Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Students seeking sugar daddies for tuition, rent

Candice Kashani graduated from law school debt-free this spring, thanks to a modern twist on an age-old arrangement. During her first year, she faced tuition and expenses that ran nearly $50,000, even after a scholarship. So she decided to check out a dating website that connected women looking for financial help with men willing to provide it, in exchange for companionship and sex — a "sugar daddy" relationship as they are known. Now, almost three years and several sugar daddies later, Kashani is set to graduate from Villanova University free and clear, while some of her peers are burdened with six-digit debts. Kashani believes such sites are a "great resource" for young women, but others say these arrangements smack of prostitution and take advantage of women in a vulnerable situation. May 29 http://bigstory.ap.org/2068103df01640e689027a805262c4d2

This story was published by Associated Press, New York. For our purpose here, we begin with the current Aries Ingress chart for New York. Notice that the chart has a prominent T-square on the angles and is, therefore, significant for the place. Let us look at the elements of the T-square to build up the news.

 Venus/Jupiter often indicates relationships (Venus) with rich and wealthy helpers (Jupiter). Liz Greene allies Saturn/Venus contacts with prostitution, and if we are not being too literal with this interpretation it becomes clear that Saturn/Venus contacts can not only mean sex with an older person but also use sex to promote career interests . Promiscuous behaviour is also associated with Venus/Saturn aspects in Ptolemy's view, whilst Venus/Mars aspects warn of 'an abundance of lust' [1]. Mars/Neptune aspect can make one vulnerable to vampires.

Venus and Neptune are placed among the stars in  the Waters flowing from Urn of Aquarius into the mouth of the “thirsty” fish. This image symbolizes the urge to help those in need.  But with Venus/Neptune opposite  Jupiter, in its lower expression it can indicate those who in the garb  of helping someone are actually using them.

If now we progress the Ingress chart to May 29, the date of the news, notice that the progressed MC conjoins Mars, thereby triggering the entire T-square and presenting us its issues in the form of an event.

But as always, there can be smaller transits closer to the date that indicate the same event. On May 30, Venus completes a semi-square aspect with Uranus (unconventional relationships). A chart for the exact aspect drawn for New York brings the same planetary actors Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune into prominence on the angles so that the message of the Ingress chart resonates here too. In addition Uranus is in the 5th house (young people) in aspect to Sun, ruler of the 9th (universities), along with Venus in Gemini (students).  Uranus is conjunct stars of King Cepheus and his chained daughter Andromeda. Diana Rosenberg writes, “with any combination of stars of Andromeda and Cepheus, there are often father-daughter issues, including (in a few cases) possible incest”. While “sugar daddies” are not biological fathers we understand what that means in our present context.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Eclipse highlights a holistic way to treat liver diseases

High levels of a digestive hormone called secretin may play an important role in the management of certain chronic liver diseases, according to new research published in the journal Hepatology. These findings could result in new ways to treat cholestatic liver diseases, a condition that impairs the movement of bile, the fluid produced by the liver to digest fats. May 17 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/05/160517151719.htm

The research on the new treatment for liver diseases was carried out by a team of scientists at the Texas A&M Health Science Center at Bryan,Tx. Notice that the last solar eclipse of March 8 fell in the mundane 6th house connected with health issues. It was a part of a T-square with Jupiter and Saturn and conjunct stars of Gula, the ancient goddess of healing.
The central organ of assimilation in the human body is the liver, over which Jupiter rules in astrology. For Jupiter in Virgo, Eileen Nauman in her book Medical Astrology writes:

Jupiter in Virgo may create liver problems related to enzyme functions, an enlarged liver, abscess of the liver, jaundice, fatty degeneration of the liver and cholesterol deposits.

Progressing the eclipse chart to May 17, the date of the news, aligns the T-square with the progressed meridian triggering the news event related to liver disease and its treatment.

But there is a deeper message for wholistic healing that is contained in the eclipse chart which cannot be understood if we approach the problem through conventional allopathic approach.

At the level of the body, Jupiter (as liver) deals with foodstuffs; at the level of the feelings and mind, Jupiter (as Soul) deals with the various products of social-collective living which constitutes "culture." Culture is like food in the digestive organs of the collective mentality and psyche of a people — and it is the Jupiter function's task, within a particular personality, to do the assimilating.

