Monday, 31 October 2016

Christ's Burial Place Exposed for First Time

JERUSALEM : For the first time in centuries, scientists have exposed the original surface of what is traditionally considered the tomb of Jesus Christ. Located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem, the tomb has been covered by marble cladding since at least 1555 A.D., and most likely centuries earlier. Oct 26

The discovery of Jesus Christ’s tomb is most elegantly explained  if we begin with the chart for the last solar eclipse drawn for Jerusalem. Notice that the eclipse was placed in the mundane 10th house and is therefore significant for Jerusalem.

In his post  for the September 1, 2016 New  Moon Solar Eclipse entitled “New Directions”, Nick Fiorenza wrote:

This New Moon eclipse lies in the midst of the stars of Leo and under the auspices of Thuban of Draco and Alioth of the Great Bear. It also conjoins the stars of the Sextant, and Suhail Velorum of Argo Navis in the very southern heavens.

Thuban of Draco dramatized the separation between those choosing to fight for a greater evolutionary vision and those wanting to maintain totalitarian control of the Earth. Alioth of Ursa Major, star of personal free will, conjoins Thuban. Alignments with Alioth teach us responsible use of free will and that our personal actions can alter the evolutionary currents that create our souls’ evolutionary destiny. Also here is the Arab Suhail. "Suhail, among the Persians, is synonymous for wisdom; as in the Al Anwar i Suhaili, the Lights of Canopus. Also a personal title taken in Arabia as a symbol for what is brilliant, glorious, and beautiful—and even by the Arab nomads it is still used when referring to a handsome person." (Allen)

Does this description match with what we know about Christ. Indeed it does. A wise and handsome person who goaded his followers to break away from a crumbling and self-serving  religious institution that Judaism had become.  The image of Jesus driving the money lenders out of the temple sums up his role.

Now let us progress this chart to October 26, the date of the news. Notice that the TNPs Kronos-Hades reaches the descendant and it is part of a Grand Trine with Neptune and the TNP Poseidon.
Martha Wescott provides the following keywords for the TNPs.

KRONOS: Authoritative positions or authority figures.
POSEIDON: Religion.
HADES: Past or history.

Combining the meaning of the three TNPs we can see that the Grand Trine  can be easily referring to a historical religious figure [1]. Let us also remember that Neptune is conjunct the stars of the Chinese asterism  which presided over tombs and graves.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Italy earthquake

A new earthquake has shaken central Italy on Sunday, bringing down buildings. The quake was so long and powerful that Rome residents were woken up by the shaking of their houses' walls, a RIA Novosti reporter said.

On October 29, Mars formed an exact square to Uranus. A chart for the mundane event at Rome has the square on the angles with Mars occupying the IC (earth). Among other things, Uranus is linked to earthquakes [1] so that a Mars square Uranus provides a powerful trigger.

But this series of quakes began on October 26, Wednesday when the Total Solar Eclipse of March 9 had progressed to the angles. It is also active on October 30, Sunday when the new earthquake took place. The eclipse was part of a powerful T-square containing Jupiter-Satutn-Neptune.  About this eclipse Nick Fiorenza wrote:

Seismic Alert:
This sustained T-square planetary configuration can create exceptionally strong geophysical and physiological resonances, especially when triggered by lunar aspects. The solar eclipse not only occurs in the midst of significant planetary aspects, but also occurs very close to the Lunar Perigee, further accentuating geophysical resonances.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Trey Gowdy and the star Regulus

There’s little doubt that the Obama/Clinton machine is working overtime in their attempt to unseat Constitutional scholar, lawyer and congressman Trey Gowdy.

The young charismatic congressman who represents the 4th Distract in South Carolina, was rumored at one point to be contemplating retirement, after his role as House Benghazi Chairman was over, however those rumors were laid to rest at the beginning of the year when Gowdy filed reelection paperwork, which no doubt had the Obama/Clinton gang scrambling to find someone to unseat the popular firebrand conservative who’s no doubt a constant thorn in the side of one corrupt lady, namely Hillary Clinton.

Harold Watson "Trey" Gowdy III (born August 22, 1964) is an American attorney, politician and former prosecutor. He currently serves as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 4th congressional district. He is a member of the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party. A noon horoscope for Gowdy is shown here. His Sun [29le36] is conjunct the Royal  star Regulus [29le19]. About this star Nick Fiorenza writes:

On the personal level, Regulus is of integrity to, and completeness with self aligned with source / soul directives--thus ensuring we do not wander away from our Truth upheld by and found only in the Heart. Regulus demands a vertical attunement in Source–Soul–spiritual–mental–emotional–physical–Earth allegiance. This vertical attunement, or personal integrity must precede any horizontal, humanitarian participation in the world--embodied by Leo's opposite, Aquarian pole). Without this inner integrity, its opposite pole, "the Water Bearer," is self sacrificing, entrapped in a sympathetic resonance, giving self away at the cost of one's heart truth.

