Sunday, 2 July 2017

Suicide bomber strikes Damascus

A suicide bomber has launched an attack in the Syrian capital, with reports saying at least 19 people were killed. Syrian police had been chasing three suspected car bombers that were trying to enter the capital, state TV said. Police stopped and detonated two of the vehicles, but the third driver entered Tahrir square in the east and blew himself up after being surrounded. Syria is in the midst of a six-year-long civil war, with Damascus still mostly under government control. July 2

In the last few days, Mars  has been transiting opposite Pluto. On July 1 transit  Moon squared Mars and and triggered  the opposition.  At Damascus, the opposition is caught on the horizon axis and therefore very significant for the place.

Pluto rules upheaval, breakdown and decay. It reflects the dark, mysterious, and often terrifying reality which lurks beneath the surface of things, beneath our ego and societal conventions and the veneer of civilization, and which is periodically unleashed with great destructive and transformative force. Many of the problematic instincts that lie deep within the human psyche, such as murderous hatred, violent jealousy, compulsive greed and lust and so forth, reflect the activity of Pluto. 

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