An improperly functioning Jupiter can at  the physical level lead to obesity. The body becomes fat.  At the mental level, the mind fills up with unused data and unrelated cultural information. Improper assimilation causes, at one level the fat body, at another the scholar loaded with cultural materials yet unable to put them to any creative individual use.
Jupiter is currently in Virgo ( health/ need for development of analytical capacity and discrimination) square Saturn in  Sagittarius (belief systems/ worldview). So, let us say,  if we are having a health issue (e.g. a liver problem) it may be because our fears (Saturn) have led to prejudice stemming from a narrow and rigid worldview (Sagittarius). When used consciously, Saturn asks us to face those fears and encourages us to keep our minds open with curiosity and questions, challenging old ideas to adapt to current realities. This is not about abandoning core values but is, rather, about adjusting them to adapt to contemporary issues. It’s helpful to challenge our own beliefs and philosophies instead of clinging to concepts that no longer serve our needs.

This  then is right approach to the medical issues highlighted by the eclipse.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Archaeologists discover 14,500-year-old paintings in Spanish cave

Archaeologists have discovered a hidden gallery of ancient paintings deep within the Atxurra cave in northern Spain. At least 70 cave paintings have been found at the site, which reveals the ‘final moments’ of the Upper Paleolithic, dating as far back as 14,500 years ago. Images of animals cover the walls of the sanctuary, including one which shows a bison impaled by the many spears of ancient hunters. May 24 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3607693/The-art-gallery-Archaeologists-discover-large-collection-14-500-year-old-animal-paintings-Spanish-cave.html#ixzz4A6qadPkK

The news of the Atxurra cave discovery comes just two days after Mars reaches its opposition to the Sun in its retrograde cycle (April 18 – June 29). Mars is the energy we use to get what we need. The classic expression of Mars archetype is that of a hunter. This is further reinforced by the fact that it is conjunct the star omega (ω) Hercules, Kajam, in the Club of Hercules. And in retrograde motion here, it is referring to hunters from the deep past.

Pictoris – the Painter’s Easel

A chart for Mars opposite the Sun drawn for the location of the Atxurra cave has it prominently placed square the horizon axis. Rising on the Ascendant is the star alpha Pictoris (24le) depicted as the painter or artist’s easel. With Mercury [14ta] on the MC are stars of Eridanus. Diana Rosenberg links this area with “discoveries of prehistoric art” [1]. Eridanus was an ancient celestial river. Unlike earthly rivers, Eridanus is depicted flowing upstream symbolizing a return to the past. Archaeological discoveries are, therefore, quite appropriate under stars of Eridanus.

 [1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.170-71)

World War II-era plane crashes into the Hudson River

A World War II-era fighter plane crashed into the Hudson River on Friday (May 27) night, killing the pilot, according to New York authorities. Officials said William Gordon, the 56-year-old pilot from Key West, Fla., died in the crash, the Associated Press reported. The P-47 Thunderbolt crashed into the Hudson River near the George Washington Bridge about 7:30 p.m., according to the New York Police Department. The vintage aircraft was scheduled to participate in the Jones Beach Air Show on Long Island this weekend, and it had already flown twice Friday before the crash, ABC News reported. https://goo.gl/aB34gY

 The Sun in travel related Gemini completes a semi-square aspect to Uranus on May 28. According to Rex E. Bills’ The Rulership Book, the planet Uranus represents airplanes so that an aircraft accident becomes a possibility. 

A chart drawn for the exact aspect ( as well as for the time of the accident) at New York has a Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square aligned with the meridian. A keyphrase for which is, “false hopes; overextension followed by disappointments or losses”. On the Ascendant is Mars conjunct the star Kornephoros of Herculis.  A Latin epithet for Hercules was saltator, “leaper” and was associated with dancers, acrobats and sports champions. Diana Rosenberg adds that this star is linked to sports related injuries [1]. Conjunct the IC  [16pi] of chart is the star Achernar. Alpha (α) Eridanus, Achernar, is a white star situated in the mouth of the River. Achernar, is from Arabic Al Ahir al Nahr, "the End of the River". The Hudson River drains into the Atlantic Ocean, between New York City and Jersey City so that the accident can be said to have occurred at the mouth of the river.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Archaeologists discover the lost tomb of Aristotle

A group of archaeologists in Greece say they have found the lost tomb of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher and likely world's first true scientist. The Greek newspaper Ekathimerini reported Thursday (May 26) that the finding will be announced at a press conference, as a capstone to a Aristotle-themed conference in Thessaloniki (May 23 – 28). The archaeologists had been digging for 20 years at a site in the ancient northern Greece city of Stageira, where Aristotle was born in 384 B.C. Aristotle died 62 years later in Chalcis, about 50 miles north of Athens. Ahead of the official announcement, the Greek Reporter has some more details on the tomb, saying that "literary sources" say that Aristotle's ashes were transferred there after his death. It is located near the ancient city's agora, apparently intended to be viewed by the public. http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/some-archaeologists-in-greece-think-they-found-aristotles-tomb

To understand the astrology behind this discovery, let us first look at the concept of backward causation.