The awakened Regulus personality knows the fusion–process of carbon into diamond, and that the diamond is complete in its beauty, seeking not more, as it already has become. Awakened Regulus is incapable of corruption, self-sacrifice, avarice, and alluring, as nothing can lure what is already complete. The unevolved still seeks to conquer the outer world, leaving one with the lesson to learn it is self that must transform--being both cause and effect. This is to become self-integrous, in this vertical attunement.

Regulus embodies the secret teachings of the Lion Path. To enter this "Place of the Lion," one requires undaunted purity, seeking only perfection for perfection's sake. Regulus is the inner sanctuary of the heart. On the Earth, Regulus is of all places of "de Leon."

The Sabian symbol for his natal Sun describes perfectly his relentless efforts to get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s corruption.


Nothing can remain hidden, except superficially and for a brief time. 


Trey Gowdy - Natal Chart
 22 Aug 1964, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00
 Greenville South Carolina, 34°N51'09'', 082°W23'39''
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Placidus Houses,  True Node

Selection: Solar Arc Dirns planets

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL                Type             Date                                    

Sun (11)     Sqq                Kro (7)       (X)                  Sa-Na            29 Apr 2015                  
Sun (11)     SSq                Zeu (10)     (X)                  Sa-Na            14 Mar 2017                 

His current  progressed Sun aspects the TNPs Kronos and Zeus. Martha Wescott delineates the combination as follows:

KRONOS – ZEUS : To be angry at leaders, laws or government; to present opinions with an undercurrent of strong feeling; leader on the edge of restraint; to see a leader  “organize” or set priorities and maintain resolve.

And his current transits are:

Trey Gowdy - Natal Chart
 22 Aug 1964, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00
 Greenville South Carolina, 34°N51'09'', 082°W23'39''
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Placidus Houses,  True Node

Selection: Transits Only - Hard Aspects (1 Year)

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL                Type             Date                                    
Plu (2)         Opp               Mar (8)        (X)                  Tr-Na            24 Oct 2016                  
Plu (2)         Sqr                 Pos (11)      (X)                  Tr-Na            13 Dec 2016                 

*** END REPORT ***

Pluto-Mars-Poseidon:  Advocacy of ideas accompanied by power and ability to influence.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Flawed analysis casts doubt on years of evolutionary research

Years of research on the evolution of ancient life including the dinosaurs have been questioned after a fatal flaw in the way fossil data is analysed was exposed. Studies based on the apparently flawed method have suggested Earth's biodiversity remained relatively stable - close to maximum carrying capacity - and hinted many signs of species becoming rapidly extinct are merely reflections on the poor quality of the fossil record at that time.
However, new research by scientists at the University of Reading suggests the history of the planet's biodiversity may have been more dynamic than recently suggested, with bursts of new species appearing, along with crashes and more stable periods.  Oct 25

The results of the study imply that  almost a decade's worth of work aimed at providing an insight into evolution may be misleading as it was based on a fundamental error. The now discredited method  has been the basis of more than 150 published research papers since it was first used in 2007. In 2006-07, Saturn-Neptune formed an opposition and now they are square each other.

In astrology, Saturn represents the physical realm, what is often called the “real world” — not theoretical, not philosophical, not poetic, and not intangible, but instead, the nuts-and-bolts construction of reality at its most dense level. Saturn is about limitations and the hard work of building something over time, through sustained efforts that accrue, step-by-step, or brick-by-brick.
Neptune can cause one to be lost in a dream world, unable to see if ideas and visions have any real substance or viability, which can leave one living in illusion, self-deception, confusion, or behind a veil or mask. Therefore, Neptune is about possibilities, dreams, fantasies, and up-in-the-air theories

During the waning square  one may experience crises and opportunities allowing one to redeem past shortcomings through the acceptance of a new direction and outlook — opening the way for actualization in the succeeding cycle. Bill Herbst explains the issue involved very elegantly:

In November of 2015, Saturn reached a 90° arc from Neptune, which marks the beginning of the phase change into the Winter Quarter of the current cycle. That square will end (and culminate) in September
2016. The period of transition into the Winter Phase is a time where the confluence of dreams and realities reaches unanticipated proportions, with both comic and tragic overtones. The real and imagined have been cooking together in the same pot since 2005, and we’ve been eating that stew. Now we’re reaching the bottom of the pot, and the dregs of the stew are beginning to taste funny. Are we witnessing a documentary or a complete fiction? Hard to tell. Where is truth during this 2015-2017 transition? Oh, it’s still around, as always, but it’s obfuscated (and often overwhelmed) by exaggeration, hyperbole, innuendo, and outright lies.

