Sunday, 9 July 2017

India’s riots and Saturn-Pluto

Last month Prime Minister Narendra Modi said murder in the name of cow protection is "not acceptable". Hours after his comments, a Muslim man was reportedly killed by a mob who accused him of transporting beef in his car. Under Mr Modi's Hindu nationalist BJP, the cow has become a polarising animal and religious divisions are widening. Restrictions on the sale and slaughter of cows are fanning confusion and vigilantism.
The recent spate of lynchings in India have disturbed many. Muslim men have been murdered by Hindu mobs, mostly in BJP-ruled states, for allegedly storing beef and, in one case for helping a mixed-faith couple elope.

Perhaps the most significant feature in the mundane horoscope of India is a Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the IC square Jupiter.   Nick Fiorenza in his excellent article entitled The Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycles:  A Historical Exploration writes:

Synodic cycles are created when two (or more) planets align in their orbits around the Sun. The synodic cycle theme, defined by the planets involved and the star alignments at the time, will unfold until the two planets align again, marking the completion of the synodic cycle and the beginning of the next one.

A Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle, in general, will be about societal structures of consciousness and how we learn about responsible use of power. It will be about our administrative systems governing the use of power. These cycles can also initiate a dismantling or destructive process of long-standing established administrative constructs and systems of belief so that we can evolve our societal structures. In the process, this can articulate as power struggles, wars and the like; but Saturn and Pluto will ultimately demand we take responsibility for the discord and destruction we have created.

India received its independence at the start of a new Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle of August 22, 1947. At this time Saturn-Pluto synod was aligned with Acubens and Zetta Hydra, among other stars.

Acubens, Alpha Cancer, indicates entrapment in dogma. This can be the current political / religious beliefs of the times, as well as that created by our personal belief structures—the ideas we have about our lives and experiences we have in our lives. Acubens indicates a tenacious hold and stubborn resistance to release the patterns we hold that keep us entrapped in our limiting life scenarios.
Zeta Hydra lies immediately south of Acubens. Delta through Zeta Hydra and Pulsar CP0834 (which conjoins Gianfar of Draco, the poisoned place) create Hydra's head. Zeta Hydra and surrounding stars indicate a multifarious undermining source of destruction (every time Hercules took off one the Hydra's heads, it immediately grew another). The conjunction of Acubens and Zeta Hydra reveals that the repetitive undermining experiences in our lives are manifest from our own tenacious belief structures. These conjoining stars reveal that any experiences that repetitively undermine our greater fulfillment are due to the very dogmatic beliefs we hold crystallized within.

The table below gives the activation of the radix Saturn-Pluto (within orb of about 10 degrees) by outers and the connected riots that ensued.

Moradabad Riots
Uranus square radix Saturn-Pluto
Sikh Riots
Saturn square radix Saturn-Pluto
Babri Masjid related riots
Saturn opp. radix Saturn-Pluto
Pluto square radix Saturn-Pluto
Gujarat Riots
Uranus opp. radix Saturn-Pluto
Saturn square radix Saturn-Pluto
Vadodara Riots
Saturn conj. radix Saturn-Pluto

Since 2014, since the Modi Government came to power, Pluto has been transiting quincunx the radix Saturn-Pluto conjunction so that the news of lynching and communal polarization are to be expected. But the surprising element here is that the chart also reveals that the polarization could be over an animal – a cow in this case! And how does it do that? Well, the asteroid Diana which, according to Martha Wescott,  rules animals is conjunct Saturn-Pluto and is also activated by the Pluto transit.

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