What is backward Causation?
Sometimes also called retro-causation. A common feature of our world seems to be that in all cases of causation, the cause and the effect are placed in time so that the cause precedes its effect temporally. Our normal understanding of causation assumes this feature to such a degree that we intuitively have great difficulty imagining things differently. The notion of backward causation, however, stands for the idea that the temporal order of cause and effect is a mere contingent feature and that there may be cases where the cause is causally prior to its effect but where the temporal order of the cause and effect is reversed with respect to normal causation, i.e., there may be cases where the effect temporally, but not causally, precedes its cause. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/causation-backwards/

Having understood the concept let us look at the chart for the upcoming New Moon of June 5 drawn for Thessaloniki which contains the clue to the discovery of Aristotle’s tomb. The New Moon is placed on the Ascendant and is part of a Grand Cross. A retrograde Saturn is placed in Sagittarius on the descendant. Sagittarius is a sign associated with philosophy while Saturn represents an authority figure and its retrogression is referring to the past so that we already have an outline a great authoritative philosopher from the past that appears to emerge from the chart. On the Ascendant is the star Rigel. In Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, the author  Bernadette Brady writing about Rigel says that it is “linked to giving knowledge to or teaching others” [1].

We then look at Jupiter in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury which is associated with logic and analytical qualities. Aristotle’s logic, especially his theory of the syllogism, has had an unparalleled influence on the history of Western thought.
 So far we can see that the New Moon chart does have hidden within it reference to a ancient philosopher like Aristotle who is famous for his logic. The only leg of the Grand Cross that remains to be understood is occupied by Neptune [12pi].  This was part of the ancient Chinese asterism Fan-Mou, The Tombs representing tombs of the deceased!

The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism

I’ve been talking with a lot of my friends recentlyin private where they felt comfortable letting their guard downabout the dirty little secret no one is supposed to talk about. The shame people feel when they can’t find a job…We are supposed to pretend, in this stupendously individualist culture, that it is our fault. The buck stops here. I am responsible for my failings in life. Of course this is demonstrably not true. We are merely living through late-stage capitalism and our parents lacked the foresight to warn us about it.
The mental disease of late-stage capitalism is shame, the devastating feeling that we failed ourselves in the Land of Opportunity. This great lie that we whisper to ourselves is how they control us. Our fear that other impoverished people (which is most of us now) will look down on us for being impoverished too. This is how we give them the power to keep humiliating us.
I say no more of this emotional racket. If I am going to be responsible for my fate in life, let it be because I chose to stand up and fightthat I helped dismantle the global architecture of wealth extraction that created this systemic corruption of our economic and political systems.  April 13

Joe Brewer, the author of the essay The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism lives and works in Seattle, WA. The message that he is trying to get across is contained in the Total Solar Eclipse of March 8.  As we have seen in the past, eclipses download their message most clearly at those places where they occur on the angles. The March 8 eclipse was powerfully placed on the descendant at Seattle as part of a Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square. Here the asteroid Psyche is on the MC opposite Aesculapia on the IC. A key phrase for Psyche-Aesculapia is “mental trauma or illness”.

This South Node Solar Eclipse T-Square, and this lunar cycle, creates a powerful force to let go of constructs in our lives that no longer provide room for growth, movement and expansion. In other words, we have grown as far as the limits imposed by those constructs have permitted. It is now time to either begin to change those constructs so they can allow a greater level of growth, expansion and fulfillment, or to dismantle those constructs all together. [1]

The eclipse is placed in Pisces about which Dane Rudhyar wrote:

Pisces is an era of storms and of wholesale disintegration. But Piscean winds of destiny may impel men of vision and courage to discover many a "new world," as much as they do destroy or suffocate the many who stubbornly resist change. Transcendence, overcoming, piercing through illusions and false security, severance of social ties, embarking for the great adventure with utter faith and in denuded simplicity of being: all these things are to be learned in Pisces. Man is here face to face with himself, and with that Greater Self which he names: God. He can refuse such a confrontation. He can cling to oppressive and decadent cities. He can bundle up with refugees and moan forever before the Wailing Walls provided by dying religions and bloated social "Saviors." But then, he will be ploughed under, as manure for the spring sowings.