The question that will emerge in the Winter Phase is: In the wish, intention, and effort to convert our
dreams into realities, where do we pull back, and where do we mo move forward? How do we change what hasn’t worked, yet keep what has?

When Saturn aspects Neptune those lies and  up-in-the-air theories are punctured and face a reality test. Most often they are found inadequate.

So how do we check that the news is another example of the current Saturn-Neptune square? We can begin with the current Libra Ingress chart of the Sun drawn for Reading, UK and progress it to Oct. 25, the date of the news.  When we do that notice that the progressed meridian reaches a conjunction to Saturn and square Neptune confirming our thesis.

Friday, 21 October 2016

October SuperMoon takes down US internet

The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly investigating who is behind the DDoS attack that took down much of the internet, including Twitter and Spotify, on Friday. The White House called it a “criminal act,” according to Reuters. For much of Friday, many internet users, mostly on the US East Coast, suffered through downed internet service. Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, Reddit, Spotify and Twitter were among the more prominent sites affected, as were many major mainstream news outlets. Dyn DNS Company warned its customers that for the third time on Friday a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was under way. A little over two hours later around 6:20pm Eastern Time, the DNS company reported, "this incident has been resolved." A DDoS attack is a popular disruptive tactic whereby a website or service is taken down by manufactured high traffic from a widespread, large number of sources. Oct. 21

The news of the downing of internet service on the US East Coast is easily explainable if we begin with the chart for the October 16 Full which was also a SuperMoon [1]. For New York and several places on the East Coast, the Full Moon  that was conjunct Uranus and Eris and opposite Mercury and asteroid Arachne  was also aligned with the meridian.  The planet Mercury rules all forms of communication and Uranus rules computers and all things electrical or electronic. When aligned with the asteroid Arachne we have the internet or the world wide web. Why is that? Look at Martha Wescott’s definition of Arachne [1].

ARACHNE: Intricate detail; creation of intrigue and entanglement; layered complications/meanings; entrapment; contact with weaving, knitting, macrame, woven fabric/thread, spider webs, network.

In his October post [2], writing about the Full Moon, Nick Fiorenza says:

Eris is the great disruptor. This Full Moon brings the Uranus-Eris energetic to a revelatory climax.  It may excite radical, revolutionary, unexpected and illuminating events, disclosures, exposures or realizations, perhaps of an unprecedented nature. The new synodic cycles, created by the Sun-Earth-Uranus-Eris alignment, establishes the Uranus-Eris theme as an underlying current that will continue to express throughout the year ahead, into late 2017, so do not mistake what occurs now as a momentary event that will come and go.

Now let us just progress the Full Moon chart to October 21, the date of the DDos attack, and sure enough the meridian axis aligns with the Eris-Uranus Full Moon triggering the event.

Can the US election be hacked?

With the mainstream media lambasting Trump for daring to suggest the election process is rigged - despite hard evidence - this is the hack that proved America’s elections can be stolen using a few lines of computer code. The ‘Hursti Hack’ in this video is an excerpt from the feature length Emmy nominated documentary ‘Hacking Democracy’. The hack of the Diebold voting system in Leon County, Florida, is real. It was verified by computer scientists at UC Berkeley. Oct.21

Readers are encouraged to see the video  to convince themselves that the computer scientists at UC Berkeley did indeed prove that the US elections can be hacked.  The astrology behind this news can be easily understood if we go back to the chart for the March 9 Total Solar Eclipse at Berkeley. Notice that the eclipse along with its T-square was placed prominently on the horizon axis.  The following edited extract from  Nick Fiorenza’s blogpost  [1]on the eclipse summarizes its dynamics.

This South Node Solar Eclipse T-Square, and this lunar cycle, creates a powerful force to let go of constructs in our lives that no longer provide room for growth, movement and expansion. In other words, we have grown as far as the limits imposed by those constructs have permitted. It is now time to either begin to change those constructs so they can allow a greater level of growth, expansion and fulfillment, or to dismantle those constructs all together.

The new Earth-Jupiter synodic theme and the 399-day cycle impels dynamic, expansive, mobilizing and wide-sweeping creative expression, but can also exaggerate diversionary tactics through grand spectacle. Jupiter's retrograde impels an inward expansion of conscious awareness to discern the truth and what is of true value hidden behind the dramatic and deceptive antics occurring in the world.

With Saturn, the planet we associate with a reality check,  squaring Neptune on the S.Node, we are seeing a disclosure. The truth (Saturn) behind the lies and deception (Neptune)  from the past (S.Node) is being revealed.

