. Increased chances of danger through crowds of people, mass hysteria, fire arms, heavy machinery and radioactive substances.

Finally, we also notice that the asteroid Ophelia [3cp] is conjunct the Ascendant and square Mars. Martha Wescott’s definition of  Ophelia clears the picture completely.

OPHELIA: A point of over-reaction and counterproductive reactions [1]

Monday, 23 November 2015

Do sex strikes work?

Venus and Mars - Sandro Botticelli

A Spike Lee movie set to open Dec. 4, “Chi-Raq,” is a modern riff on the ancient Greek comedy “Lysistrata;” both offer satirical takes on women who go on sex strikes to get men to end violence.But do sex strikes work in real life? A Chicago woman is betting yes: April Lawson  started a petition on to put an end to violence on the South Side. “It’s time for a sex strike, girls,” she writes.”In a patriarchal society, a problem will not be addressed until it directly affects men. Abstinence has been used as a means of nonviolent protesting throughout history.” Nov.20

Regular readers of this blogsite may have been convinced by now that no event on earth is ever possible without it being “allowed” or if you like “facilitated” by the stars. If you are among those not convinced, this post should serve as another example to prove the point.

The mistake that most of us, following modern mundane astrology, make is to try and explain an event from a chart made for the moment  it occurs. This is a big mistake. Ancient and medieval astrologers always looked to ingresses, eclipses, lunations and other such celestial phenomena to explain events on earth.  This method was also recommended by astrologers H.S. Green and C.E.O. Carter among others.

For explaining the cosmic  reason behind the above news, we begin with the chart for Sun’s entry into Libra cast for Chicago. Notice that Venus-Mars on the Ascendant is part of a fairly complex configuration. Mars and Venus are archetypes for man and woman in love. Sex and love making come under the rulership of the 5th house [1].  Pluto, the planet linked to the desire to enforce  our will on others or control them, is placed in the 5th house in hard aspect to a slightly wide Venus-Mars conjunction on the Ascendant. It is important to remember that the Ascendant has a wide orb of influence so that planets that appear to be separated (by even as much as 10 degrees are actually conjunct).  Venus-Mars-Pluto is, therefore, a perfect combination for a battle of control in a war of sexes.  In addition, the Venus- Mars  combination is part of a T-square  with Saturn and TNP Admetus. Among other things both Admetus and Saturn are about  abstinence, withdrawal, coldness or frigidity in relationships so that we can see how perfectly this symbolizes  the control battle  being played out.

Readers who are familiar with the use of  Sabian symbols will recall several instances when a Sabian symbol appears during a chart analysis that seems to elegantly describe a situation at hand.  This is one such instance where we find that the Sabian symbol of the descendant degree [20aq29] so perfectly describes the issue involved in the news.

21º Aquarius (321) : A woman is disappointed as a man leaves her boudoir. [2]

While reading symbols it is important never to look at them literally. Here what we need  to understand is that the symbol represents a situation in a bedroom (boudoir) where one partner is walking away from sex,leaving  the other disillusioned or disappointed.

But how can we be sure that the Libra Ingress chart is in fact connected to the news event of Nov. 20 at Chicago. There are at least two triggers to this chart. First if we progress the chart to Nov. 20 we see that the Ascendant reaches a conjunction to Mercury-Zeus triggering the entire configuration containing Mars-Pluto-Uranus-Admetus-Saturn etc.  The second trigger comes from transit Venus [12li58] reaching an exact square to radix Pluto[12cp58], a combination that resonates with the desire to control (Pluto) someone in love (Venus).  An event chart for the exact square has the Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square straddling the horizon.