To renounce and to transcend means mental criticism of a sort. Mind, in the Signs preceding the equinoxes (Virgo and Pisces), is the constant critic, cutting away the crystallizations or fallacies of the past and intent upon clearing, the stage for a new kind of living and realization. It is mind telling what should be forgotten, pruned away, regenerated or transcended. In Pisces, the social delusions, the exaggerated idealism, the cranky notions, the revolutionary fetishes, the scientific materialism, the civilized monstrosities which have swarmed through the Aquarian period must be cut away.

Joe Brewer published his essay on April 13. If we progress the eclipse chart to that date, the progressed MC forms aspects to the eclipse T-square triggering its message.

The Death of the ‘American Eagle’.

Harriet’s life’s work began after she lost use of her wings. For years, the bald eagle flew freely in the Wisconsin wild, over sprawling valleys and snaking rivers. That easy existence ended abruptly in 2000, when she was struck by a passing vehicle and left injured on the side of the road, unable to move. https://goo.gl/2OGPAO

This news is best understood if we draw a chart for the last Full Moon at Wabasha, Minnesota where the National Eagle Center is located. The Full Moon and Mars are conjunct delta (δ) Ophiuchus, Yed Prior [2sa], a deep yellow star in the left hand of Ophiuchus holding the serpent, also called the hand of death. In addition both these are in a semi-square aspect to Pluto which in its turn is conjunct the asteroid Requiem (death) [1] and the star lambda Aquila[17cp] – in the constellation of the Eagle! And as if surprises thrown up by the chart were not enough, we find that the star lambda Aquila [2] is in the Eagle’s lower wing, reminding us that every detail is relevant [3]. Harriet was injured in her wing.

But does this news have a deeper symbolic meaning. Charles Harvey was probably one of the most fervent and enthusiastic of mundane astrologers, and his book, Mundane Astrology, co-authored with Michael Baigent and Nick Campion, remains the standard text for students. Harvey wrote these prophetic words in Mundane Astrology:

“We are going to need to develop ways of considering the future interweaving of whole hierarchies of cycles and charts rather than treating them in isolation as we do at present. How this is done effectively is one of the great challenges of the next few years”.

Another astrologer who has made it his job to 'develop ways of considering the future interweaving of whole hierarchies of cycles' is Dennis Elwell, whose classic and remarkable book Cosmic Loom  contains a disturbing set of observations about how the cosmos behaves, reflected via astrological patterns.

These patterns are neither cosy in their effects, nor are they individual-friendly. Elwell has termed their effects multicongruence and his definition is: the tendency for certain things and conditions to co-occur because they belong together at a higher, unmanifest level.

So what might be the deeper implication of this news. Let us remember that the  bald eagle is the national bird symbol of the United States of America. The eagle is a bird of prey and a fitting symbol for war and conquest. Pluto[17cp]  is currently transiting opposite the US Sibly Sun [16cn 34] (precession corrected). Pluto is a planet that we not only link with physical death as in the case of Harriet but also with the need to give up our old ways of doing things. In a previous post [4] we have seen how America’s obsession with wars is astrologically explained by the star backdrop to the Sibly Sun. So Pluto’s transit to the  radix Sun is creating conditions where this obsession with wars will have to die if the US is to survive as a nation!

[3] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.473)

Friday, 27 May 2016

Mobile phones linked to cancer in groundbreaking study

A major study has suggested there is a link between mobile phones and cancer. The report is an in-depth peer reviewed study conducted by the US government and represents a significant development in long-running controversy over how mobile phones impact on users' health. Researchers from the National Toxicology Program exposed male rats to the type of radio frequencies which are commonly emitted by mobile phones. Following this exposure, "low incidences" of two types of tumours were found in the animals in both the brain and the heart. Tumours were not found in rats not exposed to the frequencies. May 27 http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/can-your-phone-give-you-cancer-new-study-says-it-could-a7051516.html

Eclipses have a long term effect that manifest as and when the progressed angles move over significant points in the eclipse chart. To understand the news of the study we begin with a chart for the March 28 lunar eclipse at Research Triangle Park , North Carolina where the National Toxicology Program is based. The eclipse Moon is placed very appropriately in the 6th house connected with “public health”[1]. It is opposite Mercury (the planet of communication…mobile phones) and square the asteroid medical asteroid Aesculapia (illness and health issues) and the TNPs Kronos-Hades. At one level Kronos refers to experts and Hades to research or investigation into root causes. In other words we have all the elements that make up the news.

All we now need to do is to simply progress the chart to May 27, the date of the news, to see if the angles align with any important configuration. And sure enough we find that the eclipse along with its associated Grand Cross aligns perfectly with the meridian on that day.