To confirm that this eclipse is indeed behind the news, all we need to do is progress the eclipse chart to Oct. 21, the date of the news.  This brings the eclipse T-square to an alignment with the meridian thereby triggering it.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Apple Stock Sinks After Reports Of iPhone 7 Bursting Into Flames

For years whistleblowers have signaled the problems associated with society’s obsession with smartphones. Poor posture from craned necks. A general lack of awareness. Not to mention the beating your eyes take staring at a bright little screen for an extended period of time. But nobody could have predicted that phones might begin to spontaneously erupt into giant balls of flame sending shrapnel flying within a 20-foot radius. Over the last few months, embattled Samsung has sought to recall its Galaxy S7 and Note 7 phones after reports of the products spontaneously exploding. A recent video shows that Apple may soon be embroiled in a similar controversy. Surf instructor Mat Jones, from Sydney, left his recently-purchased iPhone 7 in his car while he went out in the water to give a lesson. When he returned, smoke and ash had plumed in the interior of the vehicle, he said.   Oct.20

The incident occurred in Sydney, Australia.  Just after this incident Apple stocks took a beating [1]. So what is the connection? Yesterday, (Oct.20) Mercury and Uranus made a sharp opposition.  Charts for this mundane aspect drawn for (a) Sydney, Australia (b) Cupertino, California (Apple Inc. HQ) are shown here. 

Notice that both carry the Mercury-Uranus opposition on the angles. At Sydney, the opposition is on the horizon while at Cupertino it is on the meridian. In astrology, these are extremely sensitive points. The energy contained in a configuration is felt most acutely at those places where the configuration aligns with the horizon or the meridian.

Uranus has a well known connection to electricity. Here it is placed in the fire sign Aries so we are looking at the possibility of an electrical fire.  Mercury is the planet we link to all forms of communication.

Mercury rules your intelligence, mind, memory and, all types of communication ranging from talking and texting to writing. It also affects your self-expression, and communication style. In a more public sense, it rules commerce, computers, telephones, transportation and air travel [2].

In our case here it would refer to the iPhone.


Hundreds Stage Protest in Aleppo Demanding Militants Let Them Leave

The UN's top diplomat for the Syrian crisis has offered to personally escort hundreds of al-Qaeda fighters out of Aleppo if it would end hostilities, warning that the city will be completely destroyed by Christmas if the current levels of fighting continue. Staffan de Mistura, the 69-year-old Italian aristocrat tapped by the UN to try to bring peace to Syria, said he was prepared to offer his own body as a “guarantee” if it would convince fighters from the al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda-linked group, to leave Aleppo. Oct.6

Hundreds of residents of eastern Aleppo took to the streets on Thursday to call on militants to let them leave the city, a resident told RIA Novosti in a phone interview. Oct. 20

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important  mundane events. Of these the Capricorn Ingress has a special place and is considered by many to be the  annual chart. Shown here is the Capricorn Ingress chart for Aleppo.  A  prominent Mars-Haumea-Pluto-Uranus T-square straddles the meridian.  The following delineations for  Haumea and Uranus-Pluto describe the conflicting dynamics behind the news from Aleppo.

It would seem Haumea's driving intent is that to intercede in what the old totalitarian powers have repeatedly demonstrated throughout Earth's history—the repetitive destruction of the peoples of the Earth and inability to ensure a safe evolution and ascension of humanity.

 To recognize that the threat of a separation or demand for independence (Uranus) can bring vindictive reaction or is put down for fear of losing control (Pluto).

Progressing the ingress chart to Oct.20  brings the T-square to an alignment with the horizon axis thereby triggering it  and bringing up the issues mentioned above.

Blue-eyed tea-seller becomes social media sensation

A blue-eyed tea-seller from Islamabad has scored a modelling contract after featuring in an Instagram post that went viral. Even more unlikely, the 18-year-old’s picture topped trending lists across Indian social media, warming an icy patch between the neighbours that has included calls for Pakistani actors to be banned from the Indian film industry. Photographer Jiah Ali snapped the chai-wallah at a bazaar in the Pakistani capital on Sunday. Her Instagram post spread to Twitter and Facebook and kicked off a search for the name of the vendor. Oct 19

It may be interesting astrologically speaking to find out what caused this blue-eyed tea-seller from Islamabad, to capture the imagination of so many on social media. On October 30, Venus and Saturn will make a triple conjunction with a galactic point known as the Great Attractor. About the Great Attractor Philip Sedgwick [1] writes:

The Great Attractor or Abell 3627  [14 sa 10'59"]  is  a massive galactic anomaly.  This enigma slowly sips upon a liquid-like flow of galaxies drawing them into its huge gravitational grip. This astrophysical enigma is both huge and perplexing - thus, its unofficial, official namesake: The Great Attractor!

