Friday, 22 September 2017

Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum


An independence referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan has been scheduled to be held on 25 September 2017. The result will be binding for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), but its legality has been rejected by the federal government of Iraq. It was originally planned to be held in 2014 amidst controversy and dispute between the regional and federal governments. Longstanding calls for Kurdish independence gained impetus following the Northern Iraq offensive by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in which Baghdad-controlled forces abandoned some areas, which were then taken by the Peshmerga and controlled de facto by the Kurds.,_2017

Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries is one of the most important transits of the decade. It is a three pass transit and is about to make its last pass on September 28th, 2017.  Uranus is the rebel, the freedom-seeker, the reformer and the revolutionary while Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches. Together, the two stand for the faith and the courage to break free from the old and reinvent the new. In yesterday’s blogpost we saw that the opposition was square the meridian axis in Barcelona, Spain giving rise to the demand for a Catalan independence referendum. Both the horizon and meridian axes are extremely sensitive. Planetary configurations affecting these axes at any place have a very strong influence. Here the opposition aligns with the horizon axis and squares the meridian at Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan so that it is not surprising that the Kurds also want their independence. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Catalan Independence Referendum

Spanish national police have stormed ministries and buildings belonging to Catalonia's regional government to put a stop to the region's independence referendum. The Guardia Civil, which acts with the authority of Madrid's interior ministry, is searching for evidence regarding the planned 1 October referendum on Catalan independence, which Spain's Constitutional Court has declared illegal.

Cardinal ingresses of the Sun are among the more important events in mundane astrology. The Sun enters tropical Libra on September 22 and a chart for the ingress at Madrid, Spain has the now forming Jupiter-Uranus opposition square the meridian axis. This combination  represents the desire to break free from stagnant patterns that still have power to hold you hostage to situations or behaviors that no longer serve.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Astrology of the first BRICS summit

BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Originally the first four were grouped as "BRIC" (or "the BRICs"), before the induction of South Africa in 2010. The BRICS members are all leading developing or newly industrialized countries, but they are distinguished by their large, sometimes fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional affairs; all five are G-20 members. The inaugural BRIC summit took place in Yekaterinburg, Russia on June 16, 2009.

In this post we look at the chart for the first solar eclipse of 2009 that fell on Jan 16, 2009 and its role in the inaugural BRIC summit. The following extract from Nick Fiorenza’s monthly lunar planner for Jan. 26 entitled  To Cross a Threshold, explains the essence of this eclipse:

Eclipses, generally about six months apart, can be thought of as times that allow us a fresh start in the continuing series of spiraling lunar cycles--a transition time of disengaging or letting go and re-engaging and starting in a new octave of participation. The theme of a solar eclipse lunar cycle creates an underlying current that extends throughout the 6-month eclipse period.

The New Moon eclipse occurs in the midst of a stellium (grouping) of planets in sidereal Capricorn, including retrograde Mercury, Mars, Juno, the Centuars Nessus and Chiron, and Neptune--all centering on the Lunar North Node. These planets synthesize their forces as if they were one massive planet--and in this case, creating a powerful force or wave that will sweep through our lives and carry us forward into a dynamic year of accelerated change and new realms of experience. This stellium's placement on the North Lunar Node creates a magnetic force that pulls us into the future.
The Earth-Sun-Moon alignment occurring very near a Lunar Node is what creates an eclipse. Thus, the North Node's position is an important significator as to what is required in this Lunar Cycle as well as through the following six-months. The Lunar Node axis is also a magnetic pointer, a direction to move. The North Lunar Node (on the precessional hyperborean cusp) also conjoins Epsilon Indus (associated with the seven-pointed Star Trek emblem--to go where we have not gone before); along with the northern Dumbbell Nebula M27 and the Pulsar JP 1953, both in Vulpecula, the sleek and sexy, but sly and cunning fox. Pulsars are ever beating beacons for the soul. This Vulpecula pulsar's message is to let go and to move on--from an old covert and manipulative fear-based exclusive way of participating, to a more open, wholesome and inclusive way of participating. The need here is to realize it is time to mobilize upon more expansive direction.

In order to understand how Fiorenza’s extract applies more specifically  to the BRIC summit,  we now look at the chart for the eclipse drawn for Yekaterinburg, Russia. Notice the Venus-Uranus-Saturn-TNP Cupido T-square straddling the horizon axis. Among other things, Venus rules finance while a simple interpretation for Uranus-Saturn-Cupido is:

The urge for freedom (Uranus) from restrictive conditions (Saturn) leads to the formation of a group (Cupido).

On the descendant with Cupido is the star Sabik. Eta (η) Ophiuchus, Sabik, is a star on the right leg of the Serpent Bearer. The constellation Ophiuchus is linked to healing, repairing or fixing things that have broken down. And Diana Rosenberg notes that Sabik was part of China’s Great Market and was linked to financial concerns.

If we now progress the eclipse chart to June 16, 2009, the date of the summit we find that the progressed MC  triggers the eclipse configuration implying that foregoing issues are brought out in an event that occurs on that date.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Astrology of the Mexico earthquake

A strong earthquake has struck central Mexico, killing more than 140 people. The 7.1 magnitude quake toppled dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City, including a school where children are reported to be trapped. There has also been widespread damage in Morelos and Puebla states and in Mexico State. The tremor struck while many people took part in an earthquake drill exactly 32 years after a quake killed thousands in Mexico City.

Earthquakes are found to be associated with eclipses and important planetary conjunctions and oppositions. An eclipse is always liable to cause seismic disturbances where it is visible, especially if it falls very close to the line of horizon i.e. the cusps of the first and seventh houses, or of the meridian i.e. the cusps of the tenth and fourth houses. Of these two lines, that of the meridian is more important; and that of the lower meridian i.e. the cusp of the fourth house is the most important of all. In addition to this, certain of the zodiacal signs are more closely associated with earthquakes than are others. H.S.Green, Mundane or National Astrology

A chart for the total solar eclipse of August 21 at Mexico City has the eclipse placed on the meridian – a very significant position for possible earthquakes. But it is the transit of Venus [29le] on September 19, over the eclipse degree that has triggered the eclipse chart. 