IMF acknowledges “neoliberalism” was a mistake

In a stunning reversal for an organization that rests at the bedrock of the modern "neoliberal" (a term the IMF itself uses generously), aka capitalist system, overnight IMF authors Jonathan D. Ostry, Prakash Loungani, and Davide Furceri issued a research paper titled "Neoliberalism: Oversold?" whose theme is a stunning one: it accuses neoliberalism, and its immediate offshoot, globalization and "financial openness", for causing not only inequality, but also making capital markets unstable. May 27

The Aries Ingress chart (“hour hand”)  that governs the current period as well as the May 28 smaller but nonetheless significant Sun-Uranus semi-square chart (“minute hand”)  carry the Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn T-square on the angles.

Roger Shitag, in his essays on the Jupiter Neptune T- Square Saturn,  writes:

The collapse: Right now it is all about systems and structures. Our financial systems, politics systems, religious and belief systems, ecological systems, educational and social systems, you name it; are all facing up to some  kind of crisis or dysfunctionality or need for substantial change [1].

Neptune in Pisces points to a major blind siding or denial of reality as does the square from Jupiter in Virgo as in failing to look at the basic fundamentals and details. The T-square to Saturn is a metaphor for collapsing structures like an earthquake followed by a Tsunami. The Saturn Neptune square period which extends from now through till the Fall points to a major reality check from all angles – Saturn reality, Neptune/Pisces illusion and denial [2].

And finally, a chart for the current disseminating Moon phase of May 25  at Washington DC  highlights the Kronos-Hades-Pluto opposition on the meridian. Martha Wescott gives us the following delineations:

Hades-Kronos: Leaders, executives or experts make mistakes or discuss the past or investigations; expertise is questioned because a mistake was made or there are negative results; to see incidents where authorities have just made things worse.
Kronos-Pluto: experts in finance; changes of opinion.
Hades-Pluto: to hear of criminal activities in the world of finance or big business.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Neanderthals structures could change understanding of humanity’s origins

Strange ring-shaped structures that were made about 176,000 years ago could change our understanding of our closest extinct relatives. The strange structures, fashioned out of broken stalagmites deep inside a cave in southwestern France, appear to show that Neanderthals were far more adept than had previously been thought. The mysterious arrangements, deep in a dark cave, could be an indication that they were used for “ritual social behaviour”. And there may have been many similar examples of Neanderthal culture that have since been lost, according to experts. May 26 http://goo.gl/9Rmt7P

This news will serve as a good example of how the slower and faster transits synchronize to create events. What I am saying can be illustrated by how a clock works. Think of an old grandfather’s clock which chimes the hour. Now for that to happen, the hour hand must exactly conjoin one of the numbers on the clock face. But since its movement is so slow, it is difficult to say when that happens exactly although we might have an idea that it is more or less there. But our doubts are put to rest when the minute hand reaches the “12”mark and the clock then chimes the hour.

Much in the same way, here we have  a Jupiter-Saturn square that takes place on May 26. This might be looked upon as the hour hand. Just a day before, on May 25 the Moon acting as the minute hand completes its Disseminating Phase. Notice that the charts for both these events carry the same Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square on the angles. The cosmic clock chimes the hour. But what is so unique about this hour? Well the planets with their star background reveal the answer.

Mercury, which is part of a Grand Trine, is conjunct Zibal of Eridanus. Eridanus was an ancient celestial river. As a symbol, a river relates to the creative power of nature and time and everything transitory: the flux of the world and the irreversible passage of time.  Unlike earthly rivers, Eridanus is depicted flowing upstream symbolizing a return to the past. The eternal flow of time is, therefore, Eridanus’ domain. There was a 1940 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction here when magnificent prehistoric paintings were in Spain , the South Node at the Chauvet cave art discovery at Vallon-Pont-D’arc in 1994 and the 1985 Libra Ingress MC off Cape Morgiou, south of Marseille, when a diver discovered an underwater cave with prehistoric art.

Jupiter [13vi] is in tropical Virgo. Mercury, ruler of Virgo brings an obsessive, probing curiosity. Many here are dedicated to search and research, investigating through science, religion, the occult, philosophy, history, invention, archaeology or art, the purpose of mankind’s sojourn on Earth, and the secrets of the Earth itself. The Sun and Mercury were here when Folsom points, 12,000-year-old spearheads were discovered in New Mexico in 1927, Venus and  South Node in 1914 when the Trois Freres  Cave with prehistoric art, including a figure called “The Sorcerer”was discovered in the Pyrenees, Mars at the 1985 Libra Ingress: a diver working 120 feet down off Cape Morgiou, south of Marseilles discovered an underwater cave with prehistoric art; and in 2000 a speleologist discovered the 25,000-year-old Cussac Paleolithic cave etchings, Saturn at the 1861 Aries Ingress: stoneworkers at Solnhofen, Germany exhumed an Upper Jurassic dinosaur fossil with wings and feathers: dubbed archaeopteryx,” it is one of earliest known specimens of a bird.