The attraction to this point possesses a seductive tone, but in a classical Sagittarian mode. There’s
something about it. It seems to possess this energy - it’s mysterious, it’s captivating.  Once engaged, there is no hope. You will be swept away. There is no control. No act of volition can alter this fact of life. Something interesting does precede the gravitational capture. That notation comes in the form of curiosity .

A chart for the Venus-Saturn conjunction at Islamabad has it placed in hard aspect to the meridian implying that it is significant for the place. On October 19, the date of the news,  transit Moon triggers this combination through an opposition.  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Hillary Campaign Bus Caught Dumping Human Waste

In an act that some have said reeks of symbolism, the tour bus of the Clinton campaign was caught dumping human waste literally on the street, or as some less politically correct commentators have dubbed the incident, "the Hillary campaign caught shitting on main street America." As a result, Hillary Clinton's campaign bus is being investigated after police in Lawrenceville, Georgia, received multiple reports of Hillary’s “Forward Together” tour bus illegally dumped human waste into a storm drain along Grayson Highway on Tuesday morning.

Here is a chart for the Disseminating Moon of Oct. 19, just a day after Clinton’s campaign bus was caught dumping human waste on the street.  Notice that the Moon is part of a prominent Grand Cross that aligns with the angles. The primary  stars conjoining the Ascendant and N.Node are Denebola, Beta Leo and Zosma, delta Leo.  Remember Leo, the Lion is the King of the jungle (ruling authority figures). And this is an area at hind of the Lion  (see image) from where the products of its intestinal toxicity (shit) emerge. Also influencing this area is the star Benatnasch (Alkaid). Nick Fiorenza tells us that this  is about  the old totalitarian form of leadership, common to big-business, and many religious/political figureheads  using diversionary tactics and smoke screens to hide the real issues at hand. Conditions in this area are toxic for the unrefined who are unable to distinguish between what is true and what is false (shit!). [1]

This is all the more relevant  since Neptune conjoins the S.Node. In other words, people are being asked to check whether in the past they have been weak and gullible and gave away  their power away to totalitarian leaders.  The“shit” (literally and metaphorically) of these leaders  is out there for everyone to see.  Saturn square Neptune-S.Node is about developing the capacity to see the truth behind the falsehoods.

To this we add a little detail from the Chinese zodiac. The Moon [11ge] which completes a Grand Cross that aligns with the angles, is conjunct the star epsilon Leporis [12ge] that was part of the Chinese asterism Ping The Screen of the Latrine! [2] Now isn’t that what was removed or gave way so that Hillary’s shit was out in the open for all to see!! After all the Wikileaps dumping tons of Hillary’s e-mail is also just that.

[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1,p.700)

Drug to cure baldness discovered

Coma Berenices

Berenice's Hair

As part of a study conducted at Stanford and Yale, Thomas and 65 other alopecia areata patients took the pill, called Xeljanz, which is prescribed for people with rheumatoid arthritis, another autoimmune disease. More than half of the study subjects saw hair regrowth. A third recovered more than 50% of their lost hair. In a separate study, nine of 12 patients with alopecia areata recovered more than 50% of hair regrowth using a similar drug, Jakafi, which is approved for cancer treatment. Oct.19

A chart drawn for the current New Moon at Stanford is shown here.  The New Moon [8li] sextile  Saturn [11sa] on the MC.  And additionally  the New Moon is conjunct the star [9li] alpha (α) Coma Berenices [1], Diadem, in Berenice's hair while Saturn is conjunct  stars of Ophiuchus, the Medicine man or the Healer!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Astrology of the Mosul Offensive

A suicide car bomb, sowing panic as it plows toward Peshmerga positions. An ISIS fighter who ambushes Kurdish troops from a concealed tunnel before blowing himself up. These were the early indications of how dedicated and single-minded Mosul's ISIS occupiers can be -- and how bloody and grinding Iraq's battle to liberate the city may prove. Following swifter-than-expected progress in the advance on Mosul on day one, the diverse coalition of Iraqi Security Forces troops, Kurdish Peshmerga allies and thousands of Iraqi irregulars pressed forward with their assault Tuesday to liberate Iraq's second city from two years of ISIS rule. Oct.18

The Iraqi military action against ISIS in Mosul comes just a couple of days before the Disseminating Moon. In his October blogpost, Nick Fiorenza describes the dynamics of the Moon phase as below:

The Disseminating Moon occurs on October 19 conjoining Aldebaran of Taurus. The Moon fills the Saturn Lunar Nodes T-square, forming a brief Grand Square. The Disseminating Moon opposite Saturn-Antares in Scorpio can impart somewhat of a conflictual or paradoxical energetic, especially square the Lunar Nodes. It may bring conflict to surface regarding what is long established but not supportive of the wellbeing of home and family, and thus impels demonstrable action to address this paradox.