[2] The Astrology of Personality; Dane Rudhyar  (p.349)

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Farmer discovers Roman treasure in Swiss orchard

Draco – the dragon guarding treasure

When you spot a glimmering object in your back garden, it rarely ends up being anything more valuable than aluminum-foil. But one farmer in Switzerland has hit the jackpot after discovering a treasure trove of Roman coins thought to be more than 1,700 years old. Further excavation -- with the help of the regional archaeological service -- revealed 4,166 coins buried in Ueken, in the northern canton of Aargau, Switzerland. Nov.20

When an eclipse places a significant planet on the angles or in aspect to them, that planet or planetary combination can trigger an event that resonates with its meaning when a progressed angle moves over it. Notice that not only was the last solar eclipse of Sept.13 placed in the 12th house (hidden things) but the meridian significantly aspected the Hades-Jupiter-Neptune combination.

Hades-Jupiter: Good luck (Jupiter) through discovery of an old or antique  (Hades) object.

Here Jupiter [7vi] is conjunct the star alpha (α) Draco, Thuban, a pale yellow star in the Dragon.  Dragons are often shown guarding a treasure. Opposite Jupiter is Neptune [8pi] which is conjunct the star  Sadachbia, from Al Sa'd al Ahbiyah (now called Sadalachbia). This has been interpreted as "The Lucky Star of Hidden Things". According to Dr.Eric Morse,  it indicates the ability to discover that which is hidden or lost [1].

If we now progress the eclipse chart to Nov. 20, the Jupiter-Neptune opposition  forms a  Grand Cross with the progressed horizon axis leading to discovery of the treasure.

Solar Eclipse and the detoxification program at the Viva Mayr clinic

Drinking and eating yourself fitter? That's sort of the deal at Austria's Viva Mayr clinic, which offers a "medically-approved" solution for clients wishing to shed a few pounds. This "medical spa" ditches masseuses for doctors in white, who administer abdominal treatments to aid digestion and intravenous drips to boost vitamin deficiencies. Detoxification techniques include intestinal cleansing -- achieved by drinking Epsom salts every day (said to send guests running to the bathroom several times a day). Detox baths, stomach massages and hayflower liver compresses are some of the gentler treatments on offer. Nov.17

In this post as in the several others in the past we will see how eclipses continue to manifest their central principle as and when they are triggered. Shown here is the solar eclipse of September 13 drawn for Maria Worth, Austria  where Viva Mayr clinic is located.  The eclipse is conjunct the star Denebola. Beta (β) Leo, Denebola, is a blue star in the tail of the Lion.

Zosma, Chort and Denebola are a triangle of stars that form the hind of the Lion, with Denbola marking the tail. They can also manifest as emotional distress and agitation, often due to physical toxic congestion, which can also result in a depressed state of mind or view upon life, as well chronic health conditions, generally abdominal and intestinal. Alignments here can also indicate a need to clear any accumulated toxicity in a variety of areas of our lives.[1]

Progressing  the eclipse chart to November 17, the date of the news, aligns the eclipse with the MC triggering its essential core principle i.e. the need for detoxification.

Is Ashton Carter Insane?

Although the US military “do not seek” a new Cold War, it is determined to oppose the rising global powers – Russia and China – in order to protect the US-dominated “international order,” US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has said. Carter delivered this surprisingly direct and candid program statement, riddled with accusations against Russia for what he called “nuclear saber-rattling” and “violating sovereignty” of US allies, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, AP reported on Saturday. Nov.8

These are the words of US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. The world should be, and largely is, baffled by the stupidity and arrogance of such statements. Carter was born 24 Sept. 1954. He has a Mars[13cp]-Node [11cp] conjunction opposite Asbolus [14cn]. Notice that this aligns with US Sibly Sun [13cn] with the entire axis activated by transiting Pluto [13cp]. Mars is in hard aspect to Pluto and TNP Zeus - a volatile combination associated with potentially eruptive situations including war. 

Carter’s radix Mars [13cp] conjoins the star sigma (σ) Sagittarius, Nunki,  a star on the vane of the arrow in the archer's hand.