In addition, there are a couple of other indicators. The first one being the New Moon [27vi] which places the Neptune-Mercury-Mars opposition (part of a complex configuration with Jupiter-Uranus) on the meridian axis at Mexico City.

Neptune [12pi] on the MC is conjunct iota Pegasi [14pi] in the  constellation of Pegasus.
Poseidon (Roman name Neptune) was the great Olympian god of the sea, rivers, flood and drought, earthquakes, and horses. In the historical period, Poseidon was often referred to by the epithets Enosichthon, Seischthon and Ennosigaios, all meaning "earth-shaker" and referring to his role in causing earthquakes.  Legend has it that when his creation Pegasus, the Flying Horse,  stomped its feet there were earthquakes. For stars in this area, Diana Rosenberg mentions “unusually powerful earthquakes” and gives the following examples :

The gigantic eruption of Thera, Greece in the summer of 1628 BCE was preceded by Saturn transit  in this area at the Capricorn Ingress; these stars were featured as well when a severe quake “from the heart of Vesuvius” hit Pompeii in Feb 63 CE, 16 years  before  a great eruption buried the city; at the Jan 75 CE SolEcl (path over Vesuvius, 4 years 7 months before the great eruption; at the massive Lisbon earthquake of 1755, estimated at 9 on the Ritcher scale; in 1783 when Mt. Lataki, S Iceland  split open 8-mile stretch – fountains of lava erupted at a rate surpassing Niagara Falls; at the Great New Madrid, MO quake of 1811, the first (and the 2nd strongest) in a 54-day series of massive earthquakes that hit the Mississippi Valley in 1811-12; at the 1902 eruption of Mount Pelee that killed 29,000 – the entire population of Martinique; at the terrible Tokyo-Yokohama 8.3 earthquake of 1923 (143,000 dead, 200,000 injured) and in 1993 when scientists studying the Galeras Volcano in Colombia were caught in a sudden eruption: 9 were killed. Mars was here at the calamitous 9.0 Japanese quake-Tsunami of 2011 that wiped out entire cities, killing tens of thousands and severely damaging Tukushima Saiichi nuclear plant.

At the reported time [1] of the quake [18:15 UTC] the same planetary configuration of Neptune-Mercury-Mars squares the meridian axis!

Finally, the quake has taken place just 3 days before the Libra Ingress of the Sun. A chart for the ingress at Mexico City, has the Jupiter-Uranus opposition (part of the same complex configuration with Neptune-Mercury-Mars as in the New Moon chart) aligned with the meridian. For Uranus on the IC, H.S. Green writes….  “earthquakes, fall of buildings and explosions”.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Is the US Close To A Major Monetary Event?

The progressed solar arc Sibly Sun [12pi] is currently square the Ascendant [12sa] and semisquare Pluto [27cp]. Pluto is placed in the 2nd house.

In Mundane Astrology the 2nd House rules:
The nation's assets and financial status. The treasury, the exchequer, revenue and all places and activities concerned with money-making; such as banks, the stock exchange, financial institutions, money markets and trade.

Acting as the “minute” hand of the cosmic clock,on September 28, the final degree of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition occurs in an exact square to the position of Pluto in the USA Sibly. On its own this indicates that the US is close to a major financial event.

And as if confirming this on the very same day, Pluto stations to go direct in the Sibly 2nd house opposite radix Sun in the 8th and square Saturn in the 10th .  Radix Saturn is conjunct stars of  the Dragon and Corvus, the Raven. Among events connected to these stars, Diana Rosenberg lists “financial collapses”  writing:

“Dragons hoard riches and greedy Crows make off with gleaming treasures: Uranus was here at the peak and beginning of the collapse  of Holland’s  “Tulip mania” of 1634 (outrageously high prices were paid for bulbs with disastrous consequences;  and one cycle of Uranus later at a 1720 Solar Eclipse, one month before the collapse of the “South Sea Bubble” speculation mania that caused financial disaster and a multitude of suicides”.

Astrology of the Syria War

The Syrian War began in the wake of the protests of 2011.  In 2011-12, transit Pluto had reached within 3 degree orb of the radix Sun [9cp] on the IC (4th house cusp) of Syria’s chart. As the opposite house to the 10th,  the 4th rules those who oppose the government, king, or recognised order.  With Pluto transiting here the opposition had a complex and hidden agenda and used ultimatums and confrontation with government security agencies to bring Assad down. What began as a legitimate series of demonstrations against the government in Damascus did not stay that way, however. Now in 2017, as Pluto stations on September 28 within 2 degrees of the IC for the last time, the regime change project has failed, and it has failed miserably.  For all the money, men, and treasure that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the West, and Israel pumped into the war, they failed in their primary goal of deposing the government.  At every turn, they were thwarted by their adversaries, who proved to be better fighters then they.

Although every war makes ample use of lies and deception, the dirty war on Syria has relied on a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory. The US sought to hide its hand, using proxy armies while demonising the Syrian Government and Army, accusing them of constant atrocities; then pretending to rescue the Syrian people from their own government.

To understand the dynamics of the interaction between Syria and the US we can look at the progressed planetary positions of one horoscope interacting with the radix positions of the other. Syria’s current progressed Sun [23pi] is just passing the opposition to the Sibly Neptune [22vi] and square its Mars [21ge] which in turn is conjunct Syria’s radix Saturn [21ge]. In a mundane national chart a 7th Mars rules enemies and wars. With Mars square Neptune we have deception in war.