Mars conjoins Pluto on our Demonstrable Moon (a few hours after). Although not in a direct aspect to the Disseminating Moon, the Moon does move a bit into an inconjunct aspect as the Mars-Pluto conjunction occurs. This can impart an assertive drive to use force to make things happen, backed by strength, stamina and determination.

Pluto has been making passage through sidereal Sagittarius since December 2005, and is currently under the auspices of Lyra. Generally, Pluto in Sagittarius becomes a revealer of truth and reveals the corrupt quest for the pursuit of power. Mars, after making its conjunction with Saturn and Antares recently in August, entered Sagittarius in mid-September. Mars continues its passage through the stars of the Zen Archer through October. Mars, is strong in Sagittarius, both fiery, meaning Mars impels assertive action from a place of autonomy and strength. It impels a passionate pursuit for something greater, for a higher meaning, purpose, vision or truth. It impels action in leadership to enthusiastically fight for our principles or ideals. Conjoining Pluto, Mars can impel the pursuit of power for a greater vision or ideal, but also impels audacious action to deconstruct that which is in power or believed to be corrupt powers impeding greater truth, freedom and justice.

The highlighted sections clearly explain what is driving the Iraqi government action. But here let us take a little diversion to ancient Chinese astrology which adds remarkable detail to the situation in Mosul.  We mentioned above that the Disseminating Moon is conjunct the star Aldebaran.  In China this was part of the asterism Py, the Net, representing a hunting net.  The purpose of the hunt was to eliminate dangerous “ beasts”. Under this asterism, traitors and deserters would be recaptured and punished [1].

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies ; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1,p.696)

Monday, 17 October 2016

Antares Rocket – An “omen” for US elections?

Coming events cast their shadow before them. –Ancient Proverb

The US Antares carrier rocket equipped with two Russian RD-181 engines blasted off to the International Space Station with the Cygnus cargo ship from the Wallops Flight Facility for the first time, NASA TV live broadcast showed. Oct.17

Is there any way to determine whether an event is an omen? For ancient cultures, those events somehow out of the ordinary were frequently looked to as providing insight into possible future trends. That is to say that some events can serve as mirrors to current states of mind or reveal impending developments.

With this in mind let us look at the US Sibly solar return. Notice that it has Saturn placed very significantly on the Ascendant conjunct the star  ANTARES and in hard aspect  to Uranus.  Among other things, the  combination Saturn-Uranus in linked to revolutionary breakthroughs both social as well as technological. About Antares Nick Fiorenza writes:

Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. In classical astrology, Antares is the star of war and weaponry, and with expounded meaning, to challenge the established opposing politics (an arena common to the Antares / Aldebaran axis) with tenacious adamancy. This is especially in regard to taking a stand against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions or that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom and fulfillment.

So  what might the launching of a rocket curiously named  Antares  mean as an omen  for the American elections?!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Freed students reunite with families in Nigeria

Aquila kidnapping Ganymede

Twenty-one schoolgirls who had been kidnapped by the Islamist group Boko Haram in the Nigerian town of Chibok have been reunited with their families. In an emotional ceremony in the capital Abuja, one of the girls said they had survived for 40 days without food and narrowly escaped death at least once. It is unclear how the release was negotiated, but an official says talks are under way to free some more girls.

The Full Moon of October 16 was preceded by an exact  Sun-Uranus opposition which fell on the meridian axis at Chibok.  This was part of a splayed T-square which has Mars-Pluto on the Ascendant. Mars-Pluto are conjunct stars of Aquila, the Eagle that in mythology is linked with the kidnapping of the child Ganymede [1].

On the IC is a conjunction of Uranus and Ceres, both retrograde. This refers to a disruptive (Uranus) event  in a mother-child (Ceres) relationship from the past (retrograde).  But Uranus [22ar] is amid  stars of the chained Princess Andromeda and  Baten Kaitos, in the Sea Monster’s belly . This is an area that links to entrapment or imprisonment. However, the Full Moon illuminating Uranus, the planet most linked with freedom and independence offers the possibility of a breakout from the “foul juices” in the belly of the Sea Monster.

Resonating with the same theme is the Mars-Jupiter square, for which Ebertin’s key phrase “settlement of conflict” is relevant here. Going one step further, the Sabian symbol  for Jupiter (7li44) “A Blazing Fireplace in a deserted home (welcomes the return of the “prodigal sons”) metaphorically symbolizes the return of the “wayward consciousness”.