As for the Archer, when the foremost portion of his cloak rises, he will give birth to hearts renowned in war and will conduct the conqueror, celebrating great triumphs in the sight of all, to his country's citadels. Such a one will build high walls (moenia from Latin murus) one moment and pull them down the next. But if Fortune favours them too generously with success, the mark of her envy is to be seen on their faces, for she works cruel havoc upon their features. [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 4, p.267]

In his book  on astrology and reincarnation, Yesterday’s Sky, Steven Forrest explains  that any planet in a hard aspect to the South Node represents something that created a problem for us in a prior life.  It sort of afflicted us and its damage was unresolved. In this lifetime, the transit of outer planets like Pluto provide an opportunity to resolve the karma but there is never a guarantee that we will. Most of us simply repeat the past.  In his elegant style, Steven Forrest describes the meaning of Mars opposite the South Node as follows:

The Affliction: Violence in a nutshell. To be killed, hurt or maimed, or even manipulated by the threat of those things, leaves a deep gash in the soul
What was left unresolved: Rage, terrible fear. Feelings of powerlessness. Resentment.
The Possible Projection: A paradoxical feeling “that all violent people should be taken out and shot”. Fear of strength. Fear of anger.

From Carter’s statement above we see how he is projecting his fears on to Russia and China.  Starting third quarter 2015, the US Air Force is starting preparations to bring in new nuclear bombs to Germany. Who is “nuclear saber-rattling”?

Pluto represents an intense willful energy. Mars, the need to prove identity validity. If the lower levels of this conjunction are expressed  then the individual seeks to force his  will upon others for the sheer sake of power OVER them and the result may be from disappointment all the way down to self destruction. The danger is further heightened by the presence of the centaur Asbolus  which is linked with “lack of sensibility and blind intoxicated action.”

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Pigeons Good at Detecting Breast Cancer

Although pigeons have brains that are no bigger than the tip of an index finger, several in a recent study were able to distinguish digitized microscope slides and mammograms of normal versus cancerous breast tissue. Their rate of accuracy, about 90 percent in one experiment and 99 percent in another, is equivalent to that of humans with medical training. “With some training and selective food reinforcement, pigeons do just as well as humans in categorizing digitized slides and mammograms of benign and malignant human breast tissue,” lead author Richard Levenson, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at UC Davis Health System, said in a press release. Nov.18

The effect of an eclipse is known to last for several months after its occurrence. Eclipses can be triggered in many ways. One such way is the actual transit of a planet over the eclipse degree. Jupiter is currently transiting over the solar eclipse of Sept.12 in Virgo (health issues)  bringing it to life. A chart for the eclipse at Davis, California has it placed significantly square the horizon axis and conjunct the asteroid Handley (2718) which Martha Wescott links to cancer [1]. On the Ascendant is alpha (α) Columba, Phact, a star in the body of the Dove!

World's second-largest diamond 'found in Botswana'

The world's second-largest gem quality diamond has been discovered in Botswana, the Lucara Diamond firm says. The 1,111-carat stone was recovered from its Karowe mine, about 500km (300 miles) north of the capital, Gaborone. It is the biggest diamond to be discovered in Botswana and the largest find in more than a century. The 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond was found in South Africa in 1905 and cut into nine separate stones, many of which are in the British Crown Jewels. Nov.19

The news of the discovery of the Botswana diamond comes at the First Quarter Moon in which both the luminaries aspect Venus. A chart for the Moon phase at Gaborone has the Uranus-Pluto-Zeus-Venus T-square straddling the horizon axis implying that these energies are significant for the place.  In the extract  below astrologer Linda Jonson explains the dynamics of the current Pluto transit through Capricorn.  But here I urge readers to unfocus their mind’s eye and  think about what she writes in a broader metaphorical sense, to see a connection with what follows.