In August 2017, Saturn stationed direct at [21sa] opposite Sibly Mars [21ge] and square its Neptune [22vi] implying a reality-check and  failure of its war plans. But Saturn was also opposite Syria’s radix Saturn. Let us remember that while negatively Saturn implies abject failure, positively it represents maturity and long-term success through sustained effort. Syria has succeeded beyond all expectations.

Quite often long term outer planetary aspects resonate in theme with progressions in our charts. Readers will be aware that a Saturn-Neptune square, occurred in a three-pass transit from November 2015 through September of 2016. Using a 10° orb, however, the effective period of the transit extends another year on either side, from November 2014 through September 2017. In other words, we’ve been living through a three-year period where illusions challenged and in many ways dominated realities. Fact and fiction have intertwined in a very seductive way, and we’ve seen an unprecedented explosion of “fake news,” where lies are presented as truths. However, at best, this square has the power to end deception and lies which is what is happening for the US war in Syria.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sardar Sarovar Dam inaugurated in India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the Sardar Sarovar Dam in the Narmada district of the state of Gujarat. The dam's construction began in 1987, although the project dates back to 1961 when Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, laid down the first stone for the foundation. The dam was first operational in 2006, but the construction work has lasted up till now due to some legal complications and upgrade plans.   Sept. 17

Eclipses affect events long after they are gone. In this post we shall see how the solar eclipse of Feb. 26  influence the news. The eclipse [8pi] was conjunct stars in flowing waters from the Urn of Aquarius [1]. It was placed in the mundane 6th house which among other things rules agriculture and farming. The stars of the Urn articulate natural resources and the flow of those resources to humanity.
This New Moon eclipse brings emphasis to humanity's fundamental needs, to resources that fulfill those needs, and to the unimpeded flow of those resources to all of humanity.

The eclipse makes hard aspects to the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. In his epic Cosmos and Psyche , Richard Tarnas writes that the planetary alignment of Jupiter-Uranus consistently correlates with the achievement and sense of expansion (Jupiter) brought through new scientific/technological breakthroughs (Uranus). Here Uranus [22ar] is conjunct the star Acamar.  Theta (θ) Eridanus, Acamar, is a star in the River Eridanus. It is often symbolized as a dam in the River [2] which is what it has become literally here!

But how can we be sure that it is indeed this eclipse that is giving rise to the news event. Well all we need to do is to progress the eclipse chart to Sept. 17 and sure enough on this date the progressed MC reaches a conjunction to Neptune and the eclipse triggering off the event.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Russia’s far-sighted plan for Korea

A total of 217 agreement worth around 2.5 trillion rubles (nearly $44 billion) have been signed at the economic forum in Vladivostok, according to the presidential envoy to the Far East Federal District Yury Trutnev. The two-day event (Sept.6 -7) in Russia’s Far East attracted more than 700 business representatives and politicians from 55 countries, including China, India, Japan, South Korea and the US. Nearly 70 foreign companies took part. This year’s Eastern Economic Forum (EEF 2017) was attended by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, and Mongolian President Khaltmaa Battulga.

The economic forum in Vladivostok began on September 6, just as Mercury stationed direct.A chart for the mundane event at Vladivostok has a powerful Uranus-Apollon-Vulcanus [1] T-square straddling the horizon axis.

Apollon-Vulcanus: pressure to expand business.
Uranus-Apollon: to make pioneering changes towards expansion or increase of business.

Largely unreported by Western corporate media, what happened in Vladivostok is really ground-breaking. Moscow and Seoul agreed on a trilateral trade platform, crucially involving Pyongyang, to ultimately invest in connectivity between the whole Korean peninsula and the Russian Far East.

Wynn-Key Return [2]
This chart is calculated with the planetary positions for the date for which the Wynn-Key chart is required, but the chart angles are based on the preceding and following Solar return chart angles. The R.A. of the midheaven is determined by interpolating between the R.A.s of the two Solar Returns (which are typically about 6 hours apart), based on the proportion of time that has elapsed between them at the required date.

For Russia ( 25 Dec. 1991; 5:20 pm UT; Moscow) and South Korea (15 Aug. 1948; 0:00 JST; Seoul), the Wynn Key Return charts for September 6, carry the Uranus-Apollon-Vulcanus T-square on the angles further confirming our analysis.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Kuala Lumpur school fire

At least 23 students and teachers have died in a fire at a religious school in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur. The fire at the Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah broke out in the early hours of Thursday morning. The victims are thought to been trapped in their dormitory as the windows were barred with metal grilles. "It is one of the country's worst fire disasters in the past 20 years," Khirudin Drahman, director of the fire and rescue department, told AFP. Initial counts put the death toll at 25, but police later revised that down by two. Police said the dead were 21 students - all boys between the age of 13 and 17 - and two staff members. Sept. 14

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun are among the more important events in mundane astrology. On September 23 the Sun will enter tropical Libra. A chart for the Libra ingress at Kuala Lumpur is shown here.  Notice the Mercury (in Virgo) square Saturn (in Sagittarius).  Sagittarius is a sign associated with religion. Saturn is placed in the 5th house associated with children and the education system [1]. So that we have a school teaching religion to children. The Mercury-Saturn square adds the sense of a rigid and conventional religious teaching. However, the Virgo-Sagittarius square calls for a critical analysis of belief systems. This is the crisis that this square represents.  

But why have we picked out the Mercury-Saturn square and ignored the rest of the chart? The answer is fairly simple. On September 13, just a day before the incident,  the Last Quarter Moon with the Moon [20ge] and the Sun [20vi] completed a T-square with Mercury-Saturn triggering the combination 10 days before the date of the Libra Ingress.