For the stars that form the backdrop to Neptune [11pi], Diana Rosenberg writes:
Arabic lunar mansion “The Luck of Hidden Things” may reach these stars, for they were rising at Rosetta at the May, 1799 solar eclipse, three months before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in Egypt; at the 1822 Aries Ingress the year the first aquatic dinosaur bones were discovered in Sussex; at the solar eclipse of July 1879, the summer the Altimira cave paintings were discovered in Spain; in 1923 when the tomb of Egyptian King Tutankhamen was opened; at the 1947 Aries Ingress the spring the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in Palestine.

With so many stars pointing to the discovery of ancient objects, is it at all surprising that scientists have discovered Neanderthals structures?

Obama's Visit to Hiroshima Stirs Mixed Emotions

President Barack Obama's historic visit to Hiroshima is stirring conflicting emotions on both sides of the Atlantic. Some 140,000 people were killed when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the city on Aug. 6, 1945. Countless others suffered after-effects that endure to this day. The White House has stressed Obama will not apologize for America's use of the bombs when he visits the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on Friday  (May 27) — the first sitting president to do so. An apology would please some in Japan. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/president-obama-s-visit-hiroshima-stirs-mixed-emotions-n580686

A chart for the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima is available at Astro-Databank [1]. Two significant planetary configurations draw our attention (a) the Mars-Uranus conjunction aligns with the “nuclear axis” [2] (b) the Sun is contained by Pluto-Zeus square Kronos

Pluto-Zeus: Events in connection with weapons of mass destruction (when combined with Kronos we have a connection to aircrafts. Here that would refer to the B-29 aircraft Enola Gay that dropped the bomb.)

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is now receiving an opposition transit from Saturn.  Mars-Uranus can refer to an impulsive use of the nuclear technology in an act of war, and Saturn transit is asking us to learn to be mature in this area of Mars expression and  rebuild a new, sturdier framework for dealing with future confrontations and perhaps even say sorry for what we’ve done.

The upcoming New Moon of 5 June falls on the MC at Hiroshima on the radix Mars-Uranus-MC of the Hiroshima Bomb chart. In fact the Ascendant of the two charts coincide and carry the star Mizar linked to explosions and mass casualties. But the New Moon chart with its Grand Cross aligned with the angles carries a deeper message which is perfectly expressed by Neptune conjunct stars in the stream of water pouring from Aquarius’  Urn. Also here are stars which the ancient Persians identified with a panther. Diana Rosenberg writes: There can be cruelty, sadistic brutality, long-held bitter grievances and actively expressed hatred and prejudice. However, the ever-cleansing Waters of Aquarius, combined with his predecessor Gula, a goddess of medicine, can heal and renew bodies, minds and souls. (that is of course if we want to!)

Notice that the chart for the March 9 solar eclipse at Hiroshima not only emphasizes the same Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square in the New Moon chart but is also activated by the New Moon [16ge] which falls exactly on eclipse chart Ascendant [16ge].

Finally a diurnal chart for the Hiroshima Bomb (i.e. a chart for 8:15 am)  on  May 27, the date of Obama’s visit has the Uranus-Pluto-Zeus T-square aligned with the horizon. As we saw before, this configuration is linked to the use of weapons of mass destruction. On the Ascendant (and also conjunct radix Moon-Saturn of the bomb chart)  is lambda Gemini, a star in Pollux’s right hand holding a club!  Diana Rosenberg links this area to “mass death and the use of overwhelming brute force” further confirming the background of Obama's visit.

[2] The Nuclear Axis - StarIQ.com

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fifth of UK couples close to break-up

Eris – Goddess of Strife

Almost one in five (18%) couples in the UK argue regularly or consider separating, a study suggests. The report, carried out by charity Relate and based on a survey of 20,980 people in relationships from 2013-15, suggested 2.87 million people were in "distressed" relationships. Dr David Marjoribanks, from Relate, said constant bickering could have a "far-reaching" impact on children. On average they did worse in school and could even fall into crime, he said. May 25 http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-36373299

The May 6, 2016 New Moon fell amongst the stars of the butting Ram and conjunct Ruchbah in the constellation of the arrogant Queen Cassiopeia.  These stars indicate obstacles, often created by our righteous attitudes of arrogance or greed. They can create painful and repetitive lessons in the fires of life, lessons that ultimately produce the alchemical honing of self. The lessons of Aries awaken us from our denial and naiveté regarding how arrogance can create our own entrapment in the Jaws of Cetus—the jaws continually pulling us into the transmutational fires of human experience [1].