On a collective level, the bottom line intention of the Pluto transit through Capricorn is to evolve the existing structures of countries that are preventing their evolutionary needs. When these evolutionary requirements are met with fear, insecurity and resistance by individuals, there can be a lot of overwhelming pain because of the evolutionary pressure to transform. The pressure has to reach a very intense point in order to induce the necessary changes because of the high degree of emotional security linked with the past. Before the new can begin, there must be a death of the old. Pluto brings death and new life to Capricornian structures and conditioning patterns around man-made laws, politics, family, nationalism, traditions, social status, and the structure of consciousness itself.[1]

Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth about 100 miles or so below the surface in the upper mantle. Obviously in that part of the Earth it's very hot. There's a lot of pressure, the weight of the overlying rock bearing down, so that combination of high temperature and high pressure is what's necessary to grow diamond crystals in the Earth. The diamonds that we see at the surface are ones then that are brought to the surface by a very deep-seated volcanic eruption. It's a very special kind of eruption, thought to be quite violent, that occurred a long time ago in the Earth's history [2]

Symbolically Pluto refers to the bowels of the earth while the Uranus-Pluto square is the evolutionary pressure to transform and change. Among other things the TNP Admetus  is linked to stones and rocks while TNP Zeus is associated with heat.  Notice that all these entities are connected by hard aspects in the chart along with Venus, the planet which rules diamonds [3]!



Most events under the same aspects can be connected metaphorically. Shown here is a chart for the First Quarter Moon at Moscow. Notice that the significant T-square discussed above occupies the meridian axis here with Venus on the MC conjunct Putin’s radix Sun! Has the world discovered a new “diamond” here!! The following news articles appear to be saying just that.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The bitter, crushing poverty of Appalachia is a preview of what is coming to the entire USA

What do you say to people that have completely lost all hope that things will ever get any better? The mountains of Appalachia stretch all the way from southern New York to northern Mississippi, and nestled within those mountains are dozens upon dozens of little towns that are so impoverished that they look like they have been through a war. Thanks to Barack Obama's relentless assault on the coal industry and the ongoing collapse of our industrial infrastructure, Appalachia has lost millions of good paying jobs over the past several decades.

Today, more than 40 percent of the population is living in poverty in some areas of eastern Kentucky, and addiction to "hillbilly heroin" (Oxycontin) is absolutely out of control throughout the region. Yes, poverty is on the rise all over America, but it has especially been cruel to those that make the mountains of Appalachia their home.

An article that was published in the Guardian on Thursday profiled the deeply impoverished town of Beattyville in eastern Kentucky. Life is very hard in Beattyville today, and it seems to be getting harder all the time. Nov.12

Among those who have little or no practical experience with the science of the stars, it is probable that the subject is believed to begin and end with the calculation and interpretation of the horoscope of birth. Important as Natal Astrology is, however, it might easily be argued that there is another branch surpassing it in value and interest, namely that which is called Mundane or National Astrology.  Mundane Astrology is the study of the effects of Ingresses, New Moons, Eclipses, planetary conjunctions and similar celestial phenomena, as applied not to individuals but to nations and large communities of people.

In this post we shall see how the chart for the Sun’s entry into sidereal Libra at Beattyville contains a hint of its decline.  Notice Pluto is in the 2nd house opposite the TNPs Kronos-Hades in the 8th. The 2nd and 8th houses rule the financial status of a community [1][2].  Lynn Hayes summarizes the meaning of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn.

One of the things I believe we’ll be facing over the next few years as Pluto travels through Capricorn is the erosion of the structures that support our human lives on the planet. Bridges, tunnels, buildings – all are ruled by Capricorn and subject to transformation while in Pluto’s domain.

In addition let us remember that Pluto rules the coal mining industry  as well as obsolescence and therefore correctly reflects what is happening in the mining towns of the Appalachian mountains. The picture becomes complete if we add the delineation for the elements involved.

Pluto-Hades:  to recognize how poverty, lack, depression can create upheaval.

If we progress the Ingress chart to Nov.12, the date of the news, the Pluto-Kronos-Hades opposition aligns with the horizon axis and is thereby triggered.