Saturn is conjunct the stars of  Ara, the fiery altar. For events in this area, of which we have seen two in the recent past [2][3], Diana  Rosenberg lists “fires”  and writes:

Ara’s flames are here and Sargas was part of Sar-ur, “Director of Fire” in the Euphratean star-list: this was the Sun at the great New York City financial district fire of 1835; these stars were transited when Sherman’s troops burned Atlanta in the US Civil War; at the 1871 Great Chicago and Peshtigo, WI fires whipped by high winds; at Chicago’s  1958 Our Lady of Angels Grade School Fire that killed 90 pupils and 3 nuns; in 1960 Guatemala City insane asylum fire killed 225 and injured 300; at the 1974 Sao Paulo, Brazil Joelma Bank fire: 177 died, many jumping to their deaths; at the 1982 Salang Tunnel disaster, Afghanistan, when an explosion and fire trapped and killed between 1000 and 3000 people; at the 1987 Aries Ingress just before Manchuria’s Great Black Dragon Fire and several others.

A small digression into the deeper philosophical reasons for the fire would be relevant here. Let us remember that every outer world catastrophe is caused by in an inner world resistance to change. For the degrees of Saturn’s placement conjunct the stars of Ara, Nick Fiorenza writes:

The progression from late Scorpio into the first few degrees of sidereal Sag offers a powerful transmutational process, which I refer to as the Ara Initiation. Ara is the Altar of the Centaur. The mythical image here is of the Centaur placing slain Lupus the beast with conscious deliberation upon the Centaur's sacrificial altar. If we are not ready to surrender and relinquish our antiquated emotional baggage, we are held back or sidetracked, and continue to experience upsets, diversions and even traumatic and catastrophic events in our lives because we are not truly ready to step into a greater self-empowerment and greater cosmic consciousness / galactic awareness.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Blowback from staffer scandal burns Wasserman Schultz

The mysterious case of Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz's now indicted former IT staffer, continues to grow more interesting by the day.  As we've noted before, Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, have so far only been charged with bank fraud and conspiracy though new allegations of wrongdoing seemingly surface on a daily basis. Meanwhile, these latest allegations come after Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) appeared on Fox News yesterday to share his prediction that the Awans could be working on a broader immunity deal with prosecutors in return for a "significant" and "pretty disturbing" story about Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Sept. 13

Deborah Wasserman Schultz  (born September 27, 1966), the former chairperson for the Democratic National Committee, is at center of the controversy reported in the news. A noon chart for Schultz is shown here. She has a Uranus-Pluto (in Virgo) conjunction opposite Saturn (in Pisces). Lately transit Saturn has been squaring this combination.

Like the Titan Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods to help mankind, Uranus is correlated with anything that improves the initial conditions of the human predicament. Since Uranus was found at the apex of the Age of Enlightenment, astrologers have surmised that Uranus is correlated with energy that advances the human condition in some way. From this larger perspective, we can see that Uranus is affiliated with computers because the computer and the Age of Information is the current cutting edge of evolution.

The sign Virgo is, among other things, associated with service and by extension service personnel, assistants and helpers. So the placement of Uranus in Virgo is in this case easily  linked to Imran Awan, Schultz’s IT staffer.  As a combination Uranus-Pluto can bring about a sudden revelation of things that have been hidden. Also blackmail (Pluto) by an IT staffer (Uranus in Virgo)  can be seen to come under this conjunction.

As mentioned before  transit Saturn has been squaring the natal  Uranus-Virgo conjunction opposite Saturn in Schultz’s chart . In addition the Last Quarter Moon [20ge]; Sun [20vi]; Saturn [21sa] of September 13 activates Schultz’s radix Uranus-Pluto-Saturn.

About Saturn-Pluto Steven Forrest writes:

Astrologer Grant Lewi, decades ago began to speak of Saturn as “the cosmic paycheck”. His implication was that under passing Saturn symbolism, we would all "get what we deserve". That phrase – “get what we deserve” is something of an inkblot test. Some of us may hear it ominously, others encouragingly. And both possibilities are on the radar screen when Pluto links to Saturn.…what if we have been overindulging in denial, projection and laziness? What kind of paycheck  can we expect then? Here we see the dark side of Pluto-Saturn possibilities. Our worst fears come true. The one thing we couldn’t handle looms in our face.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh’s brave new world

Interconnectedness of all  life

A Sikh politician in Canada has become a viral sensation for his calm response to an anti-Muslim confrontation at a campaign event. Jagmeet Singh, 38, a candidate for leader of the left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP), was speaking at one of his ‘JagMeet and Greet’ events in Brampton, Ontario, when he was accosted by local resident Jennifer Bush. The woman claimed that Singh, who practices the Indian religion of Sikhism, was an advocate of Sharia Law, a traditionalist set of religious laws in Islam. Sept. 12

We get this good news about a rare kind of politician virtually on the heels  of the bad news about Hurricane Irma in Florida. In this post we shall see that both the news are strangely linked to the same astrological causes. At  both Brampton and Miami [1],  the solar eclipse chart  of Aug. 21 is virtually identical with Neptune aligned with the IC. In a mundane chart, the IC (fourth house cusp) rules the weather and also the national opposition party [2].

When a storm rips through our neighborhood we need to understand that as part of collective karma. Some part of our the world derives from things unique to us as individuals. This affects our individual, specific karma. But some part of our world events results from a common or collective perception. This affects common, or collective, karma. The common perception may simply relate to our family, our neighborhood, or the nation.