[1] Aquila (constellation) - Wikipedia

Deadly bridge collapse in Indonesia

DENPASAR, Indonesia: A bridge connecting two small islands near the Indonesian resort island of Bali collapsed on Sunday (Oct 16), killing nine people and injuring at least 30, officials said. There were too many people passing over the bridge for a religious ceremony when it collapsed at 6pm local time, police officer Arendra Wahyudi said, adding some motorbikes also fell into the water. The sea beneath the bridge was less than two metres deep, Wahyudi said, but many of the victims were crushed by debris.  Oct. 16

The Indonesian bridge, which collapsed, connects the islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. The two islands  lie off the south-east coast of Bali. A chart for today’s Full Moon at Nusa Lembongan has it placed very significantly on the meridian axis. The Moon is conjunct Uranus so that the potential for a sudden and unexpected collapse is increased.  

And as if confirming that the New Moon was indeed the prime “culprit”, a chart for the reported time of the collapse has the same configuration on the horizon axis and is thereby triggered!  Notice that on the IC of this chart is the star Castor, alpha Gemini of the Twins who are often depicted as hugging each other – two islands connected by a bridge!!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Climate Activists Shut Down All US-Canada Tar Sands Pipelines

Five activists shut down all the tar sands pipelines crossing the Canada-U.S. border Tuesday morning, in a bold, coordinated show of climate resistance amid the ongoing fight against the Dakota Access pipeline. The activists employed manual safety valves to shut down Enbridge's line 4 and 67 in Leonard, Minnesota; TransCanada's Keystone pipeline in Walhalla, North Dakota; Spectra Energy's Express pipeline in Coal Banks Landing, Montana; and Kinder-Morgan's Trans-Mountain pipeline in Anacortes, Washington. Oct.11

This New Moon of Sept.1  eclipse lies in the midst of the stars Thuban of Draco, Alioth of the Great Bear and  Sextant, and Suhail Velorum of Argo Navis in the very southern heavens. Thuban is the brightest star in the constellation of Draco, the Dragon. The word dragon entered the English language from the Greek word δράκων, drakon.  A severe and totalitarian authority figure came to be likened to a dragon.

In his post on the September eclipse entitled New Directions, Nick Fiorenza explains why it is important to move away from mindlessly following  authority figures and taking positive action to re-align to a new level of integrity and our inner soul / source directive and truth.

Solar eclipses offer opportunity to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the world, or how we articulate ourselves in life. They are about shifting octaves in the nature of our self-perception and self-expression, and addressing issues that keep us from doing so. They can invite a new beginning, way of life, or new way of participating in life.

Thuban, in the far northern heavens, was Earth’s pole star circa 2600 BC near the "tear of the Bear," a point in Earth’s ~25,000-year "evolutionary cycle of the soul" at which a turning and fractioning occurred in the hierarchical powers governing Earth. This dramatized the separation between those choosing to fight for a greater evolutionary vision and those wanting to maintain totalitarian control of the Earth with their antics to do so. Alioth of Ursa Major, star of personal free will, conjoins Thuban. Alignments with Alioth teach us responsible use of free will and that our personal actions can alter the evolutionary currents that create our souls’ evolutionary destiny. Alioth stimulates the use of personal will and our need to initiate personal action.

In addition we notice that the eclipse is square a Mars-Saturn conjunction. In simple terms, this conjunction is about standing up (Mars) to authority (Saturn).This becomes all the more significant since here Mars [14sa] is conjunct the star delta (δ) Hercules, Sarin in the constellation of Hercules, the strong man  while Saturn [10sa] is conjunct the star Antares, alpha (α) Scorpius.  This star is about  taking a stand against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions or that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom and fulfillment.

Finally, to verify whether the eclipse is active on October 11, the date of the news, we simply progress the angles to that date. And sure enough the horizon axis aligns with the eclipse thereby triggering it. Another point to note is that the eclipse forms a  T-square with Saturn-Neptune. A simple and relevant interpretation here would be stopping (Saturn) an oil (Neptune) pipeline.

Is a timeline split taking place?

We are the Galactic Dragons. We speak to you from the Galactic Center, bridging transmissions of energy and light within multiple Universes. We are gateway keepers and ambassadors to vast realms of light. We love this role in our co-creation, and we share with you, with great joy. Although many who have awakened are still learning to live the truths they have remembered and discovered, there is nonetheless, through this remembering, a vast momentum underway in your world. This momentum is a momentum of light! The momentum has opened up a new timeline and the diversity of views and frequencies on your planet now is vastly expanding.

On October 7, Saturn formed an exact T-square with the Moon’s nodal axis.  A mundane chart for the event drawn for Southern California where the channel Ailia Mira resides is shown here.  Progressing this chart to October 13, the date of the channeling aligns the T-square with the meridian thereby triggering it into manifestation. Here Saturn, the apex planet, is conjunct the star Restaban, beta (β) Draco, also known as  Alwaid.