At London, the New Moon was placed very significantly on the descendant with Mars ( archetypal male) making hard aspects to Venus (archetypal female) and Uranus-Eris. Eris was the goddess or spirit (daimona) of strife, discord, contention and rivalry [2]. So, in other words, the New Moon stars had already set the stage for events connected with male-female strife.

The Disseminating Moon occurs on May 25 and brings the Mars-Venus opposition to sharp focus by aligning it with the horizon axis. Notice that the Moon is just past retrograde Pluto and aspecting Uranus-Eris signaling the possibility of discord that may come about in relationships when partners focus on their individual needs.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The beautiful flower with an ugly past

It looks simple - a pretty blue cornflower - but this plant is causing controversy in Austria. It's the chosen flower of the far-right Freedom Party, even though it was once associated with the Nazis. Dieter Dorner takes a long sip of his Gemischtes, a mix of dark beer and lager, and smiles. We are sitting in an inn in Untersiebenbrunn, a little town east of Vienna, where he is a councillor for the far-right Freedom Party. Over a meal of sausage, chips and locally grown white asparagus, he tells me about a planned dance. May 22 http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-36342362

The news comes just a day before the Full Moon of May 22. The Moon is conjunct a retrograde Mars and placed amidst the stars Kornephoros, beta Herculis and gamma Lupi of the Beast.

About the constellation Hercules, ancient Roman astrologer Manilius writes, “from it comes the thug who terrorizes the heart of the city.” When we combine this with Lupus, the Beast  and a retrograde Mars do we not have the picture of the right wing Nazi party of the past?!
But more significantly, the Full Moon chart for Vienna has the TNP Poseidon on the MC as part of Grand Trine with the TNPs Kronos-Hades and Neptune.

Poseidon-Hades-Kronos: Infamous (Kronos-Hades) ideas, ideologies or philosophies (Poseidon) from the past (Hades);  ideas or ideologies linked to ugly or criminal activities.

(The Nazi party was formed on 20 Feb. 1920 and had in its radix chart Poseidon [25vi] opposite Hades [27pi])

Now here is where it gets really interesting Poseidon on the MC is conjunct the star Alphecca. Alpha (α) Corona Borealis, Alphecca, is a brilliant white star in the Northern Crown [1]. About this constellation Manilius writes:

The child of the Crown will cultivate a garden budding with bright flowers and slopes. Grey with olive (trees) or green with grass. He will plant pale violets, purple hyacinths, lilies, poppies which vie with bright Tyrian dyes, and the rose which blooms with the redness of blood, and will stipple meadows with designs of natural color. Or he will entwine different flowers and arrange them in garlands. [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.321.]

As we have seen before, there can be more than one mundane chart indicating the same event. Shown here is the Appulse Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 progressed to May 22, the date of the news. Notice that the eclipse conjoins the horizon axis while  the Grand Trine of Neptune and TNPs Kronos-Hades, Poseidon aligns with the MC.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

India Rethinks Rules Over Sale of GM Cotton Seeds

The Indian government has passed legislation capping royalties for new genetically-modified (GM) cotton varieties to be introduced by Monsanto, striking a blow at the company’s pricing structure in the heavily-populated country. Monsanto has come under fire from critics of farming that is reliant on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
Earlier in March, in response to complaints that Monsanto's Indian subsidiary Mahyaco Monsanto Biotech India Ltd (MMBL) was overcharging for a crop that produces its own pesticide, the agriculture ministry cut royalties paid by local seed firms by nearly 70 percent, substantially affecting MMBL's revenue. http://sputniknews.com/world/20160521/1040008349/monsanto-royalties-india.html

To understand the cosmic reasons behind this development, I urge readers to first go through Nick Fiorenza’s post for the eclipse lunar cycle of September 2015 entitled “Winds of Change & New Beginnings” [1]. This was an eclipse lunar cycle, with a Partial Solar Eclipse occurring on September 13, 2015 , and a Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on September 28.

The Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on September 28 has the Moon in the 6th house. In her book “The Houses, Temples of the Sky,” Deborah Houlding writes “the 6th house  has a connection with farming and crops generally”[2]. 

The eclipse axis forms a Cross with the TNPs Kronos-Hades opposite Pluto.

Pluto-Kronos: to see a testing of laws, compliance with regulations; manipulation through a defiance of laws; attention to the finances of big business and regulations concerning investments or royalty, interest rates and similar payments.