Moreover, Neptune and Pisces not only stand for storms but are also linked to the feeling of oneness with all living things. This then is connection between the two unrelated events which Dane Rudhyar was referring to in this quote:

Pisces is an era of storms and of wholesale disintegration. But Piscean winds of destiny may impel men of vision and courage to discover many a "new world," as much as they do destroy or suffocate the many who stubbornly resist change. Pisces is an era of often sharp and violent repolarization. It is an era of purgation and cleansing.  The devotee of the New Life must learn to identify himself willingly with the death of all established structures. He must be willing to face the chrysalis state for the sake of the butterfly-to-be. Pisces is the mythical Deluge and the age of universal dissolution. Man must accept structural dissolution under the insidious power of Neptune, ruler of Pisces. He must cling to no stability or no past greatness. "No-security" is for him the only possible security. He must learn to operate in terms of the waxing Dayforce and to stand un-moved while the structures built by the Night-force are shattered all around him – Dane Rudhyar

To understand  more clearly the subtle connection, I refer readers to Carl Jung’s story of the Rain Maker [3] . The explanation given there implies  that  floods, droughts or other natural calamities visit a place if the people there are not living in accordance with cosmic laws.

In contrast, Jagmeet Singh appears to be some one who is living out the interconnectedness with all life that Neptune brings to our consciousness.  The following quote from Jagmeet Singh’s website clearly  confirms this:  

The biggest influence in my life is my mother. As a kid, she taught me that we are all connected. That we are all one. She explained to me that if one person is suffering, then we are ALL suffering. She showed me that it’s not enough to take care of oneself, but that we must take care of all of those around us. If we lift up the people around us, we all rise.

Uranus and the San Francisco lightning strikes

Ouranos – god of lightning

After a spell of intense heat in the Bay Area, a huge storm finally broke over San Francisco on Monday, unleashing more than 800 lightning strikes in mere hours, according to the National Weather Service. Starting around midday, the lightning blitz continued after night fell, treating locals to a spectacular light show.  Sept. 12

In ancient Greek astro-mythology, Jupiter was known as the god of the sky, weather and thunderstorms, so he was directly connected with lightning. But there is another god/planet that astrologers have associated with this phenomenon. A lightning strike is a speedy, violent, sudden exchange of electrical energy. Uranus (Ouranos) and the sign it rules, Aquarius, have long been associated with electricity, sudden, unexpected events and the dramatic release of built-up tension.

The chart for the Total Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21 had Uranus significantly placed on the descendant trine the eclipse. Angles are everything in mundane astrology. A planet placed on the angles in an eclipse or ingress chart has an important role in events that follow.

Most often all that it requires is to progress the angles to check when the planet or the configuration associated with it once again touches any of the angles. Bang! That is when the event related to planet will occur.

Here  if we progress the eclipse chart by the PSSR method to Sept. 11, the meridian reaches a conjunction to the eclipse setting of the eclipse-Uranus trine!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Saudi-Israeli alliance in panic mode

Clearly the war in Syria and the international push for regime change against Assad has created strange alliances in the Middle East over the past few years. Among the strangest bedfellows are the Israelis and Saudis. It's no secret that common cause in Syria of late has led the historic bitter enemies down a pragmatic path of unspoken cooperation as both seem to have placed the break up of the so-called "Shia crescent" as their primary policy goal in the region. But that's perhaps why few pundits seemed overly shocked when Israeli media late last week began reporting that a Saudi prince made a secret visit to Israel, in spite of the fact that the kingdom does not recognize the Jewish state, and the two sides do not have diplomatic relations. Sept. 11

How can we as astrologers figure out what is bothering the Saudis and Israelis at this time? Well, using the Davison relationship chart is one way to find out.

What is a Davison relationship chart?
The Davison relationship chart [DRC] was named for Ronald C. Davison (1914-1985), author and president of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society of London.  The date and time can be determined by calculating the day that lies exactly between the natal charts of those involved. The same principle is also applied to the times of birth. If the individuals involved have different places of birth a combined "place of birth" is calculated by taking the average values of latitude and longitude.
Even if the combined place of birth is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the DRC is still a concrete horoscope for a specific time, place, and location which can, like any natal chart, be used as a basis to calculate solar return charts, progressions and the effect of transits.

 The data for the national charts are (a) Saudi Arabia; 22 Sept. 1932 5:56 pm LMT; Riyadh (b) Israel 14 May 1948; 4:37 pm EET, Tel Aviv. Based on this data the  Davison Relationship Chart (DRC) is shown here.

The current primary (Van Dam) direction for the DRC is  directed Saturn conjunct radix Sun.  The radix Sun is part of a T-square with the TNP Hades, the Moon and the asteroids Ophelia and Pandora. Martha Wescott [1] provides the following definition and delineation.

OPHELIA: A point of over-reaction and counterproductive reactions.
PANDORA: Encountering unexpected consequences; getting “more than you bargained for.”
HADES: debilitation or deterioration; “messy” situations.

Pandora-Hades-Ophelia: People are overreacting because a situation has deteriorated or become “messy”. They encountered unexpected consequences  or got “more than they bargained for”.

The Primary direction is like the “hour” hand of the clock. For the “minute” hand we have transit Saturn squaring radix Neptune [23vi]. This square brings disillusionment when Neptune’s fancy schemes meet Saturn’s brick wall of reality.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Conductor faces action as pigeon travels ticketless

A conductor with the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) was issued a memo for letting a pigeon perched on the window of a bus travel without a ticket earlier this week. The pigeon in question was reportedly keeping a drunk passenger company from its perch in a window of the bus.

Late on Thursday  ( September 7) evening, the only government bus connecting Harur town and Ellavadi, a remote tribal village, was on its way through a forest area with more than 80 passengers, when, just as it reached the outskirts of Harur, transport department inspectors flagged the bus to check tickets. At the time, the drunk passenger, in his mid-forties, had caught hold of the pigeon, and was "having a conversation" with it.  Sept. 10

The Full Moon of Sept. 6 fell significantly on the meridian axis at Harur, Tamil Nadu. It was conjunct Neptune and in a wide square to Saturn on the Ascendant. In mundane astrology, the angles are recognized to have a large orb of influence so that aspects that that are technically wide or separating  are re-energized.