 The following is an extract from Nick Fiorenza which gives an account of the star.

Restaban of Draco is the eye of the Dragon. This area of the zodiak is about self mastery and being personally responsible for our freedom and well-being, and aiding others in their pursuit of the same.
Restaban (Beta) and Etamin (Gamma) of Draco create the eyes of the Dragon. Draco is the constellation that encircles and guards the northern pole of our ecliptic. Both stars are of a high administrative order overseeing the initiations of the incarnate soul. They lie north of and express through Hercules and Ophiuchus. Restaban expresses between the Head of Hercules (Ras Algethi) and the Heart of the Scorpion (Antares) into sidereal Scorpio. Etamin expresses just into sidereal Sagittarius and oversees the heart center of our Galaxy (Galactic Center).

Restaban, overseeing the initiations and evolutionary progression occurring in this part of sidereal Scorpio, opens portals and pathways in the physical world for those who have truly embraced the initiations of life, who have aligned with the path of soul rather than the convenient path of personality gratification, and who demonstrate their self mastery and responsibility live true to self and in service to others, as our Hercules exemplifies--portals that are otherwise blocked to those of immature selfish intent or who are resistant to or in denial of the initiations of life.

Doesn’t this make clear that this is about the separation of timelines!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Negotiations to surrender east Aleppo under way

ALEPPO, SYRIA (4:10 P.M.) - Negotiations to surrender the rebel-held east Aleppo pocket have begun between the Syrian Arab Army's High Command and Islamist groups, a local source told Al-Masdar News on Wednesday afternoon. The two parties are currently negotiating the possible exit of all Islamist groups from east Aleppo, via the contested Bustan Al-Qasir District. Oct.12

The good news on Aleppo comes just as the Moon enters its Gibbous Phase on Oct.12 aspecting the Sun-Uranus opposition on the meridian. The Sun is in Libra while Uranus is in Aries. The Aries-Libra polarity is essentially about either continuing the war (Aries) or finding common ground for peace (Libra).

In addition, the Moon [4pi] is conjunct the stars Sadalmelik, alpha Aquarii and  Fomalhaut, alpha Piscis Austrini. This is an area that Diana Rosenberg links to “actions to promote peace efforts” [1].  

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.672)

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Newly discovered fossils suggest 'unicorns' were real

Monoceros - the Unicorn, the "One Horned"

Turns out, unicorns are not mystical fairy tale creatures, and scientists have the fossils to prove it.  We should point out first, however, that real unicorns are not pretty horses with wings and horns. No, the real unicorn, known as Elasmotherium sibiricum, looked more like a hairy rhinoceros than a beautiful stallion. Unlike modern day rhinos, however, this one had a giant horn. Oct.13

The lead researcher of the paper published this month in the American Journal of Applied Sciences is Andrei Valerievich Shpansky, from Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia.  Presented here is the October New Moon chart drawn for Tomsk.  Notice that the New Moon is placed significantly on the Ascendant and the apex of a T-square. Pluto is on the IC or 4th cusp which refers to things hidden under the earth [1], a perfect combination for archaeological discoveries.  On the MC is  the TNP Hades which once again refers to the past.  Here the MC and Hades are conjunct the star V616 Monocerotis, under the Unicorn’s head!

Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej dies

Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest-reigning monarch, has died after 70 years as head of state, the palace says. The 88-year-old king was widely revered but had been in poor health in recent years, making few public appearances. He was seen as a stabilising figure in a country hit by cycles of political turmoil and multiple coups. Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn will be the new monarch, the prime minister has said. A palace official, speaking to crowds outside the hospital, said the body of the king would be moved to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok on Friday.

"His majesty has passed away at Siriraj Hospital peacefully," the palace statement said earlier, adding he had died at 15:52 (08:52 GMT).  Oct.13

King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s death can be clearly seen in the chart for the last solar eclipse which fell in the 8th house at Bangkok.  For eclipses in the mundane 8th , H.S. Green writes:

Unfortunate for the Monarch and Government. If a solar eclipse, death of some person eminent in the state, among Royalty, nobility or statesman.

The horoscope of King Bhumibol Adulyadej as provided by Astro-Databank [1] is reproduced here. His solar arc progressed Sun [12pi],  ruler of his 8th house of death,  forms a square aspect to his radix Sun[12sa]-Saturn[10sa] conjunction in the 12th house.  This important direction is triggered by  his third Saturn return and the Sept.1 solar eclipse [9vi] resulting in the death of the monarch.

Notice also that the chart for the reported time of death carries the Saturn-Neptune-Node T-square (contained in the eclipse chart and activating his radix) on the horizon axis with apex Saturn on MC.