Hades-Pluto-Kronos : Criminal financial dealings in high places; to attempt to achieve power by disenfranchising others.

Uranus-Pluto : all that was hidden is brought to light; collapse of schemes.

Here the Sun and North Node conjoin the asteroid Juno [3] and the dwarf planet Makemake [1].  Makemake is about leadership that strategically plans action to create environmental conditions that ensure a healthy, prosperous and abundant life for groups or for the people in general. Therefore, it is not surprising to expect a situation where leaders enforce fairness in  price or money related contracts (Juno).

The government order restricting prices came on May 19, Thursday. Progressing the eclipse chart to that day aligns the skewed  Cross with the angles.

JUNO: Partners; marriage/relationship; maintenance of one's rights or position with other; question of “rights” and fairness/compromise; enforcement of fairness; potential for score?keeping, jealousy, fears of abandonment & infidelity; tallying ($$$ & fairness).

Friday, 20 May 2016

Lessons of Mars retrograde

Back in November, when the world-record crude inventory glut was still in its early innings, we showed what we then thought was a disturbing image of dozens of oil tankers on anchor near the US oil hub of Galveston, TX, unwilling to unload their cargo at what the owners of the oil thought was too low prices.
Little did we know that just a few months later this seemingly unprecedented sight of clustered VLCCs would be a daily occurrence as oil producers, concerned by Cushing hitting its operating capacity, would take advantage of oil curve contango to store their oil offshore indefinitely. However, while the "parking lot" off Galveston has since normalized, something shocking has emerged and continued to grow half way around the world, just off the coat of Singapore. May 20

In the cluttered backyard of an unassuming stilted house just down the road from the Killing Fields on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, archaeologists are digging up a relic of the country’s historical high point: a kiln that once furnished stoneware pottery across the Angkorian empire. May 20

Here we present examples of how the same planetary configuration can manifest in different ways so as to appear completely unrelated. However, if we understand the  core essence of the planet’s meaning, we will see how they represent two different manifestations of the same principle.  

On May 22, Mars which has been retrograde since April 17 reaches  its opposition to the Sun – the midpoint of its retrograde cycle. Charts for the Sun-Mars opposition at Singapore and Phnom Penh are shown here. 

Being roughly at the same longitude, the charts are more or less identical for the two places. But as we shall see they are showing two different manifestations that are related. The Sun-Mars opposition takes place very significantly on the horizon axis and highlights the Zeus-Admetus sesquisquare through hard aspects. Martha Wecott provides the following delineations for the TNPs.

ZEUS: Restrained or creative fire/energy; enthusiasm; controlled & directed forces (thus both planning and controlling strong emotions;) guns, power tools, machines, motors, fireplaces, fuels; excitement; to incite; military; blood pressure; inflammation; ability to harness energies for accomplishment .

ADMETUS: Facing blockages; biding your time; encountering delays, frustrations, complications or the need for something else to happen BEFORE success or progress; dealing with raw materials (including stone, lumber, etc.,) packaging, inventory and storage; having cramps or other indications that reveal a tightening to endure/persevere/hang in there; issues with self-containment, shunning; literal and behavioral “cold.” Narrowing or specialization.

I am sure readers are already able to piece the two news events from the definitions of Zeus and Admetus. In any case, here is my explanation. In the first case, Admetus represents inventory or storage while Zeus represents fuel so that we have a pile up of crude oil ships …standing, delayed, going nowhere so that essentially the Zeus fiery energy has been blocked by Admetus (here world industrial recession) .

In the second news story from Cambodia, archaeologists have dug up a relic of the country’s historical high point: a kiln that once furnished stoneware pottery. Here Zeus energy is the fire that burns in the kiln which acting on clay during its retention time in the kiln (delay) produces beautiful stone (Admetus) pottery [1]. In the first case the oil tankers in Singapore are held up by a delay with the frustrated owners waiting for industrial activity and consequently oil prices to go up. In other words, biding one’s time and storing the oil for now gives them a more valuable or desirable product later.

So is there a psychological message here? Indeed there is and reference [2] puts it simply.
Mars energy has been blocked but the retrograde period is not entirely useless. If used properly the final product may be both beautiful and valuable.

The slow burn of Mars retrograde can either be psychologically depleting and corrosive, or it can free up frustrated energy. Pockets of anger may flash and surprise us during Mars retrograde, and repressed rage and passions could bring knee-jerk reactions. Sometimes we lose our inspiration when Mars is in retrograde, but it always resurfaces with new and more realistic goals after Mars turns direct (30 June).

[1] The Orders of Light; Martha Wescott (p.112)