Therefore, although  the Saturn-Neptune square of 2015-16 is beginning  to fade out, it can still be  caught on the all important angles in significant mundane charts. What do we know about Saturn-Neptune aspects? Well for one thing if you have too much Saturn you are a stickler for discipline -  everything is according to the rule book and the slightest deviation is punished.  Too much Neptune and you’re a mess: drunk and lying in the gutter thinking you’re in paradise.

Since a square aspect can bring about a crisis in issues ruled by the planets involved it is not surprising to find that bus conductor was hauled up by the inspectors for allowing the drunk passenger his avian travel companion.  Neptune as Dionysus is the god of wine that can dissolve boundaries between the human and animal world so that the drunk passenger had no problems conversing with the pigeon. 

And finally the chart has  one last surprise for us.  Saturn, which is the apex planet of the T-square, is opposite the star Phact, alpha Columba – the Dove!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Astrology of the Rohingya Crisis

Desolation - Jansem

The Rohingya people  historically also termed Arakanese Indians  are a stateless Indo-Aryan people from Rakhine State, Myanmar. An estimated 1.3 million Rohingyas are residents of Myanmar, while another 1.5 million form a diaspora, with many refugees.  The majority are Muslim while a minority are Hindu.  They are described by the United Nations in 2013 as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. UN officials and HRW have described Myanmar's persecution of the Rohingya as ethnic cleansing, while there have been warnings of an unfolding genocide.

Once bustling villages in Maungdaw, Northern Rakhine State, are now eerily-silent ghost towns, littered with animal carcasses and charred or smoldering houses. This is a result of a spate of arson incidents following an attack on Aug 25, dubbed “Black Friday” by the Myanmar government.
While the persecution of the Rohingya people is several decades old, the latest round of violence began on August 25 suspiciously close to the Solar Eclipse of August 21.

 A chart for the eclipse at Maungdaw has Neptune on the MC in a paran square with Saturn on the descendant. The geocentric waning square between Saturn-Neptune took place in 2015-16. However, the paran square at Maungdaw  at the solar eclipse has re-energized the waning square giving it a new lease of life. It is therefore important to understand what the Saturn-Neptune cycle stands for. Nick Fiorenza in his essay Sociopolitical & Personal Explorations 2016-2020 writes:

 In general, a Saturn-Neptune cycle is about the structuring of our ideologies into concretized form, whether those structures are beliefs that uphold and defend those ideologies, or physical constructs we build in our lives. It is also about the structuring of, as well as constrictions about, society's ideologies and sociopolitical orders. When Saturn and Neptune conjoin and initiate a new synodic cycle, as occurred in 1989, two primary things occur. Neptune wants to dissolve Saturn's previous constructs and segregations into universality, and Saturn wants to solidify the visions and ideals inspired by Neptune into societal structure, ideals which had been gestating from the previous cycle, in essence wanting to birth a new sociopolitical order as the cycle begins. This energetic can also accentuate resistance from long-established sociopolitical structures to any new ideologies trying to emerge. Thus, a Saturn-Neptune synthesis can still result in the formation of new religious or political dogmas, their rules and regulations, and their idealistic followings. Nonetheless, the sequence of Saturn-Neptune cycles impel a progression in society's values and ideologies, albeit a slow progression in Saturn's slow and methodical tempo, and a progression tempered by the overall level of true spiritual awareness of the masses.

In the sociopolitical arena, Saturn-Neptune cycles are about the ebb and flow of more conservative, controlling and authoritarian ideals. Our opportunity as we enter and move into the last quarter of this cycle is to first recognize that the structures we have created in our lives and the limits those structures impose are the solidification of ideologies we began to formulate starting in 1989. It impels us to begin to consciously make changes in our lives based upon realizations we have had about what did and did not work in practicality throughout the previous manifestation quarter of the cycle; i.e., from 2007 until now. The summation of these realizations may now emerge throughout this geocentric square (2015-16) as impulses arising from within self that tell us, we need to change. Simply, the structures we have built in our lives and in the world can no longer support our shifting ideologies.

About Pisces, the sign Neptune occupies on the MC, Dane Rudhyar wrote:

Pisces is an era of storms and of wholesale disintegration. But Piscean winds of destiny may impel men of vision and courage to discover many a "new world," as much as they do destroy or suffocate the many who stubbornly resist change. Pisces is an era of often sharp and violent repolarization. It is an era of purgation and cleansing.

The “purgation and cleansing” can easily become “ethnic cleansing”.  For the stars that form the backdrop to Neptune, Diana Rosenberg gives the following examples of “expressions of race and religious prejudice and terrorism”.

There are chart elements here of Jew-stalking Nazi SS Lt Col Adolph Eichmann; torturer/ murderer Captain Alfredo Aztiz, “Angel of Death” of Argentina’s Dirty War of the 1970’s – 80’s when 30,000 were killed or “disappeared”. There were transits to these stars in 1939 on Carnival Day in Lent when Dresden’s Jews blamed for the Black Death, were burned alive in Altmarck Square; in 1876 at Custer’s last stand after attacking Indian villages, Custer and his troops were annihilated by Sioux and Cheyenne warriors at Little Big Horn; at the swearing-in of Adolph Hitler as Chancellor of Germany, and at establishment of Dachau Concentration camp near Munich that became an extermination camp where about 70,000 were killed, mostly in gas chambers; at the 1992 Los Angeles riots following the acquittal of brutal police officers; at the start of the 1994 Ruanda genocides, when ruling majority ethnic Hutu deliberately set out to kill of minority Tutsi and Hutu moderates: hundreds of thousands were hunted down like animals and slaughtered and many others.

Finally, if  we look at the chart of Burma (4 Jan 1948; 4:20 am Rangoon) we find Neptune transiting exactly over the IC [14pi] so that the current Neptune Full Moon of September 6 aligned with the meridian axis shining a light on the genocidal killing.

The Neptune transit on the IC is accompanied by a powerful solar direction “Progressed Sun [23pi] square radix Uranus [23ge]” triggered by transit Saturn opposite Uranus. Here Uranus is conjunct the star Al Hecka [24ge]. About this star Nick Fiorenza writes:

Al Hecka, Zeta Taurus, the south horn, is of stalemates, standoffs, and brick walls—fighting old and antiquated crusades—particularly of a religious-political nature—and blindly or automatically continuing the fight out of habitual pattern even though the original purpose behind what we were fighting for is long gone. Al Hecka can express as beating one’s head against the wall, a relentless and futile pursuit. Al Hecka brings attention to when the accomplishment pursued is of a time no longer applicable—the time to surrender the physical struggle and move onward into a field of mutual cooperation.

The minority Rohingya are Muslims descendant of  Bengali migrants who began moving into the area after the late-19th-century imposition of British colonial rule. The majority group in this territory is the Rakhine people, who are Buddhists that inherited the legacy of the long-standing Kingdom of Mrauk U. The clash is therefore between two racial/religious groups and the star Al Hecka is indicating the need to get past this struggle.


The murder of Gauri Lankesh

Gauri Lankesh (Gauri Lakēś, 29 January 1962 – 5 September 2017) was an Indian journalist-turned-activist from Bangalore, Karnataka. She worked as an editor in Lankesh Patrike, a Kannada weekly started by her father P. Lankesh, and ran her own weekly called Gauri Lankesh Patrike. She was shot to death by unknown assailants outside her home on September 5, 2017 at 8:20 pm. At the time of her death, Gauri was known for being a critic of right-wing Hindu extremism.

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important  mundane events.  Of these the Capricorn Ingress is considered by many astrologers to be the Annual Chart so that progressions of its angles are used to understand significant events. Shown here is the Capricorn Ingress chart at Bangalore progressed to September 5, 2017 – the day Gauri Lankesh was murdered. Notice that a powerful Grand Cross straddles the horizon and meridian axis.

The Uranus-Pluto square describes Lankesh – a courageous warrior fighting on  behalf of  people's liberties (Uranus in Aries) against conservative institutional structures facing threats to their authority (Pluto in Capricorn).

Here, the Mercury-Pluto square Uranus, also symbolizes Gauri Lankesh – a journalist and writer hell bent on uncovering the truth and fighting for civil rights.

About the stars conjunct Moon on the Descendant, Diana Rosenberg writes:

Few other skyscapes are so polarized between light and dark, clear air and suffocating darkness, with a tremendous conflict between the Virgin’s honest, upright will-to-good and the Hydra’s dark lair of greed and arrogant self-interest. There are both oppressions and struggles against them and transits to these stars often bring about major changes in laws, mores, governments and ways of thinking, often preceded, accompanied or followed by “witch hunts” – explosions of fanatic, vicious intolerance, cruelty and brutality. Many here are persecuted for their convictions. Other issues include human rights, law, religious freedom vs oppression, suppression; whether to fight or compromise or given in; cruelty vs benevolence and justice; freedom vs rigid adherence to tradition and dogma.

The violence that occurred on September 5, was triggered by Uranus-Pluto-TNP Zeus-Mars in the mix. Moreover, Mars is conjunct the asteroid Lacrimosa so that a death is also indicated. It is therefore not surprising that a chart for the reported time of the murder has Pluto on the MC as part of a configuration that has similar placements as the progressed Capricorn ingress chart.

In passing, we look at Gauri Lankesh’s noon chart.  She has her Sun [8aq] in tropical Aquarius – the sign of the rebel with the Uranus [29le] opposite the asteroid of death Orpheus [5pi]. Recall that the Total Solar Eclipse of August 22, 2017 occurred conjunct her radix Uranus. On September 5, transit Mars [29le] went over the eclipse point bringing about a violent death of  the revolutionary.

Finally, we note Gauri Lankesh’s murder took place just a day before the Full Moon which fell on Neptune and aligned  very significantly with the meridian at Bangalore. Neptune and the Moon were conjunct stars of Aquarius about which Diana Rosenberg writes:

A love of liberty inspires these exceptional souls although their life takes them through rough territory, and often they pit themselves against overwhelming odds and dangers. Leadership, pioneering and exploring suits them, for they do not like taking orders and seem to feel that laws and customs don’t necessarily pertain to them: but whether leaders or followers, they frequently find themselves in the midst of quarrels and controversies. There is in them the potential for ferocious determination, with the courage to stand up for what they believe, and some may suffer or even die for their religious or philosophical convictions.

It would appear that the Full Moon had a person like Gauri Lankesh in its cross-hairs!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Lunar Eclipse and the Mexico Quake

Neptune – the Earth Shaker

The most powerful earthquake to hit Mexico in 100 years struck off the nation’s Pacific Coast late Thursday night, rattling millions of residents in Mexico City with its violent tremors, claiming at least five lives and leveling some areas in the southern part of the country closest to where the quake occurred. Sept. 8

H.S. Green’s book on Mundane Astrology written around WWI is still considered a bible of sorts amongst astrologers. In the chapter on “Earthquakes”, he writes:

Earthquakes are found to be associated with eclipses and important planetary conjunctions and oppositions. An eclipse is always liable to cause seismic disturbances where it is visible, especially if it falls very close to the line of horizon i.e. the cusps of the first and seventh houses, or of the meridian i.e. the cusps of the tenth and fourth houses. Of these two lines, that of the meridian is more important; and that of the lower meridian i.e. the cusp of the fourth house is the most important of all. H.S.Green, Mundane or National Astrology

The epicenter of the quake was southwest of the town of Pijijiapan, not far from the Guatemalan border. A chart for the lunar eclipse of August 7 at Pijijiapan, shows the eclipse Moon placed on the IC (fourth house cusp).  The eclipse axis makes an inconjunct-semisextile aspect with Neptune. Astrologers have discovered that the minor aspects like the inconjunct or semisextile can have a major impact especially in mundane astrology. If we now progress the eclipse chart by the solar quotidian method to September 8, the progressed meridian reaches a conjunction to Neptune triggering the eclipse.

Neptune [13pi] is conjunct iota Pegasi [14pi] in the  constellation of Pegasus.

Poseidon (Roman name Neptune) was the great Olympian god of the sea, rivers, flood and drought, earthquakes, and horses. In the historical period, Poseidon was often referred to by the epithets Enosichthon, Seischthon and Ennosigaios, all meaning "earth-shaker" and referring to his role in causing earthquakes.  Legend has it that when his creation Pegasus, the Flying Horse,  stomped its feet there were earthquakes. For stars in this area, Diana Rosenberg mentions “unusually powerful earthquakes” and gives the following examples [1]:

The gigantic eruption of Thera, Greece in the summer of 1628 BCE was preceded by Saturn transit  in this area at the Capricorn Ingress; these stars were featured as well when a severe quake “from the heart of Vesuvius” hit Pompeii in Feb 63 CE, 16 years  before  a great eruption buried the city; at the Jan 75 CE SolEcl (path over Vesuvius, 4 years 7 months before the great eruption; at the massive Lisbon earthquake of 1755, estimated at 9 on the Ritcher scale; in 1783 when Mt. Lataki, S Iceland  split open 8-mile stretch – fountains of lava erupted at a rate surpassing Niagara Falls; at the Great New Madrid, MO quake of 1811, the first (and the 2nd strongest) in a 54-day series of massive earthquakes that hit the Mississippi Valley in 1811-12; at the 1902 eruption of Mount Pelee that killed 29,000 – the entire population of Martinique; at the terrible Tokyo-Yokohama 8.3 earthquake of 1923 (143,000 dead, 200,000 injured) and in 1993 when scientists studying the Galeras Volcano in Colombia were caught in a sudden eruption: 9 were killed. Mars was here at the calamitous 9.0 Japanese quake-Tsunami of 2011 that wiped out entire cities, killing tens of thousands and severely damaging Tukushima Saiichi nuclear plant.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2,p.729)

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world

Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health. Scores of tap water samples from more than a dozen nations were analysed by scientists for an investigation by Orb Media, who shared the findings with the Guardian. Overall, 83% of the samples were contaminated with plastic fibres.
“We have enough data from looking at wildlife, and the impacts that it’s having on wildlife, to be concerned,” said Dr Sherri Mason, a microplastic expert at the State University of New York in Fredonia, who supervised the analyses for Orb. “If it’s impacting [wildlife], then how do we think that it’s not going to somehow impact us?”  Sept.6

The news comes to us at the September 6 Full Moon in Pisces that conjoins Neptune. Just a day before on September 5, the Sun and Neptune form an exact opposition which aligns with the meridian axis at Fredonia, NY where the study was carried out. A Full Moon brings to consciousness that which was hidden or just a see-idea.  In his essay Neptune in Pisces (2011-26) –Beyond Thoughts, Beyond Beliefs, Maurice Fernandez writes: 

Neptune entered its own sign of Pisces in 2011  for an extended period of approximately 14 years. With the world already shaken by natural disasters and socioeconomic unrest, our yearning to transcend illusive schemes and aim for a direct perception of the Truth now becomes not merely a quest for spiritual seekers, but a survival imperative for all. As Neptune moves through Pisces, humanity is possibly confronted with one of its most serious existential crises ever. With the stakes so high at a time of paralyzing insecurity, this transit renders us humble and disarmed as we stand in the glaring light of Truth. Facing the unknown means that we will confront the limits of our science. Established notions will lose their credibility when completely unexpected occurrences and consequences mystify our minds. The thought of this is simultaneously magnificent and terrifying.

With Uranus and Aquarius, humans have the upper hand over life; we decode life’s mechanisms and create civilization. With Neptune and Pisces, the balance of power changes, and it is life that gets to direct the play, subjecting us to higher and untamed forces, such as those of Nature. Neptune in Pisces represents Nature in its raw form, before human intervention, and includes the wild — the jungles and natural resources — as well as natural events. In other words, Neptune in Pisces captures all that we did not create but that was here upon our arrival; it includes all the forces of life and whatever existed before civilization. So, with this 14-year transit, we are being called to better harmonize with Nature. However, before such balance is restored, Neptune in Pisces is bound to shake Nature’s foundations considerably. Consequently, Neptune in Pisces will likely induce a stronger wave of chaotic natural phenomena — indeed, a bankruptcy of sorts. Water resources and oceans immediately come to mind.

We do not need to understand astrology to know that we will face a water crisis sometime in the near future.  and that our oceans have become depleted by careless fishing practices. I won’t go into the magnitude of problems that can arise from water crises on so many dimensions, but as it is with every predicament, whatever challenges we end up facing will stimulate creativity and growth. Likely, and hopefully, we will not wait for the Earth to become a desert of sand and ice before we learn how to more effectively manage water and other natural resources.  In a larger context, if ecological matters are not adequately addressed, the immunity of the entire planet is at risk under this transit. Up to now, the Earth has been able to absorb and deal with human experiments,” mistakes, and our ogreish consumption relatively well, but we must consider that this may not always be so. The darkest scenario of the Earth’s immune system collapse would obviously be far beyond anything we have ever encountered.

Getting back to the chart, we notice that Neptune on the MC is trine the TNP Hades on the Ascendant with both in water signs. Since Hades is all  about dirt and decline, the combination is reminding us about the degradation of water quality.